29 November 2017

POSTE: Lettera imbucata in Italia per ...Germania, Serbia, Italia... [Bruno Chiarlone fecit]


Mail-Art Opportunity - Hotel Drawings
Are you an artist, curator or creative practitioner who travels—either for your work, or for pleasure? Or do you make work about travel, transience, stationary or the ephemeral?
Inspired loosely by the nomadic German artist Martin Kippenberger’s ‘Hotel Drawings’, 20-21 Visual arts Centre in Scunthorpe UK is seeking artwork on (real or imaginary/imagined) mono-graphed hotel note paper, or small works on paper, that use Kippenberger's drawings and the artist's transient lifestyle as inspiration or point of departure.

The work can be as detailed or ephemeral as you choose; notes, doodles, sketches - they can relate to a place you have stayed, your reason for being there, your practice, or quite frankly whatever you choose.
We anticipate works being unframed and on paper, sized A4 or smaller. A maximum of three works can be submitted per artist.

We aim to include everything that is submitted, however anything deemed offensive, unsuitable for our visitors, or straying too far from the brief may not be included.

This is a mail-art style project and there is no fee available for appearing in this exhibition - however we will aim to return all artworks to the artists after the close of the exhibition if a return address is provided.

Exhibition dates: 13 January to 24 March 2018. Full documentation will be posted online.
Deadline 9 January 2018.

All work should be mailed to Dominic Mason, 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Church Square, Scunthorpe, United Kingdom DN15 6TB to arrive before 9 January 2018—and include any relevant information (artist name, return address, title etc).

Memleketim - Turkey

Mail Art Project

Our project titled as "Memleketim", is about culture, art and nature of our country (Turkey), is open to mail art volunteers and all art lovers who will participate in Kastamonu / Turkey on May 15, 2018. 
The project will be organized by Kastamonu University Faculty of Fine Arts and Design Department of Graphic Design.

Participation Conditions

1.            All works of art should pertain to Turkey. 
2.            Participation is free.
3.            You can join up to 3 works of art.
4.            Size is maximum A4.
5.            Technique: Any technique can be applied such as painting, drawing, pattern,         original printing, photography, digital art, collage etc.
6.            The original prints and stamps should be on the works.
7.            Except from racist, fanatic, pornographic and political contented ones, all the works suitable for the theme will be exhibited.
8.            The submitted works must be original. Copies or reproductions are not admissable.
9.             Works that participate in the exhibition will not be returned. The works will be exhibited in the museum which will be formed by the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design of Kastamonu University.
10.         The images of the submitted works will be published at
11.          All news and documents related to the exhibition will be shared in social media (facebook) and blogger.
12.          The exhibitors whose works are exhibit; electronic participation certificate and e-catalog will be published.


1. Deadline: On May 01,2018
2. Exhibition date: On May 15,2018
3. Each participant, along with his / her artwork, should send the following information both via postal mail and jpeg format an e-mail address at mailartmemleketim@gmail.com

Name and Surname:






4. Originals of the works should be sent to the following address in the mail:
    Assist. Assoc. Dr. Elif Tarlakazan Kastamonu University Faculty of Fine Arts and  Design Kuzeykent Campus Kastamonu / Turkey

5. For further information: +903662802418 – 2431

What do you love about where you Live?

International Mail Art Call

Theme:  What do you love about where you live?
In celebration of the many different cultures and traditions around the world, we want to know what you love about the town in which you live.

Deadline: February 2, 2018

No fees.  No Jury.  No return.

Size: Postcard size (4” x 6” or 5” x 7”)

Mail submissions to:
Canton Museum of Art
Attn: Mail Art
1001 Market Avenue North, Canton OH 44702, USA
Include in your submission: Name, Title of Artwork, Email

Participants are encouraged to collage, draw, paint, stamp, or illustrate a postcard. All submitted works will be displayed at the Museum’s World Fair Celebration Event on 2/10/2018. CMA reserves the right to exclude submissions with violent, racist or inappropriate content.  Select works will be featured on www.cantonart.org after the World Fair event.  A link will be sent to the email included on your submission.

About Canton Museum of Art
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