31 March 2012

Fluxus /Anti-Art

THEME : Fluxus / Anti-Art /// Deadline : March 30th, 2012. Free
technique and size. No fees. No jury. No return. Exhibition in 2012.
Catalog on line. All works must be sent by post.

Send to :
Thierry Tillier
26 /021 , rue de Marcinelle
6000 Charleroi

24 March 2012


my dear friend, i invite you to participate the new mailart project
Emotion in Shanghai, China
more information:http://mailattack.net/project-emotion

Project: Emotion
EMOTIONInvoluntary strikes: Mind and Heart.A lot of things carry
emotional resonance, like paintings, music, poetry, and of course, the human
face.You can express your fleeting or deepest emotions in a way that is not a
self-portrait photograph; texture, color, composition, etc. you can also make it
be a poem, stamp, sketch, drawing, collage or anything that can perfect express
your emotion, Whether it is sadness, happiness, boredom, or something else
completely different, I want to see how you express that feeling. A picture of
your face will be too obvious.we will guess what your emotion is and create
something based on what we think your emotion is and send that to you.You
can send your mailart to the address:Room501, Building83, ShangGang
village7,Changqing road Pudong district, Shanghai, China.
zipcode:200126中国,上海市浦东区长清路上钢七村83号501室 邮编:200126If you want to know more,
please send email to:lazybunnyillus@gmail.com
All the work will be updated on the website: www.mailattack.netEvent Type: mailart
Time: from now to 2012.9.30
Location:Shanghai, ChinaAddress: Room501, Building83, ShangGang
village7,Changqing road Pudong district, Shanghai, China.
zipcode:200126中国,上海市浦东区长清路上钢七村83号501室 邮编:200126
my best regards

15 March 2012



Sigean is a small and beautiful village located in the South of France mid-way between Narbonne and Perpignan, and close to the Corbières and Pyrenees. (see www.sigean.fr)There is a thriving Mail Art community in the village, and les Envelop-Pistes de Sigean will be holding an Exhibition of Envelopes in the local Médiathèque in August 2012.The theme of the Envelope Exhibition is “Summer in Sigean”/ “L’Etè à Sigean”You are invited to contribute an Envelope to this Exhibition.Envelopes must be 16.5 x 16.5 cms /6.5 x 6.5 inches. (Sorry, but that is the standard format for the Exhibition, and only Envelopes of this size will be accepted).The front of each Envelope should include a painting, drawing, collage, etc on the theme of “Summer in Sigean”/”L’Etè à Sigean”. On the back of the Envelope please include your name, contact details and any other information that you think might be relevant.Only the front of the Envelopes will be displayed in the Médiathèque (so there is no need to put anything inside your Envelope).
Please send your Envelopes to:
Médiathèque Municipale,
37 rue du Commerce,
F- 11130 SIGEAN,

before Monday 30 July, 2012.There will be no jury, and no return of the Envelopes. A blog will be set up on which the received Envelopes can be seen.

14 March 2012

The Future

<Mail Art Project> “The Future” at Atelier Kirigiris

We were attacked by a Inexperience earthquake disaster, tsunami and
radioactive contamination in 2011. And it is still alive under the influence.
However, we and our children have "The Future". Please show your “The Future”
for us.

So, We decide theme of new mail art is “The Future”.

Although size and technique are free, please send them by snail mail with
your name, address, e-mail address, small photo and simplified personal
history(CV). Exhibition will be held at Atelier Kirigiris in June 2012.

An on-line catalog in blog form or album exhibition by facebook is carried
out. A work you sent to us is not returned.
Moreover, if you can cooperate, can you donate sheets of stamp for sale?
I hope to be made to a part of exhibition expense in a gallery.
If the price in the case of selling was decided, please let me know.
Please think that a theme is a curator’s recommend theme. So, you can send
works by free theme. For example, “Mail Art is pleasant for me” etc. Enjoy

DEADLINE:15th May 2012

Atelier Kirigiris
536-2 Fujisawa, Fujisawa City,
Kanagawa #251-0052 JAPAN

http://atelier-kirigiris.com info@atelier-kirigiris.com

Co-planner: Keiichi Nakamura
1-18-7-402 Kamiochiai, Shinjuku-ku, #161-0034 JAPAN

13 March 2012



The second annual Skull Appreciation Day event will take place on 4 June 2012 from 10am – 5pm, at the Mütter Museum of The College of Physician’s of Philadelphia. (USA)

Show your appreciation for skulls. Works will be exhibited in the museum during the event.

