31 March 2011

e-MailArt ::: "THE HORIZON"

e-MailArt ::: "EL HORIZONTE"
[convocatoria abierta / sin fecha límite]
guarde la imagen en su disco rígido;
sin cambiar la resolución del archivo,
intervenga la imagen; luego, envíe su obra
por email a: latranca.curamalal@gmail.com
las obras se publicarán en:

e-MailArt ::: "THE HORIZON"
[open call / no deadline]
save the image at your hard disk;
then alter it but not the resolution
of the archive; then, send your work
by email to: latranca.curamalal@gmail.com
the works will be published at:

El Aromo y El Fresno, s/n
Cura Malal (7548), Bs. As., Argentina

Cafe Life

Cafe Life

Mail art from, for, to and about cafe life and all things related to coffee!

Any media, any size

Deadline October 1, 2011

Exhibited in cafe November, 2011

Legible addresses will receive a card

Send to:
The South Store Cafe
24485 SW Scholls Ferry Rd.
Hillsboro, OR 97123 - USA


Johnnie Rodrigues Search

29 March 2011

1962-2012 – 50 YEARS of MAIL ART

1962-2012 – 50 YEARS of MAIL ART
in homage to RAY JOHNSON,

From this lucky intuition of the american artists Edward M. Plunkett and Ray Johnson, that gave life to the international network more frequented of the art history (the MAIL ART), fifty years passed.
Relations, exchanges, meetings, interventions, projects etc. are alternate always in a climate of active and continuous participation, overcoming any political and ideological barrier.
This “dance” of artistic correspondence involved and still involves all the Nations. Now, these
are invited to celebrate together this important anniversary, sending a sign of renewed adherence, love and gratitude to a “School” that had been in position to join artists of all the world, in a kind of “artistic collective story”, testimony of “to make art” through the sharing, the gift and the absolute freedom.

Tecnica/Medium: libera/free
Dimensioni/sizes : A4
Scadenza/Deadline: 31st Marzo/March 2012

Inviare le opere/send the works to :

c/o Anna Boschi
Via G. Tanari, 1445/B – 40024 Castel S.Pietro Terme-BO (Italy)

Project in Italy

27 March 2011

Mail art call theme: Amulet

Convocatoria de arte correo tema: "Amuleto"
Los Amuletos pueden atraer o repeler. Para la buena suerte o para protección. Universales o personales. Objeto producido en masa u objeto significativo. Enviame el tuyo.
Técnica y tamaño libre.
Fecha de cierre: Agosto 2011
Documentación a todos.
Exposición acá:
Enviar a:
Pje. Mataco 1488
CP 1407 C. A. Bs. As.

Mail art call theme: Amulet
The amulets can attract or repel.
For the good luck or for protection. Universal or personal. Object produced in mass or significant object. Send me yours.
Free size and technique.
Deadline: August-2011
Documentation to all.
Exhibition here www.flickr.com/photos/entierroblanco/
Send to:
Pje. Mataco 1488
CP 1407 C. A. Bs. As.

24 March 2011

Pelee Island Community Arts

Mail Art Project

Pelee Island Community Arts (Art Works) would like to invite artists to participate in a mail art project for Spring of 2011. Spring is a time of great activity on the island, the migration of thousands of birds visit Pelee on their way to more northern climates and cottagers and tourists arrive to take advantage of Pelee's isolation and natural beauty. Therefore, the theme of this project is FLIGHT. Art submitted for this project will be displayed at Pelee Island Community Arts gallery as well as online via their website. The deadline for the submissions is May 6, 2011. Please only submit entries that are postcard sized (4x6”). There will be mailed documentation for all participants, but please include a SASE with submission. Multiple submissions are welcome. There are no returns, no jury and no fee to participate.

Please remit artworks to:
Suzanne Friemann/co Pelee Art Works,
82 East West Road,
Pelee Island, Ontario,
Canada, N0R 1M0.

For further information: peleeartworks@gmail.com

Suzanne Friemann, Manager
Pelee Island Community Arts
82 East West Road
Pelee Island, ON
N0R 1M0
519-724-9916 (May- October)

23 March 2011


Bay Shore, New York
Reception: Saturday, 13 August 2011
Exhibition: 31 July–2 September 2011
Deadline to Gallery: 15 July 2011

Artists are invited to create their own book pages that illustrate their unique interpretations of THE TIES THAT BIND all living things universally through death. They may also choose to celebrate the ties that now bind all ABAD artists throughout the world (courtesy of Ray Johnson and Matthew Rose). Any interpretation is welcome.
All these pages will then be bound together in a handmade book. A BOOK ABOUT DEATH will finally become a hand-bound book produced by global artists.

This new exhibit will feature for the first time, work from worldwide artists that are actual pages
like Ray Johnson originally created in 1963, and NOT postcards

Create a one- or two-sided piece on a 5.5” x 8.5” (Digest Size) sheet of paper (PAPER–not card stock).

