30 September 2013

Arte in Biblioteca. Apertura dell’Archivio SACS


5-12 ottobre 2013
Arte in Biblioteca. Apertura dell’Archivio SACS

Sabato 5 ottobre 2013 - orario 9.00-12.00/15.00-18.00

In occasione della 9° Giornata del Contemporaneo e della 2° Giornata Nazionale delle Biblioteche il SACS (Spazio Arte Contemporanea Sperimentale) apre al pubblico il suo Archivio nella Biblioteca Civica A. Aonzo.
L’Archivio, custodito in Biblioteca, è composto da opere di mail art e di net art, da libri d’artista, da object d’art e da video realizzati per i vari progetti di arte postale e digitale da 794 artisti provenienti da 50 nazioni diverse.
Il SACS (Spazio Arte Contemporanea Sperimentale) è un progetto del Comune di Quiliano dedicato all'arte contemporanea.
Negli anni si è consolidato nel settore dell'arte postale - mail art e net art - con la realizzazione di numerose mostre, tra le quali ricordiamo il progetto CibArt, Libro d'artista, Futurenergie, I volti dell'Africa e Im[m]agine.
Le adesioni ai progetti, da parte di artisti italiani e di tutto il mondo, sono sempre state numerosissime e i qualificati risultati ottenuti hanno posto il SACS di Quiliano come sede tra le più importanti del settore.

Laboratorio Mail art: cartoline, buste e francobolli... - Sabato 5 ottobre, dopo la visita alla mostra, adulti e bambini, seguiti dallo Staff del SACS, avranno a disposizione una postazione con il materiale per realizzare una mail art.

Link 9° Giornata del contemporaneo - Amaci
Link 2° Giornata nazionale delle biblioteche BiblioPride

Biblioteca Civica A. Aonzo Piazza Costituzione - Quiliano (SV)
La mostra delle opere dell’Archivio sarà visibile fino al 12 ottobre 2013.
Orario: martedì, giovedì, sabato 9.00-12.00; martedì, mercoledì, venerdì 15.00-18.00


October 5th - 12th, 2013
Art in the Library. Opening of SACS' Archive

October, Saturday 5th, 2013  -  9.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m./ 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

On the occasion of the 9th Day of Contemporary and of the 2nd National Day of Libraries, SACS (Space of Contemporary Experimental Art) will open its Archive to the public in the Municipal Library A.Aonzo of Quiliano.
SACS' Archive is kept in the Library and it consists of mail-art and net-art works, Artists' Books, "Object d'art" and videos, that were created for several mail-art and digital-art projects by 794 artists, coming from 50 different Countries.
SACS (Space of Contemporary Experimental Art) is a project of the Municipality of Quiliano that is dedicated to contemporary art.
Year after year it has been consolidated the field of the mail-art and digital-art by the realization of numerous exhibitions, among which we mention the International projects CibArt, Artist's book, Futurenergie, The faces of Africa,  Im[m]agine.
The accessions to our projects by Italian and international artists have always been numerous and the qualified results have put the SACS as one of the most important seats in its field. SACS has got its own rich collection of mail-art and digital-art works.

Mail-art Workshop: postcards, envelopes, stamps... - October, Saturday 5th, after the visit to the exhibition,
for adults and children, which will be helped by SACS' Staff and will have at their disposal a workspace with all the necessary materials to create a mail-art work.

Link 9th Day of Contemporary - AMACI
Link 2nd National Day of Libraries - "BiblioPride"

Municipal Library A.Aonzo - Piazza Costituzione - Quiliano (SV)
The works of the Archive will be exposed till October 12th, 2013.
Opening times: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m.; Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

29 September 2013

cup cake - Brasil

click on image to enlarge.


I am trying to collect as many sky photos from different artists and countries as I can for my Art Installation "UNDER THE SAME SKY". This Project was created to promote and inspire universal peace. I have received sky photos from the United States, Russia, England, France, Italy, Chile , Brazil, The Netherlands, Germany, Canada & Greece. If you know an artist from another country or have an artist friend from your own country, please ask them to participate. I am also looking for photos of a lightning storm, tornado funnel clouds, lunar or solar eclipse photos and photos of the aurora borealis to add to the art installation. A very special thank you to all of the wonderful artists who have sent in sky photos to me.

My Mail-Adress (snail and/or E-mail)
Sharon Silverman
P.O. Box 1212
Haverhill, MA 01831- USA


I am building a giant mailart installation called "UNDER THE SAME SKY" for a Gallery. I need at least 500 4x6 inch photos of the sky to finish this project. If you haven't already sent in photos of the sky, please consider helping me. I am collecting sky photos until November 2013. The installation will be documented online at a Gallery Opening in the Winter of 2013. Please read all requirements in the Events Page for the UNDER THE SAME SKY MAILART PROJECT. Thank you to everyone who has sent…

26 September 2013

Open Call for Submissions

Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery is pleased to announce that it will present Zalop: Illusory Correspondence Art, to open February 15, 2014 and run through March 16, 2014.

