31 May 2010

favorite city

mail art call: favorite city
May 22, 2010 by lilabotter
mail art call
‘a representation of your favorite city’

tecnic: free (collage, painting, photo, ilustration, etc)
format: 14 x 10 cm
dead line: july 30 / 2010

the images will be used to illustrat an article on mail art, in a brazilian travel magazine and posted on this blog

send to:

lila botter
praça benedito calixto 86
cep 05406-040
são paulo – sp

see: http://cidadepreferida.wordpress.com/

30 May 2010


Reference material needed. Looking for magazine clippings or photos on the human form. Nudes. Sexual okay as long as it does not involve animals or children. I need a variety...male and female...all shapes and sizes. Thanks!

Also looking to swap artist trading cards on the same theme. Send any number and get equal number in return. Thanks!

Send to:

D. Bird
87 Sparkhall Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M4K 1G7

29 May 2010


Thème: dominos / Theme: dominoes
Technique et format libre / Size/Medium free
Sans date limite / No dead line

Les artistes intéressés par un échange de mail art, doivent rajouter: "échange de mail art" ainsi que leur adresse au dos de leur envoi. / Artists interested in an exchange of mail art, must add: "exchange of mail art" and their address on the back of their shipment.

Adresse de l’envoi /address to send:
Vincent PONS
6 avenue aristide Briand
92340 Bourg-la-Reine


25 May 2010

“Donate a chance at life”-

Call for pARTicipation – “Donate a chance at life”-

Here is my open call for a charitable mail art Exhibition. Please help me spread the call as much as possible all over the planet, so spread it as much as you can.

Human Colours, Music

International MAIL ART Exhibition in Athens

21-28 June 2010

On the occasion of the slogan “Donate a chance at life” of the Hellenic Society of Haematology, we are organizing a Mail Art exhibition in Athens, Greece and we are inviting artists from all over the world to participate and donate, with their work, the blood of life for their fellow-man.

Title: Human Colours, Music

Technique: free.

Format: painting, drawing, print, collage, Envelopes, Postcards, Artistamps, small sculptures, ceramics (without frame or glass)

(Only original works will be accepted, photocopies or e-mails of works will not be accepted)
Size: post card (10x15 cm), ex libris, A4 (19x29,7 cm), 3d.
All works must be sending by post with postage stamps.
Works will not be returned, they will all be exhibited.
All proceeds will be donated to the Hellenic Society of Haematology (www.eae.gr/new/index.asp ) and will be auctioned by it for its purposes.
The exhibition will be held in Syntagma Square in Athens from the 21st until the 28th of June 2010.

21-28 June is the European Week Against Leukemia and Lymphoma.
21 June is observed as World Music Day

The exhibition will also be presented in Thessaloniki on November 10th 2010 at Vellideio Cultural Centre, from the same organizers.

Artists who wish to take part in this exhibition as well should send their works until September 10th 2010. If you send your works for both exhibitions please note which one is for each exhibition.

Catalogue will be sent to everyone by the Hellenic Society of Haematology.
Online catalogue on the website:

-Main Organisation:
-Hellenic Society of Haematology www.eae.gr/new/index.asp
-Under the auspices of the:
-José Carreras Friends Association of Greece-Fight against Leukemia (www.carreras-gr.blogspot.com and the
-Gina Bachauer International Music Association (www.bachauer.org )
-Exhibition coordinator - Curator: Thomai Kontou
-Special Music Consultant: Constantine P. Carambelas-Sgourdas

Deadline: June 12, 2010

Works can be sent to:

Thomai Kontou
Xanthou 9,
40200 Elassona,

e-mail: thomaikontou@gmail.com

Please do not forget to note your address and e-mail.
Any artist is welcome to paint on music paper if they wish to. Examples of music paper can be found at the following website: www.dolmetsch.com/manuscriptpaper.htm
The exhibition will form part of the events presented in Athens during the annual World Music Day (June, 21).

24 May 2010



Single Postcard Work
BASED ON THE THEME “A Book About Death”

Mail your postcard to:
RNG Gallery1915 Leavenworth St.
Omaha NE, 68102

Artists Robert Gilmer and Louise Millmann will feature a new exhibition of A Book About Death from the Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery in New York City, along with new works.

It will be featured as part of their upcoming exhibition entitled "Til’ Death Due Us Part" at the RNG Gallery in Omaha, Nebraska.

