16 February 2024

Artistamps Makers - Call (USA)

 New Mail Art Call! PLEASE share with any Artistamp makers.

11 February 2024

Cultural Exchange Brasil x Italia


Mail Art Call: Cultural Exchange Brasil x Italia

Brazil or Italy? What comes in your mind when you think about Brazil and Italy?

Cultural exchange: Art, food, music, games, words, expressions and memories…  Which exchanges are evident in each culture? Dialogues? Influences of Italian immigration in Brazil and the massification of Brazilian culture around the world? Interferences in personal, professional or love life, or even the curiosity to travel? How can you visually represent the influences between Italy and Brazil?

The pieces will be used in exhibitions in this theme’s related events as well as to illustrate theses and articles.

medium: collage, drawing, painting, creative writing
required dimensions 100 x 150 mm | 3.9 x 5.9 in

show 2024-09-15 > 2024-09-30
show address Biblioteca Comunale | Marcon | Italia
submission address Cris Piloto Via Passo Campalto, 61 | CAP 30173 | Venezia | Italia

Link to received arts on order of arrival also the Italian and Portuguese versions:


22 January 2024

'Black and White' Egg Project 2024 - Hungary


Mail Art ’Black and White’ Egg Project 2024


Dear Artist Colleague!

If You send me a Black & White Mail Art Egg letter, I will send one to You in return!


Topic: egg, as a form, shape, pattern.

Colour: Black & White

Project time: 10th January – 30th March 2024

Address: Éva Mosonyi, 2040 Budaörs, Kismartoni Str 82. Hungary

- Every art-piece has to be sent via post.

- No technical limitations: you can use pen or pencil, dye or chalk, graphics, montage, collage, photo, etc. You can even create it in 3D. The only thing is to be Black & White only!

– All art-pieces will be scanned and uploaded to my webpage

This is the 13th time that the Mail Art Egg Project is being announced!

Webpage: http://evamosonyi.wordpress.com

- Similarily to the previous years, the entire collection will be donated to the Budapest Stamp Museum (https://www.belyegmuzeum.hu) where – by the way – you can find the most stamps in the world. These mails and postcards will be kept for the after-world and can be seen any time during opening hours.

I would like to ask your help in sharing this announcement to your friends, relatives, colleagues, so they can also participate in this project!

I look forward to your beautiful letter!

Thank you and kind regards:Éva Mosonyi mail artist from Hungary

20 January 2024

There is no Planet B - Croatie

 Invitation Mail Art

((( mail art - There is no planet B
Deadline : February 15th , 2024.
Free technique and size.
No jury. No return. Theme : There is no planet B
Catalog Nfts on line on objkt
Virtual Exhibition on spatial.io
Thierry Tillier
Vukovarska , 37
Vis 21480

14 January 2024

Food for Body and Mind - Italy


DaDaStation21 - 2024 project (USA)


GARBAGE -Mail-Art Project (Turkey)


Is everything we dump out garbage?
This “Is everything we dump out garbage?” project organized by Kasımpaşa Oya Kayacık Child Houses Site Protection Association is open to everyone.
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
You may contribute to the efforts of recycling for a habitable world easily through small changes you can make in your daily routines. You may express your opinions thereon through an artistic production. If you wish, you may produce something new by using wastes. Are you ready to try?
Project Owner: Kasımpaşa Oya Kayacık Child Houses Site Protection Association
Organization Responsible: Nazire Öztunalı
Co-operation: Atölye Arts-In
Dimension: For 2-dimensional works, maximum A4 (21x30 cm)
For 3-dimensional works, maximum 15x15x15 cm
Category: Free (drawing/design, painting, printmaking, photograph, digital art, sculpture, ceramic, textile, etc. )
Technique: All types of techniques may be used.
Last Participation Date: 29 February 2024
Exhibition: March 2024
1- No participation fee. No jury. Works will not be returned.
2- Racist, pornographic, gender apartheid based works will not be exhibited.
3- All works should be original.
4- The rights of publication, exhibition and use of the works shall be deemed to have been transferred to Kasımpaşa Oya Kayacık Child Houses Site Protection Association.
5- Each participant may participate with maximum two works.
6- We do not accept any liability for delays, losses or damages that may occur in mail or cargo.
7- Each participant is required to give the following information, together with work(s):
Artist’s name and surname
Name of the work
Facebook/ instagram / web (optional)
8- List of participants, participation certificate and exhibition catalogue will be prepared digitally.
Visuals of the works and all kinds of news and documents regarding exhibition will be shared in the following internet site addresses:
Please send your work by mail to the following address:
“Attığımız her şey çöp mü?”
Uluslararası Posta Sanatı Projesi
Nazire Öztunalı
Kasımpaşa Oya Kayacık Çocuk Evleri Sitesi Koruma Derneği
Küçükpiyale Mah. Yeni Yol Cad. No:7
Kasımpaşa – Beyoğlu – 34440
İstanbul / TURKEY
For information: Meral Ağar : meral_agar@yahoo.com.tr

