28 June 2013

Orange Is A Difficult Color

For our third annual mail art show we have two themes:

Orange Is A Difficult Color
A restaurant owner once told me that orange is the color of hunger, which is why fast food establishments have orange chairs. I told an art school professor about this. She was silent for a moment, then replied "Orange is a difficult color."

Send your mail art on the theme "Orange is a difficult color" to:

South Store Cafe
24485 SW Scholls Ferry Rd.
Hillsboro, OR 97123 - USA

The Transformative Vision
A house becomes a face, a cloud becomes a dragon. Ancient people memorized the heavens by turning groups of stars into constellations. Make something into something else and send your visual transformations to:

The Transformative Vision
South Store Cafe
24485 SW Scholls Ferry Rd.
Hillsboro, OR 97123 - USA

Both themes due December 28, 2013
Show in January 2014 at the cafe.



27 June 2013

Project in Argentina

Thanks for diffuse. Natalia Parodi



All of us have one particular vision of the world arround us. Tell us which is yours from one of these sentences:


"...Living is easy with eyes closed..." or " ...You, you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..."


Measures: 10x15cm. - Postal

Libre technique

Date Limit: 15-Oct -2013

Without Jury Without Selection

The works will not be given back


The received works will be exposed

Escuela Secundaria Orientada en Arte n°12


Sends your work by postal mail a


Escuela Media N°12 "Arte Correo"

Calle Liniers - 3225

CP: 1822

Lanús Oeste, Buenos Aires, Argentina

25 June 2013

Bibliotèque Chiroux - Belgium

Mail art project, exhibition and contest - Chiroux Library, Liège, Belgium.


We invite people from all over the world to send us their works.


·         Theme : journey(s) - figuratively and literally

·         All works must be sent through the postal system

·         Format and techniques :  free

·         Contest  : 21 June – 15 September 2013

·         Exhibition : all works will be displayed in the library from June to November 2013 (official opening on 9 October at 6:00 p.m.)

·         No return following the exhibition (except if the sender actually comes to the library)

·         A jury  of artists and staff members will choose their favorite works.

·         Prizes : Stays in Belgium, books, etc.


Works can be sent to :


Bibliothèque Chiroux - Salle de consultation

Rue des Croisiers 15

B-4000 Liège



Please include your name, full postal address, phone number and e-mail.



Anything Goes—Everything Shows!

Anything Goes—Everything Shows!
8th Annual Int’l Call for Entries
The show title says it all…ALL submissions
received through the mail WILL be exhibited.

... FORMAT: any size or shape; if you can stamp it and
get it through the postal system, it will show.

 TECHNIQUE: All media & themes accepted including
mixed media, collage, montage, sculpture, digital art,
painting, printmaking, photography, YOU name it.

Carlos Steward
Courtyard Gallery & Agency
P.O. Box 9907
Asheville, NC 28815 USA

 OPENING RECEPTION: Aug 3rd, 6pm-9pm
Courtyard Gallery, Phil Mechanic Studios,
109 Roberts St, River Arts District, Asheville, NC.
ashevillecourtyard.com • purplecoca@aol.com

23 June 2013

The Letters: Matthew Rose at Converge Gallery 5 July - 31 August 2013

Send love letters...

The Letters : Opening 5 July, 2013, Converge Gallery Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Artist talk: Saturday, 6 July, 7 PM.

The exhibition includes some 333 works on paper, canvas and terribly unusual objects.  See the current catalog of works: The Letters.

Download and print the  exhibition poster (left), free.  High resolution, A3 size (or larger), PDF format :

The Letters (Free Poster).

Feel free to share this post using the twitter, FB and e mail buttons below. 

How Design Magazine wrote this piece about the exhibition and the work Send Love Letters

Flavorwire Article & Slideshow.

14 June 2013

I Convocatoria de Mail Art Grupo Correos (ESPAÑA)

I Convocatoria de Mail Art Grupo Correos.

Tema de la convocatoria:


Formato y Técnica:

Enviar a:
Apartado de Correos nº 1 - ES-15702 Santiago de Compostela (España)

Fecha límite:
30 de Septiembre de 2013

En la obra debe incluirse:
Nombre del autor, título, técnica, dirección postal y e-mail

Las obras recibidas se publicarán en la web:
www.correosmailart.com, y se podrá ver una selección de ellas en una Exposición Itinerante que se organizará por las Oficinas Principales de Correos de toda España

Mail Art is an art movement that promotes exchange and communication through the post,
outside the channels of commerce; generating a level of reciprocity among participants,
whose works are neither selected nor judged.
Grupo Correos is launching its First Mail Art action, with a view to achieving, through works
of art created by people with Autism Spectrum Disorders belonging to the ASPANAES
Association, the necessary re_ection and involvement of society with this group.
Topic of the call:...................................................Children
Format and technique:.......................................Free
Send to: ................................................................Apartado de CORREOS nº 1      ES-15702 Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
Deadline: .............................................................September 30, 2013
The work should include: ....................................Name of author, title, technique, postal address and e_mail address
The works received will be exhibited at web:...www.correosmailart.com
More information and call guidelines:.............www.correosmailart.com

12 June 2013


DONKEY mail art call

The island of Hydra in Greece is a special place in many ways, one is that all transport is done by mule and donkey. There are no cars on the island. We are proud of our mule and donkey culture.


