15 January 2010

Disigners and their workplace

My name is Ramon Lenherr and I am a graphicdesinger from St.Gallen Switzerland. I am studying visual communication at our school of art and I need some material for a non commercial schoolproject. It's a work over Designers around the world. Could you please send me some pictures of you, your office and several things. I‘ve got examples attached in the PDF.

It would be great, if I could work with real content and not like in the most cases with faked ones. If you are interessted in the result of my work, just let me know. So I will send it to you by email.

I would be happy and grateful, if some of you would spend some minutes to help me in this project.

Kind regards Ramon

Thank you very much

Ramon Lenherr
Dorfstr. 30
9205 waldkirch


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