5 April 2011


Dear Artist, Non-Artist, Surrealists, Dadaists, Dream Travellers, Day Dreamers,
Dear everyone who have something to express,

We are organizing a mail-art project in a squatted crazy place, Ultima, in the middle of Ljubljana, Slovenia. It would a pleasure for us to see your works on these crazy place’s walls. We have no theme, no constraints on techniques or non-techniques. It will be an open, free and non-commercialized exhibition. Our aim is to meet on a blank wall with our ideas and feelings. Topic is ‘Mail-art for Autonomy’, but you can choose your own topic whatever you want.

The works will be exhibited in Ultima which is a squatted, surrealistic place in the middle of Ljubljana, Slovenia. This exhibition will be permanent and if you have a chance to come and see you work, we offer you a beer (nice price).

Today on a blank wall, tomorrow in the same city, next day on the same table…


All techniques are allowed.

All sizes are allowed. (The main problem is putting it into an envelope.)

No jury, no selection, no prizes, no returns.

All works will be exhibited. (Except discriminatory, racist and insulting ones.)

All participants must agree to the reproduction of his/her work in brochures.

Each artist can participate with a one or more works.

Participant should write their names and countries on envelops or artworks. (They will be used as tags.)

All art works will be published on the blog. (Also all works can be uploaded on facebook group by artists.)

Our deadline is 10th of May (2011) but please send your works as soon as possible.

All works must be sent by normal post (snail mail) with postage stamps to:

" Mail Art Project "
Bolgarska Ulica 23
1000 Ljubljana

Facebook Group:
Mail Art Project Ultima

For additional information please don't hesitate to contact me:

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