11 March 2011


Today we invite you to become an envoy for peace.

Peace, is not only concern for this world, but also means peace in everyday life.Peace in its meaning is nearly identical with “life”.
Peace -the word is spoken million-fold every day, is whispered full of hope, and is deeply longed for in prayers.
Every chance should be used to point out the imminent threats of war and encourage peaceful coexistence.

For the initiative “Friends of the Trees”in Minden the 25th anniversary of the catastrophe of Chernobyl is the motive to address an appeal to creative people of all ages and nationalities and to motivate people to participate in a happening under the motto:
Peace in my town - A tree for peace. The tree as a messenger for peace.

Each work of art should be a postcard, any kind of format is welcome.
All postcards which reach us will be part of an exhibition on the 26th April in Minden at the Johanniskirchhof.Pino Fusaro, the founder of the aid organizations “Childrens’ Smile”and “peaceworkers.de" and Peter Küstermann, mailartist, author, and chairman of the cultural association “Wolkenstein e.V.” will open this exhibition at 15:00 hrs.
You are very welcome to take part in this event.
Together with children and guests the messages of peace will be draped in and around a tree.

In July this year, the maps published in a gallery on the web
In November this year for the period of 4 weeks the creations will be exhibited in the Public Library of Minden.

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