29 November 2013


                                  INTERNATIONAL MAIL ART PROJECT 2014  
(*) Quoted from “Walnut Tree” poem of Nazım Hikmet.
Yes, walnut tree is watching us.  Is looking at what we do,  with a shock in its eyes…
We doomed our cities to purely concrete squares, treeless streets and soilless parks.
Air is polluted, water is polluted… Fish have gone away; migratory birds are endangered; our dogs and cats are enslaved.
We have forgotten to produce… System has identified all of us as “consumers”, and while we are consuming lavishly, garbage mountains are encircling us mischievously.
And we are destroying the future of our children.
Hasn’t time come to say a “stop” thereto?
Come on. Let’s think over not a moment too soon. Where did we made a mistake? And what should we do from now on?
And let’s lend an ear to the Walnut Tree…

This project is open to all artists wishing to participate in “I’m a Walnut Tree – Mail Art Exhibition 2014” to be held at Bakırköy Municipality Botanic Park, Istanbul / Turkey between 03.05.2014 and 18.05.2014. The project will be realized by Atölye Arts-In, in cooperation with Bakırköy Municipality.
1. Participation is free.
2. Each artist may participate in the project with not more than three artworks.
3. Category: Painting, Drawing/Design, Unique Press, Photograph
4. Dimensions: 10x15 cm
5. Technique: All and any kinds of techniques may be applied.
6.  Racist, fanatic and pornographic artworks will not be exhibited.
7. The artworks should be original, and should not be photocopy or reproduction.
8. Artworks sent for the exhibition will not be returned. Artworks will, during the exhibition, be offered for sale at symbolic prices for charity. The resulting earnings will be donated to a charitable institution to be determined by Bakırköy Municipality. Unsold artworks will remain in Atölye Arts-In archives.
9. Exhibition document will be sent to all participants.

10. Visuals of the artworks will be published at http://artsinmailartproject2014.blogspot.com/ starting from 15.01.2014. If you have high resolution photograph of your artworks, you may send the photographs separately by e-mail to meral_agar@yahoo.com.tr address.
11. All and any news and documents relating to the exhibition will be shared at the following internet addresses:
12. The exhibition will be installed and removed by Atölye Arts-In.
13. Logistic requirements for the exhibition will be supplied by Bakırköy Municipality.
14. Written translation services for the exhibition will be provided by International Language Services Translation and Counseling Co., Ltd.
15.  Last application date (Deadline): 15 April 2014
       Post seal date will be considered in timing.
16. Each artist is required to give the following information together with his/her artwork(s).
      Name and surname of artist, name of artwork, technique, date, artist’s mailing address,   artist’s e-mail address and if any, website address

17. Artworks should be sent by mail to the following address:
        “Ben Bir Ceviz Ağacıyım”
        Meral Ağar
        PK. 7 Beşiktaş PTT Merkez
        34354 Beşiktaş – İstanbul / Turkey

18. For all kinds of information and questions, meral_agar@yahoo.com.tr


OBRIGADO - You are invited to contribute to an ongoing festival of mail art during the month of December 2013 on the above theme (Portuguesefor ''Thank You") to celebrate a year of visual arts in Northwich town centre of the 2nd artist run VAC Gallery in Northwich, Cheshire, UK. Work will be available for sale to fund future gallery projects. Work unsold will remain in the gallery archive. Please send work via the postal system ( all media, all sizes ) to - OBRIGADO, The VAC Gallery, 93 Brunner Court, Northwich, Cheshire , CW9 5DR. UK from now until December 31st 2013. Documentation in the form of an online blog to be announced.

26 November 2013

Project Sustainability Mailart

Eco is a Greek word 'oikos' and mean house. For be ecologic, we have to live within the logic of our house, the planet Earth. Our Planet is big house where they live thousands of living organisms relate to each other, all within the same space. These relation must occur in an organized manned and respecting the natural balance. The man, is should be as preserver, removes everyhings want the planet to feed their unnecessary luxuries and theis needs without worrying about the preserving the balance of nature. Because, there is nothings wrong with consuming, since it is so balance and so does not harm the environmet. With these factors, some began to move, because the results of our lack of awareness are beginning to emerge. With this, we would like to know "What's in your city that fits the term eco sustainable?" You have sustainable attitudes? What do you want for the betterment of our planet? The goal is to understand the perception of others regarding the subject and know what the cities in the outside world that is eco sustainable. >> Anyone can participate, papers should not exceed A4 size. Freely and in any media. There will be no jury and the papers submitted will not be returned. Photographic record here on the blog (http://sustainabilitymailart.blogspot.com.br). No time limit.
Send to:
Pâmela Teles
Caixa postal: 75514
CEP: 07252-971
Guarulhos - SP
Website: http://www.sustainabilitymailart.blogspot.com.br/
Location: BRAZIL

POSTALVELLA, a mail-art project by Naranjayrojo

We are Naranjayrojo, an art collective from Spain interested in mail art projects. Recently we have participated in an exhibition with our project “Postalvella”, which is a post service we created for the visitors and population of Ciutat Vella, the oldest part of Valencia City (Spain).
People wrote postcards telling stories about experiences they have lived in that district. We built 15 handmade mailboxes and we put them in different establishments of the city. At the end, we collected almost 160 stories and all of them were shown in Ciutat Vella Oberta Festival this year. For us, the project was a way to recuperate an old communication style that is almost forgotten nowadays and, thanks to the people participation, we created a memory of experiencies and stories lived in the oldest part of the city.

Here there are some links to our project and working process:

If you want to know more about us you can find us here: www.facebook.com/naranjayrojo

22 November 2013

ADD & PASS project ( by TILT lab., Portugal)

The picture belongs to an Add & Pass started by "Blancdesign" in 2005

ADD & PASS, project Nº1

 ADD & PASS is the First project associated with TILT Laboratory, in partnership with the COMA collective.

TILT Laboratory aims with this project distributes a certain number of "Add & Pass" (33 that’s what we have in mind…) with a specific theme in which each participant can only use one “page” of it. Upon receipt all ADD & PASS or part of them (because we must always count with the factor "lost" when speaking about the postal service) will be done an exhibition in the future installations of TILT Lab in Portugal.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: please send a private message to TILT facebook page or to tiltlaboratorio@gmail.com, showing your intention to participate, stating your full NAME, POSTAL ADDRESS and EMAIL. After doing this, we will guide you throughout the entire project, in which you will receive by snail mail (traditional postal service) one or three of the 33… ADD, for doing your intervention.

TECHNIQUE: all techniques are allowed, provided that what you do, is related to the subject of the ADD.

DOCUMENTATION:  All ADD & PASS with the interventions from each participant will be published in the following location, where you can also JOIN the Event:

DEADLINE: At some date during the year 2014.
These are some of the ongoing ADD & PASS, with interventions already made by mail artists all over the world.Each Add has 6 pages to 6 participants. These have a classic format, but there will be others who have an unconventional form.

21 November 2013

Grandoux Gallery

We are taking submissions for our first mail art show at Gradoux Gallery in New Orleans LA. All art sent will be displayed in our gallery and website. All themes and mediums are welcome (no email submissions).  If you would like photos of the show please let us know in your submission or by Email
Please send all submissions to:
Gradoux Gallery
1731 Elysian Fields Apt A
New Orleans LA
Gradoux Gallery Mail Art

19 November 2013

Visionaries and Voices - USA

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