21 April 2013

Freedom of speech

Call for international mail art project
Theme: Freedom of speech
Freedom of speech is one of the basic human and civil rights. It is often infringed by the State and fought for by the people. A person is a slave if he or she has no right to say what they think, to express their opinion, demonstrate their position.
Deadline: no.
Techniques: postcards, envelopes, photographs, collages, paintings, prints, drawings,  applique works, postage stamps, rubber stamps…
Size: not exceeding the size of a standard envelope or a postcard (about 10x15 cm).
Your work will be displayed on my website http://mailnastart.blogspot.ru
Documentation to all. Works will be published in NAST fanzine upon their arrival.
No jury, no fee, no return.
Send to:
Oleg Kisel
do vostrebovaniya
Russia 353925

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