30 October 2008

Museum of Temporary Art - Last Chance

find info on: http://www.museum-of-temporary-art.com/ and discover that the 10th edition will be the last one. Only one entry pro person. They want to include 100 different artists this time. Be quick!

29 October 2008



Theme: Fundamentalism
Deadline: March 30, 2009
Media: Photographs, emails, cartoons, collages, poems, visual poems, paintings, prints,digital images...
Size: Postcard size
Your work will be displayed on my website
No jury,no fee,no return.

Send to:

Ferikoy Mah. Sehit Erdem Canbas Sok.
Merkaya Apt. No: 26
5 Kurtulus -


Artistamps in the Mailstream

Theme: Artistamps in the Mailstream is an international mail art and
artistamp mini-show that asks mail artists and artistamp collectors to
review their archives and select archival examples of mail art. Mail art
with artistamps are preferred, but any traveled cover is permitted.
Feel free to create new work that may get postmarked as it travels to the
show. Also encouraged are mail art examples with personal postmarks and
artistamps cancelled by your own private cancellation device.
Exhibition: The show will be mounted at Mess Hall in Chicago as part of the
Collections and Archives as Creative Practice show at the University of
Illinois at Chicago. Artistamps in the Mailstream is curated by Andrew
Oleksiuk .
Please also include a short artist's statement concerning the provenance of
any mail art or artistamps you are submitting, explaining why you selected
your particular items.
Space for up to three entries from each participant is available.
If you want your archival material returned to you, please include the
statement "please return" clearly in the mailing.
Documentation: will be made available to all entrants; a return address is
Deadline to be received: November 26, 2008

Artistamps in the Mailstream
5336 W. Belle Plaine
Chicago, IL 60641

27 October 2008


Mail Art Call! 2nd Annual Mail Art show! All mail art will be posted
on www.jenniferzoe.blogspot.com and will be shown at the Globe Coffee
Lounge in downtown St. Peterburg, FL, USA. (Sometime next fall) Feel
free to repost and tell your friends!

Due: August 1, 2009

Theme: Chromatophore and "open!"

Mail to:

Jennifer Zoellner
665 Jasmine Way South
Saint Petersburg, FL 33705

No returns. Work will be documented and incorporated into a zine.
Free to those who come to the show's opening. Small fee for those who
buy on etsy to cover copying and postage.

Hercules - Project

Mail-Art Responses to TRENCH ART


Next year the Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival will include an exhibit of Trench Art.

Trench art is commonly defined as any decorative item made by soldiers, prisoners of war or civilians, where the manufacture is directly linked to armed conflict or its consequences.
Common articles that this includes are decorated shell and bullet casings and items carved from wood and bone.
To the uninitiated, all trench art, by definition, was made by a soldier sitting in a trench in France during the First World War, in the midst of a bombardment. To the cynics, it was all made in the 1920s by enterprising French and Belgian citizens. The reality is, naturally, a mix of these extremes, and everything in between, and spans conflicts from the Napoleonic Wars to the present day. (from the Wikipedia entry)

We will have an exhibit space in the building next to the gallery hosting the Trench Art exhibit.

Deadline: February 1, 2009
Exhibit dates: February 20 - 24
Size/Medium/Technique: Free
No jury, no fees, no returns
Documentation: on Flickr and a blog
(please include your email address for notification of documentation)

Jim Leftwich
Mail Art Responses To Trench Art
525 10th St. S.W.
Roanoke, VA 24016

24 October 2008

23 October 2008


last days!!!
if you want to participate with "La Casita Xomolli",
please send me at least two little paints on canvas, photography or board with any media
i will swap and will send you a miniature of other artist on 2009

THEME: free
SIZE: 10x7 cms
front signed!
with your name and e-mail on back
add curriculum vitae

Deadline until 15 january 2009

No Jury, no returns, no fee.
catalogue for all on 2009
exhibition on december 13 2008 - Cagliari
and january 22 2009 - Olbia, Sardinian, Italy

send to:
NuriaMetzli Montoya
Atelier La casita Xomolli
07026 OLBIA (OT)




Thank you in advance!

21 October 2008

The Body - Great Project

IUOMA should post this if we haven't yet; it's such a great project that donates to a needy cause.

