29 November 2011

FOTO VISPO - Australia

Time: March 17, 2012 to March 24, 2012
Location: Fremantle,Western Australia
Organized By: helen amyes

Event Description:


Foto Visual Poetry from The Eternal Network
call for foto vispo for group exhibition in the Fringe of Foto Freo Festival, Fremantle, Western Australia.
MEDIUM any photo medium [still], film, digital, altered photo,photo trouve [found] photocopy,scanner,
any drawing/writing with light etc
SUBJECT photographic visual poetry.

SIZE approx postcard size,can be artist book, or other format.
DATES please send between sept 1st 2011 and dec 31st 2011 .
EXHIBITION Foto Freo Fringe march 2012, application pending approval.
DOCUMENTATION works will be blogged on IUOMA as they come in , discussion welcome.
exhibition documentation march/ april 2012
SEND snail mail please, to

Foto Vispo ,
Helen Amyes,
Kitty Paw Cottage,
12 wheeler street,
York,Western Australia 6302.

any questions please feel free to contact me on email helenamyes@yahoo.com.au or

link to Foto Freo if you want to check out the festival

28 November 2011

Subject: 3 days left to send in your photobooth performance


Steps for submission:

1. Take/make 4 photos of your photobooth performance.

2. Put this in an envelop - do not email

3. On a piece of paper draw dialogue bubbles for talk, think and/or holler (or you can collage from the ones provided at http://ginnylloyd.blogspot.com (http://ginnylloyd.blogspot.com/) and also in this FB group). Make sure you indicate which bubble goes with each photo.

4. Clearly print your text in the bubble(s).

5. Add the paper to the envelop.

6. Mail envelop to PO Box 1424, Jupiter, Florida 33468 USA

26 November 2011

25 November 2011

New Disorder

samizdat is a self organized movement and can be viewed as a social cultural phenomenon.active sideo of the movement

is to promote individualized subjectivity through various social relations.free existance researches;

samizdat is not only just production,it's a Samizdat production.

In the frames of the project “New Disorder” we are able to invite you participate in the next part of the Mail Art Project "HOLLY NEWS & THE VIDEO ANARCHY"

Pre fact that's now day's we all witnessing how the horizontal media arise from the shadow of the vertical media. Where the key frame aspect is the social media tools and all available devices and technology’s.Daily video streams of mass violence from Syria, Greece and other countries take place out the border’s of video anarchy, Gigabytes of uncontrollable video sequences becomes the reason of the hard techno-conflicts entirely.

In Fact - State mass media is able to identify themselves through occupation of our view and to direct our sense in a certain way. One image, one message, one truth, for hundred thousand people.Thus become reality, of falsification everyday life. The digital –image flow is much faster than our mind could processing given Data’s and transforms it, in to human language, in general there still no time to analyse Anything?there is time only for reaction.
Post Fact-If it’s touches you in some way and you are interested in the ethic of social media using,in any context, this is the next theme which We want to take front as a Mail art production
in Georgia Tbilisi.To support the movement please send any materials to:

Shalva Kobaladze

Uchaneishvili 10

Tbilisi 0162


Please: All works send by snail mail

Format: Any format that will fit into an envelope.Technique: Any format CD DVD video audio visual prints
drawings Mob_phone video textual...No returns-all works stay in the group archive. Please: Provide your full name, nationality and email.please: Any textual personal info send in EnglishNo participation feeNo selection/No jury
Deadline: the show will take place in March ... deadline March 28

all questions can be submitted at _ shakoinbox@gmail.com

project link: http://post-a-movement.blogspot.com/2011_10_01_archive.html

20 November 2011



Format : free
Technique : free/ any
Rules: Make a Card decorated with cats and send it to me!!
Deadline: open
Mail to:

Valerie Evangelista
1721 Aviation Blvd #46
Redondo Beach,
CA 90278 - USA

e-mail : valevangelis@yahoo.com
Documentation: all cards will be posted at http://www.artykitty.blogspot.com and CAT LOVERS MAIL ART on Facebook Cat Lovers and IUOMA

11 November 2011


Greetings Mail Artist!

We are putting together the new issue of NODE PAJOMO and are seeking Mail Art calls!

We prefer calls that have Real World exhibitions and documentations than those that dead end at a blog and we do not list projects that have juries or fees.

We appreciate your input!

See you in the mail!



