13 February 2019

Pride Mail Call for Entries - Canada

Mail Art Call for Fluxfest 2019

Pride Mail Call for Entries

Simultaneously celebrating Fluxus and Gay Pride, Fluxfest 2019 is calling for mail art on the theme of PRIDE.

No jury. No returns.

All entries must be sent and received by conventional postal mail, and must be in a standard postcard format. The standard postcard size is A6 (148 x 105 mm) or 6" x 4". Larger works that conform to Universal Postal Union size limits (Maximum 235 x 120 mm or 9.25" x 4.72 ") will also be accepted.

Please mail postcard to:

Fluxfest Pride Mail
501-1555 Avenue Road
Toronto, ON
M5M 4M2


Censorship is anathema to the Fluxus spirit. However, exhibited works cannot violate Canadian law. Fortunately, the laws protecting artistic freedom of expression are relatively strong in Canada. Basically, anything goes, except child pornography and hate speech. Hate speech includes, "advocating genocide", "publicly inciting hatred", and "promoting hatred".
Given the history of persecution of sexual minorities, the curators are committed to including artworks that may depict or document manifestations of homophobia, provided that such works do not violate the law.
It is illegal to produce, distribute, or possess child pornography in Canada, as such work deemed to be such by the curators, will be destroyed upon receipt. Reference: Criminal Code of Canada
NOTICE: The curators reserve the right to refuse to exhibit and/or document any submission at their absolute and sole discretion.

31 January 2019

Mail Art Egg Project - Hungary

Mail Art Egg Project 2019
Dear Artist Colleague!
This is the 8th time that the Mail Art Egg Project is being announced.

Topic: egg, as a form, shape, pattern
Project time: 20th January – 31st March 2019
Address: Éva Mosonyi, 19 Hegyalja Street, Pécs, H-7625, Hungary
Webpage: http://evamosonyi.wordpress.com

- Every art-piece has to be sent via post.
- No technical limitations: you can use pen or pencil, dye or chalk, B/W or colour, graphics, montage, collage, photo, etc. You can even create it in 3D.
– All art-pieces will be scanned and uploaded to my webpage (https://evamosonyi.wordpress.com).
- Similarly to the previous years, the entire collection will be donated to the Budapest Stamp Museum where – by the way – you can find the most stamps in the world. Since they just established their mail art section therefore these mails and postcards will be kept for the after-world and can be seen any time during opening hours.
- The collection will be exhibited at Budapest Stamp Museum (47. Hársfa Street, Budapest 1074), let me hereby invite you for the opening ceremony at Friday, 12th April, 15:00 CET. The exhibition is open from 12th April to 20th April 2019.
I would like to ask your help in sharing this announcement to your friends, relatives, colleagues, so they can also participate in this project!

I look forward to your beautiful letter too 😊
If you send me, I’ll send one to you as well 😉
Thank you and kind regards:
Éva Mosonyi

8 January 2019

Free Mail-Art (Italy)

Free Mail Art

IXª Biennale Internazionale Mail Art 2020


tema: Free Mail Art. Il tema è libero ma saranno prese con grande considerazione

opere che rappresentano il tuo stile o il tuo marchio nella mail art.

theme: Mail Art Libera. The theme is free but will be taken with great consideration

works that represent your style or your brand in the mail art.

free size

qualsiasi dimensione

no return

le opere ricevute non saranno restituite

deadline: 2020

scadenza: 2020

all works must be sent by post

tutti i lavori devono essere spediti per posta

Sito web - Web site: www.guzzardi.it/arte

do not forget your photo, a short biography, postal address and e-mail

non dimenticarti una tua foto, una breve biografia, indirizzo postale ed e-mail

send to:

spedisci a:

Mail Art Libera/Free Mail Art

by Claudio Grandinetti

Via Popilia N° 208/B

87100 Cosenza