15 March 2011

RIZOO - 2011

Dear artist,

it's Rizoo, remember? The Mail Art Project Portogruaro 2010 which you participated last year?

Well, now we are planning for a new event in May dedicated to water and one of the participating artists, Marco Ceccotto (http://vimeo.com/marcocecotto)
is collecting audio files relating to water to make his sound-installation.

Would you help us with your contribution? If so, here's how:

- Record an original audio file (no copies or extracts from existing files or from files covered by copyright);
- The file must be in .Wav format (not. Mp3 or other, only .Wav format)
- The length of the file is up to you (Ceccotto will be free to change the duration and/or create loops)
- The subject of the audio file must be the water and it's use
- The context must be domestic or daily use of the water, i.e. the audio has to deal with the daily contact with the water, what we can do every day (eg. bathing, eating, cleaning, watering, etc.).
- Send it via e-mail and write clearly: sender name+surname+nickname/alias, type of action taken, number of people (or machine) involved in the action (if more than one), specific place of action, place of origin of sender
- deadline: 31st MARCH
- Files that do not have these features (including data to be written in the mail) will not be used.

If you send a file, you'll be mentioned in the work.

You can send the file to this mail:


Thank you for your availability.

We will keep you informed on the event.

See you soon.

Giovanni Maria Rocca
- -
Rizoo Group

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