22 May 2013

Memory: International Mail Art Exhibition

Please post and pass on to your mail artist friends:


Open Call for Entries
Richmond Art Gallery 2nd Biannual International Mail Art Exhibition and Swap

We invite artists from all over the world to contribute their work for Memory: International Mail Art Exhibition and Swap.  All works that follow the entry guidelines will be exhibited in the Richmond Art Gallery, and also online.


Deadline for Entries: October 1, 2013

Exhibition: November 17, 2013 - January 6, 2014

Theme: Memory
Technique: OPEN - All works must be sent through the postal system, no online entries
Size: 4" x 6" (10.2 x 15.3 cm) -- only works of this size will be accepted
Include: Your name, Mailing Address, E-mail address


No entry fee, no jury.  Artists may submit up to 3 artworks.

All works will be traded at the end of the exhibition, and exhibited online for one year.

Mail entries to:
Mail Art Exhibition, Richmond Art Gallery, 7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond, BC, V6Y 1R9, Canada

Entry Guidelines at: http://www.richmondartgallery.org

Any questions, contact:


Kathy Tycholis | Education & Public Programs Coordinator

Richmond Art Gallery


21 May 2013

IUOMA 25 years projects - Overview

If you want to start your own project, it is best to start your won discussion to tell the others what you are going to do. That way every member that starts an exhibition has his/her own discussion on the exhibition. It is also to choose the "Add a Page" option, and create your own page for that exhibition. You could even document the results completely on that Page. I will start my own project somewhere soon. Will be a surprise.
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Discussion Forum

Project 10 - "25 - Twenty five"

Started by Raul Albanece. Last reply by Raul Albanece May 12.Reply 
THEME: 25 - Twenty fiveTECHNIC: free (bidimensional)SIZE: 15 X 10 cm (only vertically)DEADLINE: 10th August 2013With the works received thear will be a virtual…Continue

Project 8: 365 Positive Artistic Days, The Danish Red Cross Donation Project, 2013

Started by ED Vossen. Last reply by xx jones May 4.Replies 
Project no. 8365 Positive Artistic Days, The Danish Red Cross Donation Project, 2013 25 Years of IUOMA Mail Art, The Copenhagen Exhibit A Copenhagen Gallery (place will be shown asap)November - December 2013To participate:-SEND a (on front side…Continue

PROJECT 3: Thanking IUOMA's Founding Father on 16 August 2013

Started by Valentine Mark Herman. Last reply by Mariana Serban May 4.13 Replies 
Ruud is IUOMA's Founding Father;He told me that the first mention of IUOMA was on 16 August 1988.For IUOMA's 25th Birthday I propose, that we all send a piece of Mail Art to RuudSend some Mail Art -- anything goes, but something birthday-themed…Continue


Started by Ruud Janssen. Last reply by Mariana Serban May 4.Reply 
PROJECT 9: PHONE BOX INTERNATIONAL MAIL ART EXHIBITIONPlease participate in an International Mail Art Exhibition I am organising in June on the themes of Phones, Post Boxes or anything to do with telecommunications.My friends Eddy & Annette…Continue

Project 6: EGG - Gallery of Colors Thessaloniki and Aitoliko, GREECE

Started by MomKat. Last reply by MomKat May 1.25 Replies 
EGG - Gallery of Colors Thessaloniki25 Years of IUOMA Mail Art Exhibit+- 2 May, 2013, International Day of Colors, 2011, 2012, 2013…Continue


Started by Valentine Mark Herman. Last reply by Valentine Mark Herman Apr 29.Replies 
                   “L'Art de la Carte Postale”/“Post Card Art”I invite you to take part in two Mail Art Exhibitions on the theme “L'Art de la Carte Postale” or “Post Card Art” (it sounds better in French!) that I will be organising in Sigean,…Continue

Project 7: Poems by jpg and Related Photos.

