31 March 2009

NET ART project

Dear Artist,as you surely know already, Quiliano’s SACS keeps organizing events, involving more and more Artists from all over the World. At the moment, we are working on "Artepace", a net-art project requiring Artists to express their own Art through a digital work, focusing on the peace/war theme. On the on-line magazine Peacereporter we are cooperating with, (www.peacereporter.net) you can find a lot of information and datas on the ongoing wars throughout the World. All the works will be published on line on the SACS website(www.sacsarte.net/page68/page68.php), as well as on www.peacereporter.net on the Hebdromedario weekend session.Therefore, here we are inviting you to take part to this event and send your own work of art to info@sacsarte.net, no later than April, 30th 2009. Please note that the subscription form to be sent together with the e-mail is mandatory thus having your work properly published.Thank you in advance for your participation!
The SACS Staff
Subscription form, to be e-mailed together with the work of art no later than April, 30th 2009.

Thanks for using capital letters.

Artist (name/surname/nickname):





Phone number/ -s (with international code pls):

E-mail address:

Work of art title:

Privacy respect policy of the above information in accordance with the Italian Law(D. Lgs. 196/2003).

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29 March 2009

SMALL .... Small Museums Association: Little and Lively

Hello all,

Just wanted to announce that there is now a Small Museum Association from members, many of which met ( and were inspired ) through IUOMA and run mail art projects. If you to run a small and unique museum and would like to help build a community, please feel to contact Dewi ( dewi.arts@hotmail.com ) about joining our association ( the price is right ... free )

Our members include;
And our blog is at http://smallmuseum.blogspot.com/ but all of our mail art calls are posted here.

( With my apologies to Ruud on this posting, I know it is a little off the beaten track for mail art projects )

Baseball - Mexico


Theme: Baseball and philately (postage stamps)
Target: To create an artwork within the theme of baseball, incorporating or using elements from philately like postage stamps, envelopes, letters, mail person, mail boxes, etc.
The Museum of Philately in Oaxaca –MUFI– and the Baseball Academy in Oaxaca, invite you to participate in “BASEBALL PHILATELY, mail art, the art inspired by philately”, an exhibition that brings baseball and philately into art, launched on the occasion of the opening of the new Baseball Academy in Oaxaca. Here are the guidelines:
• Participants to be all Plastic Artists of any nationality and country of residence.
• No restrictions on the size or technique.
• Works should include the following data: Artist’s name, full postal address, telephone number and email address.
• Works should be sent to the following address:
68000 OAXACA, OAX.
• All shipping expenses, customs and any other expense that may be caused must be cover by the Artist.
• Due date for the submissions: September 18, 2009.
• Works will be selected by a jury composed of people with recognized outstanding artistic and intellectual capacity, selected by the Museum of Philately in Oaxaca, and by the Baseball Academy in Oaxaca, whose names will be announced in due time.
• Once the Jury completes the selection, winners will receive:
1st. place, US$5,000.00 (five thousand US dollars).
2nd. place, US$3,000.00 (three thousand US dollars).
3rd. place, US$1,000.00 (one thousand US dollars).
• The jury verdict will be issued on October 16, 2009, announced to the media, and the winners will be notified immediately.
• The prizes will be given at the exhibition opening on October 23, 2009, in the city of Oaxaca.
• All the selected works will be exhibited temporarily at the Baseball Academy in Oaxaca, and then at the Museum of Philately in Oaxaca –MUFI–.
• All works, selected and non selected, will be included in the MUFI archive, and will not be returned to the artist.
• All participants will receive a copy of the exhibition’s catalog.

Sponsor: Alfredo Harp Helú Oaxaca Foundation

23 March 2009


mail art and fluxus have been closely connected for over 40 years. as a celebration and exploration of the continuing vitality of both practices we are planning a mail art exhibit entitled FLUXUS NOW!. please send visual poems, soundworks, fluxus boxes, event scores, objects, images, books, booklets, TLPs, broadsides, manifestos, videos, and any other fluxus materials you find and/or create. critiques of this proposal are also welcome and will be included in the exhibit.

the exhibit will be presented as a part of the 2010 roanoke marginal arts festival.

dates for the festival are february 11 - 16, 2010.

the deadline for submissions is february 1, 2010.

Size/Medium/Technique: Free
No jury. No fees. No returns.
Documentation: on Flickr, the blog zine textimagepoem, and as a pdf of the blog zine (please include your email address for notification of documentation)

all work will become part of the textimagepoem archive of mail art and visual poetry.

send mail to

jim leftwich
525 10th st s.w.
roanoke, va 24016



21 March 2009



Open Call, Details On The Blog.


Exhibition: Emily Harvey Foundation Opening 10 September 2009
537 Broadway, NYC, NY 10012

16 March 2009


Un libro de viaje
Un viaje en un libro

La lectura es un viaje con todos los sentidos, un libro es una forma de moverse.
La convocatoria pide que expresemos artísticamente sobre estos conceptos y el significado que prefiramos darle.

Utilizar preferentemente el correo postal para hacernos llegar vuestra obra.
La técnica y formato es libre.
Fecha límite para envío de obras: 20 mayo 2009

Enviar a:
San Domingos de Bonaval nº 5-A
ES-15703-Santiago de Compostela (Galiza-España)

No obstante expondremos cualquier obra recibida mientras dure la exposición (el plazo lo es a efectos de catálogo etc.)

Paralelamente realizaremos un taller de mail art para darlo a conocer en Galicia.
Las obras se expondrán en la Biblioteca Pública Anxel Casal de Santiago

Podéis ver enlaces a la realizada el pasado año en: ROTEIRO DE CREACIÓN
Un livre de voyage
Un voyage dans un livre...

La lecture est un voyage avec tous les sens, un livre est une forme de se mouvoir.
La convocation demande que nous exprimions artistiquement sur ces concepts et le signifié que nous preferons lui donner.

S’il-vous-plait, utilisez le courrier postal, de préférence, pour faire arriver votre oeuvre.
La technique et le format sont libres.
Date limite pour envoi d'oeuvres : 20 mai 2009
Envoyer à :
San Domingos de Bonaval nº 5-A
ES-15703-Santiago de Compostela (Galiza-España
Cependant nous exposerons n'importe quelle oeuvre reçue pendant la duration de l'exposition (le délai est aux effets de catalogue etc..)
Nous réaliserons parallèlement un atelier de mail art pour permettre de le faire connaître en Galice. Les oeuvres s'exposeront dans la Bibliothèque Publique Anxel Casal de Santiago
Vous pouvez voir des liens de l’exposition de l'année passée dans : ROTEIRO de CRÉATION http://www.roteirocreacion.com/

A travel book
A travel in a book
The reading is a trip with all the senses, a book is a way of moving.
The summons ask to express artistically on these concepts and the meaning that we prefer to give him.
Please, use preferably the postal mail to make ourselves receive your work.
The skill and format is free.
Deadline for sending of works: on May 20, 2009
To send to:
San Domingos de Bonaval nº 5-A
ES-15703-Santiago de Compostela (Galiza-España)

Nevertheless we will expose any work received while there lasts the exhibition (the term it is to effects of catalogue etc.)
Parallel we will realize a workshop of mail art to announce it in Galicia. The works will expose in the Public Library Anxel Casal of Santiago
You can see links to the realized one last year in: ROTEIRO OF CREATION http://www.roteirocreacion.com/

Un libro de viaxe
Unha viaxe nun libro


A lectura é unha viaxe con tódolos sentidos. Un libro e un xeito de moverse.
A convocatoria pide nosa expresión artística destes conceptos e o siñificado que prefiramos darlle.
Facer uso preferentemente dos servizos postais para facernos chegar vosa obra.
Técnica e formato libre.
Data límite para envío: 20-maio-2009.
Enviar a:
San Domingos de Bonaval nº 5-A
ES-15703-Santiago de Compostela (Galiza-España)

Expoñeremos calqueira obra recibida mentras dure a exposición (o prazo o é ós efectos de catálogo etc.)

Paralelamente faremos un taller de mail art .
As obras expoñeranse na Biblioteca Pública Anxel Casal de Santiago

Enlaces a realizada o pasado ano en: ROTEIRO DE CREACIÓN

"Radiografía del miedo"

A Biblioteca da Facultade de CC da Educación da Universidade da Coruña, en colaboración coa Biblioteca Central do Campus de Pontevedra, invita a todos/as artistas que o desexen, calquera que sexan a súas coordenadas xeográficas, a participar en esta convocatoria.Bases:Tema: "radiografía do medo".Características técnicas: o Dimensión: Tarxeta postal 20x10 cmo Papel ou calquera outro soporte bidimensional.o Técnica: libreo Envío por correo postal ordinario, sen sobre.o Máximo dúas obras por artista.Data límite: 30 de xullo.2 exposicións no 2009 - 2010: Facultade de CC da Educación da Universidade da Coruña e Biblioteca Central do Campus de postela. Ademáis exposición virtual.Resposta a todos/as os que participen. Se tes correo electrónico é importante que conste no remite.As obras non serán devoltas, despois das exposicións pasarán a formar parte dun gran mural que estará exposto na Biblioteca de Cc da Educación.Información e entrega das obras:BibliotecaFacultade de Cc da EducaciónUniversidade da CoruñaCampus Elviña s/n15071 A CoruñaGaliciaEspañamdoval@udc.eshttp://mailart.pbwiki.com
Convocatoria de mail art "Radiografía del miedo"La Biblioteca da Facultad de CC de la Educación (Universidade da Coruña), en colaboración con la Biblioteca Central del Campus de Pontevedra (Universidade de Vigo), invita a todos/as los artistas que lo deseen, cualquiera que sean sus coordenadas geográficas y vitales, a participar en esta convocatoria.Bases:Tema: "radiografía del miedo". Características técnicas:o Dimensión: Tarjeta postal 20x10 cmo Papel o cualquier otro soporte bidimensional.o Técnica: libreo Envío por correo postal ordinario, sin sobre.o Máximo dos obras por artista. Data límite: 30 de julio de 2009. 2 exposiciones en 2009 - 2010: Facultad de CC de la Educación (Universidade da Coruña y Biblioteca Central del Campus de Pontevedra (Universidade de Vigo).Además exposición virtual. Respuesta a todos/as los participantes. Importante que conste el correo electrónico en el remite. No se devuelven las obras, después de ser exhibidas pasarán a formar parte de un gran mural que estará expuesto en la Biblioteca de Cc de la Educación.Información y entrega de las obras:BibliotecaFacultade de Cc da EducaciónUniversidade da CoruñaCampus Elviña s/n15071 A CoruñaGaliciaEspaña mdoval@udc.eshttp://mailart.pbwiki.com
Mail Art Call: " X-ray of Fear " The Library of the Educational Sciences Faculty (University of A Coruña), in collaboration with the Central Library of the Pontevedra Campus (University of Vigo), invites all artists, home or abroad, to take part in this Mail Art Call.Guidelines:Topic: " X-ray of Fear ".Technical requirements:o Size: postal size 20x10 cm.o Paper or any other bidimensional support.o Free technique.o Send by ordinary mail (no envelope required).o Maximum two proposals per artist.Deadline: July 30th 2009Two exhibitions in 2009-2010:· Library of the Educational Sciences Faculty (University of A Coruña).· Central Library, Campus of Pontevedra (Universidade de Vigo).Virtual exhibition included.All participants will receive confirmation. Senders must include their e-mail.Artistic proposals will not be returned. After exhibition, all works will be permanently exhibited in large-mural format in the Library of the Educational Sciences Faculty (Universidade de A Coruña).Send your proposals to:BibliotecaFacultade de Ciencias da EducaciónUniversidade de A CoruñaCampus Elviña s/n15071 A Coruña. Galicia. Spain. Information and contact:Inma Dovalmdoval@udc.eshttp://mailartbedu.pbwiki.com

11 March 2009

M O N E Y mail-art call

Money appears to be disappearing at an alarming rate, so I am challenging Mail-Artists everywhere to pick up the slack and make their own. Of course I'm not encouraging anyone to counterfeit cash, but to create bills that would exist in a world run by artists instead of bankers.

DEADLINE 12/31/09

Mail to:
6l5 Foul Bay Road
Victoria BC, V8S4H2

Documentation here: http://mailartmoney.blogspot.com/

9 March 2009

6 Degrees of Seperation

"I am working on the basis of the ideas behind 6 degrees of separation. I wish to make connections with people I have no previous or any form of connection with already. Other things I will be exploring are the possibilities of strangers remembering you after making brief eye contact in the street and other such brief encounters with strangers that you know nothing about.

I therefore would love to be able to send disposable camera's to you for you to take photographs of things, whatever you like, and then send them back to me I will develop them, and then put the pictures onto flickr so you can view them. If you are interested in taking part in this mail-art experiment, please email me at: tizzz-htid@hotmail.co.uk "

We would be very appreciative if you would be able to spread the word as I know it would be greatly appreciated. You do a fantastic job with your site, by the way. I have had the opportunity to get involved with a few great projects through it.

Kind regards

Alice Ralph, on behalf of I.F.

Alice Ralph

8 March 2009

Gallery of Ornamental Post

Goop Gallery (gallery of ornamental post) just opened in the ancient Tuscan spa above our mini-ballroom. Calling all artists who wish to have their MAIL ART displayed. Your postcard or maybe your sweet watercolor will hang alongside tiled floors + mosaicked walls once populated by Roman philosophers + crackpots. Our collection includes work by Michel Della Vedova, Dewi, Jelene Morris, Happy -go- Lucky and David Berube. Send your mail here: GOOP GALLERY, 19 Hurdman rd, Ottawa Ontario, Canada, K1N 8N7

1 March 2009

Arnolfini Mini[e]MailArt - New Call: Simple signs

The Mini[e]MailArt is an international e-mail art project of the Hungarian family art team called Arnolfini Archives (since 1993) that was launced in 2004. As it is indicated in inviting applications a pictural gestures according to topic are asked to be placed on the downloadable empty surface, then the completed work is asked to be e-mailed.
The current topic is: Simple signs
Deadline: May 31, 2009.
E-mail address: mma@arnolfini.hu

The works we get are going to be published continuously in the blog: http://arnolfini-mma.blogspot.com

Arnolfini Archives

Flowers for my Brother

Send a card with flowers to my Brother: (new address from 4-3-2009)

Jos Janssen
p/a: Hospice de Sporen
Bredaseweg 564
5036 NB Tilburg

I am sad to say I am loosing my brother. He has been diagnosed with cancer and has not much time left. I would like to surprise him with flowercards from all over the world.Thank you for your support, it means a lot to me - Ruud Janssen

Mail sent already to the Hospital will be forewared

Paper Planes And Birds

Find more videos like this on OPEN Fluxus

Paper Planes & Birds.