The exhibition opening will be July 31.

IMPORTANT: ONCE YOU'VE sent your 4x6 postcard to the RNG Gallery, please SEND YOUR IMAGES TO vivmaudlin@yahoo.com IN JPEG FORMAT APPROX 900 x 600 PIXELS – OR around 200K.

They will be posted on the A Book About Death, OMAHA BLOG http://abookaboutdeathomaha.blogspot.com/

NOTE: The only requirement is the text A BOOK ABOUT DEATH, must be seen somewhere on the postcard. (ANY LANGUAGE.) All postcards will be exhibited in the RNG Gallery, Omaha Nebraska along with the complete original set of cards from the NYC “A Book About Death" exhibition, curated by Matthew Rose

DEADLINE for submissions: JULY 19, 2010

Postcards will not be returned. They will become part of the "A Book About Death" collection at the RNG Gallery in Omaha, Nebraska.

History of the project so far : http://abookaboutdeath.blogspot.com/

“A Book About Death” is a collaborative project conceived by American artist Matthew Rose for the Emily Harvey Foundation in New York City, where the original exhibition took place from September 10 – 22, 2009. The Omaha Exhibition is curated by Robert Gilmer and Louise Millmann and assisted by: Honey Millmann and Viv Maudlin. Info: vivmaudlin@yahoo.com

Please spread the word across the planet. Thank you...

Also, exhibitions are in the works for Montreal, Beijing and other cities. If you are an artist involved in this project, or a curator interested in putting together and exhibition, please get in touch.

22 May 2010

Napland Cats

Call for postcard art with theme: “Cats”

Dimensions: any standard postcard size
Techniques: anything flat enough to mail at normal postcard rates
Return art work: postcard [including the first artistamp issued from Napland (AML#255)]

Your work may be included in a blog/book/exhibit; sending it gives approval of that display.

Deadline: 30 September 2010

Mail to postal address:
The Organizer
P.O. Box 7
Davis CA 95617-0007

Tragic Threshold

We are starting a new project. Anyone interesting in doing a mail art exchange please send mail to:

Tragic Threshold
PO Box 9041
94709 - USA

We will be documenting work on a website and will send mail in return for every piece sent to us.
Thanks so much!

21 May 2010



My mail art archive E.O.N. (Ethereal Open Network) was started in 1977 and is now stored in various rooms of my house in Viareggio, visits on appointment only. I have tried to preserve, thoughout the years, a few copies of each book, record or publication that I produced (artistamps, postcards, leaflets, etc.). Some of these publications have been sold out for decades and can only be found with some luck through collectors’ lists or on eBay. A few items, listed in this leaflet, are still available in small quantities. Vittore Baroni

ARTE POSTALE! (1979-2009)
One of the best known and probably the most long-live mail art magazine on the planet, Arte Postale! has assembled original works or published materials by hundreds of international networkers. The project is considered concluded with issue n.100 (december 2009).

Issues currently available:
Arte Postale! 82 - The Table of the Little Iconoclast, documentation of the collective project for the show Sentieri Interrotti, Bassano 1999-2000 - Euro 10.00 - $ 12.00
Arte Postale! 88 - Stickin Glue..., special sticker art, over 50 international stickers, 32 pp. - Euro 23.00 - $ 30.00
Arte Postale! 89 - 30th Anniversary edition, 30 international networkers, 40 pp. & inserts - Euro 23.00 - $ 30.00
Arte Postale! 92 - Ciao, Paolina! - international mail art project dedicated to Paolina Bonaparte, all the works in a cd-r plus colour booklet - Euro 12.00 - $ 15.00
Arte Postale! 95 - Libri dell’Utopia - AAA Edizioni 1996-2006, memories and relics (in Italian), 48 pp. - Euro 5.00 - $ 8.00
Arte Postale! 96 – The Utopian Library, catalogue of an exhibition of artist’s books, Viareggio 2008, 48 pp. and inserts - Euro 12.00 - $ 15.00
Arte Postale! 100 - documentation of the project of artist’s musical instruments Bzzzoing!, part of the Klang! sonic arts festival, 36 pp. and cd-r - Euro 12.00 - $ 15.00

Set of rare issues of Arte Postale! (last copy available): 55 - 63 - 67 - 71 - 74 - 76 - 78 - 80 - 81 - 83 - 85 - 90 - 91 - 93 - 94 - 97 - 98 - 99 - Euro 200.00 - $ 260.00 (18 issues)

Last complete set of Arte Postale! 1-100: if interested, ask for details.

