23 April 2013


THEME: 25 - Twenty five
TECHNIC: free (bidimensional)
SIZE: 15 x 10 cm (only vertically)
DEADLINE: 10th August 2013

With the works received there will be a virtual exhibition on http://25iuoma.blogspot.com.ar and a physical one around the 16th August (anniversary of the creation of the IUOMA*) in shoppings windows at 25 de Mayo street, Gualeguaychu (Argentina).

Behind the works, please, write name of the author, adress, and e-mail. No return. Documentation will be sent by e-mail.

Send to
Raul Albanece - Mail Art
25 de Mayo 1292
E2822ABN - Gualeguaychu


TEMA: 25 - Veinticinco
TÉCNICA: libre (bidimensional)
TAMAÑO: 15 x 10 cm (sólo verticalmente)
FECHA LÍMITE: 10 de agosto de 2013

Con los trabajos recibidos se realizará una exposición virtual en http://25iuoma.blogspot.com.ar y una física al rededor de la fecha 16 de agosto (aniversario de la creación de la IUOMA*) en las vidrieras de los comercios de la calle 25 de Mayo de la ciudad de Gualeguaychú (Argentina).

Detrás de la obra consignar nombre del autor, domicilio y una dirección de correo electrónico ya que por ese medio se enviará la documentación de la exposición. Sin devolución.

Enviar a:
Raúl Albanece - Mail Art
25 de Mayo 1292
E2822ABN - Gualeguaychú

21 April 2013

Danisch Red Cross

Freedom of speech

Call for international mail art project
Theme: Freedom of speech
Freedom of speech is one of the basic human and civil rights. It is often infringed by the State and fought for by the people. A person is a slave if he or she has no right to say what they think, to express their opinion, demonstrate their position.
Deadline: no.
Techniques: postcards, envelopes, photographs, collages, paintings, prints, drawings,  applique works, postage stamps, rubber stamps…
Size: not exceeding the size of a standard envelope or a postcard (about 10x15 cm).
Your work will be displayed on my website http://mailnastart.blogspot.ru
Documentation to all. Works will be published in NAST fanzine upon their arrival.
No jury, no fee, no return.
Send to:
Oleg Kisel
do vostrebovaniya
Russia 353925

Phone Box - FRANCE


Please participate in an International Mail Art Exhibition I am organising in June on the themes of Phones, Post Boxes or anything to do with telecommunications.

My friends Eddy & Annette Duprey recently bought an old British telephone box and moved it -- at great expense and effort -- from the South of Wales to the South of France. And now this iconic traditional red phone box stands in somewhat isolated splendor in their garden.

To celebrate The Box's official opening on 14 June, 2013, I'm organising a Mail art Exhibition, as part of IUOMA's 25th Anniversary celebrations. Works received will be placed on and in the phone box.

Details of the Exhibition are as follows:

THEME: Phones, Phone Boxes, or anything to do with Telecommunications

DATE: 14 June, 2013. (It's a small phone box...and a small exhibition!)

SIZE: Anything -- but postcards preferred

TECHNIQUE: Free. Anything goes -- drawings, paintings, collages, assemblages...it's up to you (as long as they will fit in or on the Box).

VENUE: The British Telephone Box by the swimming pool, Chez Duprey, 9 Rue Jacques Prévert Emeraude, Sigean, France

DEADLINE: 10 June, 2013

CONDITIONS: No prizes, no jury, no returns, etc

Val Herman, 1 Rue de la Vieille Fontaine, F-11130 Sigean, France.

19 April 2013

PETS deserve a HOME


My 13 year old daughter is having her Third Mail Art exhibit to be held on Sept, 28 - 29, 2013. I am
wondering if you could post this mail art call on your page.

Here are the details:

This Mail Art Exhibit to help raise awareness about homeless pets in animal rescue shelters and is being organized by Jessica Brann, a Grade 8 student. This will be Jessica's Third Mail Art Exhibit. "Pets Deserve A Home" will run in conjunction with the Fifth Annual Art Among Friends Exhibition. Jessica is looking for all types of mail art with a pet theme. Everyone is invited to submit a postcard-sized piece of pet themed artwork. If you don't want to create artwork, why not mail in a photo of your pet to display in the exhibit. A voluntary donation jar will be setup beside the exhibit and with all donations to go to our local animal rescue shelter.

