28 June 2009

E-mail art call: Arnolfini Mini[e]MailArt No7.

Dear Friends, please participate our new summer e-mail art project. See details: here.

Best, Ervin Zsubori

26 June 2009

Flowers for Jos Janssen (1956-2009)


Beginning of 2009 I heard of the illness of my brother Jos Janssen. He was diagnosed cancer and had little chance to survive this cruel illness. I started the project "Send flowers to my brother" in which I asked the Mail-Art network to send flowers by mail for the last weeks my brother would have. On March 11th 2009 my brother died. He saw a lot of the mail that came in from the network. To remember these signs of warmth and caring I post all the mail that got in on this blog.

25 June 2009

Ship IT - Mail Art Call

Saturday, July 18th

Ship It II

Saturday, July 18th, 2009 – 7:00 PM
Submissions Accepted: July 4th –July 18th
Closing: September 3rd, 2009

What can be sent in the mail? Who really sees those things en route? Think about the monotonous days that you could brighten for some bored postal employee. Last year we got an oar, $100 in pennies, a life preserver, dinnerware, and a special note from Portland to Seattle on an old frozen pizza box.

Ship your art Between July 4th and July 18th. Everything sent will be displayed. Nothing will be opened. Remember, if it has the right postage, the postal service will deliver.

Info on our past couple of exhibits:






Thank You,

John A. Gascon - Director of Disinformation
Ouch My Eye
1022 1st Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98134
t: 206.381.8457
c: 206.293.7132

21 June 2009

Stickerman Museum - Japan

Greetings from SpiderWeb Prods. HQ,

You are invited to contribute to the newly opened

Stickerman Museum, Tokyo Annex

Please send your and other people's stickers (and any story/comment/etc. you may have about the stickers' design, origin, etc.) to:

Stickerman Museum, Tokyo Annex
Gianni Simone
3-3-23 Nagatsuta
226-0027 Kanagawa-ken

The collection wil be documented in the SM,TA page at http://gloomy-sundays.blogspot.com

Send at least 10 different stickers and you will receive a 10-page full-colour documentation.

This is an ongoing project.

Please spread the word, and let me know if you don't want to be bothered with these mail art SPAMs anymore.

Best - Gianni

Revising the Century - USA

20 June 2009

mani CAVEL lani cartolani 2009 (claudi romani - neo decorani)

Send your card of art to:
Cavellini - Bruno Chiarlone
box 163
17014 Cairomont - Italia

19 June 2009

Citizen of Cardboard mail-art call Cidadão de Papelão

wacky's submission to the:
THEME: Citizen of Cardboard

TECHNIQUE: FREE (collage, photography, poetry, drawing, printing,
stamps, photocopy, assemblage).
TYPE OF WORK: A5 (half an A4).
Certificate of participation.
The work will not be returned.

Saulo Dias
Rua Libra, 199 - Alvorada - 29117-240 - Vila Velha |ES|BRAZIL or saulodias@terra.com.br

Exhibition of work in the blog: www.2veis1.blogspot.com
Catalog of work at the end of the call.

TEMA : Cidadão de Papelão

TÉCNICA: LIVRE ( colagem, fotografia, poesia, desenho, serigrafia, carimbos, xerox,
PRAZO DE ENVIO: 05-12-2009.
FORMATO DO TRABALHO: A5 (metade de um A4).
Certificado de participação.
Os trabalhos não serão devolvidos.

Saulo Dias
Rua Libra, 199 - Alvorada - 29117-240 - Vila Velha |ES|BRASIL
ou saulodias@terra.com.br (assunto: Cidadão de Papelão) -

Exposição dos trabalhos no blog: www.2veis1.blogspot.com
Catálogo dos trabalhos no final da Convocatória.
(versão português)

FLUXUS factor Y - cover by Marina Salmaso

Artist book of Bruno Chiarlone
Cover by Marina Salmaso
Send me your artbook for the Museum of Invisible Art.

Bruno Chiarlone
box 163
17014 Cairomont

18 June 2009

Bicycles - France

BICYCLES is the 8th project proposed by 2 French associations: Larzac, village d'Europe and CPIE (environmental organisation).

