3 January 2009

Darwins (R)evolution - Portugal

Mail-Art call: Darwin's (R)evolution

Darwin was a scientist and thinker who deeply marked the natural sciences and our perspective on the history of mankind. As part of the celebrations of the 200 anniversary of his birth and the 150 anniversary of the publication of his most important work - "The origin of species", the Museum of Science of the University of Coimbra, challenges all Mail-Art artists, to send us works inspired on the figure of Darwin or the theory of the origin and evolution of species. The work submitted will be available in the site of the Museum, as well as a selection will be presented in the Museum during 2009.

For more details see regulations (or below)

01. Theme:
The (R)evolution of Darwin

02. Exhibition of works:
This initiative consists of an online exhibition on www.museudaciencia.pt and an
exhibition of a selection of works, at the Science Museum, University of Coimbra.

03. Information and delivery of works
geral@museudaciencia.pt (subject: Mail-Art)
Museu da Ciência da Universidade de Coimbra
Laboratorio Chimico
Largo Marquês de Pombal,
3000- 272 Coimbra, Portugal
Museu da Ciência Laboratorio Chimico Largo Marquês de Pombal 3000-272 Coimbra Tel. 239.854350 Fax 239.854359 e-mail geral@museudaciencia.pt

04. Terms of participation:
- Open to all artists, national and foreign;
- Individual or collective participation;
- Maximum of 3 works per participant;
- Maximum size of the work - A4;
- No limitation in use of techniques;
- Artwork in digital format: not exceeding 500Kb
All work must be identified with name and title of the participant.

05. Form (mandatory):
Number of works and titles:
I declare that I have read and accept the rules of participation.

06. Deadline for submission:
June 30, 2009

07. Online Exhibition:
Beginning on 1st January 2009, updated according to the reception of works.

08. Awards:
There are no prizes or catalogue.

09. Property of works:
The works will not be returned. Originals will remain in the organizer’ s ownership and
may be used to promote the initiative without payment of royalties. If so, the organizer
is obliged to inform the author and to mention the name / title of the work.

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