30 November 2012

Welcome to Montana

Print the image on A4, add your claim and return to the mentioned address.

28 November 2012


Mailart Project:

Genova, ieri la superba…e oggi?

since Cristoforo Colombo to Fabrizio de Andre’

since Nicolò Paganini a Renzo Piano. Today?

Deadline : 31/12/2013

Size: postcard

No jury, no return, doc to all

Send you works to:


c/o silvano pertone

viale villini rollino 108/1

16154 sestri ponente,

Genova, Italy

26 November 2012


What do you see in the stains of the Moon?
Free medium, maximum size is A3.
Mail to:
Darko Vulic, Route du Coteau 1, 2926 Boncourt, Switzerland

The project does not mention a deadline.
Interesting is that Darko compares this to the reading of coffee stains!

ATC Project - France

25 November 2012

Projet :
« Nous sommes en 2013, finalement, la fin du monde n’était pas pour 2012 !
IUOMA is always alive and celebrates its 25 years ! »

Format 20cm x 20cm, les travaux reçus seront assemblés pour créer une œuvre commune symbolisant IUOMA.
Technique libre.
Date limite 16 Août 2013.

Documentation papier aux participants et sur ce blog http://insomniesetartpostal.blogspot.fr/
Adresse: "E" - Ambassade d'Utopia - 38 Grande Rue - 02300 Guivry - France

Exposition à Guivry (Utopia - France) le Samedi 31 Août et le Dimanche 01 Septembre 2013

Project :
« We are in 2013, finally, the end of the world was not for 2012 !
IUOMA is always alive and celebrates its 25 years ! »

Size 20cm x 20cm, the received works will be assembled to create common work symbolizing IUOMA.
Free technique.
Deadline August 16st 2013.

Paper documentation to the participants and in this blog http://insomniesetartpostal.blogspot.fr/
Address: "E" - Ambassade d'Utopia - 38 Grande Rue - 02300 Guivry - France

Exhibition to Guivry (Utopia – France) on Saturday August 31st and Sunday September 01st 2013 

24 November 2012

The end of the world

Here is your last chance. The world ends on December 21th 2012. funny is the promis of a catalogue and an exhibition in 2013. It only will hapen if the date is wrong.....

Reve & Voyage


23 November 2012


Stehekin is isolated.  During the snows of winter, we’re connected to the outside world only by a boat that navigates Lake Chelan 3 days a week.  We love our isolation but we like to stay connected.  Our artists have begun installing an art show.  With the show we hope to be in touch with artists everywhere by inviting the world-wide community of mail artists to take part.  We think of it as a conversation.

To get the conversation going, every week on our web site,  http://stehekinmailart.weebly.com/lets-talk.html  two of our pieces will be pictured.  This will continue until mid-January.  It will tell you something about us, our home and what we do.  With your art we hope to find out more about you and your place in the world.  Send mail art every week or send it just once.  Your art will go up in our gallery as part of the show.  The written word is also welcome. 

SIZE:  from postcard size up to business envelope size (approximately 4 ½” X 10”).

DEADLINE:  There is no deadline. 

CONTENT:  Your art will not be juried.  However, anything we think inappropriate for our children to see will be shown in a separate space – our version of a “Salon des Refuses”.

ALL ENTRIES will be pictured on our website  http://stehekinmailart.weebly.com/index.html .  I'm sorry, we can’t return your art.



                       PO BX 301

                       Stehekin, Washington

                       98852       USA

20 November 2012






Send an object or drawing or whatever represents [the idea of] RED.
(and do not forget to sign!)


Please send your contribution to:
Gue Schmidt
c/o MAG3
Schiffamtsgasse 17
1020 Vienna




With best wishes

Gue Schmidt

18 November 2012


The Mailmania series continues:

The address:
Dale Roberts - Studio J 
1324 Broad Street, 
Victoria, British Columbia,

email: kenndal@gmail.com
The Mailmania series continues:

The address:
Dale Roberts - Studio J
1324 Broad Street,
Victoria, British Columbia,

email: kenndal@gmail.com

The last Judgement

Festival IMMaginario 3.0

Il giudizio universale

Perugia, 21-25 novembre 2012


"The Last Judgement" is the main theme of the 2012 Festival IMMaginario, a cultural display dedicated to art, creativity and innovation, which will be held from 21 to 25 November, 2012, in Perugia (Italy), inspired by the catastrophic forecast of the Mayan people.

Send us your work on “The Last Judgment”!

All the digital  works will be exposed during the Festival,

while the postcards, sent  by regular mail, will be part of an exhibition, coming soon in Perugia.

Discover more on www.immaginario.tv/mailart

Genre: Mail Art Call - Exhibition

Theme: The Last Judgment

Technique: free (both 2D and 3D)

Please note: No jury, no fee, no return, no sale

Size: by email: between 150 and 300 Dpi (maximum 2 GB).

        postcards:  free


Two deadlines: the first one is for the web attendances (by email): November 25, 2012.

The second one is for the postcards (sent by regular mail): December 20, 2012.

Please send to:

By regular mail:  

Zero in condotta,

Piazza Raffaello, 11

06122 Perugia (PG)


Please provide your full name, nationality, address and email.


