28 February 2013


Mail Artist Friends,

I work at a venture capital firm in California where I invest in emerging healthcare companies including biotech, medical device, diagnostics, and healthcare IT.  I am requesting pieces related to health and what it means to you.  Items will be displayed in my office.

Standard postcard size preferred, any medium.  Documentation provided.  No jury, no fees, no return.

Please send to:
Canaan Partners
c/o Lindsay Meyer
2765 Sand Hill Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA

Deadline: April 1, 2013.

The walking Gallery

CALL FOR MAIL ART//"advice to my younger self" an exhibition by The Walking Gallery

The Walking Gallery is proud to present its March exhibition "Advice to my Younger Self" in which artists are asked to create work in a style of a correspondence to their younger selves. What would you tell yourself ten years ago? Fifteen? Twenty? and Why?

In addition to our regular artists, this exhibition is also opened up to a CALL FOR MAIL ART! (letters/art will be read and displayed as part of the exhibition with appropriate credit) NO ENTRY FEE WHATSOEVER!

Send Mail Art to:
The Walking Gallery
c/o Megan Flanders
3228 Washington St.
San Bernardino, CA, USA

What is it about TWG that is so unique? We celebrate what four white walls "can't", "won't" or "don't". We are here to break tradition.

We will, we will, walk you.

Featuring the talents of:
Megan Flanders
Minh Vo
Bob Hurton
Dustin Scott
Marissa Caldwell
Violeta Angeles Brodie
Rachel Hurton
Valerie Scott
Aubrey Miranda
Jimmy Purcell
Cynthia Garcia
Riane Redmond
Junior Mora
Ceara Bryan
Sheena Tocao
Naomi Molinar
Zoe Scott
and more

Saturday, March 9th, 2013
at 8:00 P.M.
Pomona Arts Colony, Pomona, CA, USA
(Beginning on the corner of 3rd. & Main St. at 8:00.
Then traveling onward to 2nd & Main at 8:20 and 2nd & Thomas at 8:40.)



POSTCARDS (or ATCs) would be greatly appreciated which feature one or more CATS.
Some of these will be included in a month-long exhibit at our local Senior Center in June 2013.  (It's a group show so I probably won't have room for ALL of them, but at least some will go up.)
No time limits, no returns ... and thanks in advance for sharing your kitties with the world.

Lois Richter
(Napland, AML#255)
P.O. Box 7
Davis CA 95617-0007 USA

25 February 2013

BiBi project

‎15xBIBI Project - In 2013 Bibi will be 15 years old. This mail mail art project is our gift to her. Send your works to Sidney Tome - r.Pedro de Godoi 269 - Gardenia 123 - São Paulo - SP - Brasil - 03138-010 The works will be published in http://15Xbibi.blogspot.com.br. Thank you all : artists & friends.

24 February 2013


EGG - Gallery of  Colors Thessaloniki and
25 Years of IUOMA Mail Art Exhibit-

2 May, 2013, International Day of Colors,
Theme: FREE with EGG shape 
Size: 10 x 15 cm (postcard) until A4 (21 x 29 cm) 
Technique: FREE only original art, no digital copies
No Jury - No return - Family Friendly, No offensive material .

Deadline: April 23, 2013

Send to:
Afrodite Karamanli
48 Gambetta 
54642 Thessaloniki GREECE

Mail art received by April 23, 2013 will be part of the events and exhibit for
International Day of Colors in Thessaloniki, and also will be for the exhibit
in Aitolitko, Greece, at "ergogallery" of Grigoris and Michalis Kotsari,
on August 16, 2013, in honor of the 25 Years of IUOMA.

Frank Zappa

Please send your FRANK ZAPPA themed mail art to:
eve-N-odd gallery,
645 Central Ave #11,
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Due AUGUST 1st 2013

7th annual mail art call... yep.
7th annual mail art call... yep.

23 February 2013


Istanbul Mail Art Project


Theme: Free

Technique: Free

Dimensions: 10.2x15.3 cm (postcard)

Deadline: 25 April 2013

Dates of Exhibition: 09-23 May 2013

Place of Exhibition: Atölye Arts-In



The works will not be returned.  Against each work sent for the exhibition, a photograph from my own camera will be sent to the participants by mail.


The works will be broadcasted at the address of:

as they are received.


Furthermore, they will be shared at the address of: http://www.facebook.com/groups/arts.in/


Such informations as the artist’s name, name of the work, address, e-mail, etc. will be written on the

back of the works.



Meral Ağar


Beşiktaş PTT Merkez

34354 Beşiktaş – Istanbul - Turkey


Thank you in advance.