Started by Dr. Baron Joseph A. Uphoff, Jr.. Last reply by fausto grossi Mar 16.Replies 
This is a set of related parts like a poem itself.  Please send nice thoughts.  These will stay with us...Send to comments or snail mail @Ct. Pf. Joseph A. Uphoff1025 Garner St., D, Space 18Colorado Springs, CO 80905 1774 These should be user…Continue

PROJECT 2 : IUOMA is always alive and celebrates its 25 years ! - IUOMA is always alive and celebrates its 25 years !

Started by E. Last reply by E Mar 14.Replies 
Projet :« Nous sommes en 2013, finalement, la fin du monde n’était pas pour 2012 !IUOMA is always alive and celebrates its 25 years ! » Format 20cm x 20cm, les travaux reçus seront assemblés pour créer une œuvre commune symbolisant IUOMA.Technique…Continue

PROJECT 4 : Birthday Mania 2013

Started by Ruud Janssen. Last reply by Ruud Janssen Nov 23, 2012.Reply 
SEE:http://iuoma-network.ning.com/group/birthday-mania-2013where Guido Vermeulen started a group for his projectContinue


Started by Theresa Ann Aleshire Williams. Last reply by Theresa Ann Aleshire Williams Nov 18, 2012.Replies 
I would like to compose a poem that is made up of statements sent to me through the mail by IUOMA members.  To participate, send a statement to me that begins, "I remember..."The statement should have something to do with snail mail or IUOMA.  Any…Continue

Mail Art for Environment - USA

Mail art for the environment-and food safety
Please send mail art to President Obama, and your senators, to repeal the Monsanto Protection Act.
Any size, any medium. Please make the message clear.
Please send this week!

President Obama 
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW 
Washington, DC 20500

You can also direct postal correspondence to your senators as follows:
The Honorable (Name)
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

Sample letter:

Dear President Obama,
I urgently request that you repeal the Monsanto Protection Act. I am outraged that the so-called “farmer assurance provision”, Section 735, currently included in HR 933, was not struck from the Continuing Resolution spending bill passed by Congress this past March.
It’s time for Congress to reject the corporate takeover of our food supply! I'm asking you to repeal the Monsanto Protection Act, Section 735 of H.R. 933 and block any other amendment or provision that would limit state or local elected officials from effectively governing food and agriculture at the local level. Don’t let Monsanto, biotech lobbyists or Congress short circuit the growing grassroots movement to label GMOs at the state level.
Please protect the American people, our Constitution and our farmers and repeal the Monsanto Protection Act. It's time to put America's farmers and the health of our nation's citizens over corporate profits.
[Your Name]

You want documentation? Why not scan your art and post it here before you send it!
Mother Earth thanks you!

Online petition here; but mail art is more effective!http://action.fooddemocracynow.org/sign/repeal_the_monsanto_protection_act/?akid=866.32548._zoSkn&rd=1&t=7

19 May 2013


Anchored to Mental Health is a non-profit organization promoting mental health awareness through artistic outlets. 

We are currently in need of artists to donate art pieces (any size, any medium) to be featured in our massive art exhibit in Florida. The event will be held on World Mental Health Day, October 10, 2014. As a donating artist you will receive promotion on our website (with a direct link to your website), our social networking sites, and on promotional events for the show. We also welcome you to attend the event at no extra cost to you. After the exhibit, your artwork will be auctioned off to provide funding for mental health treatment to those in need. 

Please visit http://anchored2mh.wix.com/charity for more information. 

**We are also seeking other people willing to help our cause. You can either monetarily donate through our website or through our page on kickstarter.com. You can also donate art supplies (to be handed out to the community during the event) or any other materials yu think could be useful. 
Thank you

Kelly Marie


Anchored to Mental Health

Mail-Art in Argentina

Estimado Rudd, Agradezco la difusión:



3° Evento Internacional de Mail Art en el MAC, Museo de Arte Cañadense, Argentina.