There will be no jury, no fees and no return of artwork - All received artwork will be displayed and viewed by approximately 1,200 visitors during the Art Among Friends weekend. (September 28th - 29th, 2013). Deadline is September 28th, 2013. Please share some information about your pet on the back of your artwork/photo.

All Mail Art can be mailed to:
"Pets Deserve A Home" Mail Art Exhibit
c/o Jessica Brann
69 Central Avenue
Elliot Lake, Ontario
P5A 2G3

You can also email digital submissions to her at jabrann@sympatico.ca
For more information, please contact Jessica at: jabrann@sympatico.ca

Thank you
Jessica - Joseph

16 April 2013




Notice - a change of exhibit date but not deadline:
The third annual Skull Appreciation Day event will take place in Chicago, Illinois, USA, on 31 May 2013 from 6– 9pm, at the The International Museum of Surgical Science.

On June 4, the Mail Art entries will move to Design Cloud. for viewing in the evening. This is so exciting to get so many different people to see the work you will be entering.

Show your appreciation for skulls. Send your entry as soon as possible as we have a short deadline this year.

All entries will be exhibited in the museum during the event.

Send you Mail Art to:

 Skull Appreciation Day Mail Art
c/o Vanessa Ruiz
1033 W. 14th Place Unit 220
Chicago, IL 60608

Standard postcard size – 4” x 6” (10.5 cm x 14.8 cm)
 Please include your information on the reverse: name, address, e-mail address, website/blog if any.

 Family Friendly please
28 May 2012

No fee, no jury, no return, after the exhibit, works will be documented on the blog –

14 April 2013

MAIL-ART continued

MAIL-ART continued theme: Mail-Art continued free technique , Size: POSTCARD no return-no fees-no jury Deadline : June 10, 2013 Documentation on blog (http://secarchcontinued.blogspot.be/  )

Send to : Herman Teirlinckhuis -
Mail-art continued
Uwenberg 14
1650 Beersel

All postcards will be exhibited during the Secret Archives Continued Exhibition from 26 may till 30 june 2013 Secret Archives is a project byThierry Tillier, Benoît Piret & Luc Fierens posterdesign: Little Shiva MAIL-ART continued theme: Mail-Art continued free technique , Size: POSTCARD no return-no fees-no jury Deadline : June 10, 2013 Documentation on blog (http://secarchcontinued.blogspot.be/ ) Send to : Herman Teirlinckhuis - Mail-art continued Uwenberg 14 1650 Beersel BELGIUM All postcards will be exhibited during the Secret Archives Continued Exhibition from 26 may till 30 june 2013 Secret Archives is a project byThierry Tillier, Benoît Piret & Luc Fierens posterdesign: Little Shiva

"A wish for Greece"

Mail-art call: "A wish for Greece" You are invited to participate in a Mail Art project entitled " A wish for Greece". As my country is going through a difficult time, I would like all Mail Artists to make a wish for Greece or express something through their art for all of us that we here. Maybe art can offer a little bit of hope that something might change for the better!!! The least we can do is make a wish that this will happen!!! Theme: Your wish for Greece Size: Free Media: Free Number of submissions: Free No fees, no jury, no returns. Deadline: November 1st 2013. I will post anything that isn't offensive. Please include the title of the work, your name, address, email address, etc. Documentation: All participants will receive an email listing those who have taken part in the Exhibition, and some photos of individual entries. If you do not want your contact details (postal and email address) to be included please let me know. All entries will be displayed online: http://iuoma-network.ning.com/profile/DimitraPapatheodorou http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dimitra-Papatheodorou/136411099875287 http://bluetempera.blogspot.gr/ A venue is currently being sought where the works can be Exhibited. Details of this will be made available later. Send your mail art to: Dimitra Papatheodorou P.O.Box 3019 26005 Post Office of Gounari Patra Greece …. thank you!!!

