31 October 2009

Cafes Around the World Project

To take part in this project send an image of your favourite coffee house, cafe, tea house or snack bar. Share your reasons for going there.

•Where is it?
•What is it like?
•Is it famous?
•What do you do there?

Your image can be a drawing, a photograph, a painting, a collage or an actual postcard of your town, city or street

The image must be approximately postcard size and can be sent with or without an envelope

Deadline: 1 April 2010

Please post your contribution to the address below, thanks!

Gandha Key
Cafes Around the World Project
6 Grenville Road
London N19 4EH
United Kingdom
e-mail: gandhakey@yahoo.com

URL: http://www.zyarts.com/cafesaroundtheworld/

30 October 2009

view from the window

Mailart-call „Blick aus dem Fenster/view from the window“

Wir möchten dokumentieren, wie Künstler heute dieses klassische Thema in Mailart umsetzen/

We want to show how artists translate this classical topic into mailart.


Technik/ technique: frei/free

Maße/size: 10 x 15 cm bis/up to 21 x 29 cm

Anzahl/quantity: max. 2 Arbeiten/max. 2 works per participant

Einsendeschluß/deadline: 31. 03. 2010

Keine Jury, kein Rückversand, keine Gebühren/ No jury, no return, no fee

Organisation: Kunstforum Weilheim/ Thorsten Fuhrmann


Ausstellung/Exhibition: Stadtmuseum Weilheim

08.05. – 30.05.2010


82362 Weilheim


Versand an/send to: Blick aus dem Fenster

c/o H.E.W galerie wielenbach

Peter-Kaufinger-Str. 18

82407 Wielenbach



LIMIT, EXCHANGE, SIGN (five perfs)

Theme: A tribute for the city of Portogruaro through a project involving art through mail. The keywords chosen as the theme are the motif of its foundation, joined in a common flow.
Limit - border between earth and water, the river harbor and the trade routes, the channels and the gardens of the palaces, a constant reference to a change in system, material and color.
Exchange - not only of goods but also of colours and scents, artistic and architectural influences, mutual knowledge, therefore culture.

Sign - a condition of consent expressed in gesture, the conclusion of an agreement, a trace superimposed on many others: whose meaning is beyond the sum of the parts.
Project by Rizoo Group, Tiziana Baracchi and Pro Loco di Portogruaro
Format and dimension of work: Artwork must be square. Maximum size 21 X 21 cm

No e-mail
No returns, no jury, no fee, no sales
Exhibition in Portogruaro, 2010

Online documentation: http://www.rizoo.altervista.org
info: daliobaracchi@hotmail.comaurogentile@tiscali.it
Deadline to be received March 31, 2010

Proloco di Portogruaro
via Cavour 33
30026 Portogruaro (VE)

28 October 2009

Two calls from Carla Cryptic - USA

I am hosting a mail art call to brighten the hospital and recovery/hospice rooms of two of my relatives as they fight cancer or succumb to it. Some of you have had similar experiences of your own directly or indirectly and I have been inspired by you to suggest this call.

My sister-in-law Jessica is a woman in her prime, a park ranger, who loves animals and has saved several dogs,birds, and horses from unkind fates over the years. Because of having had cancer several times as a child, she was unable to pursue her vocation of veterinary medicine due to exposure to x-rays in that practice but she found other ways to care for animals on her own. Now the cancer is back in force and I am gearing up to help her fight the battle to put it in its place again.

I wrote a song for and everyone who is fighting cancer or any life-threatening illness - please come have a listen! It's like Valkyries coming from the heavens to fight on your side. LOL http://www.icompositions.com/music/song.php?sid=125475

When I posted that song, and some other info about Jessica's situation on my Facebook page, I found out that my godfather Peter is also dealing with cancer but, in his case, at age 84 and in the end stages of lung cancer, he is looking for ways to let go gracefully. He doesn't want to go through invasive procedures or chemo at this point.

So, I am now hosting two calls - Mail Art for Jessica and Mail Art for Peter. Both are:

Carla Cryptic,
PO Box 1274,
CA 94701, USA

I will respond to everyone who participates with mail art from me and a particiipant list will be kept and shared with everyone here on my page.

Peace and art, Music and healing, Love in all its forms,


27 October 2009

The IUOMA-Novel

Find more videos like this on International Union of Mail-Artists

The project is about a single book travelling the globe and being documented as it travels on: http://iuoma-network.ning.com/

25 October 2009

Artists in Schools - Postcards

Snailmail Art Project, postcard art, any subject, art work needed by 15 November 2009. Works to be sold as fundraising for 'Artists in Schools' - artists can donate 50% or 100% of sale price - please indicate which you prefer. Unsold works can be returned if wanted. A statement regarding your postcard would be appreciated and will be displayed next to your work. Exhibition starts 20 November 2009 within the school environment.

Please send your postcards to:
Janet de Wagt
Macandrew Intermediate School
213 Macandrew Road

23 October 2009

Subject: Octopus...

Collective book of mail art.

