29 October 2013


EZLN 10_20_30

30 años de resistencia,
20 de insurrección,
10 de caracoles.

Envia tu arte postal y solidaridad con los zapatistas, en el formato de un
sobre postal decorado.
Formato din A4 como maximo.

mail-art EZLN 10-20-30
Centre Poly Culturel Résistances (CPCR)
11-13 rue Jonruelle
4000 Liège

Fecha límite de entrega de los proyectos: 25/12/13
Exhibición de los sobres durante todo el mes de enero 2014 en el CPCR(.be)
Con películas, informaciones, debats...

obras no devueltos.
no venta.
EZLN 10_20_30

30 years of resistances
20 of Insurection
10 of Caracoles

Send your several mail art about zapatists, on a simple decoreted enveloppe. Stamps, art, adress, all on the face of the enveloppe.
Maximum A4 size.

mail art EZLN 10 20 30
Centre Poly Culturel Résistances (CPCR)
11-13 Jonruelle
4000 Liège

Dead line 25/12/13
Exhibition of works all january 2014 at CPCR(.be)
With movies, information, debates...

No send back work.
No sale.



Fill the FORD (USA)

click to enlarge. Project by buZ blurr 0 Gordon - USA

28 October 2013

a CHRISTMAS postcard

Mail Art Call 2013: a CHRISTMAS postcard
Christmas is time of joy, rejoicing, greetings, gifts and holiday songs. It´s time of hugs, good wishes, meetings, forgiveness and promises. It´s time to generously share our spiritual and material goods, a time of worship and thanksgiving.
Subject: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Season’s Greetings, etc.
Small format (10x15cm). Free technique. Send by airmail. Do NOT use ENVELOPE (must have postmark)
Deadline: December 25th, 2013.
The postcard will be published on this blog ( http://igakuseimailart.wordpress.com ), making reference to the author.
Offensive material will not be published. No returns. Documentation will be sent to participants.
Please, indicate your name, address and email on each postcard.

Send to:
J. L. Hernández Galán ( igakusei )
PO Box 6236. Zip Code 41080.
Seville. Spain.

27 October 2013

Colaboratorio Art Project

Il gruppo Colaboratorio Arte convoca gli artisti interessati a condividere i propri lavori per la seconda rassegna d’ arte postale ARTE IN MOVIMENTO: CORPO, TEMPO & SPAZIO.
Per scaricare il PDF cliccare sul seguente link:
Ringrazio in anticipo per la vostra collaborazione nella diffusione dell´evento!
El grupo Colaboratorio Arte abre la segunda convocatoria de arte postal ARTE IN MOVIMENTO: CUERPO, TIEMPO & ESPACIO.
Puedes decargar las bases en:
Por favor comparte esta información con tus contactos.
¡Muchas gracias!
Colaboratorio Art Project opens a new call for proposals to participate in the 2nd version of its International Mail Art Exhibit ARTE IN MOVIMENTO: BODY, TIME & SPACE.
To download the PDF please click the link below:
Please feel free to spread through your own networks.
Thank you!

24 October 2013

IUOMA 25 years - UK project

Memory day 2014

Mail-art Project Olocausto

Casacalenda 16-10-2013
OBJECT: Memory day 2014

We Think that prejudice, discrimination, indifference are more and more present in our society and they mustn’t be in our schools. We bekive in a school less formal but more and more open education towards moral end civil values such as solidarity, altruism, tolerance, respect for the other. For this reason whith the project “ Mail-Art” for the memory day the omnicomprensivo institute  in Casacalenda (CB Italy) for the commemoration of olocausto invite you to leave a reace sending a work –message with a free technique  about SHOAH.

To partecipate you can use a stamped card a send it by the 5th january  2014 to:


                                                                                                     Prof. (Elvio Petrecca)