I am new mail art because I know that since September 2012.
I discovered on my mail art work or a facilitator had launched a project on mail art.
I am now in charge of the mail art project. Their theme is bubbles and balls spheres enchanted garden ...
If you could contact them a little something ... they are between 6 and 11 years. You at the end of the year a booklet with all the artwork received ...
We exhibit regularly enough that we get to school ....
Their address:
Clae Littre
3 Place Bertier
31300 Toulouse

At the same time I launch myself in the art as postal staff.
My theme: Japan
Any format, any material, any deadline.
Ensure response by return mail art on the theme of your choice.

My address is:
Anais Appt c 121
84 boulevard Jean Brunhes
31300 Toulouse

20 February 2013

collaborative project



I'd love to introduce your readers to our mail art collaborative project.


The "Mail Art Collaborative" is an ongoing collaborative art project that uses mail as a medium.

We're seeking artists, illustrators, and crafters to submit their work.

Here's how:

1. Decorate, draw on, paint, or collage an envelope, or postcard and send a clever note with it.

We'll be taking photos & posting about this collaborative project on our blog goldfieldarts.us/StayGold/, and mail art collaborative on tumblr please include your website name if you have one, and your name in the note, so we can give you proper credit. (We'll be sure to photoshop out any return addresses given, we respect your privacy. If you use a return address, we recommend writing it on the back of the envelope)

2. Mail the envelope to us here:

GoldfieldArts Inc.
c/o Mail Art Collaborative
12223 Highland Ave #106-577
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739, USA

3. Comment and share your work!
This collaborative project is for fun & to foster a creative community for like-minded people who love the art of mail.

We're looking forward to seeing what you create.

If you need some creative ideas to get started, check out our pinterest board: pinterest.com/goldfieldarts/post-parcels/



Thanks for taking a look.

Best Wishes,

Kathleen Rossi

19 February 2013

signs & symbols

Tim Gaze


mail art project: "signs & symbols"


Please send compositions of symbols on paper or cardboard for this project. You can draw them or paint them by hand, or include computer-generated symbols or other techniques. Size: preferably ordinary writing paper (A4 or letter) or postcard. But can be larger or smaller, if you like.


Some possible influences: prehistoric rock paintings, Lettriste hypergraphies, asemic writing, Egyptian & Mayan hieroglyphs, alien glyphs, Chinese seal script, wingdings fonts, visual poetry.


You might find free fonts from places such as Omniglot.com useful.


All entries which contain signs & symbols will be exhibited at the General Store Community Arts Centre, in the Adelaide Hills of South

Australia: https://www.facebook.com/GeneralStoreCommunityArtGroupInc for the month of October 2013.


PDF documentation will be sent to all participants who provide an email address. We can't afford to return your artwork.


closing date: 1st September 2013


address: signs & symbols project

P O Box 1011

Kent Town

SA 5071



thank you!

Tim Gaze & Marisa Ala Dea, organisers

18 February 2013

Your mail-art on Video (UK)

Hi everyone

As some of you are aware, I started a YouTube channel a few weeks ago, where (among other things) I'll be making monthly videos to showcase the mailart I receive. (The first one can be seen here http://youtu.be/kh3Bcm9xWRI)

I'd like to create a special one-off video around my birthday (14th April) full of 'Unusual' Mailart. I'm thinking the type of stuff you see on the 'Extremem mailart' group (plastic toys, bits of wood, found objects etc), but the interpretation is up to you. If you don't feel confident posting your art 'naked', I'm happy to receive things in packages, but naked would be good ;)

I'll still be doing a monthly video as usual, for all the postcards, boekies etc, but anything that I (or you) think is particularly unusual or extreme will go into this extra special video. My hope is that I can spread the word of the network, mailart in general, and of course show off your amazing efforts to the world while entertaining my subscribers :)

If you'd like to take part, please send your unusual pieces to:

Sarah Churchill
23 Laura Street
Pontypridd, R.C.T
South Wales
CF37 1NW
United Kingdom

REMEMBER I will be making the video on/around the 14th April, so post at the end of March to be sure of reaching me in time.

Thanks in advance, friends! :)

15 February 2013

Mail-Art calls from Argentina

Mail- Art call N.1

Durmiente Babel / Sleeping Babel


Faro Móvil invites artist from the entire world to participate in the project “Sleeping Babel”.

If you wish to take part of this project please send by snail mail or e-mail an audio recording telling one dream you remember particularly well.

Please, record the dream in your native language. If possible, send a written translation to English, it will be most welcomed.  

All materials sent for participation will be compiled in a series of volumes in audio CD-R format. These compilations will be sent to the participants of each volume by Snail Mail.

Also, all works will be posted in Faro Movil´s blog: faromovil.blogspot.com.ar

With time, I hope, a beautiful virtual library of spoken dreams will be built.



Mail-Art call N.2

Fotografía & Arte Correo / Photography & Mail-Art


Faro Móvil invites artist from the entire world to participate in the project “Photography & Mail-Art ”

If you wish to take part of this project please send by snail mail one or more photographs of your city, town, neighborhood, street, or any spot of the place you live that you consider particularly interesting, emotive or curious.