Send 18 works of size 14.8 X 21 cm (A5 vertical), numbered and signed,
for making up a series of volumes with different artists in each. Each
volume will contain a minimum of 14 artworks, one per artist. Modify
each copy in order to make them unique originals. All techniques:
printings, drawings, paintings, photographs, collages...

Each participant will receive a volume.

Deadline: october, 2010.

Send your art works to:

Carlos Botana
General Sanjurjo, 62 - 2º
15006 A Coruña
Galicia - Spain



I am starting a mail art project on peoples phobias.
If you want to participate simply send me a postcard depicting a phobia you have in any medium. Thank you!

Deadline: March 30, 2010

Buffy Dismorr
Dingley Hill
Stanford Dingley
Reading, RG7 6JR

wackystuff sent this card because his phobia is overpopulation:

The Art of the Post Card

The Art of the Post Card – Mail Art Call


Help the Cornelius Post Office celebrate the joy of small works of art and personal communication.

Exhibition January 11, 2010 at the Cornelius Post Office.

Theme: The Postcard and all of it’s variations and permutations. Greetings from your home town, your missed your dental appointment, your trip to the zoo, your choice. Tell a story, make a point, make art. We would also love to see postcards that use English and Spanish.

Technique: Any
Media: All
Size: Any
No returns.

At the end of the exhibit visitors will be encouraged to take home a piece to brighten their environment.

Documentation: To All. Make sure there is a return address so that you can receive one of our postcards in return.

Send your Postcard to:

1639 Baseline St.
Cornelius, OR 97113

Poem Exchange - Reed Altemus

http://poemexchange.blogspot.com/ is the blog where Reed Altemus publishes the result of his project. Please alter the image and return to him.

MAIL Art in THE World" 2010."

Convocatoria of Mail Art.

MAIL Art in THE World" 2010."

formed cm. 13x18 postcard. Free theme but not offensive.
expiration March 30 th 2010
All the works will be inserted on the blog to the address http://mailartfossiant.blogspot.com
Documentation to the participants.
They begs the participants to also divulge the present e-mail to other artists.

The works must be sent to the address:

Stefano Sini Fossiànt
Via del Lentischio, 50
09048 Sinnai (Ca)

16 October 2009

Collage exchange - Canada

Collage Museum 15th Collage Exchange
Collage Museum
Oct 2009
Just a quick announcement to mention that you might want to participate in the Collage Museum's 15th Baker's Dozen International Collage Exchange.
Cecil Touchon, Director

Participate in The Collage Museum's 15th International Collage Exchange
The Collage Museum's 15th Baker's Dozen International Collage Exchange deadline Oct 21 2009

Artists each make UP TO 13 collages, size 11"x14" (inches), and send them to Fort Worth, Texas, to arrive by October 21.
(you may also send as few as one)
Packages that arrive too late for the exchange will be held for the next exchange.

THEME: open

One collage is retained to be part of the permanent collection of the IMCAC, while remaining permanently on exhibition on the Museum's Internet site and possibly exhibited in future exhibitions held by the Museum.

The other 12 are distributed into parcels which are sent back to each contributing artist. So you send 13 of yours, get back 12 of others.

Certain works from the various exchanges will be selected for representing the Museum's flagship collection to be used for traveling exhibitions and as such will be framed in matching museum frames as funds are available. This prestigious flagship collection will be chosen by the director as being among the finest works in the collection and promoted as important examples of 21st century collage art.


Upcoming project - New York - Book about Death


I am putting up a selection of the artists' postcards created especially for A Book About Death collaborative project up at the Queens Museum of Art as one of a trio of exhibitions celebrating the Day of the Dead. The exhibition opens on November 1st and runs through November 15. A reception will be held on November1st from 3 to 6pm.

Selections from "A Book About Death" is an artists' collaborative project conceived by collage artist Matthew Rose (an American living and working in Paris) for the Emily Harvey Foundation in New York City where the original exhibition took place from September 10 - 22, 2009. Over 500 artists contributed 500 postcards each created from artworks made especially to create an unbound book about death in homage to Ray Johnson (father of mail art), a celebration of Emily Harvey, and a global exploration of how we celebrate memory and death. The only requirement was to include the words "a book about death" somewhere on the card. Since then, the exhibition has traveled to the Otis College of Art and Design in LA, and to the Mobius Gallery in Boston, MA, as well as becoming part of the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the LA County Museum of Art Research Library. The Queens Museum is presenting a selection of cards from the exhibition and are also asking the community, in an artist-led workshop, to create their own postcard about death and add it to the exhibition.

To be included in this exhibition, make a postcard and send it to: L. Weinberg, Queens Museum of Art, New York City Building, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens, NY 11368.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing some great work.

Louise Weinberg

Small Talk - project

"Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to"

Samantha Manchester,
7 Edgeclift Road,
MD 21286

& I'll send you something genuine." I send out mail art in many different forms to participants that reveal things about myself which cannot be revealed immediately in person-to-person contact due to social barriers. I seek to destroy those barriers with this project. ;)

Anyway, I'd love more participants.

