3 May 2010

Chinese Mail-Art

On May 3rd 2010 I started this small research project. Where are the chinese mail-artists? First I have to ask the question. Als I made add & pass on papers which I will send into the Network. What I hope for is to connect to some Chinese Mail-Artists and integrate them into the global network.
In the 80-ies I did have some contacts with Chinese artists. Also because artists from the USA worked inside China and arranged some contacts. Nowadays hina grows, but the connections in our global Mail-Art network have not been established. Maybe this small project will bring some changes.
I will keep you updated on what happens and what this reserach brings by blogging all about what happens after I started this project.
Ruud Janssen, May 4th 2010

details at: http://chinesemailart.blogspot.com/

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