26 January 2009

“Peace is costly but it is worth the expense” --African Proverb

"Peace is costly but it is worth the expense"...an African proverb.

This is the 2009 theme of the annual essay contest sponsored by the Richmond Peace Education Center in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Each year they sponsor a contest for young people in the Commonwealth of Virginia with a peace theme. This year, we thought it would be wonderful to open the theme to the Mail Art community around the world. Please join us with your thoughts on this theme.

Size: 10 cm x 15 cm ( 4" x 6" )
Standard Postal card size

Any medium.

Deadline: 20 April 2009

No jury, no returns.

All entries will be posted at: http://www.peaceiscostlybut.blogspot.com

Send your entry to:

"Peace is costly but...."
Richmond Peace Education Center
400 W. 32nd St.
Richmond, VA 23225

thanks, mim

Push the Envelope

CALL | SUNSCAD | Push the Envelope | FEB 15
Dear art enthusiast,

The Students’ Union of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University
(SUNSCAD) is curating an exhibition of radical mail art. The word radical
is used to denote a revolutionary fervor for social and derived from the
phrase “changes at the root.” We are seeking work that pushes the envelope,
so to speak, of capitalist culture. Work can directly embody change, or
focus on theoretical engagement. We recognize that there are diverse voices
of resistance, and that there is no one form of oppression greater than
another, so we are interested in work fighting any form of injustice.


Please send your letter mail sized submission to:
SUNSCAD c/o NSCAD University
5163 Duke Street
Halifax, NS
B3J 3J6

Remember to include a return address if you require us to sent back your
submission after the exhibition.

Submission Deadline February 15th, 2008
Exhibition March 2-7, 2008 at the Anna Leonowens Gallery, NSCAD University
as part of the exhibition and lecture series “Where have all the Radicals
Gone?” co-presented by Eyelevel and SUNSCAD.

P.S. This call is open anyone who makes something rad and mails it to us.

25 January 2009

Mail Art Research Project

This is an update for the earlier Mail Art Research Project-posts.

I got lots of answers to my survey. Thank you very mutch for everyone
who answered!

You can still participate by sending me me mail art in the theme of
"What mail art means to me?". All the mail art I receive will be in a
web exhibition which comes out after the research. The size and
technique is free. The deadline for the mail art is March 31, 2009.

You can send the mail art to this address:

Miina Ruokonen
Harjunpaankatu 3 h 118
28100 Pori

I have all ready received lots of wonderful mail art, thank you for that!

If you have any questions about the research you can contact me by
e-mail: miina.ruokonen(at)utu.fi. Thank you for your help!

Yours Miina Ruokonen

New project from Peter Küstermann - Germany


Dear Mail-Art friends,

twenty-seven years ago, I edited my first Mail-Art Catalog for Peace still during the cold war. In re-united Germany, I have started now teaching Mail-Art in the army. My students are former soldiers with experience in Kosovo and Afghanistan. Most of them were still born in the GDR = East Germany.

They have chosen to be re-trained as kindergartners and educators, i.e.: men in a traditional women´s profession. Their school is inside the baracks in Berlin, and the training is led by a woman. This means practical peace work to me today.

My course has launched the Mail-Art invitation „eMANcipation“ about their new work field, see below. The exhibition will travel from the barracks through kindergardens, museums, churches, and schools. During the International Mail-Art & Performance-Festival it will be shown in Minden´s City Hall.

I higly recommend you send your original contributions to this unique and pioneering project in art history and gender mainstreaming, by snail-mail please = not e-mail.

Thank you.
Peter Netmail


„eMANcipation“ -
Men in a Women´s Job -
A project by educator students of Bundeswehrfachschule Berlin
Format: Postcard ca. 10x15 cm
Technique: free
Deadline: 15 April 2009
Catalog: to every participant
Report: in color, in culture magazine „Oswald“
Exhibitions: at General-Steinhoff-Barracksand at Mailart-Mekka Minden in the townhall

Please send to:
Friederike Moser-Vief
Mailart Projekt
Bundeswehrfachschule Berlin
Kladower Damm 182D
14089 BERLIN

19 January 2009

Museum of Ornamental Post Salon / Mail Art Show

The date hasn't been settled yet but to fight the doledrums of the Canadian winter and bring artists together for a little winter cheer we are holding a salon/mail art show. The deadline is a bit tight but send something by mid February to the Museum for display. Please include info for your work, if you are interested in receiving work back, your website and whatever else you would like to promote. We would like to expose people to as much art as possible. There will also be a music and video portion to this open door night as well, so feel free to send anything.

