14 March 2012

The Future

<Mail Art Project> “The Future” at Atelier Kirigiris

We were attacked by a Inexperience earthquake disaster, tsunami and
radioactive contamination in 2011. And it is still alive under the influence.
However, we and our children have "The Future". Please show your “The Future”
for us.

So, We decide theme of new mail art is “The Future”.

Although size and technique are free, please send them by snail mail with
your name, address, e-mail address, small photo and simplified personal
history(CV). Exhibition will be held at Atelier Kirigiris in June 2012.

An on-line catalog in blog form or album exhibition by facebook is carried
out. A work you sent to us is not returned.
Moreover, if you can cooperate, can you donate sheets of stamp for sale?
I hope to be made to a part of exhibition expense in a gallery.
If the price in the case of selling was decided, please let me know.
Please think that a theme is a curator’s recommend theme. So, you can send
works by free theme. For example, “Mail Art is pleasant for me” etc. Enjoy

DEADLINE:15th May 2012

Atelier Kirigiris
536-2 Fujisawa, Fujisawa City,
Kanagawa #251-0052 JAPAN

http://atelier-kirigiris.com info@atelier-kirigiris.com

Co-planner: Keiichi Nakamura
1-18-7-402 Kamiochiai, Shinjuku-ku, #161-0034 JAPAN

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