22 March 2014

mailart call: seedsforfood


seeds for food

how to? eat your fruit and vegetables:
(galia) melon, pumpkin, zucchini, red chili, eggplant, cucumber, peas and beans, paprika, tomato, rapeseed, rocket, passion fruit, kiwi, peach, nectarine, almond, avocado, papaya, apricot, lychee, pineapple, tagetes,
(all tropical fruits)

dry the seeds, name them and send to:
c/o frips halvemaanstraat 113
9040 gent belgium
after collecting the seeds, they will be forwarded to the specific places for further distribution./ envelopes and mail art will all be used for documentation and exhibition
go to :http://www.fripsmailart.wordpress.com

this idea to help feed those in need comes from Willem Van Cotthem, Honorary Professor of Botany, University of Ghent.(B)
read more about it:

20 March 2014

The hidden Wolf within me - project

Monochrome project - UK


here is a mail art call, thank you to circulate to your friends. 


 « EUROPE, AND YOU ?! » 

This call for Mail -Art ( Mail Art ) is open to all those wishing to participate . The project is initiated by the Cultural Center of Cléguérec , in partnership with the Collective Regards Croisés. Format and free technique (painting, drawing , photography , collage ... ) Each participant (s) may submit several works . Entries must be original and must not be photocopied . The items whose contents violate the law, could undermine human dignity or shipments racist content , xenophobic, pornographic or proselytizing will not be accepted . 

Each participant must indicate or its creation: Full name of the artist, complete mailing address, e -mail address and optionally the address of its website. Email the arts received will not be returned . A selection of the best art email received will be photographed and posted on the website 

Submission deadline : May 20, 2014 
The mail-art be sent to the following address: 
Mail Art Centre Culturel 
Rue du Couvent 
56480 Cléguérec 

16 March 2014

Collage art for Ukraine

The first international exhibition of "collage art" in Ukraine
Welcome to show your vision Art Collage & Assemblage (newspaper clippings, ribbons, bits of colored or handmade papers, portions of other artwork or texts, photographs and other found objects, glued to a piece of paper or canvas).
Only original works will be accepted, works will not be returned.
The exhibition is online http://collage--art.blogspot.com. All works will also be exhibited in the gallery "Tymutopiyapres" a non-commercial gallery located in Lviv, Ukraine:

Deadline: 1 september 2014.
Size: 14.8 X 21 cm (A5).
Documentation for all participants.

send to:

"collage art"
A/C 9875, Sadivnycha 19/1,
79038, Lviv, Ukraine.

11 March 2014

William Butler Yeats

                                                 PLEASE SEND A MAIL ART POSTCARD TO THE POET                                                               WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS
                                                         on the occasion of his 149th birthday
                                      All work received will be shown in  one of the YEATS DAY Galleries 
                                                     on and following  YEATS DAY ,13th June 2014
                                                           Work will not be sold or returned and may be retained
                                                                     in the YEATS DAY Archive
                                                       Please submit your YEATS DAY MAIL ART piece
                                                                       by MAY 30th 2014
                                                                to : YEATS DAY MAIL ART PROJECT
                                                                                                 c/o   Paul Murray
                                                                                                          Kinnagrelly House
                                                                                                            Co. Sligo
                                                                                                             Rep.of Ireland
                                                 You all who participate or who are inspired by Yeats
                                                                                                   regards, Paul 

5 March 2014

4 March 2014

Message in a Bottle - Spain

Mail Art Call 2014: A MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE.
Subject:  Message in a bottle. Free size and technique (you can decorate it). Send by airmail.
Deadline:  September 1st, 2014.
The bottle and the message will be published on this blog, making reference to the author. Offensive material will not be published. No returns. Documentation will be sent to participants. Please, indicate your name, address and email on each bottle.
Send to:
J. L. Hernández Galán ( igakusei ).
PO Box 6236.
Zip Code 41080.
Seville. Spain