Other mail art related publications also available:
Sentieri Interrotti / Vanished Paths (2000) - 388 pages large size catalogue, sections on mail art, Fluxus, Lettrism, Visual Poetry, etc. - Euro 40.00 - $ 60.00
Phosgenia collection (2004) - all 4 issues of the “Bulletin of Obscure Actions” (OA04) in plastic portfolio + original relics, collected edition of 15 copies only - Euro 60.00 - $ 80.00
Around Alice - portfolio de-luxe with 10 artistamps sheets in colour, an hommage to Lewis Carroll’s Alice from 20 mailartists, with texts in English/Italian by V. Baroni, edition of 50 copies - Euro 50.00 - $ 60.00

TRAX (1981-1986)
All the productions of the Trax multimedia group/project are sold out since the late Eighties, except for the very last copies of the Last Trax consuntive and the first releases in the TRAX reprint series.

Last Trax (1987) - final report of the Trax project, 60 pp. book Italian/English + cards, stickers, 7” record by I Nipoti del Faraone (with Ettore Sottsass as special guest!) - Euro 50.00 - $ 70.00

TRAX reprint 2 REDNIGHT/NOTTEROSSA (Small Voices, December 2008) - 2 CD in special folder plus stickers sheet and postcards. Reprint of the original 1982 anthology dedicated to William S. Burroughs. CD 1 includes materials from 34 artists of 7 countries. CD 2 includes a new mix by Gianluca Becuzzi and a slide-show of 200 images - Euro 20.00 - $ 25.00

TRAX 0983 ANTHEMS (Radical Matters) - the legendary compilation of alternative hymns, published in 1983 as a LP and cassette, is now available as a FREE DOWNLOAD (with cover and original graphics) in the Radical Matter Web Editions Series. Just go to http://www.radicalmatters.com/asp/web_editions.asp and download this historical album!


The musical group consisting of Manitù Rossi, Vittore Baroni and a mutating roster of collaborators.

Still available:
Quadrivelogue - cd-album, chill out electronica (Disturbance, 1994) - Euro 20.00 - $ 25.00
Trivelogue - cd-album in special package with game, cards, 24 pp. booklet, from ambient-industrial to experimental noise to classical/acoustic prog (Staalplaat, 1995) - Euro 25.00 - $ 30.00
Terrore nello Spazio - cd-album, electronics with a lounge jazz feel, imaginary soundtrack for a Mario Bava movie (Small Voices, 2003) - Euro 16.00 - $ 20.00
Tagliare - double cd live + international remixes (Valvola, Maisie, Teho Teardo, Mana Erg, etc.), 20 songs and covers of Nico, Beatles, Associates (Small Voices, 2004) - Euro 20.00 - $ 25.00
Harta Performing 1-98 - VHS video (Europe only!), 60’, 27 art videos including a clip by le Forbici di Manitù (A Song for Ray, street performance) - Euro 15.00 - $ 18.00
L’isola (Snowdonia, december 2009), a short story (in Italian) by Alda Teodorani put into music by Le Forbici di Manitù and illustrated by Emanuela Biancuzzi, CD-album + booklet of 48 pages in slipcase box - Euro 15.00 - $ 18.00

AAA EDITIONS (1996-2006) / F.U.N. (2001-6002)

Most AAA and F.U.N. products are now deleted. I list here a few items still available in limited quantities.

Vittore Baroni - Arte Postale - a guide to the network of creative correspondence (in Italian), 256 pp. richly illustrated - Euro 50.00 - $ 70.00 (last 10 copies!)
Vittore Baroni - Postcarts / Cartoline d’artista - a short history of artist’s postcards, richly illustrated, 208 pp. book Italian/English - Euro 16.00 - $ 20.00
Mino Cancelli - La cultura del caos - the culture of chaos, anti-book made with recycled typographical materials - Euro 12.00 - $ 15.00
D. Castaldi/P. Ciani/M. Guarnaccia - Il mezzo e il messaggio - 48 colour postcards to be cut out and mailed - Euro 10.00 - $ 13.00
Mauro Chiarotto/Mimì Colucci - Embryotica - 100 trading cards of bizarre characters, ATC size, intro English/Italian by V. Baroni, for adults only - Euro 10.00 - $ 13.00
Pablo Echaurren - Nel segno del libro - 75 different bookmarks in colour, neo-pop style, to be cut out and used - Euro 12.00 - $ 15.00
John Held, Jr. - L’arte del timbro / Rubber Stamp Art - a short history of rubber stamp art, 176 pp. richly illustrated - Euro 50.00 - $ 70.00 (last 5 copies!)
Various Authors - Tattoo Comix - international anthology of independent comix and drawings on the theme of tattoos, 212 pp. - Euro 10.00 - $ 13.00

