28 September 2008

Mail Art Festival Malaysia

1st Mail Art Festival in Malaysia / MMAF

Theme: open; Technique: open; Size: A3 & A4

Exhibition:Shah Alam Gallery, Yayasan Seni Selangor (Selangor Art Foundation), Shah Alam, Malaysia (March 2009)

Artists will receive a certificate of appreciation from MMAF (Malaysia Mail Art Festival) to acknowledge your mail art is in our permanent collection.

All received works will be exhibited.
All works received will also be posted online at:http://www.mailartfestival.cjb.net/

Deadline to be received: January 30, 2009
For more information please visit

Please send your mail arts to:

Shah Alam Gallery
Persiaran Tasik
40000 Shah Alam

Info: curator@mailartfestival.cjb.net

DaDa is Living

26 September 2008

Wheelie Bin Gallery

Find more videos like this on OPEN Fluxus

Send stickers to- Wheelie Bin Gallery, 33 Shipbrook Road, Rudheath, CW9 7EX U.K. See blog documentation HERE. Deadline March 2009.

24 September 2008

Arnolfini Mini[e]MailArt - New Call

The Mini[e]MailArt is an international e-mail project of the Hungarian family art team called Arnolfini Archives (since 1993) that was launced in 2004. As it is indicated in inviting applications a pictural gestures according to topic are asked to be placed on the downloadable empty surface, then the completed work is asked to be e-mailed.

The first three announcaments – White gestures; Red lines; Yellow letters – were addressed to the narrower circle of friends, by invitation, and they are closed. By announcing the fourth topic and launching the Mini[e]MailArt blog the project has become open, and anyone can send pictures according to conditions given.

The current topic is: Violet spots.
Deadline: November 30, 2008.
E-mail address: mma@arnolfini.hu

The works we get are going to be published continuously in the blog: http://arnolfini-mma.blogspot.com

Ervin Zsubori, Arnolfini Archives


23 September 2008

Artistamp 2008

This is a call for ARTIST STAMPS / ARTISTAMPS / Faux Postage Stamps that you have created within the last 12 months. Let’s see what the current State of the Art Stamp is now.

Mail your submissions to:

615 Foul Bay Road,
Victoria BC,

* Technique: Free* Send loose stamps or attached to envelopes.* Please Send via Postal System/ No emails* Response mailed to everyone with a legible return address.* Submissions will not be returned.* All artistamps received will be archived here:


ARTISTAMP 2008 mail-art call
Postmark Deadline: December 31, 2008

22 September 2008

Shopping Trolley Gallery - News

A letter to all mail artists from Martha Aitchison in London, UK


I have decided to give up the shopping trolley because I am so busy that my husband John has taken over the shopping and the gallery doesn’t get around as much as it should. So it is retiring but I am not, I shall find other ways to display mail art. With thanks to the many great artists that have participated in my STG shows I invite you all to:

THE LAST SHOW - on the occasion of the retirement of THE SHOPPING TROLLEY GALLERY - and as an homage to the many artists whose work has been shown on it since 1996, during its many trips to local shops carrying the household shopping

THEME: Free MEDIA: flat artwork on paper postcard size or smaller.
DEADLINE: end November 2008

SEND TO: LAST SHOW Box 108 Beckenham BR3 1GY (UK)Your artwork will be exhibited at the Tate Britain, at least we will try, somehow and by stealth, during the next


-which will be held on JANUARY 3, 2009 at 12 NOON at the TATE BRITAIN - MAIN ENTRANCE,MILLBANK, LONDON, SW1P 4RG, UK.Please join us.The show will also be displayed, starting now, on www.mailartmartha.org.uk and postal documentation will be sent to all participants
Martha Aitchison nottwo.ma@yahoo.co.uk www.mailartmartha.org.uk

Postal address:

box 108,
BR3 1GY,

Go Crazy

Super Portland Fun Mail Art Time
Theme: Open Mail Art Call.
Technique: Go Crazy.

