28 January 2008


Theme: This is a mail art call inviting your creative visual responses to
the theme of the “Thumb,” that thick first digit of the human hand.
Whether it’s thumbs up, thumbs down, or all thumbs, this art will
explore the various connotations of the thumb, with irony, with humor,
or in all seriousness. This exhibit is in conjunction with a series of
essays revolving around diverse aspects of the human thumb, created
by a writer working on her master of fine arts creative nonfiction thesis.
Open Media: collage, photography, painting, drawing, printing, etc.
Format & Size: postcards from 4”x6” (or 10 x 15 cm), up to A5 size
about 5 ¾” x 8 1/4” (or 14.8 x 21 cm) maximum.

Documentation: All received works will be exhibited and the artists
listed on the blog http://thumbingthrough.wordpress.com/
Please include your name, mailing address, and email address for
acknowledgment and correspondence purposes –we will send a list of
participants, and copies of any press coverage of the exhibition. In the
true spirit of mail art we want your postcards to continue their
communication journey off the blog and into the physical world with an
exhibition at a local venue here in California (to be announced). At the
exhibit we will encourage audience interaction in the form of written
response to the art. Then the postcards will move on to – who knows?
There is also the possibility that some of the images will be referenced
on the blog and/or in the written thesis.

Organized by: artist, Joan Desmond, http://www.joandesmond.com
and writer, Ann http://www.annbeman.com/ and http://thumbingthrough.com
No fee, no returns: The postcards will become part of the collection
of Thumbing Through.
Remember: WE LOVE MAIL ART! We love the concept, the images,
the sense of community and feedback it inspires. We look forward to
your participation in this project.
Questions? joan@joandesmond.com
Deadline to be received: June 30, 2008
All works must be sent via normal postal route.

Mail to:
c/o J. Desmond
P.O. Box 2287
Lake Isabella, CA 93240

26 January 2008

NEW CALL FROM: PaperVoices.ORG // VocesDePapel.ORG

From Barcelona (Spain) we're calling all mail artists to contribute this open-project mixing mail art + social consciousness. Works about non-violence, against racism, denouncing Human Rights violations and/or political corruption, criticizing this crazy consumer society... (for example) may be good ideas or starting points to mail us.



Paper Voices
Gavà - 08850 - Barcelona

Thanks a lot in advance!

25 January 2008

Monster Mail Art Swap - looking for artists

Looking for artists interested in mail art calls, artist trading cards (atc's), round robins, altered books, 3-D projects, audio/visual projects, other collaborations, and calls for entry - both group and individually - with work that is dark, unusual, and offbeat in nature.

Thank you.

24 January 2008

New mailing address

Hello fellow MAIL ARTISTS,
It's time for a new address for me AGAIN! I swear I told my husband I wasn't going to move again just a short time ago!?

Sharon Zimmer
9804 Bodego Way #106
Fort Myers, FL 33908
http://www.sharonzimmer.com for all my mail art calls & documentation

I know I'm about a month behind on posting new mail art but so goes it! Check my site in about
two weeks and I should be up to date in all the documentation for SHOES! and Hand Carved Stamps.
Doors of the World is an ongoing project now.

21 January 2008

16 January 2008

deadline is approaching

Call for Work - Calling all Artists

The making of mail as art, “mail art” has a history stretching back at least to the 1950s. Mail art has in the past rooted in a rejection of the commerce and exclusivity of the gallery show. The making of mail art, “mail-art” continues to be a common practice in an age dominated by electronic communication. This exhibition will continue to break down the division between the mailbox and the gallery. To that end, Niagara County Community College Art Gallery is seeking submissions for an upcoming exhibition, aiming to display the myriad manifestations of mail art. Artists working in all media are encouraged to participate. The topic and content of each piece is solely the choice of the artist. Artists are asked to produce one piece of mail art and send it to guest curator Becky Moda. Your work will be displayed in a cataloged group exhibition in the Spring. After the exhibition closes, each participating artist will receive via mail the work of another artist. “Senders receive,” as mail artists say.

The mail art movement is uniquely populist and non-commercial, involving non-traditional distribution methods and the potential for global reach. Let's breathe new life into this fascinating movement, which predated and in some ways predicted the artist networking boom enabled by the internet.

It is asked that the artists adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Please send one piece of mail art to: Mail Art, NCCC Gallery, Niagara County Community College, 3111 Saunders Settlement Road, Sanborn, New York 14132-9460 by February 14, 2008.

2. The mail art can take any shape, in two or three dimensions. Pieces can expand when opened, but must be easily re-mailed for less than five dollars.
For more information please email beckymoda@gmail.com or visit http://nccmailart.blogspot.com/

Carlo Pittore Foundation

The Carlo Pittore Foundation is pleased to announce a Call for Artists (open to those of you who are local Maine residents).



• Portraits may be any medium.
• Artwork will be selected on a first come, first served basis.
• Artwork must be available for sale.
• Deadline for submissions-Saturday, February 2nd, 2008.
• Exhibit dates February 8th through April 12th, 2008.
• Gallery is open Fridays 12pm -3pm and Saturdays 10am-4pm.