Mail 4 FUN - box with 22 postcards, 3 folders, 4 mini-stampsheets, 1 rubberstamp, 1 stencil from 23 international networkers, 500 copies in colour, English texts - Euro 20.00 - $ 25.00
Bank of FUN - a portfolio of artist’s money, 24 pp. booklet and 21 banknotes from imaginary countries by international networkers - Euro 15.00 - $ 20.00
When The Saints - box of 36 alternative holy images in colour by international authors (Giacon, Ruijters, Zattera, Chiarotto, Staffa, King, Echaurren, Biancuzzi, etc.) plus 16 pp. booklet - Euro 12.00 - $ 15.00
SUN of FUN - 2005 catalogue of the second F.U.N. festival, 44 pages booklet with manual interventions and relics plus an original puppet from the Phosgenia Rising performance by V. & G. Baroni, de luxe edition of 10 copies only - Euro 35.00 - $ 45.00


Europe: apply prices in Euro. Outside Europe: apply prices in U.S. dollars. All the prices listed include packing and postage (sent by air mail outside of Europe). Previous lists and prices are no more effective. Send payment as International Postal Money Order or cash hidden in registered envelope (if you send a cheque add Euro 10.00 / $ 15.00 for bank costs) to:
Vittore Baroni - Via C. Battisti 339 - 55049 Viareggio - Italy
vittorebaroni@alice.it - phone (+39) 0584 - 963918


19 May 2010

10 x 15, space of liberty

Sending: physic postal 10 x 15 cmt., including email and address in reverse. Without restrictions of means or supports. Catalog will be published and all the received works will parade in the university student National Institute of the Art, in August, 2010.
Group of Posgrado "Languages Artistic Combines" of IUNA organizes.

Deadline: 30 July, 2010

Sendings: Expo Mail Art IUNA
Av. The Heras 1749
C. Aut. Buenos Aires

For more information: clementepadin@gmail.com


10 x 15, espacio de libertad

Enviar: postal física 10 x 15 cmt., incluyendo email y dirección del artista en reverso. Sin restricciones de medios o soportes. Se editará catálogo y todas las obras recibidas se exhibirán en el Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte, en Agosto, 2010.
Organiza: Grupo de Posgrado “Lenguajes Artísticos Combinados” del IUNA

Fecha Límite: 30 de Julio, 2010

Envíos: Expo Mail Art IUNA
Av. Las Heras 1749
C. Aut. Buenos Aires

Por más información: clementepadin@gmail.com


International Mail Art Exhibit In Honor and Memory of Judith A. Hoffberg


International Mail Art Exhibit:
In Honor and Memory of
Judith A. Hoffberg

Armory Center for the Arts
Caldwell Gallery
145 N. Raymond Ave.
Pasadena, CA View Map

June 27– August 22, 2010

Opening: Saturday, June 26th, 7-9pm
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, Noon-5pm

To participate in the exhibition, mail art submissions must be received by June 11, 2010 by postal mail or email. All art sent through the mail needs to be sent unwrapped, unless the envelope/wrapping is part of the piece.

All submissions received by the due date will be included in the exhibition. All mail art included in the exhibition will be donated to the Judith A. Hoffberg Archive at the Library of the University of California, Santa Barbara, with the permission of the artist.

The exhibition will be held in the Armory's Caldwell Gallery from June 27 – August 22, 2010. Opening reception is Saturday, June 26, 2010, from 7-9 PM. For questions, contact exhibition curator Jay Belloli at jbelloli@armoryarts.org or 626-792-5101 x 117.
Send your mail art submission to:

Mail Art Submissions
c/o Jay Belloli, Director of Gallery Programs
Armory Center for the Arts
145 N. Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91103

About Judith A. Hoffberg

Judith A. Hoffberg (1934-2009) was an avid and active promoter of mail art and artists’ books. Judith was editor and publisher of Umbrella, a newsletter devoted to all manner of art publishing and art exhibitions. In addition to Judith’s work as a librarian, archivist, lecturer and curator, she gave unstintingly of her time and energy to promote artists through her encouragement and connections in the art world.

