30 September 2012

Mail-Art in Minden - Germany

WATER (Germany)


 Mail Art Project



The UN declared  the year 2013 as

"The International Year of Water Cooperation".

We would like to edit some artistical material on this theme -

since water has become a precious thing in some regions of our planet

& according to hearsay there even  could be wars for water in the future...




 Mail Art Project



The UN declared the year 2013 as

"The International Year of Quinoa".

We would like to edit some artistical material on this theme -

since Quinoa fits very well (in)to a future based on the

cultures of sustainability..



Postcards: 10,5 x 14,8  cm (A6)

The artwork should contain some words or text.

All languages accepted.

Every participant will receive a copy collection of all contributions.


Deadline: 2012.dec.31


Please, send to:



Wolfgang Günther

Wilhelmshöher Weg 11

34128 Kassel



Thank you in advance!




29 September 2012

28 September 2012

Women in the art

Women in the art (mail art call)

Subject: Women in the art

Send by mail a postcard in the art their choice related to the topic

Small format:  10 x 15  cms

Technique free

 if he is digital to send copy printed by postal mail

Deadline: july 31 of 2013

The sent works (without return) will be published in:

Eliso arte correo: http://osile.blogspot.com

La mujer en el arte: http://lamujerarte.blogspot.com

By each sent work another one will be sent (my work)

indicate on each card adress legibly and e-mail


Eliso Ignacio Silva

Apartado 67011

Caracas 1061 - Venezuela

not to send offensive or pornographic material will not be published

Please circulate this call

Mail Art to Africa 2012


Calling all Mail Artists across the globe.

To participate in "Mail Art to Africa 2012"

Deadline November 15,2012.

Send your postcard to this address

Tunde dike (IUOMA)

Sw7/180A Bola ave.Surulere str.Oke bola

Ibadan,Oyo state.
West Africa.

24 September 2012


Hi,We are artists working on different areas and willing to hold a mail art project.

The details of our event is as below.

We'd be glad if you can post this announcement on your blog.

Thanks indeed,


Yours sincerely,



Artists Without Borders




AWB's "GREEN" Mail Art Project...

“Artists Without Borders” invites all artists to participate at AWB’s 1st International Mail Art project and exhibition.

Theme: “Green”
Size: Free
Technique: Free (but no audio, video or perishable material)
Deadline: March 15th, 2013
Exhibition: All artworks received will be exhibited online at www.awithoutborders.com on “World Art Day” April 15th, 2013.
(We’re working on holding an exhibition also at a gallery. Details about this will be announced if suitable conditions occur…)
-No jury; no fees; no return.
-All artwork must be sent by snail mail only. No artworks sent by email will be accepted.
-Don’t forget to add in each artwork the title, your name, address and email, etc.

Send your artworks to:
Bagdat cad. Selcuk Sindal sok. No:3 D:16 Feneryolu, Kadikoy 34724 Istanbul, Turkiye

For more information and your questions: info@awithoutborders.com



23 September 2012


Send your mail art... New deadline: october 5, 2012.
Theme: AIRPLANE (size: 15 x 10 cm)


21 September 2012

Write Home Soon

Write Home Soon, by Mark Strandquist, which will be exhibited this year at the Art Museum of the Americas, invites individuals to create a postcard depicting a place--mental, physical or metaphorical--that the have lost in their lives.  Individuals are choosing whatever visual medium they wish to depict the place on the front of the postcard (a photograph, collage, drawing, description, etc..), and on the back, are including a memory from that space showing its importance.  Many of the postcards are coming from a series of city-wide workshops (Workshop / partner locations include prisons, homeless shelters, libraries, mental health clinics, studios for disabled artists, public housing developments, Arts for the Aging, Habitats for Artists, DC Arts Center, Civilian Art Projects, Space of Her Own, Books to Prisoners, Free Minds, Miriam’s Kitchen, a variety of local Universities, art centers, and independent galleries, and more).

If you deemed it appropriate, would love to be featured on the Mail Art Projects blog to invite any individuals/groups to participate in the project.

more information can be found here.


I've attached examples of postcards that have already been mailed into the museum...

If a more 'formal' call for participation/interest is needed let me know and I'll it up.

Thanks again! Keep up the awesome work!