Send you Mail Art to:

Mütter Museum
c/o  Anna Dhody, Curator
19 S 22nd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Standard postcard size – 4” x 6” (10.5 cm x 14.8 cm)
2 D only
No organic materials, such as foods, plants, etc. This is to protect the fragile exhibits at the museum.
 and keep it Family Friendly


28 May 2012

No fee, no jury, no return, after the exhibit, works will be documented on the blog –

Blue Penny Museum

Emmanuel Richon
Curator, Blue Penny Museum

26 February 2012

Dear fellow Mauritians, at home and abroad, and
all lovers of art

The Blue Penny Museum is celebrating its tenth
anniversary this year. To mark the occasion the Museum will be organizing a wide-ranging
exhibition of folk art that will revolve around our world-famous philatelic heritage,
the Mauritius ‘Post Office’, Blue and Red Vermilion, stamps

These two philatelic jewels are admired by
collectors from around the world, and so afford incredible visibility to our
country without us realizing it. A square centimetre apiece, they represent
three centuries of European engraving and are an unparalleled symbol of postal
history in colonial times.

You may be surprised to learn that philately is
in fact far more popular in the world than football. According to the famous philatelic
firm, Stanley & Gibbons, China alone has over 60 million philatelists! The
postage stamp is a worldwide product whose use is part and parcel of our daily
lives. So, we can easily say that our two stamps are in fact the pinnacle of a
vastly popular art form. Their aesthetic value is almost iconic.

The Blue Penny Museum is the only place in the
world where the two jewels can be seen by the public on a daily basis. It is
thus duty-bound to bring these stamps closer to the local population, and, in so
doing, celebrate our chance of possessing the most sought-after philatelic
objects in the world. Showing these stamps as part and parcel of our national
heritage is a challenge that will enable the museum to serve as a link between a
supposedly elitist art culture and contemporary artists. The solution to this challenge
can be resumed in a single idea: MAIL-ART.

Mail Art or Postal Art is a form of art that
combines the basic elements of postal correspondence with the major artistic disciplines.
The term encompasses artistic creations travelling uncovered through the Post Office,
with their address and stamp being cancelled in the normal way. In fact, a
proper definition of the term Mail-Art requires quite simply a better
understanding of such key words as popular,
simple, daily, diverted, free, international.

We are therefore, inviting you to express
yourself through a popular art form, which, by the mere fact of its passing
through the postal system, receives the seal of official approval. Let us thus express
our Mauritian culture in a multitude of forms through a simple artistic
envelope defined according to the choice and format of the artist, but with one
fundamental constraint, namely:

The compulsory journey
through the postal service to reach the museum.

Each artist is free to create as many artworks
as they wish. Depending on the number of entries received, we will set up a
temporary exhibition at the museum to create a cultural event around the works
sent through the postal service.

Apart from one major constraint mentioned
above, the choice of subject remains totally free, humour, politics, diversion,
cartoons, abstract. All means are good to pool our views on the postal mode,
and at the same time, create an extraordinary cultural event.

Each work/envelope will be exposed on the front
side. Packages are also most welcome, as they will give a three-dimensional
perspective to the exhibition. The only common point is the route through the
post office.

Since none of the
letters or packages will be opened, given that their content is not important,
the sender’s details should appear on the letter or package.

Upon receipt, the Museum reserves the right to
select the works to be exposed, not for censorship purposes, but rather to
ensure fairness between the exhibitors and also a certain level of quality in
the exhibition itself. It is to be noted that the works will not be returned to
the artists after the exhibition and the references sent by the artist will be
those used during the exhibition.

Should some artists want to ensure the safe
receipt of their works, it is recommended that these are sent registered post with
acknowledgement of receipt. It goes without saying that an item that has not
been received cannot be displayed. The originality of the art work or its
format should in no case prevent its safe delivery to the Blue Penny Museum.

Mail Art practiced on a large scale by many
Mauritian artists through a major exhibition dedicated to a postal art that is
admired all over the world is a cultural challenge that we are sharing with
you. Depending on the number of art works received, together with the
seriousness of the intent, the Museum will make a point of finding the means to
publish a catalogue for this occasion. Every artwork exhibited will appear in
the catalogue if the necessary funding is obtained. Entrance to the exhibition
will be free. We thus make a special appeal to our Mauritian compatriots
residing abroad to use this opportunity to express their commitment to their

All entries must be addressed to:
Mail Art Exhibition
Blue Penny Museum
Caudan Waterfront
Port Louis

The deadline for submission is Thursday 31 May

12 March 2012

Land of Olive Trees - Project

Invitation for participation

Land of olive trees
International Exhibition
Mail Art
1 – 8 July 2012
Evia, Greece, Invitation for participation. Artists and friends of art from all over the world you are invited to send by post a small and original work of art, inspired by the olive, related to the environment, the natural sciences, the mythology, the history, the literature, the folklore etc.
The holy-olive tree of Athens, possesses the first place between the fruitful trees of Greek nature
that had every important part in economy, in social development, and also in the adoration, in the glorifies and in customs.