Festival IMMaginario,

Serse Luigetti

Mail Art Call: Janus

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Mail Art Call: Janus

Theme: JANUS
Janus, the ancient Roman god of beginnings and transitions, is usually depicted as a two-faced god looking both to the future and to the past. He presides over both abstract and concrete beginnings and transitions, thus he is concerned with gates, doors and doorways, bridges, time, the beginning and ending of the year, the sun, the moon, light, and movement.

open format, size, technique
no jury, no fees, no returns
documentation to participants
Some online documentation on this site!

Deadline: December 28, 2012
Exhibition in January

Please send work on the theme of Janus to:

Janus – South Store Cafe
24485 SW Scholls Fy. Rd.
Hillsboro, OR 97123 - USA

14 November 2012


I would like to compose a poem that is made up of statements sent to me through the mail by IUOMA members. To participate, send a statement to me that begins, "I remember..."
The statement should have something to do with snail mail or IUOMA. Any length, but shorter is better. You can send more than one statement.
I will put the statements together and present the poem here.
Send your statement on a card to:

Theresa Williams
1800 Bowling Green Road East
Bradner, OH 43406-9783

This assignment is based on the poem, "I Remember," a 138 page poem by Joe Brainard made up of statements that begin, "I remember..."

MAILART-EXHIBIT: Theme- "Dear Teacher: Lessons in gender and gender expression”.

Please respond by creating a letter/message to a teacher in which you give, or report on a lesson you learned about gender or gender expression while you were inschool.


Only original works of mail art are accepted, no photocopies.

Size: max. 8 1/2" x 11". Please send one or two dimensional works only.

Quantity: 1 artwork per artist.


Send your artwork by regular mail only. If you wish to receive a digital image of the final art display, please include anemail address. Unless you indicate otherwise, all references to your identity will be removed from the mail art and displayed anonymously.


Deadline: April 30, 3013

No jury, no return, no fee, no sale.


This project has been reviewed and approved by the University of Victoria research ethics office. Interested individuals need to review the informed consent document, posted on the weblog: “Gender Lessons: My first mail art project”. Visit the website http://www.genderlessonsformyteacher.wordpress.com  or email the researcher, Dr. Catherine McGregor at cmcgreg@uvic.ca  to receive a copy.


Documentation: All entries will be documented visually and posted on a wordpress page (http://lessonsformyteacher.wordpress.com

 Entries will be exhibited at the University of Victoria during the CSSE Congress conference, June 1-5th, 2013.


Agreement to participate in this research project is given and agreement to post/display your work anonymously is implied by your participation in this mail art project.

Thank you, I am looking forward to receiving your artwork.

Send to: Dr. Catherine McGregor, Leadership Studies, University of Victoria, Faculty of Education.

PO Box 1700 STN CSC,
Victoria, BC. V8W 2Y2

13 November 2012

Exhibition 2013 IUOMA

IUOMA exhibitions 2013
In 2013 the IUOMA will be 25 years old. There will be no central exhibition, but all members are encourages to make their own (large, medium, small) exhibition, and to ask members to send them IUOMA stuff for that exhibition. This groups is a central point for starting those projects. Each project will be owned by a member. Have a go if you like the challenge.

Join the IUOMA or even the specific group at:


12 November 2012

Support this blog

You can support this blog by buying some of the books at:


the IUOMA bookstore with dozens of publications on mail-art.

Or more into Fluxus , go to this bookstore:


and get some unique publications in return.

Books and E-books. Color and B&W versions, even some free E-books available.

Digital ERA - Belgium

4 November 2012

BOSCH - Netherlands

Free size. Free medium. No returns. No fees.
Ongoing project. No deadline. First exhibition in 2013.
Online gallery on the Internet: http://boschvisions.blogspot.com
Documentation to all participants
Send your contribution to:
The Museum of Instant Images
Beckershagen 15 - Chaam - 4861 SE
The Netherlands - NL
e-mail: mii@colori.nl

The Vodou LWA - UK

sent from my iPad, which is prone to typos!

Just a kid again!

what does it mean to be a kid again?
what would it take to rediscover how it felt back than?
where was the innocence lost?
why have we forgotten ourselves?
Pondering on the questions above, we may recapture memories, images, feelings in order to redifine the present.
sent your massage to the children and support them.

TeeToTuM organize the 3nd international Mail-Art Exhibition THEME: ''just a kid again''
Comment: 3nd International Mail Art - Veroia, Greece.
Size: min: 20cm (8 inches) max: 30cm (11 inches)
Deadline: sent your work till 15\12\2012
Info: For this exhibition please send more than one work in any medium that deal with any technique at: Georgia Grigoriadou / Doiranis 19 / Thessaloniki 54638 / Greece /or at: Fotini Hamidieli \ Pindou 44 street \Veroia\59100\Greece
No fee
No return
All works will be exhibited at Papatzikou Gallery in Veroia (https://www.facebook.com/vicky.papatzikou) on December and will be for sale in order to support the Initiative for Children of the city of Veroia (an organization for the welfare of underprivileged children)
Exhibition Opening: will be announced soon.

For more information please contact Georgia Grigoriadou at: email to: gogo@go-teetotum.gr or fhamidieli@gmail.com

Please forward!