Show: Pancake Clubhouse Historic Township and Activity Destination for the Living Arts
Also: All Mail Art that fits in a scanner will be posted at http://portland-mail-art.blogspot.com/
No Returns
No Sales

Deadline:March 21st 2009

Please Send All Art To:
Super Portland Fun Mail Art Time
2205 Se Salmon St.
Portland OR, 97214

Where visitors come from

These statistics show that visitors to this Mail-Art Projects blog come from all over the world. This blog has been active for more than a year now and has an important place now in the spreading of news about mail-art projects thanks to all those 90+ contributors to the blog. Thank you all!

19 September 2008


When you are a member of Blogger, make a free advertising for your BLOG on this blog. Just click on Flollow this blog on the left, and your ICON will be added. The Link behind your Icon goes straight to an overview of your blogs.


Media: Whatever. Deadline: Open


Declare an URM (Urban Ready Made -- a street, a building, a view, an object or an event in an urban- or industrial environment, where a conjunction of circumstances cause beauty and art and is so declared by the observer) in your own surroundings.

No fee.

Marcello’s Art Factory, Den Haag, THE NETHERLANDS. (+31) 70 3634047


CALL FOR PARTICIPATION - Falco subbuteo subbuteo (The Hobby)


This is mail art in that it uses mail, but it's different from most of the calls for mail art that I've seen, as follows:

a) it's for an existing artwork rather than a mail art show per se
b) it's directed and therefore compromised

But this still involves postal mail, rather than e-mail, because a made mark on a piece of paper is de facto required. I suppose you could do this digitally by altering/wrecking the pdf if the fancy so takes you, but... Here goes - I would positively welcome mail response to add to an ongoing artwork called Falco subbuteo subbuteo (The Hobby). It's about birdwatching (and art). And football.

This also features on www.mcgoldrick-art.org/7.htm. A bird may or may not have been removed from the picture. You are invited to print off a pdf (here or see link on the web page above) and then use your skill and judgment to mark the exact center of the bird on the picture. If you then send it back to me at the location quoted on the pdf, supplying your name and address where shown, I’ll cut it out and put your contribution on a table in front of an enlarged version of the image. And put it in two art exhibitions, one in London in Nov 2008, the other in Plymouth in Feb 2008. And more shows, as the piece grows.

If you are really up for it, by all means make a number of marks on the paper, at no cost to you beyond your time and inclination. Or make just one (mark). Or whatever. And if you're really worried about identity, just make up a name and address. But I need people to enter some sort of details there or the work begins to disappear.

For those of you interested, this work will feature in a large group show called The Animal Gaze that I've also curated (full now, I'm afraid), alongside a university symposium on the subject. Mail art or not, I'm always interested in looking at new ideas/work from artists whose subject is animals. So if you know of anyone like this, contact me from The Animal Gaze website...

For those of you with the time, here's a non-academic, non-art-theory text about figuration and animals. It's published on the back of some of the completed mail-pieces currently sitting in a pile on a table beneath the image in my studio.

Taken from an appendix to the wildlife guide Birds & Mammals of Crete by George Sfikas (1989), under the heading ‘Problems of Illustration’.

The greatest problem that I had to face in order to complete this book was the illustration. Unfortunately, I had in my hands only a small part of the necessary photographic material mine or borrowed by my friend Triantaphillos Adamokopoulos. To collect photos for covering the needs of such a book would demand plenty of means (telephocus etc.) as well as some years of work in the country. But the necessity of issueing a book for the birds of Crete the soonest possible, made impossible, at least for the present moment, the following of this method.
The case of buying some slides from Greek or foreigner ornithologists to take photographs of birds since many years was excluded from the very beginning as the cost of the book should be increased too much and its issue should not be profitable.
Naturally as a painter I could find refuge in the solution of the painting illustration. Although, it would demand work of at least three years, which should be paid, increasing again the cost of the entire issue.
In front of this impasse, I took refuge in the only realizable solution, under these conditions, that means the solution of photomontaz. I cut very carefully pictures of birds and mammals from different books and putting it on a suitable background photograph, looking like their natural environment I photographed it again with slides. I achieved in this way an enough satisfactory result. The most important is that this result cannot be considered to be “robbery” as there is a reformation and a creation of a new photograph.
The 90% of the pictures in this book are result of photomontaz system. The rest of the pictures are real photographs of alive or embalmed mammals or birds. The name of the owner is referred under the photographs that are not mine.
Mr Sfikas sums it up - as good a guide as any, I think.

