30 November 2009

The Landscape

Mail art call
Subject: the landscape
It sends by postal mail the landscape of his preference: urban, marine, aerial, poetic, photographic, imaginary, abstract, surrealistic,etc. Small format: (10 x 15 cms.)
Technique: free (if he is digital to send copy printed by postal mail)
Deadline: February, 28 of 2011
The sent works (without return) will be published in:
Eliso Arte Correo: http://osile.blogspot.com
El Mundo Del Paisaje: http://elisomundopaisaje.blogspot.com

By each sent work another one will be sent (my work)


Eliso Ignacio Silva
Apartado 67011
Caracas 1061 -

29 November 2009

Robert Rehfeldt Article

Dear friends,

here is the English translation of my article on Robert Rehfeldt that I wrote for SpiegelOnline. You can find the pictures in the article at:

We furthermore opened the Mail Art exhibition "20 years since the Fall of the Wall - Mail Art was underground but what about today?" at Prenzlauer Berg-Museum in Berlin. More information at:

Lutz Wohlrab

25 November 2009

CRAVATTE DAL CONTE MAX - quadro di Roberto Vita - foto di Bruno Chiarlone

Send your cards to:
Cravatta rossa
Conte Max
Galleria Commerciale
17043 Carcare - SV

Mailmania 4

4th Biennial: An open call for submissions for an upcoming 4th Biennial exhibition of all forms of mailart.
Media/Technique/Size: Post Cards, ATCs, Artist stamps, envelopes, or whatever will make it through the postal system.
Exhibition: Studio J, Victoria, BC, September 16-30, 2010 and Slide Room Gallery, Vancouver Island School of Art, Victoria, BC, CANADA, October 8th - November 8th, 2010 - 2549 Quadra Street, Victoria, BC, CANADA
Documentation: Online at http://mailmania4.blogspot.com/
Info: kenndal@gmail.com
Please include name, address and email

Deadline to be received: September 4, 2010

Dale Roberts
Studio J
1324 Broad Street
Victoria, BC

Otto von Bismarck

Theme: send your mail art on the famous politician Otto von Bismarck.
Technique/Size: free
Exhibition: In 2011, there will be a Mail Art Exhibition in Bad Kissingen, Museum Obere Saline - Bismarck Museum (Germany).
Documentation: A Press release of the event will follow the show.

Info: Roland.Halbritter@web.de


Deadline to be received: December 31, 2010.

Roland Halbritter
Muehlweg 15
97720 Nuedlingen

It’s Only Mail Art

It's Only Mail Art vi invita a partecipare al nuovo progetto 2010
It’s Only Mail Art invites you to partecipate in the new project 2010

No Commercial Potential

Il produrre arte che risponda esclusivamente alle proprie esigenze creative senza scendere a compromessi per renderla bene di consumo
The production of an art that fits exclusively one’s own creative needs without stooping to compromises to make it a consumer good

Formato: libero / Format: free

Tecnica libera : 2 & 3 d, musica,video, performance, poesia e brevi racconti (su supporto digitale)
Technique free: 2 & 3 d, music, video, performance, poetry and small stories(on digital support)

Scadenza 10 dicembre 2010/ deadline: 2010, December 10th

nessuna restituzione, nessuna tassa, nessuna selezione,nessuna giuria / no return, no fee, no selection, no jury
(No pornography please)

I lavori vanno spediti al seguente indirizzo: / Works should be sent at the following address:

Maurizio Follin,
Via M.te Cervino, 27
30173 Favaro V.to -
Venezia - Italy

indicando nome, cognome, nazionalità ed indirizzo dell'artista + indirizzo e-mail (per l’invio della documentazione finale) ed eventuale sito web please insert name, surname, country, address + e-mail address (for notification of final documentation) and web site if exist.

Tutti i lavori devono essere spediti per posta con affrancatura postale / All works must be send by post with postage stamps.

Catalogo on-line su sito: / On line catalogue on the website: http://itsonlymailartnocommercial.blogspot.com/

Catalogo in pdf scaricabile a cura di / pdf catalog by : Claudio Romeo

Esposizioni (in data da definire) presso / Exibition:
Galleria Terre Rare - Bologna
Garage N.3 Gallery - Venezia Mestre
Spazio espositivo "Barrique" - Scriò di Dolegna del Collio GO

Evento organizzato in collaborazione con / Event organized in collaboration with:
DodoDada Arte Postale - http://dododada.ning.com/
Terre Rare - http://http//www.terrerare.net/
Ambasciata di Venezia : http://www.artistampnews.com/dated_calls/html/italian_calls.html
Reantà Non Ordinaria - http://realtano.it/