Format may be vertical or horizontal. It does NOT have to say "A Book About Death" anywhere on it.
Submit two copies—one will be hung on the walls of the gallery and the other will be bound into a handmade volume, thereby furnishing an Omega to the Alpha of the Unbound Book of the original show. The book will be handmade and bound by an original ABAD artist, LuAnn T. Palazzo (TheDesignDiva.net), and also displayed at the exhibition.

The exhibited book(s) will go into the permanent collection of the Second Avenue Firehouse Gallery. After the show comes down, I will also make books from the displayed pages in hopes that the MoMA, NY will want them!

Artists can include any information about themselves on the pages, front or back. The exhibition organizers only ask that you submit good work, worthy of an interesting and exciting page in this global book.

The two pages are then to be mailed to the gallery in Bay Shore, NY for exhibition.
All submissions will also be posted on this blog. Please email those in 180 ppi jpg file format.

ABAD 23 / LuAnn Palazzo
The Second Avenue Firehouse Gallery
17 Second Avenue, Bay Shore, New York 11706 USA

SEND 180 ppi JPGS TO:
Documentation: online http://abad-23.blogspot.com
Info: designdivany@gmail.com

20 March 2011

IUOMA Network

YOU project

APPEAL for “YOU project”

APPEAL for “YOU project”

Living up to the Earthquake Japan!
「あなたへ あなたと」(anatae anatato) “for YOU with YOU” mail-art project.
“YOU project” implores you to give us your heart and power with your own words and creativities.

The enormous earthquake hit Japan on March 11, 2011. We could nothing but being shocked, being lamented, and praying. We would like to do something, no, we MUST do something. However, I’m afraid that we may be able to do only a small thing. The only thing we have come up with is “YOU project.”

“YOU” literally means “friends,” “being,” “bonds,” “mail,” and “you,” in Japanese. You, who are suffering from the earthquake; you, who lost your loved ones, ……; you, who are sunk in grief. We will collect messages from every one worldwide for YOU.

“YOU project” is a mail-art project. You may want to send a postcard that 「あなたへ あなたと」(anatae anatato)“for YOU with YOU” on to our office. The postcard can carry your messages together with illustrations and photos.

APPEAL for “YOU project”

We have not yet decided how to put those cards on display. To begin with, we update them onto our website in due order. We would like to exhibit, or, when it is allowed, to visit some people watching how things go. We will report what we are doing on our webpage at all times.

We hope that many people will take part in this project.

We hope that we can make a circle of thoughts from everyone worldwide.

「あなたへ あなたと」(anatae anatato)“to YOU with YOU”

Proposers of “YOU project”
OKADO Megumiko

see for details: http://you-project.net/

16 March 2011

CREATIVA meeting

In occasion of the CREATIVA meeting that is to be held 28 May 2011 in Annigoni square in Florence, we invite you to participate in the exhibition of Mail art on the topic: “The Mail Art , spring of the art, greets with joy and hope the spring of peoples in revolt against the oppression and the exploitation”

Free Dimension and technique . Deadline : 15may

The works, that will be guarded in the archives of Gianni Broi, will be exposed to the public the 28 may 2011, and then they will be visible on line in: DODODADA ARTE POSTALE http://dododada.ning.com/forum/topics/progetto-di-mail-artper

Please send to :
Gianni Broi for
« Créativa» PO Box 680 - 50123 FLORENCE (Italy)
(NOTE : The old number of my case,684, is not more valid) Contacts : Tel.+39/055359868/Mob.+39/3292251456

15 March 2011

RIZOO - 2011

Dear artist,

it's Rizoo, remember? The Mail Art Project Portogruaro 2010 which you participated last year?

Well, now we are planning for a new event in May dedicated to water and one of the participating artists, Marco Ceccotto (http://vimeo.com/marcocecotto)
is collecting audio files relating to water to make his sound-installation.

Would you help us with your contribution? If so, here's how:

- Record an original audio file (no copies or extracts from existing files or from files covered by copyright);
- The file must be in .Wav format (not. Mp3 or other, only .Wav format)
- The length of the file is up to you (Ceccotto will be free to change the duration and/or create loops)
- The subject of the audio file must be the water and it's use
- The context must be domestic or daily use of the water, i.e. the audio has to deal with the daily contact with the water, what we can do every day (eg. bathing, eating, cleaning, watering, etc.).
- Send it via e-mail and write clearly: sender name+surname+nickname/alias, type of action taken, number of people (or machine) involved in the action (if more than one), specific place of action, place of origin of sender
- deadline: 31st MARCH
- Files that do not have these features (including data to be written in the mail) will not be used.

If you send a file, you'll be mentioned in the work.

You can send the file to this mail:


Thank you for your availability.

We will keep you informed on the event.

See you soon.

