26 November 2013

Project Sustainability Mailart

Eco is a Greek word 'oikos' and mean house. For be ecologic, we have to live within the logic of our house, the planet Earth. Our Planet is big house where they live thousands of living organisms relate to each other, all within the same space. These relation must occur in an organized manned and respecting the natural balance. The man, is should be as preserver, removes everyhings want the planet to feed their unnecessary luxuries and theis needs without worrying about the preserving the balance of nature. Because, there is nothings wrong with consuming, since it is so balance and so does not harm the environmet. With these factors, some began to move, because the results of our lack of awareness are beginning to emerge. With this, we would like to know "What's in your city that fits the term eco sustainable?" You have sustainable attitudes? What do you want for the betterment of our planet? The goal is to understand the perception of others regarding the subject and know what the cities in the outside world that is eco sustainable. >> Anyone can participate, papers should not exceed A4 size. Freely and in any media. There will be no jury and the papers submitted will not be returned. Photographic record here on the blog (http://sustainabilitymailart.blogspot.com.br). No time limit.
Send to:
Pâmela Teles
Caixa postal: 75514
CEP: 07252-971
Guarulhos - SP
Website: http://www.sustainabilitymailart.blogspot.com.br/
Location: BRAZIL

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