27 December 2013


Mail art call: "TEETH"

Send to:

Christophe Blaise
24 rue de la Metallurgie
69003 Lyon

22 December 2013

Random Act of Kindness/Mail Art Opportunity

This is from a friend in Maine:  
I have a special request for my brother-in-law. The Reader's Digest version is that he suddenly couldn't breathe last month and went into the hospital for a couple of weeks while they had him on a ventilator and steroids to calm down inflammation in his lungs. He's had all kinds of tests done and they're still not sure what it is. They're guessing some kind of connective tissue disease. He's back home now, still on oxygen and steroids, but it will be a long slow recovery. His spirits are down and it's depressing being in bed all the time, not knowing what it was or if it will come back, and he has some other health concerns too etc. He's still very weak from the lack of oxygen. They said it would take 5 days to recover from each day he was in the hospital, so that's something like 3 months!

If anyone would like to send him "Hang in There", positive energy, inspiring, hoping to brighten your day type messages, I'm sure they would be appreciated. Here is his address:

Ed Hamlin
81 Bass Harbor Road
Southwest Harbor, ME 04679

20 December 2013

One breath of life!

Mail art call: One breath of life!
The art for understanding,
the suffering for learning…
Send a mail art for people with cancer, the jobs received will be distributed to the patients in treatment Hélio Angotti Hospital of Uberaba - MG - Brazil.

Enviar para: 
Edna Toffoli, 
Rua. Hiago Reis Leite, 31- B. Jd. São Bento        

Size, technical and quantity: Free
Date: July 2014/07/2014
The work will be published in the blog:
Certificate of participation via email.
info: edna.toffoli@yahoo.com.br

18 December 2013


I've been a longtime mail artist and visitor to your website Mail Art Projects---to find out about some great shows/mail art projects I've been in over the years.
I'm not sure if this is possible: but was curious is you would be interested in posting information on my project on your website to reach mail art members:

My mail art project entitled "MAIL ART MAGIC" is to support my upcoming artist residency in New York with The Wassaic Art Project. If you can share this project with anyone you think might be possibly interested or post it on your website I would be so grateful:

Mitsuko Brooks

April 2-April 30, 2014
Wassaic Residency Program



Peter Netmail recommends this new interesting project by his students in Bielefeld:

Theme:  „...and action: ROLL IT!“

Our school in the City is named "Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau".

This famous film director was born in 1888 in our city. He used his camera like a drawing pencil. 
Murnau managed to catch varying moods in an inimitable manner, thus establishing FILM AS A NEW ART FORM.
Among his famous silent movies are "Satanas", "Nosferatu", "Tartüff", and "Faust".

Size: Postcard ONLY (= 15cm x 10cm).                                                                                                                                                
Please: No photocopies. No black&white works.                                                                                                                                      
We cannot accept envelopes.  No registered mail.

Technique: free

Deadline: 31st March 2014

Exhibition: at our City Library "Stadtteilbibliothek Stieghorst"
plus in Auroville/India, the City of the Future

ColorCatalog to each participant in 2014

Send ONLY to:                                                                                                                                                            
Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau-Gesamtschule
Am Wortkamp 3
33605 Bielefeld