30 March 2008

FUTURENERGIE mail art call


The Aldermanry of Culture of Quiliano Council, together with Bruno Cassaglia and Renato Cerisola, the artistic advisers of SACS (Experimental Contemporary Art Space), is organizing a mail art and digital art project called FUTURENERGIE, regarding the ecological compatibility and sustainability.

The theme regards the renewable sources of energy and their fallout on Mankind’s health and behaviour. It can be expressed freely, in accordance with the following ‘key-concepts’:

- The need of promoting a new attitude, based on the non- exploitation both of Mankind and of the natural resources;

- From a technological and environmental point of view: the promotion of new forms of renewable energy, energy saving, care of the resources of our Planet and of the environmental pollution reduction.

- The enhancement of the Youth’s potential –our real energy for our future- for their commitment with the ecological and environmental issues.

Thus, the work of art is enriched with a very strong social, cultural and educational value.

opera di Franco Santini e Raimondo Del Prete

You can take part to this event:

· By posting Your work of art to SACS , c/o Comune di Quiliano, Località Massapè 21 – 17047 Quiliano (SV) –ITALY-

· By sending Your work of art via e-mail to info@sacsarte.net . Please note that the digital works ( jpg between i 300kb and 800kb) will be part of a video shown during the exhibition and will be also published on the SACS website www.sacsarte.net

You are free to take part to both the traditional Mail Art Project and the Digital Art one.

The event will take place on September 2008 at Villa Maria exhibition Palace in Quiliano.

All Your works will not be sent back, but they will be part of Quiliano Council artistic heritage.

Thank you very much in advance!

Technique: free

Maximim size: 29cm x 20cm

Deadline: 30th April 2008

The works of art to be forwarded to: SACS – Comune di Quiliano

opera di M.Nomized FRANCIA

Please, feel free to divulge this invitation to anyone you like!

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