Brazilian Culture - Mail Art Call

Mail art call
« I love Brazilian Culture »

As part of the 3th Biennale des Arts Brésiliens of Brussels, we are conducting a mail art project on the theme: I love Brazilian Culture. All the artists, residents in Brazil and the world, Brazilian or not, are invited to send mail art, for the exhibition at the Maison des Cultures de Saint Gilles, in Brussels,Belgium, a mail art made for the occasion, on any aspect of the Brazilian culture. Send your work about all aspects of Brazilian culture : danses,cults, music, football, martial art, food, tourisme, indien and afro brazilian culture, nature, cordel, littérature, popular art, cinema, people diversity, language,etc

Size: Postcards that (10 x 15 cm, max 3 per artist)
NO RETURN – NO SELECTION – NO JURY ( erotic images, violent, racist or insulting works will not be included in the show) Technique: collage, drow, peinting…
Exhibition: exhbition at the Maison des Cultures de Saint Gilles, in Brussels, septembre 2011, as part of the 3th Biennial des Arts Brésiliens de Bruxelles.
I plan on having a mail art show around Brazil 2014 (world cup of football) et 2106 (jeux olympiques) Date to be announced. Documentation: All works will be posted on the blog de la http://www.bienalbrasileiradebruxelas.be/

Deadline to be received for the 3th Biennial: september 15, 2011

all works must be sent by post

Please provide your name, surname, nationality and e-mail address .

Info: inezolude@yahoo.com.br

Inêz da Silva
Rue Saint Bernard, 17- bte 54
1060 Brussels

Appel d'art postal ayant par titre « j'aime la culture brésilienne » pour les 3ème Biennale des Arts Brésiliens De Bruxelles Tous les artistes, résidants au Brésil et dans le monde, brésiliens ou pas, sont invités à envoyer un art postal fait pour l'occasion, sur n'importe quel aspect de la culture brésilienne pour l'exposition à la Maison des Cultures de Saint Gilles de Maison, à Bruxelles,. Thème : J'aime la culture brésilienne » Envoyez votre travail au sujet de tous les aspects de culture brésilienne : les danses, cultes, musique, le football, arts martiaux, gastronomie, tourisme, indien et culture brésilienne Afro, nature, cordel, littérature, art populaire, cinéma, diversité de personnes, langue, etc.

Taille : Cartes postales ces (10 x 15 cm, 3 maximum par artiste)

Pas de retour– pas de jury – pas de sélection (images érotiques, violentes, racistes ou insultantes ne seront pas inclus dans l'exposition)

Technique : collage, drow, peinting…

Exposition : Maison des Cultures de Saint Gilles de Maison, à Bruxelles, septembre 2011, pendant la 3ème Biennale des Arts Brésiliens De Bruxelles. Je prévois des expositions d'art de mail au Brésil en 2014 (coupe du monde du football) et 2106 (Jeux olympiques) à annoncer.
Documentation : Tous les travaux seront publiés sur le blog de la Bienalbrasileiradebruxelas.be
Date-limite à recevoir pour le 3ème Biennale : 15 septembre 2011
tous les travaux doivent être envoyés par la poste

Veuillez fournir votre nom, nationalité et email.

Information : inezolude@yahoo.com.br

Inêz da Silva
32 2 (0) 478 23 68 06
Rue Saint Bernard,
17 de rue - bte 54
Bruxelles 1060 - Belgique

15 May 2010

Gina Lotta Post Artistamp Museum

Ginny Lloyd’s Gina Lotta Post Artistamp Museum - Become part of an artistamp museum without walls that would love to have you contribute to it. See http://artistampmuseum.blogspot.com/

First 100 contributors guaranteed a spot in a forthcoming book. See complete details and submission requirements at museum's Welcome page.

A forthcoming book is planned.