Inauguración: desde el 6 de diciembre

Cierre: 22 de diciembre de 2013


En el año 2012, a través de Mail Art, hemos creado un maravilloso libro dedicado a la POESÍA VISUAL que fue exhibido en un importante Centro Cultural. Fue una experiencia muy interesante y generó un enorme entusiasmo por parte del público.


Este año quisimos retomar aquella idea en un proyecto de dimensiones mucho mayores y como parte del 3° Evento de Mail Art que se realizará en el Mac, Museo de Arte.


Invitamos a participar de la creación de una gran INSTALACIÓN COLABORATIVA de POESÍA VISUAL.


Formato, tema y técnica: LIBRE

Sin jurado, sin selección, sin retorno.

Fecha límite: 30 de noviembre

Se exhibirá todo lo que se reciba por correo. No correo electrónico.

Documentación a todos los participantes.


Enviar a:

Rosa Gravino

Chacabuco 833

(2500) Cañada de Gómez



Agradezco por adelantado la difusión de ésta convocatoria.


Rosa Gravino

Event 3rd International Mail Art in the MAC, canadense Art Museum, Argentina.
Opening: from December 6
Closing: December 22, 2013

In 2012, through Mail Art, have created a wonderful book about VISUAL POETRY was exhibited at a major Cultural Center. It was a very interesting experience and tremendous enthusiasm generated by the public.

This year we wanted to regain that idea into a much larger project and as part of the 3rd Mail Art event to be held on the Mac, Museum of Art.

Invited to participate in the creation of a VISUAL POETRY COLLABORATIVE INSTALLATION.

Format, subject and technique: FREE
No jury, no selection, no return.
Deadline: November 30
It will display everything that is received by mail. No email.
Documentation to all participants.

Send to:
Rosa Gravino
Chacabuco 833
(2500) Cañada de Gómez

Thank in advance the dissemination of this announcement.

14 May 2013

The Middle Finger Project

The Middle Finger Project
As many of you may know, artist and political activist Ai Weiwei enjoys flipping off the authorities from time to time. True to his vision, I'm establishing this group and mail art call in the spirit of Weiwei's middle finger.
Please send a photo or drawing of yourself flipping off a location or landmark that you find appropriate. You can include (or not include) your face.
All work received will be documented on a Google blogspot to be established in the near future.
Please send your middle finger mail art to:
The Middle Finger Project
PO Box 360
Tamworth, NH 03886 USA

2D ARTWORK NO LARGER THAN 8.5 X 11 INCHES. Video work is also acceptable; simply post your videos to YouTube and they will be embedded on the blog.

Website: http://http://themiddlefingerproject.blogspot.com/

Guido d'Arezzo (991 - 1050)

Artistically a mail art score
International mail art project by Angela Caporaso

 It was Guido d'Arezzo (991 - 1050) who developed the system of musical notation introducing the modern principle of stave. The stave used by Guido included only four lines and was therefore called the tetragram.
  The invention of the pentagram instead is attributed to Ugolino da Orvieto. Its name comes from the Greek words, penta, five, and gramma, line. The pentagram is the set of 5 parallel horizontal lines and four spaces between them, on which you write notes and signs of break. This system is in use since 500.
At the beginning of the pentagram usually you put a key, which, providing the position of a determined note, fixes the position of all the others.
More staves can be hold by a single score. The method of the score began to stand out at the middle of the 500 contextually with the development of the orchestral music. So, the score  is a graphical representation of a music of different simultaneous vocal and instrumental parts.

To take part in this project
1) Download the picture : score.pdf (site:

2) process it with any figurative technique, drawing, collage, painting, etc.
3) Send to : Angela Caporaso - via Roma 117  - 81100 Caserta - Italia

Deadline 30/ 6 /2014

The works will not be returned, they will be included in the website:

follow any/possible exhibition.

13 May 2013

Pink and Blue - Germany

pink and blue – A Mail Art Project

The equality body of Paderborn invites to a special project


Mail art is art on a postcard that will be sent on postal delivery: so called good old snail mail. In contrast to e-mails, mail art devotes itself to deceleration.

