24 April 2011


The poster of Feria Taurina of Sevilla 2011 has just been published.
The author, a prestigious painter, friend of El Taller de Zenón, has left to us a big white space so that we could intervene in it, with any technique.
To take part, download and print the image, then realize your intervention on it with free topic and technique.

Send your work before 31-12-2011 to:
Miguel Jimenez - El Taller de Zenón
C/ Santa María de Guía nº 1 - 4ºC. ES-41008 Sevilla. España

Works received will be posted in this blog. Answer and exchange to everyone.
At the end of the project a book will be edited in pdf format. It will gather all the contributions, and will be able to be downloaded in this blog.

Il vient d´être publié le cartel de la Foire Taurine de Séville 2011.
L'auteur, un peintre prestigieux et ami de El Taller de Zenon, nous a laissé un grand espace blanc pour que nous puissions intervenir à lui, avec la technique que chacun désire.
Pour participer, décharger et imprimer l'image, tout de suite réalise ton intervention sur elle avec le sujet et des techniques libres.

Envoyez vous le travail, avant 31-dec-2011, à :
Miguel Jimenez -El Taller de Zenón
C/ Santa María de Guía nº 1 - 4ºC. ES-41008 Sevilla. España

Les travaux reçus s'exposeront successivement dans ce blog. Il y aura une réponse et un échange pour tous.
À la fin du projet un livre sera édité dans le format pdf qui reprendra toutes les contributions et leurs auteurs, et qui pourra se décharger dans ce blog.

18 April 2011

Scrapiteria: Elephant Presley

Scrapiteria: Elephant Presley have got a participational project coming on now that may interest you: The SYDNEY-SEOUL SECREt eXCHANGE - I'll get an invitation to you if you email me at not.terryreid@hotmail.com . Regards to Elephant Presley.

14 April 2011

Altar al Desamor - Colombia

The project is called Altar al Desamor (The Lost Love Altar in spanish) and is about gather experiences in love through photos, objects and love letters, in a physical shrine built in honor of lost love, broken hearts and any painful situation caused by love.

I'm currently doing this project in Bucaramanga, my hometown, searching objects, experiences and stuff between friends and people I know, but I also have a blog where I explain the project and how people from all over the world can get involved through internet.

The project is mainly in spanish, but I included a description in english and french. Here's the link in english http://altaraldesamor.blogspot.com/p/how-to-participate-in-this-project.html

Thank you in advance,


11 April 2011


It is with great pleasure that I will outline and appeal, which is already available all information in the first Mail Art Call that im organized in partnership with the owner of the historic coffee "Cabana dos Parodiantes " in Salvaterra de Magos, Portugal.

The Theme is "Planet Earth is a large island with a huge ocean around! "

A new EVENT and a GROUP was created on IUOMA site, where you can access all detailed information, or visit the attached link created for this Mail Art Call.


I would like that the event become a great success, then I am counting on your website divulgation and participation too..., would like on behalf of the organizers (me and Fernando), to thank all those who choose to participate with your Mail Art pieces and for your help.

I attached a picture file where is the Mail Art Call, but anyway i will write here too:


Artists from this world are invited to submit a ORIGINAL work, subject to the following idea:


" The purpose of this theme, based on the idea that the planet is a living organism where globalization brings everything and everyone together, and that technology, regardless of its effect, shortens time and space, making communication between peoples, races, cultures and religions easier.
Looking at the map of the world, it is easy to see that all five continents fit almost perfectly, forming one, in fact, in the early days, America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania were a huge land mass (Pangea) and have been, over millions of years, drifting closer together.
Like the "Jangada de Pedra" by Portuguese writer Jose Saramago, which proposed the relocation of Portugal and Spain on the European continent, forming a new Iberian continent, this challenge calls us to the idea of concentrating the 5 continents in one, with one ocean, making us even closer together and consciously reconnecting us with the planet, leaving us to the Gaia Hypothesis, proposed by James Lovelock in the 60's, arguing that the planet is a superorganism, a similar idea already shared by ancient civilizations

PARTICIPATION: open to all Planet Earth creators

TECHNIQUE: all techniques are allowed, provided that the holders are able to be mailed

FORMAT: max size 15x21cm (5.91x8.27in)


. No jury, no selection, no prizes, no returns. All works will be exhibited, excluding racist, xenophobic and religion discriminate works.