I am in the process of creating a printable version of this work at cost through lulu.

since creating the art call i've lost all documentation of who contributed when my account at google was banned and need your help.
if you sent in work for this project, or happen to remember a handful of others who did;
please let me know so i can include you in the printed book's list of art contributors.



i've got a blog up and running at porn.moanlisa.com, hosted at tumblr to avoid  losing content as i did with google's services
i'm in the slow process of getting this together into b&w book format for printing com december;

if you want to contribute to this collaborative project, send submissions to:

1234 Sandusky Dr.
Iowa City, IA 52240

or digitally to: antiart@moanlisa.com

by submitting works, you are agreeing to have your submission published under Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 copyleft license.

<3 br="br"> MOAN.

20 September 2012

Farmovil - Argentina

Open Mail-art call from USHUAIA, far south, Argentina


No deadline, No jury. Only original works in any format, size, technique.


All works will be answered with another work as soon as possible.


All works will be shown at local art centres.


Check out faromovil.blogspot.com.ar for adress.


Thanx and hope to hear from you soon!



Thank you in advance.




14 September 2012

KALEVALA Mail Art Project

Please send me a postcard about Kalevala,  Finlands epic.

Only 10x15cm format, all techniques, painting, graphics, collage, photography.

No fee, no returns, answer to all (don’t forget your address).

Exhibition Spring 2014 in Juminkeko, Kuhmo, Finland.


Deadline December 31st 2012


Send by post only, to:

Miranda Vissers/ Kalevala

Jo Goudkuillaan 2

5626 GC Eindhoven



For information

13 September 2012

Keith Bates - UK

2012 - A Rant and a Request


Although I'm not as prolific a mailartist as I once was, abducted by fontmaking a decade ago, I'll always enjoy contributing to projects that interest me. However, I've noticed that the kind of networking I like best has changed over the years. For a start my love affair with post offices has been tainted by long queues and steep price rises. Also, my ample archive of Mail Art treasure is threatening an undignified escape from the confines of its wardrobe, while digital storage keeps getting cheaper and easier.


I find myself liking the idea of Email Art – art without the artifact. And if Ervin Zsubori's MinEmailArt is a good indicator of things to come, I'm also enjoying the practice. Ervin's projects are thoughtfully themed and timely, participation by email is quick and convenient (and fun), and contributions are displayed cleanly with graphic flair. After years of considering myself something of a paper fetishist, I'm loving the screen maybe more.


I can think of only a handful of my recent mailartworks where consigning papers to the post was important because of faux perforations or tactile qualities, and while I wouldn't wish to stop having access to snailmail, poorer service notwithstanding, most of the Mail Art contributions I send are essentially images that don't require a physical presence. Many pieces are digital to begin with, so it makes no sense to print them out and send them by post, only to be scanned upon receipt for displaying on a blog or in website documentation.


Although I've never felt comfortable with Mail Art Tourism and so received news about the 2012 Decentralized Networker Congress with little enthusiasm, I have been heartened to see that Email artists are being asked to send printable works which will be exhibited alongside postally-delivered submissions.


I'd like to see equal rights for Email Art throughout the network. It's high time that Mail Art became openly accepting of digital contributions and old prejudices renounced. As project organisers acquire high-speed internet access, genuine concerns about hefty file sizes and slow download speeds are evaporating. Software improvements have helped allay fears about computer viruses, it's pretty safe to accept all the familiar picture, audio and movie file formats. Mail Art has always been open and inclusive, and offering the email option can only result in greater participation. Most project organisers could make email attachments as welcome as postcards and give artists the freedom to choose how their work is delivered.


The Mailart Typeface project from 2004, which incidentally is now on display at the German Museum of Books and Writing in Leipzig, was a project that was conducted by both conventional mail and email, allowing each participant to choose. Similarly with my Cameraderie mailartists photoportraits project a few years later, many artists preferred to send digital images. I sense my new Email Art project may be coming soon, though in deference to fifty years of history I'm keen to include the traditional option.


In the meantime, I'll continue to make art exchanges over the internet and would like to receive details of Mail Art actions that encourage online participation and welcome submissions sent as email attachments. Please send me information about any Mail Art projects you come across where Email Art contributions are allowed or preferred.


