30 May 2015

100 YEARS of DaDa

Mail Art Project

Theme: 100 Years of DADA.
Deadline : February 1th, 2016.
Free technique.
Dimension: free (maximum size 8,5×11 inches or 22 x 28cm)
No fees. No jury.
No return.

Exhibition: Febrary 1th, 2016 Academia Club Ghetto, Split, Croatia

All works (limit 3) must be sent by post.

Send to : 
„DADAnti Association“ c/o Franko Busic
Mazuranicevo setaliste 9
21 000 Split

23 May 2015


Garbage 2015

Garbage 2015
Call for artists.
deadline: September 21, 2015.

1st Award 100 Eur 2nd Award 50 Eur 3rd Award 50Eur All international visual artists are & none are welcome to participate in the ” 2015 Mail Art - Garbage”. The exhibition is organized by Komunala d.o.o., Nova Gorica, Slovenia and a non- profit association Humanist association of Goriška region . Komunala d.o.o. is a company that deals also with garbage for the Council of Nova Gorica. Today we swim in garbage. The world we live in is over populated, over polluted, over everything. How we deal with garbage needs a new approach, a new way of dealing with this overgrowing problem. Recycling is one of the possibilities. But how we view garbage, how we use it, re- use it and what is our personal relationship towards it, is a question to be asked. And this is what we are asking ourselves in this project. How to redefine our relationship towards garbage and how to popularize the idea of the thought needed to move our perception. The works will be exhibited in an exhibition space at the Goriska regional museum on a Kromberk Castle, on- line and an on- line catalog will be made for this purpose.

 Format: 10cm x 15cm ( 4” x 6” )

No reproductions or photocopies, only signed original art works .All media is welcome. Please indicate your name, mailing address, e- mail address, title and medium for each work.
 Multiple entries are welcome (up to 4)the entries must be individually submitted through the postal system.
No returns, no fees.
Address to send the works:
 International Mail Art award
 Poštno ležeče 5000
Nova Gorica
Slovenija EU

 Thank you for your participation!

19 May 2015

Is there no justice?

MAIL ART EXHIBITION commemorating the 30th year anniversary (1986-2016) of the first "Is There No Justice?" Show. All media and techniques welcome. Send me your answer to the question "Is There No Justice?"-- here in Baltimore, justice is a tricky thing. Policemen arrested and caused the death of Freddie Gray, for doing nothing against the law. No returns, but documentation to all who enter. Show will be exhibited in Baltimore City, Maryland USA.

Deadline is June 30th, 2016

Please send your entries care of:

Mars Tokyo
6214 Woodcrest Ave.
Baltimore MD 21209

7 May 2015



In the frame of the dissemination of the arts, "mellifera" (arts-enviroment-society) is organising a painting exhibition and calls visual artists to create original artworks on paper, size A4, on the theme “RESIST”.
The artworks will be exhibited initially at “Resistance Festival 2015” in June 2015, at the Agricultural University of Athens and later this year, in October 2015, at the offices of mellifera in Kypseli-Athens.
The works will be sent by post or the artists will bring them to the offices of mellifera; they will be returned only if post stamps are included in the envelop, or if the artist picks them up personally from the offices after the end of the second exhibition.

The works will also be exhibited on the web.

MANDATORY: behind each work there must be noted the name and address of the artist and the title of the work.

Technique: free (painting, collage, mixed, etc.)
Deadline: 10 June 2015 (post office stamped)
No racist-sexist-obscene submissions
No fee
No jury

In case that the works will not be collected 15 days after the end of the second exhibition, the works will remain in the possession of mellifera.

Artworks to be posted at:
project “RESIST”
Maria Chorianopoulou
Vryandos 33, 11363 Athens

Your sonic Views - Germany



6 May 2015

Show in New York


An important event that, promoted by The New York Boyer Foundation, invites all around the world artists to participate on this international art exhibition.
Exhibition from 1 December to 31 December, on the New York Public Library.

DIMENSIONS :: FREE (maximum size 8,5×11 inches or 22 x 28cm) Deadline : 15 November 2015

No sales, no jury, no returns.
All work will be permanently archived at The New York Boyer Foundation.
At the end of the exhibition, The New York Boyer Foundation will send documentation to all artists.
The work of art will have to be presented individually identified, with a label in the back of the same with artist’s name, title, media, size and year. Please provide also e-mail and website if the artist has one.

Send to:
The New York Boyer Foundation
New York Big Apple I Project
137 Thompson Street, Suite 13
New York NY 10012-3129


3 May 2015

Starry Night - Spain

We all need a starry night

In order to celebrate and share the event carried out at the Secondary School “I.E.S Blasco Ibáñez” Cullera (Valencia) (Spain) from 14tth to 16th April 2015 under the topic “Starry night“ (One of Van Gog´s paintings), YOUR MAIL-ART PARTICIPATION IS OPEN to “WE ALL NEED A STARRY NIGHT“ to recreate the picture being joyfull when facing adversities.

*DEADLINE: 27 May 2015

I.E.S. Blasco Ibáñez
Rellano de San Antonio, s/n
46400 – CULLERA (Spain)

*ISSUE: “We all need a starry night” (as Van Gogh in the “Starry night”)


*DIMENSIONS: Maximum Din A-4



*WEB SITE: www.artecreha.com

*EXHIBITION: I.E.S. Blasco Ibañez de Cullera and the web www.artecreha.com