. All participants must agree to the reproduction of his work in brochures or other educational material, such as public exposure of the same by the event organizers

. Each artist can only participate with a one work

. Participant should provide, full name, address, nationality, email and web site if available

. To facilitate the publication of the received works on the blog, please sent by e-mail a picture of it, including the envelope or shipping package if it has any artistic intervention, to:

info: cabanamailartproject@gmail.com

EXHIBITION: the works will be exhibited in the space of "Cabana dos Parodiantes" Salvaterra de Magos, Portugal, starting in October 2011, and will be there one month. It is likely that exhibition will be extended to other public and private places in Portugal.

The organization has the idea to produce a book with all mail art received, but this isn't yet confirmed.

DOCUMENTATION: to all participants. All works will be published in the following locations:

Cabana Mail Art Project


DEADLINE: August 31, 2011

All works must be sent by normal post (snail mail) with postage stamps to:

" Mail Art Call 1 "


Av. Dr. Roberto Ferreira da Fonseca, nº 40

2120-111 Salvaterra de Magos


Thanks for your attention.
Helder Coelho Dias
( http://artinthemail.blogspot.com/ )


2ª Edição de Gravura Postal - 2ª Edicíon de Grabado Postal - 2ª Edition of Postal Print

Matriz – Asociación de Grabado de  Oporto crea la siguiente convocatoria:

2ª Edición de Grabado Postal

Abierto a todos los artistas grabadores
Tema: Globalización
Dimensión: Postal Standard – 10 x 15 cm.
Técnica: Todos los tipos de grabado menos Impresión digital
Fecha límite: 31 de Marzo 2012
Enviar una sola obra  postal sin sobre
No se devuelve la obra ni si paga tajas
  y Esteta Galeria en Abril 2012

Enviar para: Matriz -1ºEdição de Gravura Postal
                   Rua Sousa Viterbo nº 28, 1ºA
                   4050-593 – Porto

Con Nombre, dirección y coreo electrónico.
Documentación a los participantes enviada por coreo electrónico.

Informaciones: matriz-gravura@gmail.com

Matriz – Printmaking Association of Porto calls for:

2st Edition of postal print

Open to all print artists
Theme: Globalization
Dimension: Standard postcard size– 10 x 15cm
Technique: all kind of prints except digital one
Deadline: 31st March 2012
Send only one postal print without envelope
No return, no fees, no jury
  And in Esteta Gallery on April 2012

Send to:      Matriz -1ªEdição de Gravura Postal
                   Rua Sousa Viterbo nº 28, 1ºA
                   4050-593 – Porto

With name, address and e-mail.
Documentation sent to all by e-mail.

Information in: matriz.gravura@gmail.com
Renata Carneiro


8 April 2011

Collage/Assemblage Centennial 1912 - 2012

Time: April 9, 2011 to November 15, 2011
Location: Collage Museum
Organized By: Cecil Touchon
Event Description:

Collage/Assemblage Centennial 1912 - 2012 CALL FOR WORKS: DEADLINE NOVEMBER 15, 2011. PLEASE REPOST
web page: http://collagemuseum.com/centennial.html
The modern use of collage techniques is consider to have begin in 1912 with works by Pablo Picasso (such as shown). Constructive art as been growing ever since. To celebrate this 100 year anniversary the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction (collagemuseum.com) would like to invite you to contribute one or more modest sized hand-made collages, assemblages, box assemblages or constructions* representative of your working style for a large (hopefully overwhelming) exhibition that will be held in 2012. A catalog of the exhibition will be created and made available to contributors at actual cost. A PDF version of the catalog will be available to contributors for free. No Fees, No jury, all works accepted and exhibited, none returned. Your contribution will become an important part of the Museum’s permanent collection. What is needed. Please send one or more collages, assemblages, box assemblages or constructions of modest size (you decide what is ‘modest’) that is ready to hang on a wall or exhibit on a pedestal or shelf. Works on paper should be framed if possible or, at a minimum, send in a clear resealable polypropylene bag. Unframed works will be hung together like an installation.
Please send one of the museum’s Deed of Gift forms filled in clearly and a photo of the work. To download a copy see: http://ontologicalmuseum.org/exhibitions.html
On the back or bottom of the work please be sure to include your name and contact information as well as an email address and your website if you have one.

