28 September 2014

Your letter will be torn and used for wall sized quilt

I'd like to post a project on your site but it's a bit different than traditional mail art. I am asking people to write letters which will be shredded and then reassembled into a wall sized quilt. My website with more information is www.nevertoldu.com Please let me know if this project fits within the parameters of your site.

Thank you!

Beth Lowell

26 September 2014


Please send mail art about corn

It is said that the civilization in America begun with the cultivation of corn. But what means corn today? Which consequences have GMO Mon810 from Monsanto? About these and other questions is this mail art project to support a humanity without gen food and against speculation using nature resources for particular interests of big business.
No Return – No Selection – No Jury
All works, information and resources will be published in http://corn.crosses.net
Only Mail Art by email, please send to
Subject: Corn E-Mail Art Project
Please email your application with following information:
Title: | Technique: | Message: | Country: | Website:
Thank you!

23 September 2014


CORRESPONDENCE | An International Mail Art Exhibition
The Crossing Arts Alliance presents its upcoming exhibition, "CORRESPONDENCE", an international mail art exhibition, and invites artists from all over the world to participate. This exhibition is open to everyone, all ages and skill levels, and has an open theme, allowing artists to express their creativity and ideas to the fullest extent. This exhibition will be on display in the Q Gallery, in the Franklin Arts Center. 

DEADLINE - November 12, 2014 (All Mail Art submissions must arrive by this date)
EXHIBITION - November 21 - December 19, 2014

The Following Are All Accepted Mail Art Submission Formats -
- Artwork created on a heavy card stock paper, in the size of a standard postcard - 4 x 6 or 5 x 7
- Artwork in any size, that can be folded down or slid to fit into an envelope of any size.
- Artwork/Objects/3D forms of any kind that can be sent through the mail unwrapped with a label and postage attached to the item.
- All mediums will be accepted (mixed media/collage, painting, drawing, text/poetry, printmaking, photography, digital art, sculptural objects, etc.)
- Artists are encouraged to use the envelope or various packaging as an art surface for design and creativity, either on its own or in addition to the artwork that is inside it. 
- Unlimited entries (Artists are encouraged to send as many mail art pieces as they would like.)

Please include your NAME, ADDRESS/COUNTRY, and EMAIL on the back of your artwork.

M. Nelson
1001 Kingwood St, Suite 226
Brainerd, MN 56401

11 September 2014

Node Pajomo Mail Art Magazine Seeks Your Information!

Node Pajomo compiles mail art calls, mail art contact information, and zine reviews into a twice annual zine with the intent of strengthening the Postal Mail Art Network. 

We are seeking mail art calls, contact listings, zine publishers, and Postal Traders of all sorts to include in our upcoming December issue. Please send your information, publication, mail art, audio, or whatever else you feel we need to know!

Restrictions: Postal addresses ONLY in the zine. Mail art calls must result in real world posted documentation, not a blog or pdf. 

Deadline: 1 November and 1 May. Publication in early December and June.

Please send all calls, information, and questions to:

Node Pajomo, POB 2632, Bellingham WA, 98227, U$A.com or nodepajomo at gmail dot com.