Objectives of this project are:
The multicultural dialogue through art, of every place where olive flourishes as a tree, or as a
symbolic value of peace and prosperity of populations
The comprehension of the contribution of olive in social, cultural and economic life and the
consciousness of environmental repercussions that is related to culture and the
management of its products.
The promotion of the importance of olive products and traditional Mediterranean diet in
Subject: Land of olive trees
Participation: Free of charge
Technique: free (photograph, painting, drawing, etching, collage, mixed techniques, etc).
Size: (21 x 21 cm). Sending in envelope.
On the back of the work, we request you to include: title, complete name, country, postal address,
e-mail and web site, (your addresses and the documents of contact, will not be published on internet).
The works are not judged, not compete, not sold, will not be returned.
All works will be presented in the International Mail Art Exhibition in Greece, Tunis and
All works will be publicised on the blog http://land-of-olive-trees.blogspot.com/
Certification of participation will be sent to all participants, afterwards the exhibition.
Printed catalogue (depends of the sponsors).

Upcoming Exhibitions:

1 to 8 July 2012. Cultural Center of Psachna Euboea, Greece. With the sponsorship of the city of Messapia - Dirfys.
The exhibition will have the character of party with music and other events parallel to the knowledge of the typical products of Euboea, on the occasion of the celebration of the International Year of Cooperatives 2012.

3 to12 Setembre 2012 as part of the 10th International Art Festival of Monastir in

9 to 30 November 2012. ERGO Art Lab, Lugano Switzerland.

Centre of Arts
Project- Assiduity: Fedra Rachouti http://fedrarachouti.blogspot.com/

Nikolaos Rachoutis http://nikosrachoutis.blogspot.com/ Co-operation
Municipality of Messapia – Dirfys http://dirfion-messapion.gr/
Cultural Association of Artists and Friends Art Evia
http://mailartevia.blogspot.com/ ΑΒΑΜ Association Fine Arts Monastir http://www.monastirart.org.tn/index.htmERGO Art Lab, Lugano Switzerland
Deadline of sending the works: 31 May 2012 .

ERGO Art Lab
Via alla Campagna 22
6900, Lugano

For more information:
Email: amailto:artevia.rachoutis@yahoo.gr

4 March 2012


Mail invites artists to create mail art to be exhibited on the theme of Cyborgs and Posthuman Culture.

Requirements for Submissions To participate in this exhibition, please review the following guidelines:
• All
submissions must relate to the theme.
• Format –
All types of media are encouraged so long as it can be sent through regular mail
• Size –
all formats are welcome
• Include –
Name, Address, Email
• Note –
This exhibition is not juried and no fees are required

Deadline for submission is September 3, 2012
Submissions should be sent by postal mail to:

Pacific Way
British Columbia
V1S 1T1, Canada
email marnieablair@hotmail.com

Today and Tomorrow

Dear mail art friends. Here is my open call for a charitable mail art Exhibition in Germany. 

Today and Tomorrow

International MAIL ART Exhibition in Bad Aibling (near Munich)
November/December 2012

Title: Today and Tomorrow
Technique: free - painting, drawing, print, collage, Postcards, Artistamps,
small sculptures (without frame or glass)
Only original works will be accepted, photocopies or e-mails of works will not
be accepted.
Size: post card (10x15 cm) to A4
(19x29,7 cm), 3d.
All works must be sent by regular mail with postage stamps.
Works will not be returned, they will all be exhibited.
All proceeds will be donated for charitable purpose i in the region of Bad
Deadline: October 20, 2012
The exhibition will be presented in Bad Aibling (near Munich) from November
19th to December 15th 2012 at Art Association Bad Aibling.
Documentation will be sent to everyone.
Online catalogue on the website:

Works can be sent to:
Dragan Jukic
Sonnenstr. 3c
83043 Bad Aibling
e-mail: todayandtomorrow@art-d.de
Please do not forget to include your address and e-mail

1 March 2012


Mail Art Call for 12-12-12

End of the World ProjectAs many of you know, rumor has it that the world will end this year. To celebrate this auspicious event, we are continuing the Mail Art Call for "The End of the World."2D work will be accepted, in any medium, maximum size 8.5x11". Art stamp work is acceptable. Video work is also being accepted.

Simply post a video to any site that allows sharing to the 12-12-12 Blogspot.


No returns, documentation will be in the form of a website.
To view work that's been submitted, go to:
Deadline: December 12, 2012.
Send work to:
12-12-12 Project
PO Box 360
NH 03886

-- liketelevisionsnow's work can be seen at the following web locations: http://www.magcloud.com/user/liketelevisionsnow