Testi critici : Giancarlo Da Lio

22 November 2009

Dancing Through Life

Mail Art Project

Theme: Dancing Through Life
Deadline: March 6, 2010
Submit to: Jeff Ringer, P. O. Box 1031, St. Cloud, MN 56302-1031

The theme, "Dancing Through Life," can be interpreted literally or figuratively. All submitted work will be exhibited. Documentation will be mailed to all who submit. No work will be returned. All submissions will become property of StudioJeff. All mail art submitted will be exhibited in my ballroom dance studio for six weeks around March 20th which is the local art crawl. Nearly 300 people pass through my studio on that evening when my studio becomes an art gallery so submitted art will have a significant viewing. Submissions may be exhibited at other dance studios in Minnesota or elsewhere.

Questions to: jeff@studiojeff.com Info about Studiojeff at www.studiojeff.com . Videos at: www.youtube.com/studiojeffmn and www.youtube.com/scsuballroomdance


R. Jeffrey Ringer
701 St. Germain St. W. Suite 201
St. Cloud, MN

320 266-4137

20 November 2009


llustrate one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World :Pyramid, Hanging gardens of Babylon, Temple of Artemis, Statue of Zeus, Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Colossus of Rhodes, lighthouse of Alexandria...
or any others wonders of the medieval or modern world : Mont Saint Michel, Taj Mahal, Leaning tower of Pisa, Channel Tunnel, Empire State building, Millau Viaduct etc...

Free technique - No jury - No return
Date limit : december 31th, 2010
All creations will be published on http://merveillesdumondemailart.blogspot.com/

Adresse :

Servane Morel -
Avenue Wellington, 4 -
1180 Bruxelles -
Belgium -

18 November 2009

Mini[e[MailArt No.8

Dear Friends,

the Arnolfini Mini[e]MailArt No8.: Irregular twins will close in 30 November.
If You like, please participate our e-mail art projekt. We are waiting for Your work!



Ervin Zsubori, Hungary

17 November 2009

Cranberry Days

MailArt Call with Open theme.
Deadline for postal mark of April 15, 2010.
Documentation online at http://cranberrydays.blogspot.com

In the meantime send your mailart to...

Cranberry Days
PO Box 573
Dyersburg, TN 38025

Any theme is welcome except erotica art or violent art or hate mail will not be shown. Please include your email address so a link with your art on this blog can be sent to you. Brick and mortar show to be announced for late spring 2010

15 November 2009

Monster Mail

Monsters are real. They come in all shapes and sizes. Send me your scary monster and I will post it. New work will be posted weekly. No deadline...ongoing project.

Send to:

Monster Mail

87 Sparkhall Avenue

Toronto, Ontario

M4K 1G7



Mail Art in Puerto Rico 2010


Title: 1rst International Art Mail Exhibition of Puerto Rico 2010

Theme: Stop Child Abuse Now

Size :Postcard only A4 - 5”x 6” (105 x 148 MM) maximum.

Limitations: Two artwork by artists

Technique: free

Deadline: January 30, 2010

Exhibition: This is a traveling exhibition around universities and cultural centers of Puerto Rico with conference and Art Mail workshop

Documentation: Artworks will be visible on the blog dedicated for this call in http://1rstintlartmailpuertorico.blogspot.com/

Conditions: All artworks will be exhibited and no returns. Will be archived in the Collection of Caribbean Center of Art Mail and Visual Poetry

Information: http://caribeartecorreo.blogspot.com/


Edwin Velázquez / Coordinator / Member IOUMA
Caribbean Center of Art Mail and Visual Poetry
PO Box 8252
San Juan, PR 00910 (Puerto Rico)

14 November 2009

A Book About Death : The Video

Angela Ferrara, an artist based in São Paulo, Brazil, created this video 
for the exhibition A Book About Death

Angela, a contributor to A Book About Deathsee her piece for the project here – worked tirelessly 
to not only learn new software applications but to curate the original show into themes and sync it all 
to the music of Garry Schyman – Praan.

Music by Garry Schyman

Bhulbona ar shohojete
Shei praan e mon uthbe mete
Mrittu majhe dhaka ache
je ontohin praan
Bojre tomar baje bashi
She ki shohoj gaan
Shei shurete jagbo ami
(Repeat 3X)
Shei jhor jeno shoi anonde
Chittobinar taare
Shotto-shundu dosh digonto
Nachao je jhonkare!
Bojre tomar baje bashi
She ki shohoj gaan
Shei shurete jagbo am

Praan (English Translation)

The same stream of life
that runs through my veins night and day
runs through the world
and dances in rhythmic measures.