Giovanni Maria Rocca
- -
Rizoo Group

13 March 2011

Corn Crosses.Net E-Mail Art Project

Please send everything about corn

It is said that the civilization in America begun with the cultivation of corn. But what means corn today? What means Mon810 from Monsanto? About these and other questions of our so called progress and civilisation is this e-mail art project to support a planet without gen food and against speculation using nature resources for particular interests of big business.

No Return – No Selection – No Jury
All mail art, works, information and resources will be published in http://corn.crosses.net

Only Mail Art by email, please send to
Subject: Corn E-Mail Art Project
Deadline: 21.12.2012
Please email your application with following information:
Tecnical specification:

Thank you!

11 March 2011


Today we invite you to become an envoy for peace.

Peace, is not only concern for this world, but also means peace in everyday life.Peace in its meaning is nearly identical with “life”.
Peace -the word is spoken million-fold every day, is whispered full of hope, and is deeply longed for in prayers.
Every chance should be used to point out the imminent threats of war and encourage peaceful coexistence.

For the initiative “Friends of the Trees”in Minden the 25th anniversary of the catastrophe of Chernobyl is the motive to address an appeal to creative people of all ages and nationalities and to motivate people to participate in a happening under the motto:
Peace in my town - A tree for peace. The tree as a messenger for peace.

Each work of art should be a postcard, any kind of format is welcome.
All postcards which reach us will be part of an exhibition on the 26th April in Minden at the Johanniskirchhof.Pino Fusaro, the founder of the aid organizations “Childrens’ Smile”and “peaceworkers.de" and Peter Küstermann, mailartist, author, and chairman of the cultural association “Wolkenstein e.V.” will open this exhibition at 15:00 hrs.
You are very welcome to take part in this event.
Together with children and guests the messages of peace will be draped in and around a tree.

In July this year, the maps published in a gallery on the web
In November this year for the period of 4 weeks the creations will be exhibited in the Public Library of Minden.

Baumfreunde Minden
Postfach 1543
32375 Minden

friedvolle Grüße
Elisabeth Schmelzer
Baumfreunde Minden
0571-3 87 27 10
0049 571 3 87 27 10


http://www. bund-minden-luebbecke.de

10 March 2011


also known as Genius Loci

in June i shall be doing an artist residency at the Beverley Station Gallery,Avon Valley ,in the Wheatbelt of in rural Western Australia. i shall be making work on the theme of Spirit of Place [the Romans called this Genius Loci] if this subject appeals to you, i would welcome your visual contributions,of what Spirit of Place means to you?

Medium any, collage,vispo, poetry,textile,photo ,painting etc
Size, standard postcard,via snail mail please
Deadline 15th may 2011
Documentation on IUOMA july/aug 2011
Exhibition Beverley Station Gallery june 2011

mail please to

helen amyes
kitty paw cottage
12 wheeler street,
western australia




7 March 2011

Skull Appreciation Day

Skull Appreciation
Show your appreciation for SKULLS!

On the First Friday in June (3 June 2011) Skull-a-day will have a huge event at Gallery5  in Richmond, Virginia, USA, in support of Skull Appreciation Day. There will be an exhibit of skull related work. The exhibit will be up for a month. The following day, there'll be a party with craft tables, music, munchies, and more. You're invited to come!

Be a part of the momentous event! Send your Mail Art to be exhibited! Let's appreciate skulls. We all have them.

Theme: SKULLS (of course)
Deadline: 27 May 2011 
size: standard postcard
medium: any
send to:
P.O. Box 73236
Richmond, VA 23235

2 March 2011

Room with a view

Room With a View

3/1/2011 – 12/1/2011. What do you see when you look out your window? What do you see when you look around the room you are in? What is the best view of your city? Call for works that are inspired by your surroundings.

Size and technique open as long as you can snail mail it. Please include your return address and we will mail you an exhibit compilation post card. Please also include your email address with your submission for documentation.

All submissions will be exhibited at Lemon Street Gallery and Artspace Inc.Kenosha, Wisconsin USA from 01/01/2012 thru 03/31//2012.

Visit our Website at http://www.lemonstreetgallery.org/ for more information.

Mail to:

Jeanine Ferguson
%Lemon Street Gallery and Artspace Inc.
4601 Sheridan Rd.
Kenosha WI 53140 - USA

Comic on Envelop

1 March 2011


a call for mail art entries to our annual mail art exhibition at Mount Mary College, Milwaukee, WI, hosted by Studio 455. Our theme for the year is "tone", which is open for interpretation. In the tradition of mail art, the work will not be returned. We like to think of it as "make and release".

Postmark deadline: March 21, 2011
Exhibition opens: April 1, 2011
Exhibition: April 1-May 15, 2011

Mail to:
Studio 455: Tone
Mount Mary College
2900 N Menomonee River Parkway
Milwaukee, WI 53222-4597

Thank you,
Jordan Acker Anderson
Assistant Professor, Fine Arts
Mount Mary College
414-258-4810 x408