You can see a couple examples of stuff I send out at http://screwsmalltalk.blogspot.com

11 October 2009

Bed Time Stories

Bed Time Stories mail art project?

Theme: Childhood?

Format: write, illustrate or send an image of an original bed time story you create. Stories may also be sent via email, New media and digital art also accepted via email to: maruapestegui@gmail.com
Technique: no limitations, feel free to express yourself?
No returns. ?Documentation to all after exhibition. Please insert full address!?
Exhibition in my apartment gallery space on Dic. 19, 2009. Since this is part of a series of exhibitions for my MFA curatorial thesis project, works will also be shown in Berlin in Aug.2010. (date and location tentative upon graduation).?
Works will also be displayed at this address: http://web.me.com/mriapinto/Site
Info: maruapestegui@gmail.com

Deadline to be received: December 1, 2009??

Maru Apestegui
Collective Memory Project
P.O. Box 4458-1000
San Jose, Costa Rica
Central America

10 October 2009

Pony Express Mail Art Invitation

150th Anniversary of the Pony Express Mail Art Invitation

Modesto Art Museum

You are invited be part of the historic 150th anniversary celebrations by creating a piece of Pony Express mail art and sending it to the Modesto Art Museum for the international exhibition in April 2010. Follow the directions below.

Mail Art Theme: the Pony Express, mail delivery by horse, creative variations on the theme are encouraged

Format: Envelopes, post cards, and art stamps. We will display only the side with postage and address. We will not open envelopes or packages. Mail art must be on the outside of the envelope or postcard.

Deadline for all entries: 5 March 2010

Exhibition: Modesto, California, watch museum web site for details. Also, online exhibit on the museum Flickr site. Viewers and artists will be able to comment online about the art.
Documentation of Participation: on museum web site
Return: mail art will NOT be returned, it will become part of the museum's collection
Note: Include your mailing address on your entry for acknowledgment

Send Entries to:

Pony Express
Modesto Art Museum
404 Patrick Lane
Modesto, CA 95350 USA
More information at the museum web site, http://modestoartmuseum.org

Questions: modestoartmuseum@yahoo.com

9 October 2009

Collective Memory Project

Collective Memory mail art project?

Theme: Childhood?

Format: anything that will fit in a mail box?that reminds you of your childhood. New media and digital art also accepted via email to: maruapestegui@gmail.com
Technique: no limitations, feel free to express yourself?
No returns. ?Documentation to all after exhibition. Please insert full address!?
Exhibition in my apartment gallery space on Nov. 19, 2009. Since this is part of a series of exhibitions for my MFA thesis project, works will also be shown in Berlin in Aug.2010. (date and location tentative upon graduation).?

Works will also be displayed at this address: http://web.me.com/mriapinto/Site
Info: maruapestegui@gmail.com
Deadline to be received: November 1
, 2009??

Maru Apestegui
Collective Memory Project
P.O. Box 4458-1000
San Jose, Costa Rica
Central America

Project for Reed Altemus - USA

The original Card from Reed Altemus. The example below is already altered by Allan Revich - Canada.

Project for Reed Altemus - USA

Print the card, alterate and return to Reed Altemus - USA. Two samples by Allan Revich (canada) and Ruud Janssen (Netherlands).

4 October 2009

Mail-Art Projects Archive

On http://www.iuoma.org/mailartprojectsarchive.html you can find archive files of all the projects that are placed in this blog. They will one day form the basis for a research about mail-art in the Internet ages for sure. If everybody places the mail-art calls and news here, things will be available for later as well.

Main reason for this blog is off course to share the newest mail-art projects. The number of visitors here is quite high. Over 60 visitors each day.....

Thank you all for posting,
Ruud Janssen

3 October 2009

SAVE GAC CAVELLINI in your memory

Print this fragment,
add it on your artworkcard
and send for mail- post to:

Bruno Chiarlone
box 163
17014 Cairomont - Italy

Project: ongoing
Brossure to all participants!

[e-mail: bchiarl@tin.it]


TEFL International announces their First Mail Art Call.

Guidelines: postcards with the name "TEFL International" worked into the design. No other restrictions.
Deadline: May 25th, 2010.
No Returns. Documentation by email only. Open & Free to all.
All entries will be on free public display at the Siam School of English, in Ban Phe, Thailand.
For more information: www.tefllife.com or tim@tefllife.com

Mail all entries to:

Tim Torkildson. 38/53-55 Moo 1
Klaeng Muang
Rayong 21160

2 October 2009


sorry- deadline is now 29 July, 2010
and new blog is http://bsloveproduction.wordpress.com/

Interpret the subject any way that you like and also include a recipe of some sort.
Technique: open
Size limit: 12x12 inches
No fee
Include email address on entry

Works should be on the package, card or envelope, not inside. What is mailed is the entry.
Work will be displayed at our gallery. On line documentation at anartaffair.com and our blog, http://bsloveproduction.wordpress.com/
Hosted by An Art Affair Gallery and Art Space

Deadline: 29 July 2010

Send to:
You Are What You Eat
c/o An Art Affair
7606 North 83rd Ave
Glendale, AZ 85303