The bicycle is seen as a form of renewed and sustainable energy thru muscular power.
Send contributions before 15 July 2009


Brigitte Wood,
Le Relais des Infruts,
12230 La Couvertoirade,

16 June 2009

favourite words

I collect words. Please, send me a postcard with your favourite word on the front and an explanation what you like about it on the back. I'll publish it on www.favouritewords.wordpress.com/


For my project please send me only postcards that deal with any technique.

Deadline: 15.06.2019

Henriette Raudszus / Vossendijk 215/9 / 6534TV Nijmegen / The Netherlands /


15 June 2009

Self-Portrait - Venezuela

from Linda Pelati : MAILART CALL (on FaceBook)

Self-portrait Small format (10 x 15 cms) Technique: free (if he is digital to send printed copy) Deadline: february 2010 the sent works (without return) will be published in this blog: http://osile.blogspot.com and http://elautorretrato.blogspot.com by each sent work another one will be sent


Eliso Ignacio Silva
Apartado 67011
Caracas 1061 -

BACON mail art Project

The BACON MAIL ART PROJECT is proposed by Scott Ray Randall.

All contributions must feature bacon. Anything goes. All art is shown on the blog: www.baconmovie.blogspot.com

Deadline is April 1, 2010.

Send your bacon art to:

Scott Ray Randall,
21294 Leslie Drive,
Grass Valley
CA, 95945 USA

Owl - Project in Italy

Theme: The Owl
Tema: Il Gufo

free size
qualsiasi dimensione

no return
le opere ricevute non saranno restituite

doc. on line: www.guzzardi.it/arte/theowl.html
doc. on line: www.guzzardi.it/arte/theowl.html

deadline 25/08/2010
scadenza 25/08/2010

all works must be sent by post
tutti i lavori devono essere spediti per posta

dont’ forget your photo, some lines of biography, address and e-mail address
non dimenticarti una tua foto, una breve biografia, indirizzo postale ed e-mail

send to:
spedisci a:

The Owl
By Claudio Grandinetti
Via Popilia Palazzo Manna 1
87100 Cosenza

14 June 2009

Poetry of the Underground - Germany

Mail Art Call.... If you didn't receive our postcard...

Theme: 20 years since from fall of the wall - mail art was underground, but what about today.
Format: free
Deadline: 30. September 2009

Send to:

Uwe Warnke
Sonntagstr. 22
10245 Berlin

and / or

Lutz Wohlrab
Langhansstr. 64 a
13086 Berlin

This mailart project will be a part of the exhibition:
Poetry of the underground
The writers and artists scene of East Berlin 1979 - 1989 at Prenzlauer Berg-Museum, Berlin, Germany from 20.11.2009

13 June 2009



Animals and Art Festival Open Show Postcard Exchange Project

In conjunction with the ‘Animals and Art Festival’ and ‘Minding Animals’ - the 2009 International Academic and Community Conference on Animals and Society... SHOPFRONT GALLERY invites artists to participate in a postcard exchange mail art project entitled ‘Cat Vs Dog’.

Theme: Cat vs Dog is a light hearted glimpse into our relationships with domestic animals.
Are you a cat person or a dog person? Take sides and choose your favourite companion animal!
We welcome artists to respond to the theme in any way. No jury, No fees.

Exhibition: works will be exhibited at Shopfront Gallery, Newcastle, NSW, Australia in July, 2009

Size: postcard

Medium/Technique: free

Exchange: all participants will receive the postcard work of another artist in return (please include return address for exchange)

Documentation: all works will be documented and displayed on the gallery website (please include your email address for notification of documentation)

Deadline to be received: June 30, 2009

Conference: ’Minding Animals’ is a transdisciplinary conference exploring the interrelationships between animals and society from 13 - 18 July 2009, Civic Precinct, Newcastle, NSW, Australia.
Details of the conference can be found on the website www.mindinganimals.com
More Information: www.shopfrontgallerynewcastle.com

Enquiries: mail@shopfrontgallerynewcastle.com

Mail to: Shopfront Gallery
Cat vs Dog
PO Box 2421
Dangar NSW
Australia 2309

10 June 2009

Mail Art Research Project

The web exhibition in the theme of "What mail art means to me?" is now complete.
You can find it from here: http://mailartmeans.blogspot.com/.

I received lots of mail art and I´m very grateful for that. Altogether I
received 66 artworks from 11 different countries.