-- best, dawn stechschulte



20 October 2008


Surrealism Mail Art Call

March 19, 2009, is the 90th anniversary of Litterature, the journal published by Andre Breton, Philippe Soupault, and Louis Aragon, and it is from that event that we mark the beginning of Surrealism.

To celebrate the event, the Modesto Art Museum is hosting the International Surrealism Festival, Surrealism: The Cutting Edge of Art. Please participate by sending mail art to the museum for the festival exhibition.

Theme: Surrealism, Surrealismo, pop surrealism, historic, contemporary, and future surrealism, Dada, neo-Dada, surreal artists, etc.

Format: Envelopes, post cards, stamps, and packages using collage, drawing, paint, construction, sculpture, computer generations, photography, mixed media, etc. No size limit.

Deadline for all entries: 13 February 2009

Exhibition: 2-28 March 2009, Mistlin Gallery, Modesto, California. Reception: 19 March 2009

Documentation: to all adult participants plus listing on museum web site.

Return: none

Note: Include your mailing address on/in your entry for acknowledgment.

Send Entries to:
Modesto Art Museum
404 Patrick Lane
Modesto, CA 95350 USA

Questions: modestoartmuseum@yahoo.com
More details on the museum web site: http://modestoartmuseum.org

A Matriz – Associação de Gravura do Porto convoca:

1ª Edição de Gravura Postal

Aberto a todos os artistas gravadores
Tema: Auto -Retrato
Dimensão: Postal Standard – 10 x 15 cm
Técnica: Todos os tipos de gravura menos Impressão digital
Data limite: 31 de Março 2009
Enviar unicamente 1 só postal sem envelope
Não se devolve a obra, não se paga taxas, não há júri
Exposição: on-line em http://www.matriz-gravura.com/ e
Esteta Galeria em Abril 2009

Enviar para: Matriz -1ª Edição de Gravura Postal
Rua Sousa Viterbo nº 28, 1ºA
4050-593 – Porto

Com nome, morada e endereço de e-mail.
Documentação enviada aos participantes por e-mail.

Informações em: matriz.gravura@gmail.com


Matriz – Asociación de Grabado de Oporto crea la siguiente convocatoria:

1ª Edición de Grabado Postal

Abierto a todos los artistas grabadores
Tema: Auto - Retrato
Dimensión: Postal Standard – 10 x 15 cm.
Técnica: Todos los tipos de grabado menos Impresión digital
Fecha limite: 31 de Marzo 2009
Enviar una sola obra postal sin sobre
No se devuelve la obra ni si paga tajas
Exposición: on-line en http://www.matriz-gravura.com/ y
Esteta Galeria en Abril 2009

Enviar para: Matriz -1ºEdição de Gravura Postal
Rua Sousa Viterbo nº 28, 1ºA
4050-593 – Porto

Con Nombre, dirección y coreo electrónico.
Documentación a los participantes enviada por coreo electrónico.

Informaciones: matriz-gravura@gmail.com
Matriz – Printmaking Association of Porto calls for:

1st Edition of postal print

Open to all print artists
Theme: Self-Portrait
Dimension: Standard postcard size– 10 x 15cm
Technique: all kind of prints except digital one
Deadline: 31st March 2009
Send only one postal print without envelope
No return, no fees, no jury
Exhibitions: on-line in http://www.matriz-gravura.com/ and
Esteta Gallery on April 2009

Send to: Matriz -1ªEdição de Gravura Postal
Rua Sousa Viterbo nº 28, 1ºA
4050-593 – Porto

With name, address and e-mail.
Documentation sent to all by e-mail.

Information in: matriz.gravura@gmail.com

11 October 2008

* Why Lisbona? Luigi Baccino's secret papers - A R T - P R O J E C T - FLU X US * LUIGI BACCINO - PERCHE' LISBONA?

