6 February 2016

Is there no Justice? - USA

Mail art show around the theme "Is There No Justice?" all media, no restrictions-- deadline July 2016 -- send entries to:

Is There No Justice?
6214 Woodcrest Ave.
Baltimore MD 21209

5 February 2016

Everything Shakespeare - USA

For the month of February, 2016, the Provo Museum of Mail Art is asking for submissions on the topic of "Everything Shakespeare".

All submissions become the property of the Museum, and will be put on permanent rotating display. All mediums are accepted. No electronic submissions at this time.

Please send your submission to:
Tim Torkildson
Provo Museum of Mail Art
650 West  100 North  #115
Provo, Utah.  84601

For further information about the Provo Museum of Mail Art, or to schedule a tour, please contact us at:   torkythai911@gmail.com.  

3 February 2016

School - Germany

Peter Netmail recommends this new interesting project by his students:



We love life as colorful as it is. Send us your colorful works: about Animes, or images from different cultures, etc. …

Please send your POSTCARDS to our school.                                                                                                           
Size only: 10 x 15 cm.
Technique: free.  No e-mail-contributions please.                           
Not in an envelope. No black&white works. No photocopies.
Deadline:  15 March 2016.

Exhibition planned at Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum in Paderborn.
Printed documentation in 2016  free to every participant.

Send only to:
An den Lothewiesen 6-8
D 33100 Paderborn