POB 2632
Washington 98227.2632

10 November 2011


Call for Umbrellas. See it all on http://www.paperandpostage.blogspot.c​om

Stehekin MailArt

CALL: Stehekin MailArt
Stehekin, Washington may be the most isolated community in the lower 48 United States. Travel to Stehekin is by foot on various trails (the Pacific Crest trail connects us to both Mexico and Canada) or by boat on a long fiord-like lake. The closest groceries and doctor are 50 miles away at the lake’s other end. We do have a post office! It's a great place to live but winter here can get long and gray. We look forward to the color and surprises you send us by mail.

Your artwork will be displayed in the Golden West Gallery, a gallery run by the community. There will be no jury.

THEMES We offer three themes. Send as many entries as you want.
MAPS Send maps of the path from your home to ours.
FAUNA Besides 85 year round humans our population includes bears, cougars, mule deer, owls, ravens, mosquitoes, rattlesnakes and . . . Send art about the animals where you live, real or fanciful.
MOUNTAINS Many times the glaciers came and shaped our mountains. What mountains are in your life or your imagination?

All media accepted including the written word. No size limits. We can’t return your work. All artists will be acknowledged on our website. At least the first 20 entries will be pictured on the website. I will picture as many as I can given the limitations of my time and the space available on our free website.
WEBSITE: http://stehekinmailart.weebly.com/

All work suitable for the eyes of young children will be displayed in our gallery. All other work will be available for viewing in a different venue as a “Salon des Refuses.”

ENTRY DEADLINE: December 30th 2011

Stehekin MailArt
PO Box 301
Washington 98852

The Diary of a Young Girl

The Diary of a Young Girl
Theme: a Mailart exhibition dedicated to Anna Frank and to International Holocaust Remembrance Day. January 27th, 1945: death camp Auschwitz was liberated
Size and technique free
No jury, no returns, no fees
Exhibition in 2012 in Giulianova, Italy
Documentation online gallery and catalogue to all participant if it will possibile (because of sponsor)
All works via post, no email please.
Info: daliobaracchi@hotmail.com or image000@libero.it
Deadline to be received January 2nd, 2012

Isabella Branella
via Giardino 12
I- 64021 Giulianova Lido

8 November 2011

An Alzheimer's Awareness Exhibit

Mail Art to Remember - An Alzheimer's Awareness Exhibit

Please get involved in this Mail Art project! This Mail Art Exhibit apart
from being fun is also to help raise awareness about Alzheimer's Disease and is being organized by Grade 7 student Jessica Brann. Alzheimer's disease has probably touched someone in your life - perhaps a grandparent, a friend or even a co-worker. Mail Art to Remember will run in conjunction with the Fourth Annual Art Among Friends Exhibition. All artists from around the world are invited to submit a postcard-sized piece of original artwork.

There will be no jury, no fees and no return of artwork - All received artwork will be displayed and viewed by approximately 1,000 visitors during the Art Among Friends weekend. (September 29th & 30th, 2012). All artists providing an email address with receive digital documentation after the event.

All Mail Art can be mailed to:

Mail Art to Remember

c/o Jessica Brann
69 Central Avenue
Elliot Lake, Ontario
Canada P5A 2G3

For more information, please contact:


2 November 2011

Winter Solstice Mailart

I would love to participate in a mailart and/or letter exchange with my IUOMA friends on the topic of Winter Solstice. I welcome letters, essays, poems, stories, and mailart of any kind that touches on the topic of Winter Solstice. I'll document everything that I receive at the New Tombstone group.

What: Winter Solstice Mailart

When: Now – January 2

Where: New Tombstone Group IUOMA

Who: Send Solstice-Inspired art


Theresa Williams

1800 Bowling Green Road East

Bradner, OH 43406-9783


You can also send Winter Solstice art to anyone and post it yourself at the New Tombstone Group, IUOMA

Ideas: Winter Solstice images might include light, sun, fire, candles, night, stars, moons, circles, trees, bells, birds, deer, ancestors, love.

The Tree and the Sky

By Tomas Transtromer

There’s a tree walking around in the rain

it rushes past us in the pouring grey.

It has an errand. It gathers life

out of the rain like a blackbird in an orchard.

When the rain stops so does the tree.

There it is, quiet on clear nights

waiting as we do for the moment

when the snowflakes blossom in space.

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