25 February 2018

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Much Hands - Germany

17 February 2018

On the Vera of, the Shore - Spain

CONVOCATORIA MAIL ART (ARTE POSTAL)A new workshop, new postbox, the opportunity to ask for your participation.
It is in Ribeira* (A Coruña), on the riverside*, at the vera of.
Theme: On the vera of, the shore
Send to:
A Graña nº 34
ES-15967 - RIBEIRA (Spain)

deadline: 15-marzo-2018
Size and technique: FREE
With the works received I will realize exhibition in that locality and I will create blog to organize and to show punctually the novelties.
I beg to give publicity
Thank you very much.

Angry Old Man Magazine

Angry Old Man Magazine (AOM) is open for submissions for issue 3. Deadline for submissions is March  30, 2018.  AOM accepts visual and concrete poetry, art, photography, collage, asemic writing, blackout poetry, conceptual writing, flarf, found poetry, spam lit, flash fiction, mail art, typewriter art, etc... ANYTHING THAT BUCKS THE MAINSTREAM ARTISTIC STATUS QUO.