And if you will be in the neighbourhood, you are always welcome to drop by, time and date to follow.

Museum of Ornamental Post

Theme is open.

send work to:
Museum of Ornamental Post
457 Craven
Toronto, Ontario
M4L 2Z5


12 January 2009

IUOMA-Member list January 2009

B&W and Colour-Version of the IUOMA Member list. This book contains an overview of all members that joined the http://iuoma-network.ning.com/ platform from November 13th 2008 till January 12th 2009. The IUOMA is now 20 years old. On this electronic platform the old and new IUOMA-members have joined in again. Each member created his/her own page with its own look. A screen capture of each member is included.


Two versions of the IUOMA member list are published. A colour-version and a B&W version. The download-version is available for free for all IUOMA-members. A printed version costs money but supports the IUOMA. The money will be used to donated these books to archives and museums. A future publication with historic and new material (both visual and text) are being planned and will be available later in 2009.

Details at : http://stores.lulu.com/iuoma for both books. Download for FREE.


B&W version: http://www.lulu.com/content/5669512 for € 19,98 (256 pages)

Colour-version: http://www.lulu.com/content/5669228 for € 49,98 (256 pages)

This overview of IUOMA-members has been made on January 12th 2009. As a first celebration of the 20-years that the IUOMA is alive a screen capture has been made of every member of the online Platform located at: http://iuoma-network.ning.com/

A book with texts and visuals connected to the 20 years on IUOMA is in preparation and will follow later this year. If you would like to send in a text or visual, just let me know.

11 January 2009

Year without BullShit - Russia

« The self-portrait//Enter»

The Mail Art Project «The self-portrait//Enter»
«The 90-th anniversary of the Yaroslavl Art Museum»

Theme: «The self-portrait//Enter»
The greeting card to the 90 anniversary of the Yaroslavl Art Museum.

Size: any size is available

Technique: free (a drawing, a photo, a collage, etc.)

A card should be sent by mail abroach that is without an envelope. A forwarding must be paid off by postage stamps.
The works are neither returned to you and paid off nor evaluated.

Exhibition: The Exposition is formed by the works the Yaroslavl Art Museum will receive during the year of 2009.

The documentation: http://artmuseum.yar.ru

The deadline of works presentation: December 31, 2009
Please, send your greeting cards to the following address:

The Yaroslavl Art Museum
The Volga Embankment, 23

The Idea of the project, the curator of the exhibition:
Olga Volkova, a scientific associate of the Yaroslavl Art Museum

The Adviser of the project: Tatyana Makarova, a mail-art artist

The Mail Art Project « The self-portrait//Enter»
«The 90-th anniversary of the Yaroslavl Art Museum»

In 2009 the Yaroslavl Art Museum will celebrate its 90-th anniversary.
During this jubilee year everyone can take part in the mail-art project « The self-portrait//Enter».

Mail-art – the art of the postal correspondence and service, which became an independent art trend nearly 50 years ago. It is based not on the aesthetic or stylistic principles, but the way of works delivery from a creator to a spectator is in the focus of our attention. The works should be sent by mail and contain postage stamps, postmarks, that are the signs of postal payment, and belong to the system of postal links.

Since 2007 the Yaroslavl Art Museum has had close ties with the Federal Postal Administration of the Yaroslavl Region “Post of Russia”. In the vestibule of our museum one can see the famous Russian postal blue boxes. Our visitors have a wonderful opportunity to send either a telegram or a card wherever and whomever he wants.
The project “Self-portrait//Enter” changes the aim of correspondence and is looking forward to getting congratulations addressed to the museum.
The project continues traditions of the Yaroslavl Art Museum which takes special pride in the collection of postcards dated back to the last century. They are on display during the whole year.
The exposition “Self-portrait//Enter” is being formed by the works of the Yaroslavl Art Museum and will be the constant part of its perspective congratulations.