Ritratto ad olio di Luigi Baccino fu Cirillo - 1887 (Felice Serono pinxit)
[vai al blog ARTISTAMP 2008 - Canada]
A Genova, nel febbraio 1895, Luigi Baccino nominava suo procuratore generale il signor Giacomo Queirolo che era stato suo amico in Sudamerica. Poi sparì.
Interrogato Queirolo, egli disse che Luigi Baccino si era stabilito a Lisbona in Portogallo.
Perchè Lisbona? Luigi Baccino era già andato a Lisbona in precedenza?
Ma non si ebbero più notizie di Baccino. Si fecero varie ricerche in Portogallo interpellando anche l'ambasciata italiana e altrove fece indagini la polizia, ma del benefattore cairese nessuna traccia. Si seppe che presso l'Uffico Centrale delle Poste di Lisbona vi erano giacenti cartoline e lettere indirizzate a Luigi Baccino, ma lui risultava sconosciuto.
Fu ritrovato un orologio d'oro nel porto di Marsiglia e si disse che era l'orologio di Baccino...
Chi era Luigi Baccino?
------------->vedi blog: http://gasparebuffa.blogspot.com/
Ma dove sparì il Baccino Luigi fu Cirillo detto il Goggio?
Dopo cento anni dalla nascita (1825) il Comune di Cairo Montenotte ebbe il possesso di tutti i suoi beni in quanto curatore dell'Asilo Baccino che è il beneficiario, per testamento (18881), di tutte le sostanze patrimoniali e rendite varie.
Quest'anno a Cairo Montenotte è stato inaugurato il Palazzo di Città, opera fatta costruire dal Baccino, terminata nel 1893 e ristrutturata ad arte negli ultimi anni.
Ma sugli ultimi giorni di Luigi Baccino nessuna risposta...
Anche su suggerimento di amici artisti, ho pensato di lanciare un progetto di mail art per chi capisce l'italiano: dalla fantasia degli artisti può arrivare, forse, qualche indicazione utile per continuare la ricerca.

Scadenza del progetto: 31 dicembre 2008.

Elaborate la foto qui sopra riprodotta e spedite i vostri interventi a:

Fondazione Arte Invisibile - cas. post. 163 - 17014 Cairo Montenotte Italia

6 October 2008

TeeToTum - Project

I would like to invite you and to forward to your members the following mail art call i organize:
Thank you Georgia Grigoriadou

TeeToTuM, Business & Inovation Center and Technological Education Institute of Serres, Greece organize the 2nd international Mini Art Exhibition International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 25th November 2008

Mail Art Call

THEME: Elimination of Violence against Women– 25th November
Comment: 2nd International Mini Art Serres, Greece.
Size: min: 20cm (8 inches) max: 30cm (11 inches)
Deadline: 31.10.2008
Info: For this exhibition please send more than one work in any medium that deal with any technique at:

Ioanninon 44
Thessaloniki 54639

No fee
No return

Exhibition Opening: November 2008
For more information please contact Georgia at:
or mailto:geosaga@yahoo.com

Invitation and catalogue will be published and sent for all participants.

Information about this theme:

2 October 2008

French Mail-Art


Voici l'adresse de mon nouveau blog avec un nouveau projet sans limitation de date ! Amusez-vous bien !!


Dans l'attente de votre premier livre (de poche) personnalisé, mailarté, commenté et tutti quanti,

Bien à vous,

78, rue de la Fontaine aux Bretons
44210 PORNIC

The Prism

Theme: Woman: the Prism – A personal glance at the woman: faceting, projections, illusions …

Size: A4 (cm 21 x 29,5)
Technique: free
Deadline: 31/10/2008
No fees, no selection, no return
Exhibition: Circolo Arcimontorio Verna

On line catalogue on the website:

All works must be sent by post
For more information: inpuntadipenna2007@libero.it
Blog: http://inpuntadipenna2007.blogspot.com

Send to:
Donne in punta di penna
Via dei Peschi 6/A

1 October 2008

Poetry and Stamp Art

I invite you to take part in mail-art project:

Theme: Send your poetry in your native language with stamp art. You may also give your personal original understanding of this theme.
Size/technique: Free
No returns.
The works will be displayed at http://m-a-group.blogspot.com
Documentation to all participants.
Deadline to be received: October 20, 2008.

M-A Group
A/C 9875
Sadivnycha 19/1
79038, Lviv, UKRAINE

Thank you,
Best regards!
Lubomyr Tymkiv.