My recearch for my bachelors degree is also now finished. The subject for my
research was "How internet has effected to mail art and what meaning mail art
has to the mail artists." Unfortunately it´s in finnish. I was planning to write
a short article in english to the website but it has to wate for now, because
I´m going to travel the next two months. I will inform again when I have
completed the article.

Thank you for everybody who participated by answering to the survey or by
sending me mail art, it was very helpful for my research!

Yours Miina Ruokonen

9 June 2009

Your Theory - Project


Please send articles, researches, reviews and critical thoughts concerning all spheres of modern art, mail art, book art, visual poetry, etc.
Documentation: I will create a new Zine "Your Theory".
Each participant will receive one copy.
Info: mailposht@gmail.com
Deadline to be received: December 30, 2009

Your theory
A/C 9875
Sadivnycha 19/1
79038, Lviv

Thank you,
Best regards
Lubomyr Tymkiv

7 June 2009


Overview Mail-Artists - Lutz Wohlrab - Germany

Two years ago my son Konrad had the idea to set up a Mail Artists' Index on the blogging platform Wordpress. Some problems cumulated beforehand when we were using Wikipedia to publish biographies. Entries as well as images had been deleted.

Using http://mailartists.wordpress.com/ gives us a lot more opportunities and space. We are able to present short biographies and three representative images for each artist featured in our list. We link to address lists, new projects and to the artists'

websites. We furthermore present some bibliographical material and a news site. Up to now 104 entries were produced, on average one per week.

Statistics show 36 000 clicks - with increasing interest. Birger Jesch has been supporting us from day one.

For the future we wish for some correspondents from abroad who will compile biographies of the most interesting Mail Artists of their respective countries.

Contact: Lutz Wohlrab lutz.wohlrab@gmx.net

ARTISTAMPS - Mail-Art Martha - UK


Celebrating the Postal Services Role in Mail Art.

Four (4) stamps preferably on this subject but any theme will be accepted, all the same design or different designs.

Deadline: December 31, 2009.

Send to:
United Queendom of Retailia
Box l08
Beckenham BR3 lGY

The Artistamps are shown as they arrive in http://www.mailartmartha.org.uk/

Exhibition also in the real world at the local Post Office, date to be announced.

6 June 2009

Mail Art Call - X-Ray Spex

An oldie but goodie from the den vaults: X-Ray Spex

Learn to SWIM - latvia

Mail art project


THEME: Learn to swim! The project of the Bolderaja group - an answer to those planners of Riga and politicians of Latvia who think that they can fool the floods with laws.

While politicians are trying to invent and implement schemes on how to bypass the Flood directive and create laws and regulations that would benefit the Big Port Business, people who live near the water and know how helpless they are when faced with floods, can only be given the following advice: "Learn to swim!"

SIZE/TECHNIQUE/MEDIA: Free - (video, multiples, sound work, poetry, visual poetry, objects…)


EXHIBITION - within the framework of the Latvian Contemporary Arts Center's project titled "the survival kit," on September 2009 on the main streets of Riga, in one of the shops that closed its doors due to the economic crises.

DOCUMENTATION to all participants

DEDLINE to be received: SEPTEMBER 1, 2009

Bolderaja group
a/k 42
Riga, LV - 1016

Thanks for your help with this!
Bolderaja group

4 June 2009


send your alterazions
or other about this

po box 163

SKETBE - Greece


From the Association of Visual Arts Artists of Northern Greece (SKETBE)
Call for postcard art with theme:
“No to Violence –Yes to Create – The Limits”
NO to violence,
yes to Art, Love, Life!
Dimensions: 10x15 cm / 8 ½ in.x 11in.(postcard size)
Techniques: painting, collage, prints (not in electronic form, but only by mail). Draft sculpture or construction also accepted.

.No return art work,- no fee for participation.

Behind the work please write:
Title, material and Name, Surname, Address, E-mail, Telephone, Fax.
In the letter to us with art work there can be biographical data on CD, if possible.
The projects will be posted on the websites of www.SKETBE.blogspot.com.
. The Mail Art Exhibit 2009 will be in collaboration with the School of Education
of Aristotle University at Aristotle University Tower,
and a mail-art scientific conference
will join the events held there.
Event Dates 1-11 December 2009.
You can send 1-3 art works.
DEADLINE:Septermber 15,2009

Send to postal address:
SKETBE (Association of Visual Arts Artists of Northern Greece)
Gorgous 11 - PC 54634 Thessaloniki, GREECE