9 January 2009

Celebrating 20 years of IUOMA

After 20 years of IUOMA there should be some special documentation. I just need some input too from IUOMA-members new and old about what this could be…

See website: http://www.iuoma.org/iuoma.html and for taking part in the discussion join in at: http://iuoma-network.ning.com/group/iuoma20years. You can also just become a member of the IUOMA there by goin first to: http://iuoma-network.ning.com/


Mail-Art for GALLERY 7

please send Mail Art for a Mail Art event in February! Open Themed, any size, documentation to all, Art to be shown in Gallery 7 during the event. Please send now for February 12th, 2009 event...

Send to:

# 7 West Ave. B
Hutchinson, Kansas 67501 USA

Thank you for your participation!

Jenny Soup

8 January 2009

Archiving Mail-Art projects for the future

This blog is fully archived every month. This way all the Mail-Art projects that are published here will be available for researchers later. The overview of these projects you can find on: http://www.iuoma.org/mailartprojectsarchive.html . I have chosen for the .PDF format to archive the mail-art projects. These digital books are published every month. They are also indexed by Google. By this structural approach this will lead to a collection of hundreds or within a few years thousands of Mail-Art projects.

For Authors of this blog (you are my source!), almost 100 mail-artists, I hope you will continue to post any mail-art project you come across.

The statistsics of this blog indicate that the amount of visitors increases every years. It turns out to be a good platform to communicate about mail-art projects. Thank you all!

Nudity in Mail Art - Call for Entries

I chose Valentine's Day for the deadline for this call because I'm in a silly mood tonight. I am inviting everyone to send mail art on the theme of nudity. What does nudity represent for you? What kind of nudity are you comfortable with? What makes nudity sexual? What kind of nudity appeals to you? Have you made a nude self-portrait or been the subject of a nude work of art? What feelings does nudity create in you?

Be honest if you can - or be silly - or be angry or any other emotion. It's all acceptable!

Some things won't arrive, of course, if they offend the postal workers or the postal rules. So, if in doubt, send two copies - one visible to the world, one inside an envelope. Or take your chances and see what happens! Or send me your work via email.

I will make a booklet on the show for all participants.

Given the discussion here at IUOMA (see: http://iuoma-network.ning.com/profiles/blogs/nudity-in-mail-art-call-for) about nude women as models, I am challenging everyone, especially the men, to talk about and/or make art about male nudity as well as female nudity, or instead of female nudity. But, every kind of nudity is okay... even just a discussion of nudity! :)

Yours, in the mail,

Carla Cryptic
PO Box 1274
Berkeley, CA 94701


2010 calendar project


I want to share and inform my mail art project.

2010 calendar project

Let's make 2010 calendar together!
You can choose one month from January to December
and creative the month's calendar on one page.
People will choose each other month and the works may be various.
Even if you choose the same month, the outcoming work will different and unique.

* size : A5(148mm x 210mm)
* any medium that deal with any technique
At the end of the year,I will make several 2010 calendars collecting your works and you can see that on this webpage.
Choose your own significant month and make the month's calendar!
It'll be interesting experience.
Please send me your creative work and I will send you a postcard if you provide an address.

Deadline: 30.11.2009

In-young.Hong / #902-305.Cho Won Dea Won APT.Pyung An Dong.Dong An Gu / An Yang City.Kyung Ki Do.431-743 / South Korea


Thank you.

Hong in young.

Message from Sharon Zimmer

My real profile is located here: http://www.blogger.com/profile/08056923372813502117. I can be found at http://sharonzimmer.com and my email is: sharonzimmer1 (at) gmail (dot) com. Just wanted to give an update. You can email me for my current address. Please disregard the older ones listed on my mail art calls here prior to 2008.

