9 October 2009

Collective Memory Project

Collective Memory mail art project?

Theme: Childhood?

Format: anything that will fit in a mail box?that reminds you of your childhood. New media and digital art also accepted via email to: maruapestegui@gmail.com
Technique: no limitations, feel free to express yourself?
No returns. ?Documentation to all after exhibition. Please insert full address!?
Exhibition in my apartment gallery space on Nov. 19, 2009. Since this is part of a series of exhibitions for my MFA thesis project, works will also be shown in Berlin in Aug.2010. (date and location tentative upon graduation).?

Works will also be displayed at this address: http://web.me.com/mriapinto/Site
Info: maruapestegui@gmail.com
Deadline to be received: November 1
, 2009??

Maru Apestegui
Collective Memory Project
P.O. Box 4458-1000
San Jose, Costa Rica
Central America

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