13 April 2013

Making connections worldwide

Ah, the wonders of Wikipedia! While listening to Eno, and reading the Wikipedia article on him, I somehow found myself reading about Fluxus and mail art, with a side trip to Anna May Wong. My undestanding of mail art is that, among other things, it provides connections between its participants, who may never meet, but learn to communicate and appreciate each other through their mail art. What led me to address the mail art community in this regard is the posting from Stefanie about messages in bottles she requested. My son is very fascinated with the idea of messages in bottles and how friendships can develop between people so far removed. Right now, the idea of "far removed," is also part of his fascination. He seems to prefer remote contact with his friends rather than face-to-face. He meets fellow gamers at school, then would rather chat with them over skype while playing Minecraft or Terrestria, than interact in live space. I request the mail art community to send age-appropriate mail art to my son Nicholas, age 11, in the themes of connections and message-in-a-bottle. Nicholas Enquist 8203 234th St SW Edmonds, WA 98026 USA Thank you, Michael D. Enquist

12 April 2013

365 Positive Artistic Days, The Danish Red Cross Donation Project, 2013

Project no. 8 365 Positive Artistic Days, The Danish Red Cross Donation Project, 2013 25 Years of IUOMA Mail Art, The Copenhagen Exhibit A Copenhagen Gallery (place will be shown asap) November - December 2013 To participate: -SEND a (on front side signed) MAIL ART to one of YOUR (mail)-art friends and ask THEM to ADD (within the theme), SIGN and FORWARD the work to me. Theme: 365 Positive Artistic Days Size: A4 (21 x 29,7 cm, and minimum 170gr) Technique: FREE, only original works, no digital copies No Jury - No return (All works donated to Danish Red Cross)- Family Friendly, No offensive material. Documentation to all as well as on blog and IUOMA projectpage: Deadline: 01 november 2013 or when the project reaches 365 works. Send to: ED Vossen Taarbæk Strandvej 119 2930 Klampenborg Denmark .......................... Proces: All incoming works will also be added by me, so all works will be co-creations of 3 artists. All incoming works will be given a unique date (010113-311213), one for each day of the year 2013. All works be be donated to the Danish Red Cross. All works will be shown (framed by the Danish Red Cross) at a Copenhagen gallery. All works will be auctioned. All funds (from the auction) will stay at the Danish Red Cross for projectwork within the organisation. The Danish Red Cross will take care of printed documentation, I will take care of blog documentation.

8 April 2013

Inter DADA 84

Subject: Inter DADA 84



Call for mail art - the theme of 30 years later:

1984 - 2014 Inter DADA 84 Lives On

Due November 1st 2013

A collage curated exhibition will go into the Inter DADA 84 book Must have address to:

Inter DADA 84

PO Box 1424

Jupiter, Floridada 33468



This is a chance for those who missed it to participate. Accepting commemorative artistamps, postcards, posters, photos, articles, visual poetry, DADA objects (no porn)


More info about Inter DADA 84 is at http://interdada84.blogspot.com/

6 April 2013

CORN - Germany

Hi Friends,
if you do not have participate until now at http://corn.crosses.net/
please do it now, It is an ongoing project without deadline.

Please send mail art about corn

It is said that the civilization in America begun with the cultivation of corn. But what means corn today? Which consequences have GMO Mon810 from Monsanto? About these and other questions is this mail art project to support a humanity without gen food and against speculation using nature resources for particular interests of big business.
No Return – No Selection – No Jury - No deadline
All works, information and resources will be published in http://corn.crosses.net
Only Mail Art by email, please send to
Subject: Corn E-Mail Art Project
Please email your application with following information:

Thank you!

Greetings from Hamburg

5 April 2013


The theme for the next issue is PANDORA'S BOX. 
Send to:
Theresa Williams
1800 Bowling Green Road East
Bradner, OH  43406-9783

Any size or style.

The deadline is June 15, 2013.

The theme after PANDORA'S BOX is "DOLLS."  Submissions for "Dolls" should arrive by the end of December 2013.

Thanks, as ever, for your friendship!

Theresa Williams