Submit artistamps to

Ginny Lloyd /
po box 1424 /
Jupiter, FL 33468 /
usa /


13 May 2010

Bantul National Museum, INDONESIA

Yaksa Agus is looking for entries for a mail art exhibition in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. They are planning an exhibit for 10 October 2010. Work can be any medium or subject matter to help introduce Mail Art to Indonesia.
Size: 10 x 15cm min. 25 x 30 cm max.
As a postcard or in an envelope.
Include your name, address and e-mail.

Send to: Secretariat BNM, c/o Yaksa Agus
RT.06, Bangmalang, Cepit,
Pendowoharjo, Sewon, Bantul
Yogyakarta, INDONESIA 55185
Deadline: 20 August 2010


8 May 2010


Hello, and a warm welcome to the Mail Art Project of the TUFA in Trier.

Art by post!

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the TUFA in Trier with the Mail Art Project! In 2010 the Arts Centre of the City of Trier, the cloth factory (locally known as the Tuchfabrik, abbreviated to TUFA,) will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Earlier the TUFA was indeed a cloth mill, producing cloth. Now the TUFA is an arts centre, producing cultural assets with theatre, music, art, dance, literature etc. The TUFA has excellent exhibition rooms in which we would like to feature a jubilee display. You can join in!

Artists, painters, graphic artists, photographers, poets and those who would like to be, coming from Trier and its partner towns throughout the world: LET'S HEAR FROM YOU BY POST!
Please send us an artistic postcard on the theme of TUFA the Arts Centre, on the subject of cloth and/or celebrating our birthday. Any format that reaches us by post will be admitted.
All original work signed and stamped reaching us by 30th June 2010 (no emails please) will be included in the autumn 2010 exhibition. Your postcards will be uploaded onto the internet and we hope to create an exhibition catalogue there.

What will happen to the postcards after the exhibition?

We would like to take care of the cards, perhaps to exhibit them in one or several partner towns, or auction them for charitable causes.

Send your postcards to:
TUFA Trier
Wechselstrasse 4-6
54290 Trier

Don't forget to include your address or email address. You may well hear back from us by post!
The TUFA Arts Committee persons:
Rainer Breuer, Martina Diedrich, Herbert Lauer, Gabriele Lohberg.
By participation in the Mail-Art-Projekt, artists cede ownership rights free of charge to the TUFA within the framework of its catalogue and poster print and internet media.

Our project is still in its infancy and lots more remains to be said by way of introduction, so we have no more info as yet. This will change in the coming weeks, as soon as for example, we can give you the exact date of the exhibition, when we receive the first postcards and answer any questions that you may have etc. We invite you above all to send in plenty of creative input (artistic postcards), which we would like to exhibit as creatively as possible.
Have fun!
From the TUFA Arts Committee.

6 May 2010


Deadline : May 25th, 2011.
Free technique and size.
No fees. No jury. No return.
Exhibitions in 2011 and later.
A blog will soon be conceived for the project.
All works must be sent by post.

Send to :
Sylvie Neveu,
route de Molières,
F-46170 Castelnau-Montratier.

3 May 2010

Chinese Mail-Art

On May 3rd 2010 I started this small research project. Where are the chinese mail-artists? First I have to ask the question. Als I made add & pass on papers which I will send into the Network. What I hope for is to connect to some Chinese Mail-Artists and integrate them into the global network.
In the 80-ies I did have some contacts with Chinese artists. Also because artists from the USA worked inside China and arranged some contacts. Nowadays hina grows, but the connections in our global Mail-Art network have not been established. Maybe this small project will bring some changes.
I will keep you updated on what happens and what this reserach brings by blogging all about what happens after I started this project.
Ruud Janssen, May 4th 2010

details at: http://chinesemailart.blogspot.com/


I am looking for anyone in the world who wants to send/swap ATC's.....can be in any medium, and theme. Will send an ATC back to anyone who sends to me. There is no deadline......
Email if there are any questions @ debredk@aol.com .

Thanks in advance!

Mail your ATC's to:
Deb Knicos
1274 Fox Gap Road
Bangor PA, 18013

2 May 2010

Spectacular Sights - Sweden

Hi My name is edvard derkert, I run a gallery called Gallery KG52 ( http://kg52.se/ ) in Stockholm. We are going to have a mailart exhibition called spectacular sights ? postcard of places yet to be seen. http://mailart.se/ Our gallery is quite big and postcards are quite small so we need lots of participants so I would be very happy if you could spread the word about this exhibition!

edvard derkert