Contact Information:
Nanette Giacoma; 207-666-8907
9 Main Street; Bowdoinham, Maine 04008

Feel free to e-mail submissions to Merrymeetingartscenter@yahoo.com , or to set up an appointment to review work with Nanette, at your convenience. (The Merrymeeting Arts Center is a small local space, established to honor the memory of artist Bryce Muir.)

"art for everyone"

Best wishes,
Sarah Boss
Executive Director
The Carlo Pittore Foundation

13 January 2008

FUFUS - Fluxus and Visual Poetry Project


Choose one or two letters or a few words
Make a fluxuslike visual poem with the theme FUFUS

Send to NOBODY your work.
Exhbition in Nobody"s web-galleries.

Deadline: End of 2008

Send your works to:

Litsa Spathi
P.O. Box 1055
4801 BB Breda

or digital contributions to:

documented at:

The Carnival (Deadline extension!)


S. Eraclio is a small village near Foligno, just in the center of Umbria, Italy. Since 47 years now we a Carnival street parade is organized (http://www.ilcarnevale.net ).
You're kindly invited to send me your vision of the Carnival or the transformation of your face into a mask. All the artworks received will be exhibited in S. Eraclio, during the Carnival.
All the participants will receive documentation of the Carnival 2008 Edition Requested Size: Size-free
Deadline: 15th February 2008.
Reference Address: Gianluca Emili, Via Vienna 5, 06037 Foligno (PG) Italy

Visions of the Future

“Visions of the Future” mail art call

Deadline/fecha limite: 1 July/Julio 2008

(KRIS & LOLA: Calle Obispo 4B, Plasencia 10600, Cáceres, SPAIN/ESPAÑA!)

please send us your handmade creations (any medium) containing your "vision(s) of the future". all works received will be exhibited in public. following the exhibition all works received will be buried in a time capsule in our town with instructions to open the capsule in 100 years! Documentation will be sent to all participants.

Thanks & see you all in the post!
-kris & lola

Big Bone Magazine - USA

The Big Bone Magazine has a running section that features MAIL ART!

Every once in a while we change the theme and give everyone new ideas to work with. We've decided to give two random themes and let you run with them.

The new themes are: Monster or Banjo. You do what you want with them. Our favorite pieces will be printed in an upcoming issue of the magazine (and maybe on our site as well). With full credit given to the artist of course. If you want contact information listed, please specifically say so, otherwise just name and location will be listed.

Deadline 9 September 2008

Send mail art or whatever to:

The Big Bone,

P.O. Box 4784,


Ky. 40204


Also check out http://www.thebigbone.org/ for more on the magazine, our series of art shows, and other weird things we are up to.

Thank you, Bryan, Editor, The Big Bone

12 January 2008


Mail-Artists Selfportraits

O.K. Here it goes. Just one more blog with one specific goal. How do you look like? sent me a photo to info@iuoma.org with as subject: Mail-Art Selfportrait. Attach an image. I will publish your name, country you live in, year photo taken and the photo. The final documentation is just this blog. But somehow I expect that a lot of people are currious to how all these mail-artists look like.... Have a peek at: http://mailartsefportraitl.blogspot.com/

9 January 2008

Mail Art Call

I would like to spread the word about my Mail Art call. All submissions will be exhibited on my gallery website at www.theemergenceproject.com

Deadline is approximately January 31st. The exhibit will be posted in the beginning of February. I'll send something good back to everybody.

There are no rules, guidelines or themes--anything goes. For complete details click here.

Thanks a lot, and if you have any questions, etc. feel free to e-mail me at sarah@theemergenceproject.com

Send all submissions to Sarah Elizabeth Condon
1717 Alfred Drive
Luxemburg, WI USA

I also post a lot of the Mail Art I receive on my blog at http://visualinfluence.blogspot.com
This will be an ongoing thing, so if you don't get something to me by the deadline, feel free to send me Mail Art anytime to be posted there.

8 January 2008

Le One Page Book - Falling Boy Books Collection

This is the Free Collection of One Page Books from Falling Boy Books, A Division of Lalande Digital Art Press Paris. These little artist books are produced from a single page that is printed on one side, folded, then cut, then folded. They are free for you to print. If you would like to add a book to this collection, please get in touch. We would like to expand this library and distribute the free books via these posts.

Click on the links below, download the books, print the, fold them, collect them, mail them to other people.

IT WAS A VERY BAD YEAR By Matthew Rose (2007)

JOHN BENNETT'S DREAM By John Bennett (2008)

7 January 2008

Big Questions

Hello, I have just begun a new mail-art project and would appreciate a listing on your blog.

BIG QUESTIONS mail-art call
Postmark Deadline: September 30, 2008

Why ask a question when every answer breeds at least two new questions?
Send mail-art asking a significant question to:

615 Foul Bay Road
Victoria BC V8S 4H2

* Technique: Free
* Response to everyone with a legible return address.
* Submissions will not be returned.
* All artwork received will be shown and archived at http://bigquestions-wackystuff.com

Jeffrey Errick

PS: My last project, BAD WORDS, just closed. The submissions are still arriving.

1 January 2008

New Surprises in 2008

What kind of new Mail-Art projects will 2008 bring? We will see. Happy new year to you all!