29 March 2008

Atlas Project

I was a-wondering if anyone would like to participate in my final
major project?

`Tis nothing too complex, I'm basically destroying/altering books
and I have a few atlases. The idea is you tell me where in the world
you come from and I'll either email you a scan of the page or send
you the actual page depending on which inspires you the most, you
then doodle, scribble, alter and generally create a POSTCARD sized
masterpiece which is then posted back to me and attached to what's
left of the original atlas.

The subject matter is up to you, it can be about you or the area you
live in.
Non-arty people also welcome to participate, it doesn't matter if
you can't draw/paint/college, written word (poems, stories,
thoughts) are also just as `artistic'.
(What's really important here is that it's actually being posted
from the country on the map page)

Please email me if you want to take part:
lonesomeaesthetic@btinternet.com and I'll send you scans and give
you my details for posting.

Thank You


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