The show will comprise a wide range of styles and media. The curator will consider old, new, Fluxus, Asemic, MailArt, performance scores/art, add-and-pass sheets, stamp sheets, videos, postcards, copy/xerox art, objects: found/sculptural/etc..., collage, mixed media, installation, and audio files. Although there are no size or media restrictions, please thoroughly specify media, dimensions/time details, technical needs (such as electricity) and any other information pertinent to the display of your work(s). Only original work that has not been previously shown or presented will be considered.

Entries must be postmarked by January 17, 2014 and must be received by February 1, 2014. Artists, please include your name, title, medium, website and email address with your work.

Artists submitting perishable entries should notify Eyedrum of intent to submit by the deadline, including complete information on the work, but the work itself should arrive at the gallery between February 3 and 10, 2014.

Proposals/scripts for performance or process-based/decomposition/
non-mailable/time-sensitive work may be sent immediately.

Proposals and completed work should be mailed to the address below. All submissions will be archived online.

Curated by Michael Orr, an Atlanta based artist, who has been active in the MailArt network since 2008. Since this time, he's anonymously been sending pieces to creatives around the world using the name "Pone". He has worked in different capacities with Emory University, Creative Circus, and Art Institute of Atlanta.

Attn: Andy Imm

Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

115 MLK Jr. Suite 225.

Atlanta, GA 30303 - USA

19 September 2013


Alien Life

I am not human. I am from another planet. I live to document other life forms. Send me any documentation, drawings, photographs or any printed material regarding the existence of alien life.

For my project please send me all postal objects that deal with any technique.


C.Botics / 301 Bambra Road / Caulfield South, Melbourne / Australia / staying0creative@gmail.com

IN RETURN: If you send your postal address with your mail, you will get a return.

17 September 2013

POSTAL | A Mail Art Exhibition

The Franklin Arts Center Resident Artists Gallery invites artists from all over the world to participate in our upcoming mail art exhibition titled, “POSTAL”. Everyone is welcome to participate in this exhibition, all ages and skill levels. This particular exhibition has an open theme, allowing artists to express their creativity and ideas to the fullest extent. 
DEADLINE - October 9, 2013 (All Mail Art submissions must arrive to the gallery by this date)
EXHIBITION - October 11 - November 6, 2013
OPENING RECEPTION - October 11, 2013, 5:00 - 9:00 PM
Franklin Arts Center Resident Artists Gallery, located inside the Franklin Arts Center, in Brainerd, Minnesota. 
The Following Are All Accepted Submission Formats -
- Artwork created on a heavy card stock paper, in the size of a standard postcard - 4 x 6 or 5 x 7
- Artwork in any size, that can be folded down to fit into a standard size envelope - 9 1/2 x 4 1/2
- Artwork/Objects/3D forms that can be sent through the mail unwrapped with a label and postage attached to the item
- All mediums will be accepted (mixed media/collage, painting, drawing, text/poetry, printmaking, photography, digital art, sculpture, etc.)
- Artists are encouraged to use the envelope or various packaging as an art surface, either on its own or in addition to the artwork that is inside it. 
- Unlimited entries (Artists are encouraged to send as many mail art pieces as they would like.)
Please include the following on the back of your artwork -
Name, Address/Country, Email, Title Of Artwork, Medium, Year Of Completion
Martin Nelson
1001 Kingwood St, Suite 215
Brainerd, MN 56401
Following the exhibition, a visual catalogue/book will be created, which will include information and photos from the exhibition “POSTAL”. The book will be a great way to remember the exhibition, and will provide inspiration to you and other artists for future projects. It will also make a great gift to share with friends and family. Once the book is complete, it will be available for purchase online. All artists will be notified when the book becomes available, and if any further information is needed, we will contact you by email.
By submitting artwork to this exhibition, you agree that the Franklin Arts Center Resident Artists Gallery and their staff, can photograph and use images of your artwork for press and advertising purposes, on their social media sites, and in a future publication that documents this exhibition. Additionally, the artist also agrees that they will not receive any direct financial compensation from the Franklin Arts Center Resident Artists Gallery. 
The Franklin Arts Center Resident Artists Gallery is a small art gallery located within the Franklin Arts Center, in Brainerd, Minnesota. As a gallery we strive to bring all people together through art. The Resident Artists Gallery focuses on presenting interesting and exciting exhibitions to the local community, and all who enter our doors. Through these shows, the gallery shows artwork by artists living and working within the Franklin Arts Center building, as well as bringing in other artists from the community and elsewhere to combine creative forces, and open people up to new artists, artwork, and creative ideas that they may have never experienced before.

15 September 2013

Send us your artwork regarding ART

Schicke mir Deine per Post mit Deinem Beitrag zum Thema KUNST.
Send us your artwork regarding ART
Siebensterng. 16
A-1070 Wien
Schicke mir Deine per Post mit Deinem Beitrag zur KUNST.
Send us your artwork regarding our theme: ART - ARTE - ARS

Technik / Technique: frei / free (photo, Collage, painting, drawing, etc...)
Maße / Size: max. ca. 20 x 30 cm...
Einsendeschluss / Deadline: 23. Nov. 2013 / Nov. 23rd. 2013

no fee - no jury - no return - documentation to all /
keine Jury - kein Rückversand - keine Gebühren

Alle Beiträge werden in unregelmäßigen Abständen auf dieser Seite dokumentiert.
Geplant ist auch eine Ausstellung in der KUNSTWERKSTATT.

