9 July 2008

fluxkit project HELP!!!!

the contemporary museum in St. Louis is sponsoring a studio tour on
sunday, July 19th which will include a tour of FLUXUS/ARTFARM - my
studio/farm by the river. They're telling me to expect about 200
visitors, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to put together
a small "FLUXKIT" - envelope - sized, that people can have to keep.
I'm looking for Images, Scores,fluxus bucks,artiststamps, poems,
etc... that I can print out on a 1/4 sheet of paper. sorry for the
short notice, the Idea just hit me.

*****If you're intersted, just send me an image, today if possible****

( sorry again about the rush ) and I'll print them up. make sure that
the work contains your name, signature or stamp so that we know who
it's from,
and I'll print up enough to send one to everyone who contributes, along
with a list of participating artists. If this works out well, maybe I
can start doing this every few months - It could be a fun project, and
a way for us all to connect a little more.
send your submission to : keith9963@...

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