13 January 2024

No 13 - Mail Art Project in Finland


50th Anniversary - Germany


International Call for Mail Art

For their 50th anniversary in 2024, the Markgräfler Museum and the Markgräfler Museumsverein Müllheim with its art working group are calling on artists to send one or more self-made postcards (so-called mail art) on the topic “(R)Evolution” by post to the following Address to send:

Markgräfler Museum
Wilhelmstraße 7
79379 Müllheim im Markgräflerland

26. April 2024

23. Juni – 31. Dezember 2024




Verlag Lutz Wohlrab Berlin
Langhansstr. 64 a
13086 Berlin

23 December 2023

Repertoire – X. International SpanishFlu Mail Art Biennale



X. International SpanishFlu Mail Art Biennale

The SpanishFlu Webjournal of Art, which will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2024,
the Hungarian Mail Art Society,
the Herman Ottó Museum and its member institution the Miskolc Gallery
Are proud to organize the X. SpanishFlu International Mail Art Biennale titled Repertoire.
Co-organizers include:
  • The Cheerful Peacock – Tompa Mihály Cultural Garden and the House of Creators,
    The Art Treasury of Ferenc Pávai Vajna,
    the Hungarian Electrographic Art Association.
The event is an open exhibition, all participants are welcome.
The artworks are to be featured in a curated exhibition celebrating the bicentennial of theatre in Miskolc, in manner that is appropriate to the tone and concept envisioned for the event by the organizers, which will be held in the Veres Attila Hall of the Thalia House of the Herman Ottó Museum – Miskolc Galleryon World Theatre Day, 27 March, 2024.
A repertoire is the culmination of works an artist or community (e.g.: a band or theatre troupe) had learnt, rehearsed and is able to perform at any time. It is a set of programmes, a schedule and a series of stunts as well as the totality of works that are to be presented. In a broader sense, it can refer to the skills and knowledge accumulated by the individual.
In the spirit of World Theatre Day, participants are expected to submit one or several artworks primarily related to their own theatre experiences by using their own repertoire of experiences through the language of mail art and submit it by post. Alternatively, participants can also submit writings or films about the topic via e-mail.
Only artworks sent by mail that were specifically made for this occasion can be entered to the exhibition. We consider any bare two or three dimensional items or works of art wrapped in envelopes or any other kind of packaging that were sent via mail as mail art. We will display any piece that relates to the theme of the exhibition regardless of its shape, material and techniques used. Participants are encouraged to incorporate as many postal accessories and services (special stamps, priority and registered labels) as possible as organic decorative additions to their mail art submissions. A curated exhibition based on the submissions will be held in the Thalia House of the Herman Ottó Museum – Miskolc Gallery until-August 2024.
The exhibition opening will be documented via photographs and published by SpanishFlu (www.spanyolnatha.hu). The submitted pieces will become a part of the Marcelland International Art Collection. The SpanishFlu Mail Art Awards of Excellence will be awarded at the Biennale: the grand prize winner can host their own exhibition at the Thalia House in Miskolc during the following year while other awardees may do so in the webjournal.
Submission deadline: 29 February, 2024.
Mail address:
Tibor Vass
Repertoire, X. International SpanishFlu Mail Art Biennale
H-3563 Hernádkak, Ifjúság u. 5. Hungary.
E-mail: repertoire@spanyolnatha.hu

6 December 2023

 My actualized address (1.09.2023):

Bruno Chiarlone
Corso Dante, 36

Send cards, ATC, fake euros banknotes, fake dollars, fake yens.
Booklet, original artworks, oil on canvas little format.
Thank you to all contributors!