Thank you,



10 September 2012

Portugal Mail-Art Call

(click to enlarge)
Trashpo Mail Art Call

I'm am so excited to announce the first ever Trashpo Mail Art Call! Art will be presented as a portable display that will travel to different venues around the City of Elgin throughout the year. The exhibit will begin at City Hall January 1, 2013. Trash + Poetry= Trashpo. Please send your 2D works of art made from trash or found objects to:

Trashpo Mail Art Call
407 S. Liberty Street
Elgin, IL 60120

Deadline: December 1, 2012
No returns. Documentation to all. Art will also be posted at dianekeys.blogspot.com

9 September 2012

One idea of SelfPortrait

- International Mail Art Project and Exhibition
- Projet International et Exposition d'Art Postal

Thème: “One idea of SelfPortrait”
"Une idée de l'Autoportrait"

Size: Postcard
Format: Carte Postale

all technics and médium
toutes techniques et moyens

no return, no jury, one only work by artist
pas de retour, pas de sélection, une œuvre originale par artiste est demandée

Deadline: 31 mai 2013.
Dernier délai de réception des envois: 31 Mai 2013

Expédition at this adress:
Expédition à l'adresse suivante:
Christophe Massé
28 rue Bouquière
33000 Bordeaux

Exhibition 28 June 2013 at Sous La Tente
Exposition 28 juin 2013 Sous La tente à Bordeaux (France)

Documentation to all participants
Les participant(e)s recevront la documentation

1 September 2012


Description: Up at night in the sky a blue moon shelter’s the world at our sights. Have you ever had an unforgettable moment in your life starring at the moon? Imagine yourself a unique mail art postal card of a BLUE MOON and make it circle around the world.

Technique: anything goes

Size: postal card



To: AnaSpinu

ADDRESS: Aleea I Primaverii, No.51, Craiova, Romania, 200103




Thank you.



Beautiful Theory

The Beautiful Theory Mail Art Project.

The Beautiful Theory Mail Art Project aims to forge links between the sciences and the arts. We aim to exhibit all works as part of British Science Week 2013 (venue(s) to be confirmed) and will be shown on this website. No jury, no fee. International submissions are welcome.

Size: If you can mail it, then send it! 2D work only please
Media: Any (painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, photography etc)
Theme: Science- in the broadest sense, from the illustration of a scientific principle to a portrait of a famous scientist. Please include with your work a description that will be shown alongside your work (up to 300 words) to explain your theme to a lay audience.
Website: http://beautifultheorymailart.blogspot.co.uk/

Please send your science-themed/inspired artwork to:

'Beautiful Theory' Project
85, Odell Place,
B5 7RG,

I look forward to receiving your submissions!

Many thanks,

Jennifer Thorley

SMILE project

Dear All,

My name is Micu and I am from Hungary. I have found your website about the Mail Art Projects and I figured you might be interested in our project as well.

Me and my Swedish friend Jennie, have decided to extend my little "Send a smile project" that is how "Mail a smile" was born. We are planning to start off by September with out first challenge.

I would like to raise your attention to this project and I am also curious about your opinion. Maybe you could make suggestions to us as well.

Here you can find the link of the website: mailasmile.org

We would be more than happy to find new participants or if you know anyone who would enjoy joining our project I would appreciate if you showed the page to them.

If anyone wants to participate, they can subscribe to our newsletter via the website or write to me to this address or Jennie's which can be found on the website as well.

Thank you for reading my message!

Have a nice weekend,
micu from Hungary

John M. Bennett - 70 years

click to enlarge.

Inkprint Group

click to enlarge.

John Cage

Mini[e]MailArt No 19

Dear Friend!
The Arnolfini Mini[e]MailArt No19.: Rubber stamps will close in 31 August. Please, send your work, if you like!


Best, Ervin Zsubori, Hungary

Writing Project

I would like to invite you to participate in a collaborative writing project based around the concept of collaging together bits of other people's writing to create your own chapter submission for a larger work. The work will be published both in digital format as well as in print (sold at cost), and released under Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 license.

Format: Submissions should be digital text (plaintext email or attached document) roughly 2-4 pages standard size font, in paragraph form. The writing should consist of small bits of text taken from various sources and pieced back together into a new work, keeping with standard english grammar and syntax.

Approximate Deadline: October 1st, 2012


send submissions to: