29 October 2010



Calling all mail artists!
FORMAT: 8.5 x 11 inch paper or 21 x 27 cm
TECHNIQUE: Draw, paint, collage, stamp or digital art
RULES: Make a full size outline of your hand and fill it in using any of the techniques listed above.
Leave the background around your hand print white. Decorate the hand portion.
DEADLINE: January 30, 2011


Hands Across the Water,
16220 Via Solera Cir #106,
Fort Myers, FL 33908

Documentation will be here on sharonzimmer.com

Faire un aperçu en taille réelle de votre main et le remplir en utilisant l'une des techniques énumérées ci-dessus.
Laissez le fond autour de votre empreinte de la main blanche. Décorez la partie à la main.

Hacer un esquema del mismo tamaño de su mano y lo rellenamos en el uso de cualquiera de las técnicas mencionadas anteriormente.
Deja el fondo alrededor de su impresión de la mano blanca. Decora la porción de la mano.

Erstellen Sie eine vollständige Übersicht über Größe der Hand und füllen Sie es mit einer der oben genannten Techniken.
Lassen Sie den Hintergrund um die Hand drucken weiß. Dekorieren Sie den Handteil.

Fai una sagoma a grandezza della tua mano e compilarlo usando una delle tecniche sopra elencate.
Invia il tuo sfondo intorno stampa bianca mano. Decorare la parte a mano.

23 October 2010


Description: What about trains? Fast, slow, old, new, fashionable, classics, lonely stations; all that strange people, their hurry, their stories, their journeys. Always a definite itinerary from A location to B location. Between this two points, remember yourself one special train journey. We will meet in a YELLOW TRAIN. Together will be writing it’s story.

Technique: anything goes

Size: postal card



Aleea I Primaverii, No: 51,
Craiova, Dolj,
Romania, 200103


Larger Questionaire on Mail-Art

A online Mail-Art research that will result in a publication next year. Please participate and answer the questions. Thank You!

IUOMA Poll-7

This is the 7th Poll. The results of all the polls will be published in 2011. The polls are published on several platforms. In the new communications times all the results of these Polls are added together and show significant results. Mostly over 150 people react to a poll and that gives some insight for sure.

Women: Secrets & Confidences

17 October 2010

Significant Dream Project

Hello dreamers,

I am inviting you to be a part of a mail art project I am conducting-

Please send me a post card size art work about a significant dream you've had. Create an image using any technique; collage, mixed media, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography... On the back briefly describe the dream or, the most memorable part of the dream, any insights, is it a reoccurring dream, how did you feel when you woke up, approx. when did you have this dream...
Send art work to -

Significant Dream Project
1480 Pickles Rd.
Denman Island B.C.
V0R 1T0 - Canada

Contributions to this mail art project will be included in a group show planned for Summer 2011 in the Comox Valley, B.C.
No returns, documentation to all participants. I will post project entries and, keep you updated about the upcoming show at http://collaborativespirit.blogspot.com/p/significant-dream-project.html

Hope to see you in dreams,
Cathy Stoyko

Art for Healing

Our theme of our Mail Art Exhibition is "Art for Healing" and will draw attention to art as a natural force that promotes health and well-being of the creator as well as viewer by changing a person's outlook and the way they experience the world. Artists and non-artists from around the world are invited to submit.

Size/Technique: postcard-sized (4 inches by 6 inches) piece of original mail art. Postcards submitted must be an original drawing, painting, collage, mixed media piece, poetry, or short story created by you. The artwork on the postcard can be either horizontal or vertical. No jury, no fees and no returns. Please no nudity, overly religious artwork, racist or pornographic art. This show will be viewed by the general public which will include children. Please include your email and mailing addresses printed on the back of the mail art.

Exhibition: Mail Art Exhibit will run in conjunction with the Third Annual "Art Among Friends" Art Exhibit. All received mail art will be viewed by approximately 1,000 visitors during the 2011 Art Among Friends weekend of September 24 & 25, 2011.
Documentation: All mail art submitted will be displayed as they are received on the Art Among Friends website starting in the Spring of 2011. Participants who provide an email address will also receive digital documentation after the event.
For more information- Please email me at info@artamongfriends.ca
Deadline to be received: September 20, 2011

"Art for Healing" Mail Art Exhibit
c/o J. Brann
44 Albert Street
Elliot Lake, Ontario
Canada P5A 2Y8

11 October 2010

Burnt Books

Burnt Books

11 Oct

Nextbook Press is proud to announce a call for Mail Art to celebrate the publication of Burnt Books: Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav and Franz Kafka, by Rodger Kamenetz.

