13 January 2017

Poetic life

* mail art call for 2017 *
° the poetic life of everyday things °

I would like to receive mail art on the theme of
the poetic life of everyday things
Preferred size: A5 (210x148 mm) or A6 (148x105 mm, that is, postcard size).
All work will be shown on my blog wimplet-everydaythings.blogspot.com

Deadline: 31 December 2017
No returns.
Offensive material will not be published, but jokes will be strongly appreciated.

Willemien Visser
Kaspersweg 86
26131 Oldenburg

3 January 2017

QUEIXA_TE – D. Quixote e Sancho Pança

Quixote leaves his nest, and goes forth the walls that split us apart, the walls that split humanity, physical walls e symbolic ones. A Europe made out of barbed wire… This Europe and this multicultural world will never stop being it and, fortunately, there’s no possible going back. Even though this walls may rise upon us there’s no possible going back.
  • art reception date » 01.02.2017
  • curator » Monsenhor enVide neFelibata
  • first exhibition » 2017
  • title / theme » QUEIXA_TE – D. Quixote e Sancho Pança
  • local » several to be scheduled
  • organization » Teatro e Marionetas de Mandrágora
  1. The Mailart Event Call “QUEIXA_TE – D. Quixote e Sancho Pança” is an art project created by the puppet company Teatro e Marionetas de Mandrágora directed by the artist Monsenhor enVide neFelibata.
  2. All artwork should be mailed to the following address:
    Monsenhor enVide neFelibata
    R. do Falcão 369 3ºE.
    4300-181 Porto Portugal
  3. No returns.
  4. Participants with selected artwork will receive artwork by the artist Monsenhor enVide neFelibata.
  5. This exhibition will tour through Portugal, since it travels along with the puppet show with the same name, and the participants will be noticed of every one of them by email.
  6. Free style, technique and media.
  7. Maximum size is 190x280mm.
  8. There is no maximum limit for the amount of sent artwork per person.
  9. The received and selected artwork will be used at all the following exhibitions.
  10. An online place was created for the artwork collection display as well for the tour coverage. www.yzonk.com/queixate
  11. Additional information about the artist (profile picture / small bio about the artist and his relationship with MailArt / ArtByMail and website link) should be emailed to info@envidenefelibata.com or by traditional snail mail. This information is important in order to create online and printed documentation for the exhibitions audience.
  12. Additional information about the submitted work (few words about the relationship of the submitted work with the theme “desAMORes”) should be emailed to info@envidenefelibata.com or by traditional snail mail. This information is useful for the exhibition guided tours.
  13. Sender address may be digitally blurred for the online show (if asked to do so).
  14. Sender address may be temporally covered for the physical show (if asked to do so).

17 December 2016

13 December 2016

MYA Winged Goddess - Italy

A project by Domenico Ferrara Foria for M.Y.A. 2016

In this poster I have depicted a strange creature with winged head, perhaps the antagonist of the God Mercury. Spaced eyes… staring at her gives you migraine! She is wearing a strange helmet. Leaves grow from her chin and wrap around her face, as if to symbolize a rebirth... the rebirth of the Archives of Mail Art. The image is encased in a frame that could recall the Art Nouveau style. This strange creature is not simply a symbol of the archives of Mail Art, but of all Mail Art. This strange creature has a name: MYA.

Mail Art is expressed through the mail. The Postal Administrations raise the postage rates.
As a form of protest for these increases we invite everyone, mail artists or not, to download the poster of MYA (winged Goddess), to print it letter size, to take adhesive tape and camera and to put up the poster on street mailboxes, Post Offices, on your mailbox or in other public places.
Photograph this action and post the images on the DodoDada web site at
http://dododada.ning.com./group/mya2016  (if you are not registered on the site, register or send the photos to vittorebaroni@alice.it).
Specify your full name, your email, and the town and street address of the place where the action was performed.
Mail Art is participation. Do participate!|
Deadline: January 17th, 2017 (Art’s Birthday, according to Robert Filliou).
Documentation: inside the final Newsletter of M.Y.A. 2016.

Please help to circulate this invite, thanks!

Flus Dada Show - Macedonia

8 December 2016

Art invitation

A global festival of cultural activity on climate change


Project:mail art exhibition

Theme:stencil art ,stencil graffiti document

Dimension :Post standard -10 x 15 cm

Technique: all types .Paining,drawing ,collage ,printmaking and sculpture .


Deadline :31th december  ,2016 /first expo

                 1th March , 2017/second expo

Send only 1 only postal envelope with or without.

Do not return to work ,do not pay taxes ,there is no jury.

Exhibition: Museum of Monastiri ,Prilep –Gallery room.


Send to :Vizant Art center

             ,,Dimo Narednikot,,:58 ,




With name ,adress and e-mail.

Documentation ,art book sent to participants .


Curated by :http://www.gallery-museum.mk