Post-It - Ireland


Make collages with found post-it notes, shopping lists, messages etc...

deadline: july 31, 2009

send to
Francis Fan Mail Dugort,
Achill Island
County Mayo



f a x f o r p e a c e
fax for tolerance
Who & How
It is open to students of all grades and types of schools and to professional artists
from all over the world. They are required to submit one or more works developing
the themes of PEACE, TOLERANCE, fight against any form of racism and of defense
of human rights. Each competitor may take part in two ways:
1 FAx [number fax ++39 0427 40898] or E-MAIL JPG format max 1,5
Mb [e-mail: istsuperiore@faxforpeace.it ] one or more pictures or works
of visual art;
2 send SHORT FILMS AND CARTOONS of maximum 5 minute lenght that
could also be broadcast in compressed format to the following e-mail address
[ istsuperiore@faxforpeace.it ]. The videos can be realized in the most
WINDOWS ecc.) but they must not exceed 8 Mb of space.
Works from each competitor (individual artist, student or class) will be accepted
starting from Sunday November 30th 2008 at 8.00 a.m. until Saturday
February 28th 2009 at 12.00 p.m..
On each work it is necessary to indicate full name, name of school and grade/
class (if students), telephone and fax number and/or E-mail address, city,
The works will be exhibited as they are received in an “in progress” exhibition
which will open on SuNDAy 30th NOVEMBER, 2008 AT 17.00 A.M. at
the Istituto Superiore di Spilimbergo (Via degli Alpini n.1, Spilimbergo, Pordenone,
ITAL IA). Works must be sent within the 28th February 2009, expiry date
at the latest.
Students will also have to specify school address and class attended.
Competitors implicitly authorize the school to reproduce and use their works in
the catalogue and with different media for no-profit activities.
The organization cannot be held responsible in case of theft, damage or loss
of the works. Works will not be returned or retransmitted to their authors.


A catalogue will be printed reproducing a wide selection of the works received and will later be sent to all competitors free of charge.

The jury

The jury of experts in communication, art critics and representatives of the
school world will select 6 works among those received within the expiry date,
according to their development of proposed themes and their effectiveness.
The following six prizes, will be awarded according to categories:
> best work - Nursery and Primary Schools: E 300;
> best work - Low Secondary Schools: E 300;
> best work - Secondary High Schools: E 300;
> best work - Video or cartoon: E 300;
> best work - Artists: E 300;
> special best work awarded to a satirical or humorous drawing inviting consideration
upon human and civil themes dealing with the initiative: E 500;
> special prize, supported by the President of the Italian Republic consisting
in a medal, awarded to the school named for the overall quality of the works
sent and the relevant importance of the didactic project submitted.
Istituto Superiore
via degli Alpini, 1 - 33097 Spilimbergo (Pordenone) Italia
tel ++39 (0)427 40392 - fax ++39 (0)427 40898
e-mail: istsuperiore@faxforpeace.it - www.faxforpeace.it

Pinhole Project

Participants wanted to take part in; a collaborative pinhole project to clean up and re-engage with our surroundings, and learn about the art of pinhole photography.
Jamie invites anyone to take part in this collaborative project, he will gather people together worldwide to collect discarded drinks cans, and convert them into home-made pinhole cameras.
Later these cans will take photographs of the environment they where found in, the aim is to replace litter with a creative vision, the cans are later recycled.
Benefits: A great opportunity to take part in a global project that will culminate in participants work shown on a website and series of books.

Deadline: Ongoing.

Contact: Jamie House


7 January 2009


Please send me GLITTERING postcards! Theme is free.
Deadline:march 2009.
I will show the artworks in my website:http://artinthemailbox2.blogspot.com
NO artworks will send back!
My adress:
Szilagyi Z.Eva ("ZOE")
Veszprem-Csatarhegy 8200
Kokeny u.7

6 January 2009


Send you artistamps of 2009

to me:

Bruno Chiarlone

P.O. Box 163

17014 Cairo Motenotte


4 January 2009

Calligraphic Project / France - Belgium - Netherlands - Italy

Hello, I'm the french coordinator of a free international project between 4 calligraphic associations (FRANCE : Atelier-calligraphie / NEDERLANDS : Scriptores / ITALIA : C.I.A.C. / BELGIUM : Plumes & Calames). Take a look to the website and its galleries (in 5 langages) on http://maaw.atelier-calligraphie.com