In addition, please send by email:
o Additionally, send a digital (1000-1200 pixels on the long side) of the work by email with description and contact information for the web page that will be created for the exhibition.
o A thoughtful statement expressing your views about collage, assemblage and/or constructive art as a contemporary form of art making and/or discuss the history of this genre and why it is interesting to you. These statements will be part of the catalog. Imagine that you are primarily speaking to the other artists who will be participating.

Send to
Collage Centennial
6955 Pinon Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76116

* photo montage and digital montage will also be acceptable if printed in high definition/quality on archival material, unique and signed. However, hand made works are preferred.

Language and Culture

5 April 2011



In the tradition of the Decentralized Networker Congresses, of the Incongruous Meetings and of the Obscure Actions, 2010 saw the international diffusion of a collective open project, that lasted twelve months, aimed at a shared detoxification from the art toxins that oppress our daily life (how many invites to exhibitions, events and presentations do we get every day?).
Hundreds of people in various parts of the world took part in the course of 2010 in ART DETOX therapeutic group meetings, they carried out “Insulation Tests” by visiting art galleries and museums with their head hidden in a paper bag or they practiced “Relaxation Tests” by sticking curative ART DETOX patches on their bodies, by playing water football in a small basin or by “combing dolls”. Are your ARTeries clogged with toxins too?

The final documentation of the ART DETOX 2010 project is finally ready, an illustrated booklet of 32 pages (texts in English and Italian) with inserts and original souvenirs (including the “Art Detoxed” badge created by Gumdesign), plus a multimedia cd-r with an ample selection of texts and images and an ART DETOX EP: five tracks of artherapeutic music exclusively recorded by Rod Summers (Vecdor featuring Korka Helgadóttir), Gina Pritti Tutti al Lago, Ratto Goal, Gianluca Becuzzi and Le Forbici di Manitù.

The cost of a copy of the publication with cd-r, air mail postage included, outside Italy is of € 15,00 or $ 20,00. Send International Postal Money Order (or cash hidden in a envelope) to: Vittore Baroni, via C. Battisti 339, 55049 Viareggio, Italy.

The contents of the documentation will be also available soon online, inside the blog http://artdetox2010.ning.com.

The most active collaborators to the project will receive a special free copy of the documentation.


Dear Artist, Non-Artist, Surrealists, Dadaists, Dream Travellers, Day Dreamers,
Dear everyone who have something to express,

We are organizing a mail-art project in a squatted crazy place, Ultima, in the middle of Ljubljana, Slovenia. It would a pleasure for us to see your works on these crazy place’s walls. We have no theme, no constraints on techniques or non-techniques. It will be an open, free and non-commercialized exhibition. Our aim is to meet on a blank wall with our ideas and feelings. Topic is ‘Mail-art for Autonomy’, but you can choose your own topic whatever you want.

The works will be exhibited in Ultima which is a squatted, surrealistic place in the middle of Ljubljana, Slovenia. This exhibition will be permanent and if you have a chance to come and see you work, we offer you a beer (nice price).

Today on a blank wall, tomorrow in the same city, next day on the same table…


All techniques are allowed.

All sizes are allowed. (The main problem is putting it into an envelope.)

No jury, no selection, no prizes, no returns.

All works will be exhibited. (Except discriminatory, racist and insulting ones.)

All participants must agree to the reproduction of his/her work in brochures.

Each artist can participate with a one or more works.

Participant should write their names and countries on envelops or artworks. (They will be used as tags.)

All art works will be published on the blog. (Also all works can be uploaded on facebook group by artists.)

Our deadline is 10th of May (2011) but please send your works as soon as possible.

All works must be sent by normal post (snail mail) with postage stamps to:

" Mail Art Project "
Bolgarska Ulica 23
1000 Ljubljana

Facebook Group:
Mail Art Project Ultima

For additional information please don't hesitate to contact me: