28 June 2008

Trott Trott CAVELLIN

Make your transformation or add
and send to me:
P.O. box 163
17014 Cairo Montenotte
Reply to all participants.

Carlo Pittore Foundation

23 June 2008

Particulates Matter

Particulate Matter (PM) in the air can cause or worsen lung disease and heart disease, especially in the elderly and very young. In the USA, tens of thousands of people die prematurely due to PM every year, and countless more suffer. PM is a much more serious problem in developing nations with fewer pollution controls. Please help increase awareness about PM by participating in the mail art exhibition "Particulates Matter".

PM is divided into two categories - PM up to 10 microns in diameter (PM10) and PM up to 2.5 microns in diameter (PM2.5). As a play on this, artwork for the mail art exhibition should be approximately 10 cm2 or 2.5 cm2, any shape, or approximately 10 cm3 or 2.5 cm3 for 3-D artwork. Artwork will be exhibited along with a scale model of a human hair (80 cm diameter) to emphasize how tiny these particles are.

Art can be on the theme of PM itself (depicting or made with PM), PM sources (diesel exhaust, wood smoke, industry, etc.), the health effects of PM (asthma, heart attack, stroke), or artwork can simply be 'a breath of fresh air' (no theme, but still meeting size requirements). Any technique may be used ? collage, photography, drawing, painting, artist's stamps, sculpture, assemblage, and so on. All art received will be posted at:


An exhibition is to be held in Sacramento, CA on Earth Day 2009. Documentation will be provided online. Other exhibitions and future publication of material is possible depending upon opportunities and the response to this call. No jury, no fee, no returns. Please send art with your name, address, and email to:

Scott Ray Randall
21294 Leslie Drive
Grass Valley, CA 95945

Deadline to be received is March 31, 2009.

For any questions or comments feel free to email me at scottrayrandall@gmail.com

20 June 2008



Theme: Thumb, Pouce, Daumen, Duim, Pulgar, Pollice, Policele, Polegar...
Open Media: collage, photography, painting, drawing, printing, etc.
Format & Size: postcards from 4”x6” (or 10 x 15 cm), up to A5 size
about 5 ¾” x 8 1/4” (or 14.8 x 21 cm) maximum.

Documentation: All received works will be exhibited and the artists
listed on the blog http://thumbingthrough.wordpress.com/
Please include your name, mailing address, and email address for
acknowledgment and correspondence purposes –we will send a list
of participants, and copies of any press coverage of the exhibition.
There will be a three-day exhibit July 25, 26, & 27 at the Odd-Fellows Hall
in Kernville, California, USA. Kernville has a rich history as a mining town
during the California Gold-rush and was also frequently used as the site
for old western movies.
This is the first time an international mail art show will be held in Kernville.
At the exhibit there will be a world map indicating the country and
city of the artists.

Deadline to be received: June 30, 2008
All works must be sent via normal postal route.

Mail to:
c/o J. Desmond
P.O. Box 2287
Lake Isabella, CA 93240

18 June 2008

More Selfportraits!

Mean Streak

What is a mean streak?

I’ve been told I have a mean streak. Does anyone else out there have one? Using all or any of your 5 senses show me a mean streak. Can you see it, feel it, smell it, hear it? Does it speak? What color is it? All work will be exhibited. Location TBA.

Any medium
No size limitations
No returns
Documentation online

Send entries to:

Junanne Peck
P.O. Box 8786
Fort Worth,
Tx. 76124-0776

Deadline: August 30, 2008


WOODSTOCK - Mail Art Project

I am curating an exhibition of Mail Art for the Art in Woodstock festival taking place in October 2008. This is an invitation to you to send a mail art postcard to me on the theme 'Woodstocks around the world'.
Any style of material is fine - but please use postcard size.

All works received are being published on the www on artinwoodstock.com
Please send this invitation to anyone else who might be interested.

The postcards will be exhibited in The Oxfordshire Museum, Woodstock and they will be held in the museum collection for future exhibitions.

My address :
Martyn Brown,
c/o The Oxfordshire Museum,
Park Street,
Oxfordshire, OX20 1JA,

email: martyncbrown@hotmail.com

Re: Mail Art Anthology Review

Thanks for your comment RUUD!
Words of Light, USA

15 June 2008

Bizarre Cities: Edition n° VII (2009)

Dear friends and mail artists,

Although I only just published this year's edition of Bizarre Cities (http://mailworks.blogspot.com/), I like to already announce the theme for the next issue. This time I like to explore the theme of "surveillance".
All the global conspiracy theorists, CCTV collectors, state security lovers and street art activists among you are cordially invited to contribute.
The rules are the same as always: please submit 25 copies of a visual artwork (try to remain creative and avoid the "I want to be in" b/w photocopy, please. Bizarre Cities always contains a good number of "traditional" art techniques, like etchings, woodcuts or drawings). Texts are most welcome and could be submitted electronically.
For this theme I could also imagine receiving some short videos which would be burned on a CD and published together with the magazine.

I would suggest that your contribution should arrive not later than 31 December 2008.

Please let me know if you are interested. This makes it easier for resource planning and will avoid surprises at the censorship offices.

I am looking forward hearing from you.
Regards, Mailworks@Bruxelles

97, Avenue du Val d'Or

B-1150 Brussels



11 June 2008


CAS. POST. 163

10 June 2008

Woman: The Prism

Call Mail Art

Theme: Woman: the Prism – A personal glance at the woman: faceting, projections, illusions …

Size: A4 (cm 21 x 29,5)
Technique: free
Deadline: 31/10/2008
No fees, no selection, no return
Exhibition: Circolo Arcimontorio Verona and online All works must be sent by post For more information: inpuntadipenna2007@libero.it

Blog: http://inpuntadipenna2007.blogspot.com

Send to:

Donne in punta di penna
Via dei Peschi 6/A

9 June 2008


Theme: Open

Technique: Open

Size: Postcard only. No limit to number of cards.

