26 July 2008

Le Nombril du Monde

Send to : Le nombril du monde, 79130 Pougne Herisson, France

23 July 2008

12 deeds of Hercules Hero Image call

send to: Vladimir Gritsay / P.O. Box 459 / Krasnodar 42 / 350042 Russia

17 July 2008

a mail art show makes the local newspaper

I know this is where announcements are made for mail art calls - but I also wanted to share this link of a local newspaper with a lovely write-up about a mail art show you might have sent me mail for - the author even adds a homage to Ray Johnson:


16 July 2008

O mar, el mar, the sea, la mer, il mare

Quienes vayáis a Muros (A Coruña, Galicia), no dejar de ver la exposición de arte postal (mail art), O MAR, un proyecto creado por CARLOS BOTANA.
Café O Pouso Avda. Castelao, 112 Muros
ver blog exposición:

ver blog exposición:
O mar, el mar, the sea, la mer, il mare

14 July 2008

Kids and Mail Art

Hi, some of you know me from my blog Visual Influence and The Emergence Project. I do a lot of Mail Art, and I have a six-year old son who has recently become very interested in it. He has done a whole ton of Mail Art and we need other kids to exchange it with. So if anybody has children who would be interested, please send him something! Or even if you are an adult that would like some of his artwork, feel free to send something. Personally, I love children's artwork because it is so fresh and original, kids have none of the preconceived notions about art that some adults have:) Any questions, e-mail me at sarah@theemergenceproject.com

Matt Cramer
1717 Alfred Drive
Luxemburg, WI 54217


13 July 2008


We are organizing the Fist Worldwide Convention Of Artistic Resources in Italy (Cairo Montenotte).

All artists interested are invited to write for list of invitation:

Mail address:


Cas. Post. 163

17014 Cairo Montenotte

dedadline: 2th september 2008

9 July 2008

fluxkit project HELP!!!!

the contemporary museum in St. Louis is sponsoring a studio tour on
sunday, July 19th which will include a tour of FLUXUS/ARTFARM - my
studio/farm by the river. They're telling me to expect about 200
visitors, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to put together
a small "FLUXKIT" - envelope - sized, that people can have to keep.
I'm looking for Images, Scores,fluxus bucks,artiststamps, poems,
etc... that I can print out on a 1/4 sheet of paper. sorry for the
short notice, the Idea just hit me.

*****If you're intersted, just send me an image, today if possible****

( sorry again about the rush ) and I'll print them up. make sure that
the work contains your name, signature or stamp so that we know who
it's from,
and I'll print up enough to send one to everyone who contributes, along
with a list of participating artists. If this works out well, maybe I
can start doing this every few months - It could be a fun project, and
a way for us all to connect a little more.
send your submission to : keith9963@...

4 July 2008

Shopping Trolley Gallery News

A letter to all mail artists from Martha Aitchison in London, UK

I have decided to give up the shopping trolley because I am so busy that my husband John has taken over the shopping and the gallery doesn’t get around as much as it should. So it is retiring but I am not, I shall find other ways to display mail art. With thanks to the many great artists that have participated in my STG shows I invite you all to:

THE LAST SHOW - on the occasion of the retirement of THE SHOPPING TROLLEY GALLERY - and as an homage to the many artists whose work has been shown on it since 1996, during its many trips to local shops carrying the household shopping

THEME: Free MEDIA: flat artwork on paper postcard size or smaller.

DEADLINE: end November 2008

SEND TO: LAST SHOW Box 108 Beckenham BR3 1GY (UK)
Your artwork will be exhibited at the Tate Britain, at least we will try, somehow and by stealth, during the next

FIELD STUDY INTERNATIONAL MEETING-which will be held on JANUARY 3, 2009 at 12 NOON at the TATE BRITAIN - MAIN ENTRANCE,MILLBANK, LONDON, SW1P 4RG, UK.Please join us.The show will also be displayed, starting now, on www.mailartmartha.org.uk and postal documentation will be sent to all participants

Martha Aitchison www.nottwo.org.uk
Postal address: STG-UK, box 108, Beckenham BR3 1GY, UK

Wheelie Bin Gallery

Find more videos like this on OPEN Fluxus

Wheelie Bin Gallery


arte invisibile - ognuno ha la sua - e artista segreto, che siamo noi.
scriptis in cairo montis noctuli saonae italiorum, Veneris die 4 julius 2008 - b.c.

- l’arte normalmente è invisibile al pubblico

- l’artista lavora e sperimenta in segreto e documenta anche i suoi errori

- segna il territorio come un animale selvatico lasciando trappole e tesori, mappe fasulle e mappe del tesoro

- dissemina ineffabilmente le sue prove d’autore in ogni luogo,
recepibili solo dalle sensibilità in sintonia e ironia

-si incontra con altri artisti segreti in meeting riservati
e discreti per disgelare percorsi, prove d’arte, carte degli errori

- scambia per via postale, manuale, telematica, telefonica, telepatica,
prove e capolavori, messaggi e richieste, suggerimenti, testimonianze…..

- lascia un patrimonio durevole per i meritevoli e i preposti, zavorra e ninnoli, patacche e gemme

- le performance pubbliche sono porno show….

Scrivi e spedisci a: Fluxusfactor Y - b.c. casella postale 163 - 17014 cairo montenotte - italia