31 January 2010


MOMCA – Mobile Online Museum of Contenporary Art is looking for submissions from artists throughout the world. I'm asking individual artists to submit digital artworks to show on www.momca.de - website for mobile devices like cell phones. Theme March - December 2010: Appropriation Art. In the visual arts, to appropriate means to adopt, borrow, recycle or sample aspects (or the entire form) of man-made visual culture (Wikipedia). Technique/Media/Size: Digital photos, digital paintings, digital drawings, jpg or png, width: 240 px. Animated Flash Artworks with a width of 240 px are possible. Please send min 10, max 20 works. MOMCA will present every month a new exhibit in front of the website. After this period all work will become part of the MOMCA online archive. MOMCA is a non-commercial project. There is no entrance fee for submission, and I will pay no fee for presenting. Deadline: You can mail from February 1 till September 30, 2010. I would like to link on your homepage, so please include your URL, if you want. All rights on works remain property of author.

The artist declares that he/she has the copyright of the work.

Please mail your submissions to wolf@wolfwerke.de MOMCA – Mobile Online Museum of Contenporary Art

c/o Wolf D. Schreiber Landgraf-Philipp-
Platz 9
35390 Gießen



Just send in your smiles for this group: http://iuoma-network.ning.com/group/smiles and see how we all get happy......

Artistamp Sheets Request

27 January 2010

"Mail Art in the age of the Internet"

"Mail Art in the age of the Internet"
Call to artists:

Free format, free technique

No return, No sales. Documentation to all in this blog.

Explore the interaction of snail mail or regular mail and e-mail or the Internet as ways of communication and creating art. Make a statement about why Mail Art exists in an era or fast communication though e-mail, Internet messengers, satellite communication, radio, Internet social networks as facebook, Internet access in cellular phones, etc.

For possible exhibition in 2011.

Mail art to:

Blanca Caraballo
1000 East Ponce de Leon Blvd #4E
Coral Gables, Fl 33134

25 January 2010

Call for Mail Art - "Note to Self," 2010

Call opens January 2010, closes December 2010. I will post all entries on my website http://www.mythmara.com under the tab for "Mail Art Call" and send a response to all.

Send your "Note to Self":
Mara Thompson
734 Cedar Street, Apt A
Santa Monica, CA 90405

18 January 2010


A mail art project brought to you by Ruben and friends.

Ruben Cooke began cancer treatment for relapsed Hodgkins Lymphoma at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford in the month of January, 2010. This project has been designed to provide some distraction from the reality of his situation. We plan to exhibit some or all of the work received, upon completion of Ruben’s treatment. We will be posting images of received submissions on our blog site (see below), so our contributors can stay tuned.


http://splicemailart.wordpress.com - detailed information found here



Submission Guidelines:

All submissions to be sent by post to Ruben Cooke, 13 Shipton Road, Woodstock, United Kingdom, OX20 1LW.

All submissions to be accompanied by a passport-photograph-sized image or representation of the contributor. Note. It doesn’t have to be an actual passport photograph.

2D pieces, 12cm x 12cm (standard cd cover size).

3D pieces, must fit through a standard UK letterbox (approx. 12 x 2 inches or 30cm x 5cm).

Video or audio pieces are also welcome, as long as they conform to the above size guidelines.

Submissions to be received by 30th April 2010.

No returns. Opportunities will be sought in the coming months to exhibit any or all of the received pieces.

By submitting your mail art, you grant us permission to display it publicly.

We’d also like to make it abundantly clear that we’re aiming to spread the word as far and wide as possible. Please pass on our blog address to everyone you think could be interested. We want our postman to know who we are.


Mail Art Project; theme: Indulgence

We invite artists to submit work for a mail art project that will be exhibited from January 20-February 24, 2010. The theme for the exhibition is “indulgence”. All interpretations of the concept indulgence are welcomed. Submissions have to be postcards of any size or shape as long as they can be send through the US postal services or the post office in the country of origin. They must have traveled through the post! If you wanted to do a series over a number of days that would be great. Any techniques or media are welcome. We accept submission from January 20-February 24, 2010. Please note that all submissions will not be returned so please send copies of work.

Please send work to:
Mail Art/B. Reinhardt/Photography Club
PCA 1P-203
College of Staten Island/CUNY
2800 Victory Boulevard
Staten Island, New York 10314

15 January 2010

Spiritually and Religion

Dear Artists,

I was on your websites and they all looked great. I am doing an art piece on spiritually and religion. I would like to use mail art to produce a body of work. I was wondering if you had time to answer to following question.

"What does spiritually mean to you?"

Also if you had any ideas that i could use i would love to hear them.

Thanks a bunch.

Happy Mailing!

From trentasaurous@hotmail.com

Disigners and their workplace

My name is Ramon Lenherr and I am a graphicdesinger from St.Gallen Switzerland. I am studying visual communication at our school of art and I need some material for a non commercial schoolproject. It's a work over Designers around the world. Could you please send me some pictures of you, your office and several things. I‘ve got examples attached in the PDF.

It would be great, if I could work with real content and not like in the most cases with faked ones. If you are interessted in the result of my work, just let me know. So I will send it to you by email.

I would be happy and grateful, if some of you would spend some minutes to help me in this project.

Kind regards Ramon

Thank you very much

Ramon Lenherr
Dorfstr. 30
9205 waldkirch


14 January 2010

Call for artist - UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE

What is a universal language for you?

In which manner you communicate your dreams, energy and wishes to other people?
What is the easiest way of communication and what does communication
mean for you?

Please send me your interpretation of this phenomenon and give your creative energy to all people who will see this exhibition :)

Artworks will be permanently displayed on my blog and on exhibition
during August 2010 in CEH (Centro de Estudios Hispanicos), Sarajevo
Images of exhibition will be e-mailed (include your e-mail address, name, surname, country, address and web site if exist).


Dedline: 31. 07. 2010

Please send me all postal objects that deal with any technique,
(preferable the work will be handmade on paper, max. 2 works, size: 10 x 15 cm/up to 21 x 29 cm)

Snail mail only.
No jury, no return, no fee.

Natasa Stanisic
Asima Ferhatovica 1
71 000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thank you very much for your participation!

Vancouver 2010 ATCs

In 2010 Vancouver will host the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Vancouver Artist Trading Card Group will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a giant ATC exhibition and trading session. All the cards received will be exhibited in March 2010 and traded on the closing night of the show.

Suggested themes: friendship, solidarity, peace, fair play, optimism, inspiration and empowerment. Other possible themes include “personal best” or “10″.

To enter: Submit 9 standard size ATCs in a clear 9 card sleeve. Include a self addressed return mailing label and $3 (CANADIAN postage, US currency) or an International Reply Coupon.
The exhibit is open to anyone from any part of the world. All cards will be traded at the end of the show (March 21, 2010) and each participant (who includes funds for return postage as specified above) will receive 9 assorted cards in return.

Mail Submissions to:

Vancouver 2010 ATCs
c/o RubyDog's Art House
623 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC V5T 3K5

Submission Deadline: February 28, 2010

For more information, visit our website: http://vancouveratc.wordpress.com

13 January 2010

mail art works in Indonesia


To : Mail art activist in the world

To introduce mail art in Indonesia ,we, Bantul National Museum (BNM) an independent mini museum in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, invite all of you , mail art activist and mail art lovers, to promote our program, to introduce mail art works in Indonesia, because in Indonesia mail art not popular yet, also information about it .

Half of Young Indonesian artist don’t know about mail art. So, with this program can introducing mail art and even participated in international mail art.

BNM hopes can realized that mail art is one of visual communication that can accepted and understanding to everyone, everywhere without differences. In tis world is contain a lot of races, nations with their own languages, cultures, is for understanding and respectful each other. And visual art is one way to be communicate it.

We have a planning for an exhibition at October 10, 2010 to realized our program.

You can participated, so send your work:

Size : min. 10x15 cm; max 25x30 cm

You can send it as postcard or as a letter in envelope.
Also your name, address, e-mail, contact person, and CV


Secretariat BNM
RT. 06, Bangmalang, Cepit ,
Pendowoharjo, Sewon ,Bantul
Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55185.

Email ; bantulnationalmuseum@yahoo.com

HP ; + 62 81 8040 74 772

We’ll be waiting your works February 20- August 20, 2010

Please tell to your friends this e-mail. Thank you

9 January 2010

Remembrance of the Slave Trade and of its Abolition

Thème: 23 August: International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and of its Abolition

The night of 22 to 23 August 1791, in Santo Domingo (today Haiti and the Dominican Republic) saw the beginning of the uprising that would play a crucial role in the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade.
International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition is intended to inscribe the tragedy of the slave trade in the memory of all peoples. In accordance with the goals of the intercultural project "The Slave Route", it should offer an opportunity for collective consideration of the historic causes, the methods and the consequences of this tragedy, and for an analysis of the interactions to which it has given rise between Africa, Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean.

Submissions from mail artists throughout the world in the project

23 August, International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and of its Abolition,

partner project of Unesco

Size/Format:. 10x15 (Postcard that can be hung on walls)
23 août 2010
Post Cards will not be returned
All works will be posted olso over on the blog : http://memorialdotraficonegreiro.blogspot.com


Deadline: july 31- 2010

post to Inêz da Silva

Rue Saint Bernard, 17-bte 54

1060 Brussels -Belgium

Your Red Number

Description: Create a mail art thinking which is your red number, it must remember you about a special moment in your life, whether it is sad or good.

Technique: anything goes

Size: postal card

Deadline: MAY 2010


leea I Primaverii, 51,
Craiova, Dolj,
Romania, 200103


7 January 2010

Beauty is.......

Beauty is.............

My friend Meriel is at a new place of business and is soooo happy about it. In honor of her happiness, I'm calling all to submit Mail Art on the theme: Beauty is.....

The cards will be on display at SPA310
The month of April (and perhaps longer!)

As usual, no jury, no return, on-line documentation. Family friendly, please.

Works received will be posted here: http://beautyismailart.blogspot.com

Deadline: 1 April 2010
Medium: open
Size: Standard postcard

Mail entries to:
Beauty is.......
3506B West Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23221

3 January 2010

Postmarked 2010

Call for Mail Art Submissions
Postmarked 2010 6th Annual International Mail Art Exhibition
and Silent Auction Fundraiser
Exhibit: March 5-14, 2010

Requesting your original mail art for display and sale to raise funds for The Claremont Forum's Prison Library Project, which sends thousands of books free to inmates throughout the country. Hundreds of volunteers package books (donated to the Project by our local community), which are then mailed in response to inmate letters requesting reading material while incarcerated. For many years, The Claremont Forum received these requests in hand-illustrated envelopes created by the prisoners who sent them. It is in this tradition that we present POSTMARKED as our very appropriate fundraiser. Please join us for this international event!
Please send submissions of mail art of any size and medium to:

Postmarked 2010
Prison Library Project
112 Harvard #303
Claremont CA 91711

Entries must be postmarked by March 1, 2010

**** ONLY the side with the official USPS Postmark/barcode will be displayed*** Your mail art may be painted, stamped, collaged, printed, and/or otherwise decorated or constructed. It may be any shape and size that will go through the mail and receive an official postmark. It may get worn or torn through the mail, but the handling process is an important part of the theme. Only the side with the postmark can be displayed, due to space limitations, but the art doesn't have to be limited to that side. You may include any message inside the envelope, which will be opened only by the person who purchases the art envelope. All entries will be displayed online at the official postmarked blog below. You may submit more than one piece… and begin sending now!

To learn more about Postmarked 2010, please visit
www.postmarked2010.blogspot.com (updated regularly)
For a virtual tour of Postmarked 2009 please visit www.postmarked2009.blogspot.com
To learn more about the Prison Library Project and the Claremont Forum please visit www.claremontforum.org


Dates: March 5-14, 2010
Public Reception: Fri Mar 5, 5-9pm
Auction ends Sunday March 14, 5pm promptly
Hours: 11-5 daily
Location: Claremont Forum
586 W First St, Claremont CA , USA
Postmarked 2010 events are free and open to public, except for what you purchase

For more information contact Anne anniearts2003@yahoo.com .

