28 October 2009

Two calls from Carla Cryptic - USA

I am hosting a mail art call to brighten the hospital and recovery/hospice rooms of two of my relatives as they fight cancer or succumb to it. Some of you have had similar experiences of your own directly or indirectly and I have been inspired by you to suggest this call.

My sister-in-law Jessica is a woman in her prime, a park ranger, who loves animals and has saved several dogs,birds, and horses from unkind fates over the years. Because of having had cancer several times as a child, she was unable to pursue her vocation of veterinary medicine due to exposure to x-rays in that practice but she found other ways to care for animals on her own. Now the cancer is back in force and I am gearing up to help her fight the battle to put it in its place again.

I wrote a song for and everyone who is fighting cancer or any life-threatening illness - please come have a listen! It's like Valkyries coming from the heavens to fight on your side. LOL http://www.icompositions.com/music/song.php?sid=125475

When I posted that song, and some other info about Jessica's situation on my Facebook page, I found out that my godfather Peter is also dealing with cancer but, in his case, at age 84 and in the end stages of lung cancer, he is looking for ways to let go gracefully. He doesn't want to go through invasive procedures or chemo at this point.

So, I am now hosting two calls - Mail Art for Jessica and Mail Art for Peter. Both are:

Carla Cryptic,
PO Box 1274,
CA 94701, USA

I will respond to everyone who participates with mail art from me and a particiipant list will be kept and shared with everyone here on my page.

Peace and art, Music and healing, Love in all its forms,


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