Deadline: September 15th, 2009

Mail to:

Gail D. Whitter

Unit 7 - 1735 Riverside Avenue

Trail, B.C., CANADA V1R 3Z3

On-line documentation at: http://postcardreadings.blogspot.com/

Opening Night Exhibit: October 5th, 2009 after which the postcards will be exhibited in rotating exhibits in Trail, B.C.

All participants who provide an email address will receive list of participants.

If artists wish to participate in a postcard trade (1 for 1) they are required to send SASE with their postcards.

If funding is available, CD documentation will be mailed out.

For more info: gahlil2006@hotmail.com

6 June 2008

Rejuvenation of Womanhood

Rejuvenation of Womanhood

Something related with the rejuvenation of the 3rd world women
For my project please send me any medium that deal with any technique.


Send to:
Habiba Papia
House # 4, Road # 4, Block # D,
Banashree Rampura / Dhaka-1219


Andreas Hofer - Roland Halbritter


4 June 2008

The Museum of Ornamental Post is now officially open

... for the past year the Museum of Ornamental Post has been displaying the best of mail art that comes through our mail slot. The Museum is committed to a continuing project of ever rotating exhibitions and is always open to donations/exchange of mail art and books. So please send art and we will send you something original back.
We have just finished our $1,293,329,573.62 ZWD renovations which added a library and an exhibit space dedicated to retrospectives of the Museum's favourite artists.
The Museum has and is featuring the works of David Berube, Walt Evans, Ficus Strangulensis, Fluxus, Rachel Freeman, Wackystuff, Rhiannon Agostino, Lothar Trott, Ryosuke Cohen, bookshandmade, Chuck Gattuso and many more way cool mail artists.
For more information, mailing address, request for documentation or just to say hello visit the website http://moopnews.blogspot.com/
Curator, Founder, Museum of Ornamental Post

3 June 2008

Mail Art Call - Queer EQuality

Mail Art Call - Queer EQuality

So, here’s the story. Besides planning to get married with my beautiful male lover of almost three years, I recently signed up with zazzle a company that puts your design on things like mugs and US postal stamps, t-shirts etc. I designed a stamp commemorating the California Supreme Court decision to allow gay people to get married.
The stamp was rejected by the US Postal system for their policy which
Policy Violations:
Incorporates material that is primarily partisan or political in nature.
Incorporates material the primary purpose of which is to advocate or protest any particular religious, social, political, legal or moral agenda of any person or entity.

That’s quite a lot of censorship. Who decides? I just sent another design in and they accepted it. So now we have a queer/gay postage stamp in America. I am selling the stamp and giving half the proceeds to a non-profit called Equality California. You do not have to buy a stamp to participate in the Queer eQuality mailART call, but if you'd like to help support the arts and equality, then buy all means :-)

THEME: Queer eQuality 2008

DOCUMENTATION: Exhibition at Morongo Basin Cultural Arts Council Open Studio Tour 2008 in Wonder Valley, California

Blog documentation.

RESTRICTIONS: postcards only please

deadline: November 2008 (we're getting the word out before the election.


1 June 2008

Taller-Exposición (convocatoria)


Hi all: So far it seems that the opening of The Last Book will take place on November 18th in the National Library of Spain in Madrid. I have 530 collaborations and it would be nice if there were even more. I extended the deadline until October 15th, so, if you have friends of interest for this, please share the call for collaborations with them. I'll keep you informed of any developments. Thank you and all the best, Luis
the last book, luis camnitzer- open call for collaborations

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The Last Book- Open call for collaborations A Project by Luis Camnitzer, sponsored by the National Library of Spain

The Last Book is a project to compile written as well as visual statements in which the authors may leave a legacy for future generations. The premise of the project is that book-based culture is coming to an end. On one hand, new technologies have introduced cultural mutations by transferring information to television and the Internet. On the other, there has been an increasing deterioration in the educational systems (as much in the First World as on the periphery) and a proliferation of religious and anti-intellectual fundamentalisms. The Last Book will serve as a time-capsule and leave a document and testament of our time, as well as a stimulus for a possible reactivation of culture in case of disappearance by negligence, catastrophe or conflagration.

Contributions to this project will be limited to one page and may be e-mailed to


or mailed to:

Luis Camnitzer

124 Susquehanna Ave.

Great Neck, NY, 11021


The book will be exhibited as an installation at the entrance of the Museum of the National Library of Spain in Madrid. Pages will be added during the duration of the project, with the intention of an eventual publication of an abridged version selected by Luis Camnitzer, curator of the project.

This call is open and we hope that it will be resent to as many potential contributors as possible.

the Metropolis of Destructon

The idea is to create a fictional city of the distant future known as the Metropolis of Destructon through original mail art and correspondence art. Technique is open, but the subject matter should add an element to the creation of this fictional city either through illustration, architecture, graphic design, artistamp, sequential art, poetry or pros. All submissions are through the mail and should be scanable for presentation on www.post2destructon.blogspot.com

Mr. Sparrow
4 - 353 Worthington St. W.
North Bay, Ontario CAN
P1B 3B7

All submissions will receive a return correspondence from:
Mr. Sparrow, Postmaster General M.o.D.

When you submit work to the Metropolis of Destructon mailart project you agree to release it under a Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives License. This means that I have the right to publish your work (on the website and in possible other places, like books, magazines, and other press media without any payment, but with accreditation. IF I do a book each contributor will get a copy)