Burnt Books is an evocative theme conjuring all kinds of imagery of loss and ephemera, memory, and the sharing of stories at a time when we are on the eve of dramatic changes in how words themselves are passed on and stories told. Conflicting perceptions on the meaning of ”death of print,” losses within the publishing industry and yet a rise of interest in small press publishing and new digital, interactive storytelling forms. The book may be burning (literally made of light not paper, online, eBooks etc.. ) yet it is not consumed by the flame; it is transformed, reincarnated, rejuvenated. Rodger Kamenetz’s book parallels the lives of two great storytellers: Rabbi Nachman the 18th century mystic and Franz Kafka, the modern era surrealist. Through this comparison, Kamenetz addresses the transformative and healing power of storytelling and books in whatever form. We look forward to seeing your interpretations of this theme.


Format: Mail Art, all media

Size: Standard post card, A4

Deadline: Rolling. First come, first exhibited.

Exhibition & Documentation: Works will be scanned and published on this site. No fee, no jury, no return, online documentation.

Online exhibition will be promoted on the Nextbook Press and Tablet Magazine websites, Facebook, and Twitter. Physical exhibition of works in New York, TBA.

To participate in the exhibition, mail art submissions should be sent by postal mail to:

Nextbook Press

ATTN: Margarita Korol

295 Lafayette Street, Suite 501

New York, New York 10012

9 October 2010

4 Senses

Nonprofit institution of disabled people of Samara region "The Center of Social Initiatives" invites you to participate in mail-art project.

The topic is "4 Senses".

Usually one have 5 base sensations: visual, auditory, tactile, gustatory and sense of smell. visual sensation is critical because it gives majority of infor+mation about environment.

There are colourful ads, shop windows, coloured walls, vivid buses and trams around us. There is a lot of visual information so we often pay a little attention to it. But the people with no visual sensation usually have only four base sensations. How does one lives without critical sensaton?

One who wish to participate are proposed to reflect his own vision of blind's world.

Size is not restricted.

Tecnique: not restricted to particular tecnique.

The works should be sent via post not in an envelope. No copies, no E-mail contribution please.

The works received will not be rated or returned to sender.

The end date of work's registration: 1st March 2011.

Exhibition: we are planning to make a mobile exhibition in organizations andpublic places of Togliatti city. Also we will make a negotiations about making an exhibition in other Russian cities.

Documents: if the project will be successful then the catalogue printing is planned. Everyone who participated will get a printed catalogue in 2011.
All works received will be published in project's blog:

Works should be sent to:

4 Senses
445040, Togliatti, Samara obl.,
P.O. box 5154,

8 October 2010



Please create a mini flux box. I would like to see your utopia and/or dystopia in a box or tin. It can be like a diorama or a flux-kit--however you like to work... or find your own style and way to express an idea. Nothing bigger than a cigar box please.

Show will be summer of 2011.

Send to :

c/o Jennifer Kosharek
665 Jasmine Way South
St. Petersburg, FL 33705

All work will be included in the show. Work deadline is June 1, 2011.


A BOOK ABOUT DEATH THE EXHIBITION ARCHIVE: Fluxmuseum ABAD Opens in Texas [113]: "The Fluxmuseum opened up in Texas today with a massive exhibition devoted to games and gew gaws as well as the A Book About Death archive se..."

6 October 2010

St. Francis Mail Art Project

The St. Francis Mail Art Project is a on-going internet gallery of mail art that is received that positively depicts St. Francis, his life, his writing, and how individuals are living a life that is inspired by St. Francis.

The project is open to any type of print media of any size (no video or audio, please), and each artist's interpretation. Postcards, photographs, textiles, sculpture, mail art, artistamps, calligraphy...so many options.

Artists may send their work to:

The St. Francis Mail Art Project
14363 Oren Road North
Scandia, MN 55073

Items will be scanned and/or photographed and uploaded to this website. Artists will receive written acknowledgment on the website. No financial compensation is offered for being showcased on the website. Artwork will not be returned.

4 October 2010

Human Colours, Music - Mail Art exhibition in Greece

8 days left to participate in the project:

Human Colours, Music

International MAIL ART Exhibition in Thessaloniki

November 2010
8 μέρες έμειναν για να ταχυδρομήσετε το έργο σας

2 October 2010

Land Art on Mail Art

Mail art call/ Javier F. Granda

International Mail Art - Call for Submissions

“Land Art on Mail Art”

Make a Land Art project on Mail Art.

Please send your work to:

Javier F. Granda
Ctra. Gral. N-634 #7
33868 SALAS – Asturias –

Size and Technique: Free.

Closing date: December 31, 2010.

All works will be published at http://landartonmailart.blogspot.com/

Handed in work will not be returned.

A digital catalogue will be made at the end of the project, including accompanying texts, all received works and artist details.

All submissions must include postal and email address

1 October 2010

Join in and Communicate!

Found on facebook (Rain Rien published it there). A lovely advertising for the new media in the old style).