8 January 2019

Free Mail-Art (Italy)

Free Mail Art

IXª Biennale Internazionale Mail Art 2020


tema: Free Mail Art. Il tema è libero ma saranno prese con grande considerazione

opere che rappresentano il tuo stile o il tuo marchio nella mail art.

theme: Mail Art Libera. The theme is free but will be taken with great consideration

works that represent your style or your brand in the mail art.

free size

qualsiasi dimensione

no return

le opere ricevute non saranno restituite

deadline: 2020

scadenza: 2020

all works must be sent by post

tutti i lavori devono essere spediti per posta

Sito web - Web site: www.guzzardi.it/arte

do not forget your photo, a short biography, postal address and e-mail

non dimenticarti una tua foto, una breve biografia, indirizzo postale ed e-mail

send to:

spedisci a:

Mail Art Libera/Free Mail Art

by Claudio Grandinetti

Via Popilia N° 208/B

87100 Cosenza


5 January 2019

Acro-Gym - Belgium

Original - Greece

Mail Art project “ORIGINAL”
You are invited to participate in a Mail Art project entitled “ORIGINAL”.  Be creative and share your art! It may be a painting, a simple sketch, a graffiti, a photograph, a collage or anything that expresses your creativity. The only condition is for your art to be original and not printed or photocopied!
Size, media, number of submissions: Free
No fees, no jury, no returns.
Deadline: October 2019.
Please include the title of the work, your name, address, email address, etc.
Documentation: All entries will be displayed online so if you don’t want your contact details (postal and email address) to be published please let me know.
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dimitra-Papatheodorou/136411099875287 http://bluetempera.blogspot.gr/
A venue is currently being sought where the works can be Exhibited. Details of this will be made available later.
Send your mail art to:
 P.O. Box 3019
 23 Zaimi street
 26110 Patra

2 January 2019

Extended Tea Time - 2019

Tea Time again!  

I've extended the Deadline! Why, because in the English description, I had a dislexic moment on the address - which I've corrected. Patricia's mail carrier caught most of it and delivered but he may have missed a few. I'll be scanning and adding to the blog soon. Thanks for participating. 
Even if you're not a tea drinker, send her some mail. 
Our Mail Art 

Patricia in the new shop

Some tea pots and strainers

Several years ago, we sent Patricia lots of Mail Art to celebrate TEA. Her shop Cary Town Teas has moved to a new location, which by the way is only two blocks from my home. Am I excited, you bet.

Let's send her more Mail Art so she can put up another display.

THEME: TEA (of course)
Size: 4" x 6" - 10 cm x 15 cm

MAIL TO: Cary Town Teas
2517 Cary St.
Richmond, VA, 23220 USA

Family friendly, please.

Deadline: February 14, 2019

Since Patricia is from France:

Il y a plusieurs années, nous avons envoyé à Patricia de nombreux Mail Art pour célébrer TEA. Sa boutique Cary Town Teas a déménagé dans un nouvel emplacement, qui n'est d'ailleurs qu'à deux rues de chez moi. Suis-je excité, vous pariez.

Envoyons-lui plus d'art postal afin qu'elle puisse afficher un autre affichage.

THÈME: THÉ (bien sûr)
Taille: 4 "x 6" - 10 cm x 15 cm
Date limite: 14 Fevrier 2019
Famille sympathique, s'il vous plaît.

Envoyer à
Cary Town Teas
2517 Cary St.
Richmond, VA, 23220 USA


Love in 2019 - UK

Happy New Year! Are your Mail Art workstations ready? Here's our 2019 call...
We invite postal submissions on the theme 'LOVE, LIEBE, AMORE'
Send your artwork to: Mail Art, C/o Kevin & James Gillen, 1 Maple Drive, Hawkinge, Kent, CT18 7NP United Kingdom

27 December 2018

Sea, Fire and Humans - Greece

The sea, at the same time that it nourishes man, animals and fishes, swallows swimmers, seafarers and migrants who venture into freedom.
The sun, fire in the sky, gives life, but a fire in a tree, can become the hell itself.
Human can be the one who creates life, but with the war, fights and choices, takes it back.
More than 6 different options.
Choose your own, make art and send to:
Maria Chorianopoulou
Vriandos 33 – 11364
Athens - Greece
Deadline 20th of June 2019
Technique free, size free, no participation fee, no judge, no return, no racist, no sexist
Title, name, country in front or behind artwork
Exhibition in Athens – Greece, in the winter of 2019
Mellifera action on fb

16 December 2018

The Vagina Monologues - USA

Please send your artwork of love, honor, healing, and celebration for the vagina, all connected organs, and the women to whom they belong.  Exhibition Feb 2019 during our production of Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues," all pieces available for sale.  Event profits will benefit a local organization working to end violence against women.  Pieces not sold will become part of our mail art archive.  Thank you for donating to our cause.

Deadline: 31 Jan 2019
Format: Postcards IN ENVELOPES, max size A6 (4x6in)
Medium: Any
No fee / No jury / No returns
Documentation to all - please provide return mailing address Misogynistic pieces will be destroyed without comment

Send to:
TVM Salem c/o Jillyn Chang
PO Box 20854
Keizer OR 97303