It is the same life
that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth
in numberless blades of grass
and breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers.

It is the same life
that is rocked in the ocean-cradle
of birth and of death,
in ebb and in flow.

I feel my limbs are made glorious
by the touch of this world of life.
And my pride is from the life-throb of ages
dancing in my blood this moment.

Use of Garry Schyman's music for Praan – originally written for Where The Hell Is Matt? – has been generously granted by the composer.

Lyrics adapted from the poem "Stream Of Life" from Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore.

Music Credits: Music By Garry Schyman.  Drums and Engineering Dan Blessinger. Vocals Palbasha Siddique. Guitars and bass Kevin Dukes. Concertmaster Belinda Broughton. Orchestral contractor Ross DeRoche (DeRoche Music Inc.).  Vocal Contractor Melissa Nixon.

9 November 2009


Hi there!

This is a mail-art call from Hungary called :"PUNX NOT DEAD!"
Please send me works with this idea -any media,postcard size, deadline is 23.February 2010.
I will show your work/s/ in my MAIL-ART blog,as soon as i get it. ( http://artinthemailbox2.blogspot.com )
Always when i get a mail-art i'll put it in the blog!

Send your works to:

Eva- "Zoe" Szilagyi
Veszprem Csatarhegy
Kokeny u.7

8 November 2009


Howdie fellow Mail Art fans!

I'm an Australian artist working on this artwork which is a bit like an inversion of Mail Art, as it is ME who sends postcards to the willing participants.

The work attempts to join people all over the place in an 'invisible network', or an exhibition, only each person receives one artwork in their mail box.
It is also an attempt to connect in a non-electronic fashion.
Because snail mail RULZ!

Anyway, if anyone wants to participate, and get an arty postcard from Down Under, please email me your address to: aska.doll@gmail.com

There is also a Facebook group you can join, called: Mail Art Project

Thanks for your help


7 November 2009

Mail-Art to Africa

hello, I want to organise an African mail project by December 28,2009. I would like to to see your postcard! Thanks. Tell you collegues too!

send to:
Tunde Dike,
sw7/180a,Bola Ave.Surulere,
Oke Bola,Ibadan,Oyo state,
Nigeria,West Africa.


4 November 2009

Buy Art. Not Underwear

Send us your thoughts, a small drawing, Polaroid, or photograph of how you might interpret Buy Art. Not Underwear.and we will start posting them in the gallery.
Buy Art. Not Underwear.
The artists at Ice Cube Gallery, a brand new artists cooperative in Denver, Colorado invite you to comment on the commercial aspect of art-making.

What are the things that bind us together as artists? We disagree on everything. Aesthetics, color, line, value. What is art? What isn’t art? What is good bad ugly? One thing that united this group of artists as we started this cooperative, Ice Cube Gallery, was our desire to make it financially feasible to have this place to create, push, put out installations that get us out of our normal comfort zones.

Oscar Wilde said that when bankers get together for dinner, they discuss art. When artists get together for dinner, they discuss money. Perhaps this may be true for the fact that most artists are always thinking about how to make the money to pay for the space and materials to make the art.

Andy Warhol said that:

Making money is art
and working is art
and good business
is the best art.

I am not really sure that this is true but, he definitely reflected modern and contemporary reality. It seems as though the only way to make art that gets noticed is to play by the rules of the market.

As we were gearing up for our first group show we noticed this little tidbit in the New York Times that says- According to some economists, rising underwear sales are an indicator of easing recession.

A few of us working on getting the cooperative off the ground started to imagine ourselves in a new piece of art instead of new underwear. Some people want to Photoshop their head onto someone else’s body while holding up their art. Kathy Knaus and I started to think about creating art with our body parts that might wear underwear.

Send us a small drawing, Polaroid, or photograph of how you might interpret Buy Art. Not Underwear. -and we will start posting them in the gallery. No Deadline. We will keep posting them in the gallery as they come in.

Okay- Mail art tries to circumvent the whole commercial aspect but, as usual mail art is now part of the gallery experiece.

Ice Cube Gallery
3320 Walnut St.
Denver, CO 80205 - USA
c/ o Theresa A Anderson

2 November 2009





Sandra Valdujo
58310-000- INTERMARES

UGLY Mail Art Call

Inspired By: All my darkness, creative anxiety, and angst. Also, Urs Fischer

Size: no bigger than 8 in x 11 in.

Media: Free For All

Deadline: March 1, 2010

A selection will be published for viewing.

Post To:
Alison Noble
550 Lagunitas Rd. SW
Albuquerque, NM 87105

ENJOY and thanks in advance for your participation!!