17 December 2011


Carlos Botana and “Milpedras” lithography studio call to all
mail-artists and visual poets to participate in the project


In this event, which will take place at the “Milpedras” studio, we will
talk about mail art and visual poetry, experimental poetry will be
recited and a performance will be carried out. A workshop on mail art
will be held in the same event.

All artworks received will be exhibited at “Milpedras” studio during the
days when these activities will be held.

Size and technique will be free and the deadline for the reception of
the artworks will be April, 10th, 1012. The artworks will also be
exhibited at http://www.elartedeloinvisible.blogspot.com, together with
information about the activities that will be organized.

Send your artworks to

C/ Brasil, nº3 bajo
15009 - A Coruña - Spain

13 December 2011



The deadline for The book of ANN (Friour project 12) is 31 December 2011.

The past year was great on a MAIL ART and KITTY level, so THANX to all who contributed and exchanged art and ideas.

I now present the successor for 2012 and already email my season greetings to YOU ALL.

FRIOUR project 13 is on rebellion, contestation, protest in all its meanings: artistic, political, social, cultural, historical and present ones.

I dedicate this 2012 project to all mail artists who have told me they like my art but PLEASE Guido stay away from politics! They are forgetting that all the great art movements of the modernist past (Dada, Surrealism, Cobra, Situationism) were involved in attempts to change society. So REBEL REBEL aka the essence of art expressions by artists living in society, rooted in all the social and cultural contradictions of the world. Because after all it is not only Wall street we need to occupy because the public domain is our space. Reclaim the streets indeed!!

POWER TO THE PEOPLE, TO THE ANIMALS, TO THE TREES AND TO THE ASTONISHING STONES OF OUR UNIVERSE (it is OUR universe: not belonging to banks, corporations, dictators, the state, the police or other self proclaimed authorities: we are the world, the world are we, so REBEL REBEL till you drop, don’t shop, burn all billboards down, spit on your local flag and embrace humanity as a whole, for XXX sake, REBEL REBEL till the end of time, REBEL against death and REBEL against the way we live or against those who impose us how to live.

Take responsibilty of your own life and destinity, this means also taking responsibility of our planet and existence in our own hands. Don’t depend of power, create your own power, or refute power altogether!


Deadline: 31 December 2012

All contributions will be published on the blog:


Those who want to BE PART OF this blog, please email me, so I can invite you to UPLOAD YOUR OWN CONTRIBUTIONS TO REBEL REBEL signsstones@yahoo.com For regular mail art contributions:


Guido Vermeulen,

Thomas Vincottestreet 81,

B-1030 Brussels,


PS Note that ongoing projects in 2012 to be continued will be TREES (documented on IUOMA) http://iuoma-network.ning.com/group/trees

KIEKJESDIEF (photos to document our own existenZ) http://kiekjesdief.blogspot.com LAMUSAR (art inspired by music and literature) http://lamusar.blogspot.com

Postal History Call : 'Going Postal - What's It To You?

Call for Mail Art: Sponsored by Delphos Museum of Postal History & Delphos Area Art Guild Artists from the US and around the world are invited to submit original art based on the theme: 'Going Postal - What's It To You?' With today's techno advances, will snail mail become a thing of our past? Depict in your own artistic style what receiving a handwritten letter means to you - the nostalgia, sentiment, artistic design of stamps, or anything related to postal history.

All media & techniques will be accepted, as long as it is sent via postal services. Postage paid by participant.

Size: Post card size 4 x 6 [10 cm x 15 cm] up to 8 1/2 "x 11" in envelope.

Info: judygrone@hotmail.com Send j-peg to: Gary Levitt- MPHDelphos@gmail.com

to view on blog www.postalhistorymuseum.com

No Jury, No Fees, No Returns

Please provide your Name, Address, email, and title of mail art.

Send to: Judy Grone

6005 Defiance Trail

Delphos, OH 45833 USA

Exhibit: February 19,2012 at the 2nd Floor Gallery of Delphos Museum of Postal History 339 North Main St. Delphos, Ohio 45833

All submissions will be on exhibit excluding offensive, racist, or discriminatory images.

Deadline to receive Mail Art: February 11, 2012

12 December 2011

Schooldays in Artlife

MAIL ART CALL Invitation / Reminder

Dear mail art networker,

From time to time the Netherlands are hyped up with the Van Gogh fever. In particular the region where I live is flooded with interest in every spot, where Vincent van Gogh printed his footsteps. Van Gogh was born here, grew up and went to school in several villages around me. With mixed feelings I am happy to be in the eye of the hurricane. No strong whirlings yet in Van Gogh’s schooldays. He attended secondary school in Tilburg. The school is named Koning Willem II College after a Dutch king and in Van Gogh’s days it was located in his former palace. Van Gogh was one of the very few students at the time - from 1866 to 1868 - good marks. Suddenly Van Gogh vanished from the schoolrecords into his wandering life, leaving us behind uncertain. There is only a school photo left with Vincent van Gogh in the foreground.

Is your schoollife traceless in your artlife?

I am a teacher of history of art at this school. Art education at the school where I teach young people is a very old tradition. Van Gogh had his first drawinglessons from my predecessor. In 1990 I based a mail art project on this fact.
I am very proud to be an art teacher in this particular historic environment.

Now I want to reanimate the project


Use or represent an artefact tracing your own schooldays as a basis of your contribution.

Free size. Free medium. No returns
Extended deadline to be received: January 31, 2012
Online galery on the Internet: http://schooldaysvangogh.blogspot.com
Exposition in the QS Gallery of The Museum of Instant Images
and the Koning Willem II College
Documentation to all participants

Send your contribution to:
The Museum of Instant Images
Beckershagen 15 - Chaam - 4861 SE
Pays Bas - The Netherlands - NL

e-mail: mii@colori.nl

Other mail art projects:

11 December 2011

SEKYCSOA / Resolution 2012

Exotic Visuals For The Beginning of The End!


SUBJECT OPEN to your interpretations of Resolutions AND the beginning of the end!

SIZE approx. postcard size, nothing over 8 inches by 10 inches PLEASE!!!.

DATES please send between January 1st 2012 and to Arrive Before April 30th 2012 .

EXHIBITION at The Underground Gallery, Whitesburg, KY in Summer of 2012, pending approval.

DOCUMENTATION works will be scanned and placed on website as they come in: http://chrisdayart.com/SEKYCORRESPONDENCESCHOOLOFART.aspx

and documentation sent to participating artists via snail mail AFTER all works are rec'd (this may be mid summer).


SEKYCSOA Resolution 2012

c/o Chris Day

267 Black Bottom Road

Jeremiah, KY 41826

U . S . A .