Please do not send commercial postcards, only pictures reflecting a personal view on “your place” taken by yourself.

All pictures will be posted on Faro Movil´s blog

All the participations to this project will be answered with a photograph or photographs taken by myself.


Mail-Art call N.3

Tema Libre / Free theme


Faro Móvil invites artist from the entire world to participate in the project “Free Theme”

If you wish to take part of this project please send by Snail Mail free themed work in any format, size and technique.

All works will be posted on Faro Movil´s blog

All works will be answered as soon as possible with another work sent by Snail Mail. 





Faro Móvil

Perón Sur 123 (Barrio San Salvador)

Ushuaia CP 9410

Tierra del Fuego 




Postcard everyday -China

Postcard Everyday


I'm Liu Miao. I'll be sending a postcard and post one I received online everyday from Jan 1st, 2013. 
You can participate in this project in two ways:

1, Give me your address and I'll send you a postcard; 
2, Send me one:

Liu Miao
P.O. box 31-123
Shanghai 200031

Happy postcarding! Submit

12 February 2013


"Right Now"                  

Meditation gloves from Grigori Antonin

Hello IUOMA friends,
The deadline for submissions for Epistolarium #2, my online magazine, is March 30.  The theme is "Right Now."  Included will be this meditation glove from Grigori Antonin (along with its mate) and lots more writing and art. I am inviting all of you to take part.  Please send anything with a theme of "Right Now" to:
Theresa Williams
RE:  Right Now
1800 Bowling Green Road East
Bradner, OH  43406-9783

Your work will be included in the magazine.  It will be posted on my blog:  THE LETTER PROJECT.  Here is the link to issue #1:  http://theletterproject.wordpress.com/2012/12/21/the-epistolarium-issue-one/

Thank you, and I look forward to your mail!
Theresa Williams

PS:  You can also join the IUOMA group:  The Epistolarium.  You'll get updates there.
PSS:  I am especially interested in letters, but all work is appreciated! 

11 February 2013

Newspaper - China

【Newspaper】international mail art call

by Amo Mao on Sunday, 27 January 2013 at 08:02 ·
international mail art call
2013, there will a series of 10 exhibitions about press/newspaper art in changsha, hunan, china. 
one of these exhibitions is dedicated to mail art.
you are invited to take part in it. 
The exhibition will take in the “new millenium center for contemporary art” in changsha at may or june. 
it’s a cooperation of  Mao Huan, Shanghai, and Horst Baur,Changsha.
technics and size: free. 
you can send a visual poem, a collage, whatever you want, but the condition is that you use a newspaper as base for your artwork. 
deadline: march 31st 2013. 
send your artwork to:
Mao Huan
room501, building83, 
shanggang village7,
changqing road, pudong district, 
china. 200126
and/or to:
horst baur
xin hua lian jia yuan 1 dong 404
chezhan beilu no. 319
changsha, hunan
410001 china.
if you have any questions, please send an e mail to horst baur: geming9@yahoo.de


Creative Arts of Shell Knob is hosting a MAIL ART event and invites everyone to participate.

Mail a postcard size (4"x6") creation of your choice to

Creative Arts of Shell Knob,
Mail Art Project/Music,
PO Box 651,
Shell Knob, MO 65747 

The theme is MUSIC.  Photos, drawings, paintings, poetry, lyrics, or your own idea.  Family-friendly only as these postcards will be displayed in our art gallery.  Entries are to be received by April 3, 2013 and will be displayed beginning Saturday, April 6th, 2013.

This is a non-juried show and art work will not be returned.  Please add your name, the title of the art, and city of origin on the back of the card.

For a Certificate of Participation send a SASE under separate cover.


THEME:  Bamboo


International Mail-Art- Call - Bamboo

Bamboo - Strong, Flexible and Elegant

Plant, building material,foodstuff…and so much more.

I´m looking forward to your Bamboo-Artwork


Media: free (no audio, video or perishable material.) Snail mail only please.


Any irrelevant, insulting or potentially illegal content or works of strong erotic content are not welcome.


Size: Postcard size,


Quantity: max. 3 works per artist


Comment: no jury, no fee, no return, documentation to all

Please include in each work your name, address and email.



Deadline: 15.06.2013



Your work will be displayed on my blog, in digital catalogue (PDF) online and via E-mail to all participants – a printed publication would be possible, if sponsors are found.


An exhibition in summer 2013 or 2014 is planned at the summer event at bambutopia –sculpture garden – in Schallstadt-Mengen a village near Freiburg in southwest Germany.

Further exhibitions in galleries are possible.