And if you do complete the pdf and send it to me, well - thank you for your time and generosity.


Rosemarie McGoldrick (Shacklewell)

17 September 2008

Cracking World's Walls & Codes--Mail Art/Visual Poetry Call

Walling off Palestinains from each other & the world

Palestinian children-riding in cart

American tanks entering through American Seperation Wall-- Sadr City, Baghdad

Guantanamo--Detainee being returned to cell following "enhanced interrogation"

Cracking World's Walls & Codes--Mail Art/Visual Poetry Call
Cracking World's Walls & Codes Concrete & Virtual
No Sieges, Tortures, Starvation & Surveillance

Deadline/Fecha Limite: SinsLimite/ongoing
Size: No limit/Sin Limite
No Limit on Number of Works sent

No Limit on Number of Times New Works Are Sent

Documentation: on my blog


Addresses: david.chirot@gmail.com

David Baptiste Chirot

740 N 29 #108

Milwaukee, WI 53208

Cinema of Catharsis

SendVisual Poetry, Mail Art, Photos, Mixed Media, articles, essays todocument and protest the Walls & Codes of the New Prisons,Panopticons, on the ground and on line.

When the Berlin Wall came down, Freedom and Joy and the "end of history" were proclaimed.

However,it soon became clear that to protect Freedom and Joy, there is agreater horror than ever of Security, Walls, Prisons, Surveillance,Torture, that to protect Freedom and Joy, there is a greater horror than ever of Security, Walls, Prisons, Surveillance, Torture

NO!!!There are not enough Prisons and Panopticons to stop Human Rights and Liberty—

When Humans work —in Solidarity Among

Peoples—for the Rights of Every Person—

NO! To Prison Planet! No to Walls! No to Panopticons! No to being a Living Dead! No to being a Prisoner!

Alterationsof online encyclopedias, maps, the disappearance and interruption ofweb sites, news feeds, documents, photos, videos on line, replaced byfaked substitutions, create a Virtual Cleansing of Reality, a newmethod of Disappearing peoples, ideas, histories, so that thesurveilled and controlled users online will find a Prison of an everincreasing Conformity of self-confirming censored and fakeddisinformations, ideas, images and examples.
NO! To Prison Planet! No to Walls! No to Panopticons! No to being a Living Dead!
Walls Cannot Stop Freedom

The Prism


14 September 2008


(Click image to read.)

Creativa 2008

NY Visual Artists

Name: North York Visual Artists
Homepage: http://www.nyva.ca
E-Mail: digiwork@rogers.com
Referred By: Friend
City/Country: Toronto, Canada
Comments: North York Visual Artists is celebrating 10 years of art, activity and community. As part of our celebration, we are issuing a mail art call for entry.

Deadline: November 1, 2008
Venue: Online exhibition, with documentation to all. The mail art will be on display at NYVA's Winter Show in the Papermill Gallery, Todmorden Mills, Toronto December 3 -14th, 2008.

Remember to include your name and address, on the back, so that we can send documentation
Format: 4 x 6, 5 x 7 or anything that will fit in a mailbox… and go through the mail
Open Medium: collage, draw, paint, print, stencil, photography, stamping, etc. …
Ten. Is it ten years? Ten fingers or toes? Ten o’clock? The top ten? The bottom ten? Network ten? The perfect Ten? The ten Commandments? Ten times? Ten little …? Ten dollars? Ten pounds? Ten most wanted? To the powers of Ten? Ten colours? Ten textures? Ten by Pearl Jam or Dr.Who? Do you hang Ten? Live in Ten Mile? Ten in Japanese has nothing to do with a number. Ten is everywhere.