Size: max A4 (21 x 29 cm)
Technique: FREE but only originals, no copies
Documentation: color catalogue mailed to all, blog presentation (exhibition?)
Deadline: August 1, 2013 (via postal system only)

Send to: 

PO Box 21 
GR-180 40 Hydra 

11 June 2013



You are invited to participate in mail art exhibition NO MORE DICTATORSHIPS on the 40th anniversary of the anti-democratic coup in Uruguay in 1973 ... It is not a commemoration but an attempt to restore the memory to prevent it from happening again ...

Format: preferably postcard (mail only, not email)
Deadline: November 30, 2013

Exhibition: in the Clemente Padin´s Archive.

No return, no sale, no exclusion, catalog all

Send to:
Clemente Padín
C. Correo C. 1211
11000 Montevideo

Proposed Project: Creating an Artist Book Collective

Proposed Project: Creating an Artist Book Collective

From Celestino Neto to You 

Proposed Project:
Creating an Artist Book Collective
where the page can be figurative or abstract.
Each artist may submit as many pages like;
Etching Technique: Monotype on paper
Size: A3
Objective: Show a production art collective,
approach with a plastic (book).
Exhibiting in a Private Room and Book Online;
Recognize the Arts and Visual Artists
Shipping Address of Work:
Group Wolf's Lair
A/C Celestino Neto
Rua: Nossa Senhora Aparecida, 69 APTO 21
Vila Fátina - Guarulhos - SP
Cep.: 07191-190
e-mail: tocadoloboartepostal@hotmail.com
Bolg.: http://www.tocadoloboartepostal.blogspot.com.br/

3 June 2013

The laughing Cow - Project

About the project

La vache qui rit, The Laughing Cow, Die lachende Kuh, البقرة الضاحكة, Veselá kráva, Krówka Śmieszka, La vaca que ríe, A vaca que ri,Văcuța veselă, Весела Корівка, Весёлая Бурёнка, Den Skrattande Kon, Den leende ko, Η Αγελάδα που Γελά, Gülen İnek, 乐芝牛, 笑牛牌, Ilay omby vavy mifaly, ラフィングカウ, La Mucca che ride, Con Bò Cười, Sapi Ceria..Do you know her?

I like sending and getting postcards made of these little boxes of spreadable wedges of cheese. I have received only one so far. I know it is not the best cheese in the world (but it is still good). It is just... well, I confess I am in love of this cheerful bright red cow. So I would be utterly happy if you could send one of these to me, as a postcard (better) or in an envelope. I would like collect one or more than one from every country. Difficult? I hope not!

And the reward? Ok, you'd have eaten a great cheese sandwich. Isn't it enough? And you could be proud to have been so kind. And I will be grateful forever. And besides this I will send you some snail mail in return, from Morocco or from Spain. A letter, a postcard or a mail art work (as you wish). 

Please, consider have a cheese sandwich for tea today! Contact me if you want to help me in this project.

1 June 2013

The Middle Finger Project - USA

The Middle Finger Project
As many of you may know, artist and political activist Ai Weiwei enjoys flipping off the authorities from time to time. True to his vision, I'm establishing this group and mail art call in the spirit of Weiwei's middle finger.
Please send a photo or drawing of yourself flipping off a location or landmark that you find appropriate. You can include (or not include) your face.
All work received will be documented on the  Google blogspot below.
Please send your middle finger mail art to:
The Middle Finger Project
PO Box 360
Tamworth, NH 03886 USA

2D ARTWORK NO LARGER THAN 8.5 X 11 INCHES. Video work is also acceptable; simply post your videos to YouTube and they will be embedded on the blog.
Because this project is lo-fi in nature, please feel free to send your photos or drawings printed on plain printer paper. It will be good enough for me to scan and post to the blogspot.
If you'd prefer to print on photo paper, please feel free to do so. If you prefer sending a jpg, you can send it to: liketelevisionsnow (at) gmail.com, but because this is a mailart project, please send a print in the mail if you can.
Any weiwei is fine!

Website: http://themiddlefingerproject.blogspot.com/