All entries will be published here.
We intend an exhibition at KUNSTWERKSTATT in Vienna/Austria.

Durch die Teilnahme an diesem Projekt erklärst Du Dein Einverständnis mit der Veröffentlichung Deiner Arbeit.

Agreement is given by participation.

Versand an / Send to:

c/o Jutta Wittmann
Siebensterngasse 16
1070 Vienna

4 September 2013

Playing Cards


Inspired by many artists who are altering playing cards, I got an idea to make this mailart call for all the mailartists who are familiar with this technique or are interested to try something new. I think it would be great get to know each other and swap.
Please send me 2-3 altered playing cards, include your name, adress and e-mail. I will send documentation and some of mine cards back to each participant.

Theme: free
Size: playing card
Technique: ANY that deals with playing cards, only originals
Documentation: blog presentation, digital catalogue, (exhibition?)
Deadline: November 20, 2014 

Aleksandra Grina bulvaris 9-10
Riga, LV-1002

1 September 2013

Project - Help wanted

I am interested in creating an International Mail Art Project with Young People and wondered if you could help me spread the word?
Next year see's the anniversary of WW1 and with a personal interest in Social History and experience of working collaboratively and with Young People, I want to work with artists in different countries to the UK who have:
  • An interest in participatory arts, particularly with young people.
  • An interest in working Internationally on a long term project that would involve mailing artwork back and forwards.
  • The ability to act as the project co-ordinator in your area.
My background involves project managing funded and non-funded art projects, usually around making books and working with printmaking.  The projects always have elements of participation as this feeds my inspiration and motivation.  I recently worked with a fantastic Youth Service in the North East of England and want to develop those connections and work with some of the young people again in a project that gets them thinking outside of their local area.
The idea is in its embryo stage with local and regional partners currently being identified, once this is firmed up I will begin to start fundraising for the project next year.  
If you would like to find out more of if you could suggest an organisation in your area or individual to contact who may be interested in developing a project over the next two years please drop me a line theresa_easton@yahoo.co.uk and take a look at past projects including Fabulous books Fantastic Places or my work here.
Kind Regards

Theresa Easton
Ouseburn Warehouse
Workshops & Studio
36 Lime Street
00 44 (0)7981381830

Civil Aviation: Artist's stamp

“Civil Aviation: Artist's stamp”,
International Mail Art Exhibition

Dear mailartist friends:
Open Call for Entries
International Mail Art Exhibition “Civil Aviation: Artist’s stamp”
Curated by _guroga & Enzo Correnti
Esserci senza esserci (Venezuela section)

We invite artists from all over the world to contribute their Artist’s stamp for International Mail Art Exhibition "Civil Aviation: Artist's stamp"

"Artist's stamp " will be exhibited in the International Civil Aviation Fair (Caracas, Venezuela)

Deadline for Entries: October 1, 2013

Theme: Airplane (Aircraft, Aereo, Avión, Avião, Flugzeug, Avion)

Technique e Size: Artist’s stamp

All works must be sent through the postal system

Include: your name, mailing address, e_mail

No return, no jury, not sale. Artists may submit up to 4 artworks.

All works will be at exhibition

Send to:

g. Rodríguez (_guroga)
Av. Intercomunal El Hatillo,
Apartado Postal 90.004
Código Postal 1083
Estado Miranda - VENEZUELA


If you’d like to submit work for the “mail/art/book” show, take a look at the details below; head over to the XPF Newsroom to download a copy of the postcard front and back!
THEME: “mail/art/book”
Artists are invited to submit work exploring the intersection between mail art and artists’ books, in whatever way, shape, or form that may take. Mail art, artistamps, artists’ books, and other artworks that can be mailed and relate to the theme of mail/art/books are encouraged.
POSTMARK DEADLINE: October 15th, 2013
FORMAT: work must be sent directly through the postal service. Please apply postage directly to your work.
TECHNIQUE: All techniques and mediums accepted including mixed media, collage, montage, sculpture, painting, printmaking, photography, etc.
Documentation in the form of an address list and art zine will be sent to participating artists. Please include your mailing address. The San Francisco Center for the Book will produce a print catalog of the exhibit, which will be available for sale at the opening reception and throughout the show (February 14-April 30, 2014)
This show is curated by Jennie Hinchcliff and John Held Jr. and hosted by the San Francisco Center for the Book.
Jennie Hinchcliff  attn: mail/art/book
PO Box 170271, San Francisco, CA. 94117
(Artwork submitted for the exhibition becomes part of the Red Letter Day archive)
By submitting artwork for this exhibit, you agree that both the San Francisco Center for the Book and Jennie Hinchcliff/Red Letter Day can photograph and use images of your work for future publication and press materials. Additionally, the artist also agrees that they will not receive any direct financial compensation from either the San Francisco Center for the Book or Jennie Hinchcliff/Red Letter Day.
Questions? Contact Jennie at redletterdayzine@gmail.com