13 April 2013

Making connections worldwide

Ah, the wonders of Wikipedia! While listening to Eno, and reading the Wikipedia article on him, I somehow found myself reading about Fluxus and mail art, with a side trip to Anna May Wong. My undestanding of mail art is that, among other things, it provides connections between its participants, who may never meet, but learn to communicate and appreciate each other through their mail art. What led me to address the mail art community in this regard is the posting from Stefanie about messages in bottles she requested. My son is very fascinated with the idea of messages in bottles and how friendships can develop between people so far removed. Right now, the idea of "far removed," is also part of his fascination. He seems to prefer remote contact with his friends rather than face-to-face. He meets fellow gamers at school, then would rather chat with them over skype while playing Minecraft or Terrestria, than interact in live space. I request the mail art community to send age-appropriate mail art to my son Nicholas, age 11, in the themes of connections and message-in-a-bottle. Nicholas Enquist 8203 234th St SW Edmonds, WA 98026 USA Thank you, Michael D. Enquist

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