24 October 2017

A Perfect World - Taiwan

Hi to you, oh weird crowd of deviants and freaks,

as in your guts burns this insatiable desire to create,

I give you an opportunity to share the fantasies that

your tortured souls struggled to produce. Next year

in a small country called Taiwan, I will organize an exhibition

of art ( painting, photos, collages, mail art, etc...) and I want

here to humbly ask you to participate by sending me the fruit of

your sweat. The topic is " a perfect world" any format is accepted

but, being not the owner of a truck, I beg you, not too big.

As soon as I will start to recieve some masterpieces, I will

scan them or take photos and post them on a Facebook page

( yet to create) with your name, any message you want to appear

and if you want, your address so people can contact you.

artistically yours,


And for you my friends the address of my cave:

project " A perfect world"
Rm2, 4F, No1.
Gongde 1st St. PingTung City,
PingTung County 90067.

21 October 2017

JMFTA - France


The World Day of the False Artist Stamp committee (JMFTA) had the honor to announce that Ternand in Beaujolais France, has been chosen to receive this event.

So I announce officially that November 16, 2017 will be the day of the 8th World Day of the False Artist Stamp ...

Anyone around the world (artist or not), are invited to send to :
Christophe Renoux 140, ruelle de l'Eglise 69620 Ternand France
one or more envelopes with a false stamp in place of the official postage.

Boost your creativity. Any technique is permitted (collage, wool, drawings, watercolor, gouache, photos, etc).

Your letters must be mailed only on November 16 (more or less!)

Bring up the envelope marked "8th World Day of the False Artist Stamp" all or simply "
(8éme JMFTA)".
All the works will be exhibited at the workshop of Christophe Renoux in France
WARNING: do not paste true stamp on the envelope because sending shall have any artistic value and could be denied !!!

Merci Ternand, Merci to Christophe Renoux to have agreed to receive this 8th edition of the JMFTA.
Very Important: scan or photograph your envelope before mailing, and sending the photo by email to: tonyaime@orange.fr
All creations will be published in preview in Postenomade (my blog dedicated to the Mail Art),
Tony Mazzocchin (the organizer JMFTA ©)
1, rue Rose Sage
38500 Voiron (France)

Site Ternand : http://www.buisantane.com/villages/villages-beaujolais-des-pierres-...
Blog Christophe Renoux :http://www.rom1.fr/chris_blog

18 October 2017

Seasons - USA

Theme: Seasons
Size: Any size
Material/medium: Any material
Due: March 2018

Send To: 
Sequoia High School, 
Mrs. Szydlowski / 
1201 Brewster Ave. / 
Redwood City, CA 94070 / 
United States

Note: Please include an address/email so we can send a confirmation letter/email. We will NOT be returning the art, and will be displaying all pieces in our art show. 

17 October 2017

Stars move leaving dust and sound behind them - Greece

Nicolas Malevitsis and Dimitra Papatheodorou  invite you to participate in a Mail Art project entitled “Stars move leaving dust and sound behind them”
What kind of memories left you the moments and situations you've experienced? Give them a form, a colour, a sound...You may paint, make a collage, use photos, songs, music, digital elaboration, poetry and many more.
The mail art will be available readily in two central bookstores in Patras and Athens, and maybe in other cities of Greece too. The works of art that will be exhibited will change once or twice a week, as new pieces of art will be received. The interaction with the public that will visit the bookstores will help make mail art more known in Greece. Workshops, presentations and other events may be organized. A venue is currently being sought where the works can be exhibited after they have finished their travel in Patras and Athens. Details of this will be made available later.
Size, media, number of submissions: Free
No fees, no jury, no returns.
Deadline: February 1st 2018
Please include the title of the work, your name, address, email address, etc. Documentation: All entries will be displayed online so if you don’t want your contact details (postal and email address) to be published please let me know.
You can see more :
Nicolas Malevitsis and Dimitra Papatheodorou
P.O. Box 63752
15203 Vrilissia
 Dimitra Papatheodorou and Nicolas Malevitsis
P.O. Box 3019
23 Zaimi street
26110 Patra

16 October 2017

The Beauty of My Land - Portugal

English version
 2nd senior mail art call
 Agitar- Senior Oporto University call out for the first senior mail art:
-       Theme: The beauties of my land
-       Size: 10 x 15 cm
-       Technique : free
-       Postcards without envelope
-       No jury, no fee, no judge
-       Deadline:  January  31st, 2018

The postcards will be on display in www.agitar.pt, on facebook and you tube and a physical exhibition inside the university.

Send your postcard to:
Agitar – Universidade Sénior do Porto
Rua Hernâni Torres, 197
4200- 320 Porto

With name, address and email
More information at: universidadesenior@agitar.pt