See you at the Post Office!!

2 January 2010



Going to try and draw a card every day for this month and mail em out daily if folks actually send me their snailmail. email me your address to get one. no pressure on returning mail.

Contact me through facebook at:




Size Postcard only A4 - 5”x 6” (105 x 148 MM) maximum.

Limitations Two artwork by artists

Technique free

Deadline January 30, 2010

Exhibition This is a traveling exhibition around universities and cultural centers of Puerto Rico with conference and Art Mail workshop

Documentation Artworks will be visible on the blog dedicated for this call in http://1rstintlartmailpuertorico.blogspot.com /

Conditions All artworks will be exhibited and no returns. Will be archived in the Collection of Caribbean Center of Art Mail and Visual Poetry

Information http://caribeartecorreo.blogspot.com/

Send Edwin Velázquez / Coordinator
Caribbean Center of Art Mail and Visual Poetry
PO Box 8252
San Juan, PR 00910, USA

1 January 2010

An artwork reflecting the times we live in.

The HouseLandscape artist Kane Cunningham has used his credit card to buy a house that is about to fall into the sea.

A bungalow at Knipe Point in Scarborough, North Yorkshire – near the scene of the infamous Holbeck Hotel cliff collapse 16 years ago has been condemned after a fresh landslip. Cunningham states:

‘I’ve bought a house that will be the next one to fall over the cliff. It feels like I have no choice. I’m going to rig the house with cameras and film the last sunrise before nature claims its bounty.

‘It’s the perfect site-specific installation - a stark reminder of lost dreams, financial disaster and threatening sealevels. It’s global recession and global warming encapsulated. This little house is feet away from the edge of thecliff – it can go at any moment. The idea is to create an artwork on a scale never been seen before in North Yorkshire and to stimulate within the imagination of the public the idea that this house falling into the sea can become a work of art. If the aim of art is to stimulate discussion and debate on issues, then surely this will get people talking.'

Cunningham best known for his landscape paintings said 'My work has always been about understanding the social and political context of landscape; the house is just a development of these ideas'.

Cunningham who bought the house on his credit card for £3,000 said, 'the house was worth over £150,000 two years ago, now it is worth just a fraction of the original price. The purchase of this house on my credit card is a deliberate financial transaction suggesting the link to credit, sub prime mortgages, property ownership, debt, loans, the financial markets, property speculation, boom and bust'.

One idea, which has emerged recently as a consequence of the work, is to invite people to send me letters on any subject, these will be pinned to a wall as part of the artwork, then destroyed as the house disappears. So who knows what they may contain!

This is called the ‘Last Post’, as the address will one day cease to exist and so it’s a rare opportunity to participate in an original and unique work of art.

Finally 'The House' in many ways epitomises the decade, of unprecedented greed, of lies and deceit, the art market, credit debt, war and conflict across the world. It’s a symbol that can be interpretive in many ways.

The timing of the press release is deliberate, just after Copenhagen and just before Christmas when all focus is on the home, when families come together and when we all reflect upon things we feel are important.

Just after Christmas we will have a webcam to see the sunrise and possible destruction of the house as it goes over the cliff, so please visit the site again to see new work being produced as I go along. To include video, digital photographs, paintings, prints, sculptures and site specific work within the house as I physically deconstruct the building over the next few weeks.

Send mail art (no deadline, but time is obviously of the essence) to:

The Last Post
20 Knipe Point
Cayton, Scarborough
North Yorkshire, England

The View

To read more about this land slip (including footage of other homes affected): http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/north_yorkshire/8429152.stm

New group on IUOMA platform and Art Detox Platform

Because in 2010 the ART DETOX 2010 project will be running I created on both platforms special groups for mail-artists to prepair their meetings.

for links and registration, go to: