31 January 2013


mail art theme " geld · money · l'argent "
no return ; no jury ; no censorship
deadline 2o14 february 28
please send us your mail art that deals with all postal objects , any technique 
hans sachs haus stuttgart · h
auptstätter strasse 142 ·
stuttgart 70178 ·
all ( your ) mailart will be documentated tumblr | mailart geld · money · l'argent
an exhibition during the " lange nacht der museen " stuttgart , germany ; 2014 march is in mind of the initiators

Fund-raiser - Is it Mail-Art?

This is a "CALL TO ARTISTS" to participate in a juried art fund-raising event.

Admission; FREE

First place award $222.00
Second place award $111.00

Please submit an "A5" sized postcard (210mm x 148mm/8.3" x 5.8" large sized postcard) on card stock (110, 0.16 oz, 33 to 26 ga.) so that the art work can be submitted via U.S.Postal Service. (If you prefer not to use the postcard format the scale of the art work dimensions must not exceed 8.3" x 5.8" but may be sculptural to no more than 24"


Multiple submissions are accepted.

Art themes are open to interpretations of Wichita, Kansas.

Please label all Diptychs, Triptychs, & Ghent Altar-pieces with corresponding numbers so that the art work can be correctly displayed with the artist's intention.

Art work WILL BE SOLD with proceeds going to the gallery for building improvements & other gallery related needs.

All Art Work will be available for show & sale on March 29th 2013 through March 30st 2013, in Wichita, Kansas @ 4904 East Central in the 4904 ARTS Salon.

All participating Artists may exercise "First Dibs" rules from 7PM to 8PM if they show up to the gallery ONE HOUR before the show starts at 8PM. (All artists forfeit their right to First Dibs if they are caught cherry picking art work.)

All art work will be sold for $22.00 per piece regardless of the skill level, & ability of artists. (This exhibition is open to ALL visual artists.)

All art work MUST be signed on the back so that the art work cannot be identified by the buyer until AFTER the sale. (Please DO NOT SIGN THE FRONT OF THE ART WORK to prevent cherry picking.)

Artist Information on the back of the art work must include;

Media used...
Printed Name...
City of origin...
(& optional contact information so that the buyer can view more of your art work after the sale.)

All art work must be received by the 22nd March of 2013.
Art work may be mailed as a postcard, envelope, or package, or may hand delivered on or before the 22nd of March.

Please submit art work to;

Roger Mathews Gallery
ARTS 2013 Juried Exhibition
C.O. Derek Miller
4902 East Central
Wichita, Kansas 67208


30 January 2013


Mail Art Invitation

Postcard (10cm x 15cm only),
not in an envelope please.
no e
mailcontributions please,
and no black&white copies.


Technique: Free.


Deadline: 31. March 2013
Exhibition: at Mail Art Mekka Minden.
And in the Embassy Pavilion
at Venice Biennale June 2013 in Italy.


Color Documentation:
Printed. Free to every participant,
by snail

Send to:
P.O.Box 2644
D-32383 Minden
Germoney Utd

29 January 2013

Family Ties

For 30 years, Second Presbyterian Church, Richmond, Virginia,
 has provided transportation for relatives to visit loved ones,
 who are incarcerated in prisons where no public transportation is available.
On the return trip, the church serves a meal to the families.
This service, our Prison Project, is provided at no cost
to the families.

All participants' Mail Art will be exhibited in a show
at the church in April.

 Viewers will be allowed to purchase the cards
with sales going to support our Prison Project.
We hope that you will help us to help these families stay
connected to one another.

Theme: Family Ties

Standard postcard size
Any medium
No Jury/No Fees/No Return
Family friendly content, please.

Send art work to :

Family Ties
Janice McMurray
1514 Westwood Ave.
Richmond, Virginia

March 31,2013

Include your e-mail address so that you can receive documentation that your work has been received.

20 January 2013

sPMATS zine


To participate please send me:

25, signed

numbered, original artiststamp sheet/works

Size: A4 (21x29,7cm)

Subject: Free



82301 Starnberg


Documentation: a collection box to every artist.

any questions: ptrzia@gmail.com

Zine in a Box,

Made in Mailart

To participate please send me:

25 signed,
numbered, original artworks/pages.
Size: maximum A5 (14,8x21cm) or smaller

(any exceeding sizes will have to be sent folded)
Subject: Free



823o1 Starnberg


Documentation: a collection box to every artist.
any questions: ptrzia@gmail.com

18 January 2013

Art Gothique

Art Gothique
Architecture, Ecriture, Sculpture, Peinture, Vitrail, Enluminure...


Format, Technique : libre
Date limite : 1er mai 2013

Veuillez indiquer votre nom, adresse postale et e-mail, site ou blog.
Si vous ne souhaitez pas que vos coordonnées soient diffusées, veuillez le noter sur votre envoi.
Les envois hors-sujet, insultants ou contraires à la loi ne seront pas diffusés.
Documentation à tous les participants. Pas de retour.
Exposition sur le blog http://artgothique.blogspot.com et à Gradignan-33- en 2013

à / to :


5 rue de Mandavit
33170 Gradignan - France

Media, Size : free.

Deadline : may 1st, 2013

Please include your name, postal and e-mail address, website or blog.

If you do not wish your details to be circulated, please advise on your correspondence.

Any irrelevant, insulting or potentially illegal content will not be diffused.

Documentation to all participants. No return.

Exhibition on the blog http://artgothique.blogspot.com as well as in Gradignan (33-France) in 2013

Merci de faire passer ce message!

Best Regards,



Lettres & Images
5 rue de Mandavit
33170 Gradignan

05 57 96 86 60 / 06 17 93 58 08

17 January 2013

RAY of LIGHT - Germany

Gloves / MIttens

Mail Art Call   Gloves / MIttens

What! Lost your Mitten? Trashion artist needs the one that is left.

Send me your strays and singles. Donated gloves will be sewn into a Shrug to warm the cold shoulders of fictional character, Celestial Celebrity # 6, A.K.A., "Six".

Only have pairs? Please send a 4" x 6" Postcard facsimile of your glove. Any media. Snail-mail only. Documentation to all.

Deadline: April 15, 2013 - 04/15/2013


Lorraine Kwan
#202, 3580 West 41st Ave
Vancouver, BC

Fill the FORD with KEYS

15 January 2013

Mail Art Call - This is where I go

This is where I go is a mail art exhibition with a local (Vancouver, Canada) and worldwide call for 4 by 6 inch postcards.

My objective for this exhibition is to affirm everyone’s potential for creativity and to introduce my local Vancouver community to a movement they can be part of. 

This project consists of an exhibition held at Britannia Art Gallery—a community art gallery– in Vancouver during November 6 to 29 2013 and a free workshop on mail art on June 15 2013.

The Theme – This is where I go

You are free to interpret the theme as you wish. This is where I go could refer to a physical location you visit everyday or on occasion for some specific purpose or, it could be a representation of a place you go to in your mind to escape from reality and the pressures of life.

Participation Guidelines

  • - Technique: Free
  • - No jury/no fees/no returns
  • - Documentation: online (http://thisiswhereigomailart.wordpress.com) & print documentation to the first 50 pending funding (or to all if funding is available)
  • - Deadline: September 15 2013
  • Size & format: 4 by 6 inch / 10.2 by 15.3 cm postcards; only the front will be displayed both at the gallery and online at this website.
  • - 1 submission per person
  • - All postcards must bear postage and go through the postal system

Postcards will be on sale for $5 to generate funding for postage (to mail catalogues), the production of a catalogue, exhibition costs, and the printing of a visual book. Excess funding will be donated to the art gallery. All unsold work will be mailed to other participants.

***Don’t forget to include your name and mailing address at the back. Also include a title if there is one.

Content stipulations

Britannia Art Gallery is located inside the public library therefore as well as being a public building the venue is also within a school environment. Because the audience includes unattended children, the library has requested that we do not exhibit work that depicts nudity, is sexually explicit or is overtly violent. Britannia Art Gallery reserves the right to refuse artwork that is considered unsuitable in the context of these concerns.

Mail to:

Laura Bucci
#41-1507 East 2nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V5N 1C8


Dudu Gomes
I would like to invite you to participate in a mail art project,
TetraPak Call - your art in our ceiling
Using as support an empty TetraPak™ packaging (carton of milk, tomato paste, juices etc.) make your artistic intervention on the outside, preserving the silver part. Remove the waste.
All entries received will be on permanent display, mounted on square boards and fixed on the ceiling of the Ecatú Ateliê forming a sustainable lining.
Send post mail until march 29th 2013
Caixa Postal 082
Olinda, PE
53120-970 Brasil
TetraPak Call | Convocatória de Arte Postal

O Ecatú Atel...See more
forro sustentável | revestimiento sostenible | sustainable lining

14 January 2013

IFAR - AUDIO Project

Ifar Compilation
I would like to invite you to contribute a track to Musique Concrète disjointed, the twelfth in the compilation series dedicated to finding a Musique Concrète, there's only a few rules,
1. track must be 4'33" in length
2. be Musique Concrète in your mind
3. The track is to be made exclusively for this project
4. disjointed is the loose theme
5. Make a piece of artwork/image both reflecting the theme and the track, 1000 x 1000 pixels in size is ideal 
6. be sent as a wav 44.100 kHz to institute4alienresearch@gmail.com via wetransfer
The idea is to question what Musique Concrète is, within the parameters set
The compilation is limited to 15 track and will be uploaded to bandcamp

12 January 2013


My new MAiL-ART call: Artists and Cats. Only by may way (no E mail-art, please) postcards 10x15cm, original artwork. Send to: "En, Mail-Art", 64 Convention, 02300 CHAUNY, France. Thx for your participation.
My new MAiL-ART call: Artists and Cats.  Only by may way (no E mail-art, please) postcards 10x15cm,     original artwork. Send to: "En, Mail-Art", 64 Convention, 02300 CHAUNY, France. Thx for your participation.


Comment:The causes of infidelity are complex and varied. Affairs can occur in happy marriages as well as in troubled ones.
Info:For my project please send me any medium that deal with any technique.
Artist:Luis Díaz García / Laponia,13 1ºA / 28030 Madrid / Spain / luisraven65@gmail.com

“Post Card Art”

Comment by Valentine Mark Herman on December 29, 2012 at 5:21pm
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                   “L'Art de la Carte Postale”/“Post Card Art”

I invite you to take part in two Mail Art Exhibitions on the theme “L'Art de la Carte Postale” or “Post Card Art” (it sounds better in French!) that I will be organising in Sigean, France, in the Spring and Summer of 2013. Details of the Exhibitions are below.
The Exhibitions will be linked to IUOMA's 25the anniversary celebrations (THE Day is 16 August, 2013)
Please send as many cartes postale/post cards as you like – the more the merrier!
Photos of the Exhibitions will be posted here later.

Theme: L'Art de la Carte Postale/Post Card Art
Size: Postcard (10.5 x 15 or up to 15 x 21 cms/ 4 x6 or up to 6 x 81/4 ins)
Technique: Free! Anything goes – drawing, painting, collage, it's up to you.
Exhibitions: i) Médiathèque, Sigean, 12 – 27 April, 2013
  1. Médiathèque, Sigean, 6 -17 August, 2013
Deadlines: i) 10 April, 2013
  1. 3 August, 2013
No jury, no fees, no prizes, no returns

Please send your cartes postale/post cards (marked 'Exhibitions', and with your name and address on them) to:
                Valentine Mark Herman
                 1 Rue de la Vieille Fontaine,
                 F-11130 Sigean,

7 January 2013


Call for mail art

FEATURING is looking for all kinds of mail art to illustrate an article. If you like snail mail and love to make mail art, you are welcome to send it to us. There’s no ‘reward’ or something so you have to make it out of love for this art form – but then again: creating something beautiful is a reward in itself, isn’t it?

You can send your mail art to:
Sint Wilfriedstraat 4
5643 SC Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Be sure your email address is somewhere noted on the art you send us, so we can contact you. Your mail art has to be in by February 25 2013(take into account that it may take approximately two weeks for your mail art to get to us if you send it from outside Europe)