Together, we have decided to build a bridge between calligraphy lovers all over the world in order to show to everybody that incredible art called Calligraphy.
"Mail-Art Across the World" consists to display beautifully written international mail arts. Past exhibitions have taken place in museums, cultural centers, libraries, bookstores (...) Mail-arts are displayed with their author cards in countries of organizers or every people who accepts to organize it in his town.
For this 3rd edition, I do hope you'll make this project your and help us to promote calligraphy.

How to participate?

Please send one or several written envelopes by the 1st of March 2009 to one or several of the following addresses :

Mail art across the world
24 avenue Jean Jaurès
24750 Trélissac FRANCE

Mail art across the world
Plumes et Calames
47 rue Montgomery
7540 Tournai BELGIUM

Mail art across the world
Zuidburg 57

Mail-Art Across the World
C.I.A.C Marta Lagna
Via Tullio Passarelli 67 (int. 2)
00128 Roma ITALIA

Details :
1st of March 2009 , Maximum size : A4 (U.S. "letter" format ), theme free, with calligraphy Websites :

Emmanuel SPAETH

Association :

Mail-art across the world

Forum internet :

3 January 2009



Theme: Ideas for maintaining a Healthy Planet

Format: postcard

Deadline: February 15, 2009

Mail to:

Ideas for maintaining a Healthy Planet
Pati Bristow
PO BOX 3127
Los Altos,
CA 94024

In March of 2009, Foothill College will celebrate Women's History Month following the national theme of "Women taking the lead to save the Planet". This mailart project asks for your works on the ideas of ecology, environmental responsibility, humanitarianism, thoughtfulness, women and ecology, and ideas for maintaining a healthy planet.All works received will be exhibited at the Foothill College Library Gallery during the month of March 2009. Works will also be documented and exhibited online at: http://www.foothill.edu/print_arts/feMailArt

Thank you for your art-icipation!

Darwins (R)evolution - Portugal

Mail-Art call: Darwin's (R)evolution

Darwin was a scientist and thinker who deeply marked the natural sciences and our perspective on the history of mankind. As part of the celebrations of the 200 anniversary of his birth and the 150 anniversary of the publication of his most important work - "The origin of species", the Museum of Science of the University of Coimbra, challenges all Mail-Art artists, to send us works inspired on the figure of Darwin or the theory of the origin and evolution of species. The work submitted will be available in the site of the Museum, as well as a selection will be presented in the Museum during 2009.

For more details see regulations (or below)

01. Theme:
The (R)evolution of Darwin

02. Exhibition of works:
This initiative consists of an online exhibition on www.museudaciencia.pt and an
exhibition of a selection of works, at the Science Museum, University of Coimbra.

03. Information and delivery of works
geral@museudaciencia.pt (subject: Mail-Art)
Museu da Ciência da Universidade de Coimbra
Laboratorio Chimico
Largo Marquês de Pombal,
3000- 272 Coimbra, Portugal
Museu da Ciência Laboratorio Chimico Largo Marquês de Pombal 3000-272 Coimbra Tel. 239.854350 Fax 239.854359 e-mail geral@museudaciencia.pt

04. Terms of participation:
- Open to all artists, national and foreign;
- Individual or collective participation;
- Maximum of 3 works per participant;
- Maximum size of the work - A4;
- No limitation in use of techniques;
- Artwork in digital format: not exceeding 500Kb
All work must be identified with name and title of the participant.

05. Form (mandatory):
Number of works and titles:
I declare that I have read and accept the rules of participation.

06. Deadline for submission:
June 30, 2009

07. Online Exhibition:
Beginning on 1st January 2009, updated according to the reception of works.

08. Awards:
There are no prizes or catalogue.

09. Property of works:
The works will not be returned. Originals will remain in the organizer’ s ownership and
may be used to promote the initiative without payment of royalties. If so, the organizer
is obliged to inform the author and to mention the name / title of the work.