For more details look at my blog: http://bamboomailart.blogspot.de


Please send your mail-art to:

S. Schmidt

Sepp-Allgeier-Strasse 12

79115 Freiburg



10 February 2013

this is where i go

this is where i go - a mail art exhibition - now taking submissions

This is where I go is a mail art exhibition with a local (Vancouver, Canada) and worldwide call for 4 by 6 inch postcards.
My objective for this exhibition is to affirm everyone’s potential for creativity and to introduce my local (Vancouver) community to a movement they can be part of. 
This project consists of an exhibition held at Britannia Art Gallery—a community art gallery– in Vancouver during November 6 to 29 2013 and a free workshop on mail art on June 15 2013.
The Theme – This is where I go 
You are free to interpret the theme as you wish. This is where I go could refer to a physical location you visit everyday or on occasion for some specific purpose or, it could be a representation of a place you go to in your mind to escape from reality and the pressures of life.

Participation Guidelines
  • Technique: Free
  • No jury/no fees/no returns
  • Documentation: online & print documentation to the first 50 pending funding (or to all if funding is available)
  • Deadline: September 15 2013
  • Size & format: 4 by 6 inch / 10.2 by 15.3 cm postcards; only the front will be displayed both at the gallery and online at this website.
  • 1 submission per person
  • All postcards must bear postage and go through the postal system
Postcards will be on sale for $5 to generate funding for postage (to mail catalogues), the production of a catalogue, exhibition costs, and the printing of a visual book. Excess funding will be donated to the art gallery. All unsold work will be mailed to other participants.
***Don’t forget to include your name and mailing address at the back. Also include a title if there is one.
Content stipulations
Britannia Art Gallery is located inside the public library therefore as well as being a public building the venue is also within a school environment. Because the audience includes unattended children, the library has requested that we do not exhibit work that depicts nudity, is sexually explicit or is overtly violent. Britannia Art Gallery reserves the right to refuse artwork that is considered unsuitable in the context of these concerns.
Mail to:
Laura Bucci
#41-1507 East 2nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V5N 1C8





To partake

Take one card from the collectible cards MAGIC the Gathering

Make your picture (free technique) on it

 put your name and address in the bottom of card

don’t picture the back of card.


Exhibition in SARONNO (VA) ITALY

Show & documentation for all


Deadline: 30.04.2103

 Send to: Mario Manzoni Sala 
via Birona 27 
20900 Monza, MB, ITALY


The Bull, Man and The Myth

Calls to all creators, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, philosophy and religion,
to submit a ORIGINAL work, subject to the following idea:

" From pre historic age, man has demonstraded profound admiration for the animal kingdom. It has been represented in Rock Art, this interest is directly in relation to hunting, an activity from which man obtained part of its sustenance.

The bull being an animal of great being and bravery, belonging to the astrological wheel of the zodiac, is a good example of this veneration and respect, being rooted in the Lusitania culture( Portugal and Spain) through the “Festa Brava”, with many admirers and opposes.

Independently of the role that the animal may have in man’s life, in many archaic and present civilizations, it is considered to be a divine manifestation, also associated with the mythological concepts.

The myth of the Minotaur is maybe the most well-known which represents a man consumed by his own desires. In essence this corresponds to our interior conflict between our human and animal instincts.

This Mail art Call has as its main objective to explore the triplicate between the bull, man and the myth."

TECHNIQUE: all techniques are allowed,provided that the holders are able to be mailed
- No jury, no selection, no prizes, no returns.

- Each artist can participate with two works, and should provide, full name, address, nationality, email and web site if available.
- All participants must agree to the reproduction of his work in brochures or other educational material, such as public exhibition of the same.

- All works will be exhibited, excluding racist, xenophobic and religion discriminate works.

- ATTENTION !, reproductions of works that have been sent to other Mail Art Calls or Mail Artists are NOT ACCEPT, all works must be ORIGINAL and unique, duly signed by their authors.
 The works will be exhibited during the Salvaterra de Magos Festivities in June 2013,  and will open to the public for nearly a month. This Festivities are related with the Charter (Foral) celebrations that  D. Manuel granted on 1507, to D. Nuno (grandson of king D. Duarte). This festivities attract thousand of people to this region of Portugal, and are well known by:

- Running of the bulls in the main avenue
- International folk festival
- Traditional gastronomy
- Other cultural events and music

p.s. After the end of the exhibition there is the intention that the same move to other locations of Santarém district and Vila Franca de Xira county, where the tradition of Bull Fights are very well rooted.

DOCUMENTATION: documentation will be sent to all participantes.
 All works will be published in the following location:
DEADLINE: June 4, 2013
All works must be sent by normal post (snail mail) with postage STAMPS to:

"COMA- The Bull, Man and the Myth"
Helder Coelho Dias
Rua Felicidade Páscoa, nº 48
2100-519 Fajarda (Coruche)

Com os melhores cumprimentos / Best regards