What is your ten?

Focus your atTENtion and send us your version.

Mail your TEN to:
51 Neddie Drive,
Scarborough, ON
M1T 2T2

13 September 2008

Sparkasse : New Print For Keep Calm Gallery

Sparkasse, a new print by Matthew Rose from LALANDE DIGITAL ART PRESS PARIS for Keep Calm Gallery, (UK), is now available. The print, in an edition of 50, signed and numbered by the artist, measures 38 x 27 cm, with a border of 4 cm on 300 gram acid-free archival paper. Printed on the Epson 9600 by master printer Robert Ruscoe, Sparkasse is the seventh print the artist has produced for Keep Calm, three of which have sold out.

Sparkasse, "savings bank" in German, was originally exhibited at Galerie Rossella Junck in Berlin. The piece is part of the suite from the exhibition entitled A KICK IN THE KUNST. The artist's next exhibition is THE END OF THE WORLD, the inaugural exhibition at Wm Turner Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia, opening Thursday, 18 September. Collages, drawings, prints, terribly unusual objects and mail art works including stamp sheets will be on view.

8 September 2008

Professor Zeeman



In 1989 werd dit project georganiseerd en achtereenvolgens tentoongesteld in Zierikzee, Middelburg, Eeklo ( België ), Sittard en Waalwijk. Ter gelegenheid van de uitreiking van de Zeemanprijs op 9 oktober 2008 zijn in Galerie Galerij na bijna 20 jaar weer de internationale mailart bijdragen te zien van:

Guido Bondioli - Ryosuke Cohen - Guillermo Deisler - Ever Arts - Johan van Geluwe - Ko de Jonge - Ruggero Maggi - Reima Makinen - Jacques Massa - Henning Mittendorf - Alex Nombrega - Nycs - Kjell Nymann - Lucien Suel - Sjoerd Paridaen - Gilberto Prado - Robert Ruscoe - Shiohnodera - P.J.Vetter

9 september t/m 9 oktober 2008


geopend voor belangstellenden op schooluren tijdens schooldagen

2 September 2008

The Big Draw



The Big Draw this year has invited Bristol based artist Carrie Creamer to collaborate with South Glos Council to get us drawing! The Big draw invites you to get drawing, to explore the past and present through different drawing mediums and styles and to expand the meaning of drawing.Your are invited to collaborate with Carrie in creating a piece of Mail Art as part of The Big Draw and National Year of Reading. Participants are invited to draw their favourite book, narrative, fable or poem or design a book cover. It can even be something that you have written or a quote or phrase that you can bring to life through drawing. Simply draw your design on a 'postcard', (shape and size of your chose-but that fits in the mailbox!) and mail it to Carrie. All art work wil be exhibited as part of a collective installation. So go on get drawing! Explore your potential and share your knowledge of books and stories. Come on! Get cracking on drawing... the deadline is October 1st 2008 there is no age limit so anyone can be involved there is no limit to location there is no limit to how many you do

Mail artworks:

Carrie Creamer
The Big Draw
South Glos Council Community Services
Yate Bristol
BS37 722

Particulates Matter

Send to:
Scott Ray Randall
21294 Leslie Drive
Grass Valley, CA 95945

FLUXUS 2008 - Y

Dear pARTners,
send me your intervention about this photoart
Bruno Chiarlone - Fluxusfactory
Cas. Post. 163
17014 Cairo Montenotte

1 September 2008


Dear Artist, the opening of FUTURENERGIE is near.
The project had been shared by artists from all over the world, so there are a lot of works either of mail art or of digital art , even some videos!

Connecting to the link http://www.sacsarte.net/page68/page68.php you can see the programme of the event.

The catalogue with both mail and digital works is being printed.
See you soon.

SACS staff