How to make a message in a bottle:
1.- Find a bottle. It can be plastic or glass. If you’d like to make it look like a real message in a bottle, use a beer or wine bottle. Green is the most common colour for the bottles, but you can get creative and use any colour you’d like.
2.- Wash the bottle out. Fill the bottle with warm water. Squeeze in some dish soap, and cover the bottle with your hand. Proceed with shaking the bottle up and down until it is full of suds. Roll a piece of towel into a rod, and stick it in. Try to absorb as much water as possible. Once you’ve finished, stick it upside down in the strainer, so the excess can pour out overnight.
3.- Write your message. This is good to do while the bottle is drying.  Feel free to write what you want, I´ll be glad to read it. Please indicate your name, address and email on the message.
4.- Roll up your message. Roll it as tightly as possible, and put a piece of tape to keep it from unravelling. Drop it in your bottle once it’s dry, and make sure it fits completely in the bottle. Write your name and country on the outside of the bottle in permanent marker such as: “ANA PARKER – SPAIN”. Make sure it’s big enough for someone to read.
5.- Put the bottle in a box. This will prevent breakage or use your imagination with other methods.
6- Drop it in the postal office.
7.- Wait. This is the hardest part. Many people will expect a letter on their first day; don’t do this. It could take a few months to receive a reply. The bottle and the message will be published on this blog, making reference to the author.

(spanish / español)
Convocatoria Arte Correo 2014: Mensaje en una botella.

Información :

Tema: Mensaje en una botella. Tamaño y técnica libres (se puede decorar la botella). Enviar por correo aéreo.

Fecha límite: 1 de septiembre 2014 .

La botella y el mensaje serán publicado en este blog (http://igakuseimailart.wordpress.com), haciendo referencia al autor. No se publicará material ofensivo. No  se devolverán las botellas recibidas. Se enviará documentación a los participantes. Por favor, indicar nombre, dirección postal y correo electrónico en cada botella.

Enviar a: J. L. Hernández Galán ( igakusei ). Apartado de Correos 6236. Código Postal 41080. Sevilla. España

Cómo hacer un mensaje en una botella:

1 - . Encuentre una botella. Puede ser de plástico o vidrio . Si desea que se vea real, utilizar una botella de cerveza o vino. El verde es el color más común para las botellas, pero puede ser creativo y utilizar cualquier color.

2 - . Lave la botella. Llene la botella con agua tibia. Añada un poco de jabón para platos y cubra la botella con la mano. Proceda a agitar la botella hasta que esté llena de espuma. Enrolle un pedazo de toalla en una varilla para secarla. Trate de absorber la mayor cantidad de agua posible. Una vez que haya terminado se puede dejar boca a bajo durante la noche para terminar de secar.

3 - . Escriba su mensaje. Puede hacerlo mientras que la botella se está secando. Siéntase libre de escribir lo que quiera, estaré encantado de leerlo. Por favor, indique su nombre, dirección y correo electrónico en el mensaje.

4 - . Enrolle el mensaje. Lo más fuerte posible y coloque cinta a su alrededor para evitar que se desenrolle. Colóquelo en la botella una vez que esté seca, y asegurarse de que encaja completamente en la botella. Escriba su nombre y el país en el exterior de la botella con un rotulador permanente,  por ejemplo: "ANA PARKER - ESPAÑA". Asegúrese de que sea lo suficientemente grande para que alguien lo lea .

5 - . Ponga la botella en una caja. Esto evitará que se rompa o utilice su imaginación con otros métodos.

6 - . Déjelo en la oficina de correos.

7 - . Espere. Esta es la parte más difícil. Muchas personas podrían esperar una respuesta al día siguiente, pero no será posible. Podría tomarme algunos meses enviar una respuesta. La botella y el mensaje serán publicados en este blog (http://igakuseimailart.wordpress.com) haciendo referencia al autor.