"Compensation" for this intended reduction is offered by more sensuality because the sent art projects are all originals, that can be lead closely to your eyes or can be touched. Mail art is a democratic art: Participation is open to all, not only inside Paderborn: Women and men, boys and girls. All the sent works of art will be exhibited. There is no jury. This art is international. It is a small form of art that does without stir and nevertheless it achieves a surprising effect. Not least it is a stimulus for another imaginative creation.

Be captivated by our enthusiasm. Join in!
The theme "pink and blue"

"pink and blue" is the title of a mail art project of the equality body of the city of Paderborn.

"pink and blue" – these two colours symbolize the stereotyped expectations which boys and girls are still confronted with. When Franklin D. Roosevelt, who later became the president of the USA, was photographed at the age of two and a half years, he was wearing a white dress, shoulder length hair and distinctive leather shoes – an outfit that could lead us without batting an eyelid to the delighted exclamation: what a delightful girl!

In 1884 at the time of the shooting, this look was normal, it corresponded to the former convention for a boy. Every generation, so Jeanne Maglaty, produces its own definition of masculinity and femininity, which is not least manifested in the clothing and the toys of children. “Boys don’t cry ", The Cure played in one of their most famous songs…


When is a man a man, when a woman a woman? Typically male, typically female? Is there such a thing? What is the situation with the conventions of masculinity and femininity, with the equality of the sexes? Cliches only or prejudices? Can't women park? Do men not listen?


We encourage all women and men, girls and boys to concern themselves creatively and artistically with their own roles, because the realization of equality in society requires a change of role stereotypes. A gendered division of labour in the family and working life for example still characterizes the life of men and women, the man is still seen as the main breadwinner, the woman as the main responsible for children and household and in addition she is gainfully employed.


Take up the creative challenge! Describe us your artistic role. Let your imagination run wild. Pick up the brush, a pair of scissors, camera, cut out, write, glue, paint, print, tear, sew. Use pink, dip your brush in blue, juggle with other colours of the rainbow as well. Don't be afraid of the black and white drawing, perhaps to expose outdated black and white drawing?

Any method is right to approach and form yourself and us an impression of it.

The equality body relent on much contribution.

The conditions of participation

Participation is open to all people.

Minors must attach the written consent of guardian.

Take into account all exclusively by conventional mail sent, thematically by the sender for the occasion-made work in postcard format (approx. 14,8 x 10,5 cm).

All artistic techniques are welcome, the more versatile the better it is: drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, collage, literature etc.

Each work must have the full visible address, including e-mail-address of the artist.

The submitted works will be presented in an exhibition.

Organizer only accepts postage works.

There is no liability for any loss or damage.

Each artist is responsible for the content of his art postcard. Postcards with misanthropic, sexist, violent content or otherwise contrary to applicable law are excluded from the project.

Participation requirement is that the participant has all rights to the sent artwork.

The unlimited exploitation rights for all parts of the image is that the image is free of rights of third parties. Upon filing of the work he/she automatically ensures compliance with this condition. With a recognizable image of a person the participants add their written consent.


With the submission of the work the participants give the equality body of the city of Paderborn the use of rights and authorizes them to publication without fees, reproduction and dissemination in all relevant media for coverage and promotion of the equality body.


As it is usual for mail art projects that posted work remain at the organizers.

Please send your works of art by August 31st, 2013 to:


Gleichstellungsstelle der Stadt Paderborn

Kennwort "pink & blue"

Am Abdinghof 11

33098 Paderborn


The equality body of the city of Paderborn is looking forward to your work!

Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen

i. A.

Christa Mertens


-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Stadt Paderborn - Gleichstellungsstelle

Hausanschrift: Stadt Paderborn · Am Abdinghof 11 · 33098 Paderborn

Postanschrift: Stadt Paderborn · 33095 Paderborn

Tel.: 05251 88-1212

Fax: 2007